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The Way We Cook (Manch. NH)

Has anyone heard of this restaurant? It is on Elm Street...rather new, and I believe it is only open Wednesday-Sunday. I have seen a few small reviews in some local papers, but I'm curious if anyone has been there or heard anything else.


where can I buy fresh naan in Manchester, NH?

The Naan at Market Basket is VERY good. It is about $3.99 for a pack of two, but if you're only using it once in a while, that's not too bad. It also freezes and reheats very well. Trader Joe's also has frozen naan, but I find the MB one to be much better and more authentic.

Whole Foods Nashua Nh

I don't know what the new project is on DW, but I did read (a while ago, in the Hippo) that it was going in a new area somewhere near the Pheasant Lane mall, like behind it perhaps...something to the effect of an "old fashioned Main Street." That's all I've heard...which is was closer to the Manch. area, though!!

Steakhouses in Boston


I am looking for a recommendation for a good, reasonably priced steakhouse in Boston. I know the area well, but haven't lived there in 10 years, and things have changed. It is just for a group of friends getting together, nothing fancy, just great steaks. Thanks for an advice!

Jan 14, 2008
melissa24 in Greater Boston Area

900 Degrees in Manch.or other good pizza?

Anyone heard of this pizza place in the Millyard in Manchester, NH? I just saw an ad that they were hiring, so I'm not sure if they're new or not. Any suggestions for GREAT pizza in Manchester? Aside from Bertuccis, I feel it is limited...

New Southern NH restaurants

Among the many new restaurants always opening, has anyone been to (or heard anything about) Sabitinos in Derry (supposedly a former North End Boston rest.) or Ciao Baby, which is in Manchester. I haven't been, but am interested in any info. on either. Thanks!

Café Momo in Manchester, NH

I have been dying to try this place, despite the appearance from the outside. Any other opinions would be helpful. Also, would you compare this type of food to Indian? If not, what? Thank you!