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Sugar Cane / Mexican Coke: where to buy?

Thanks, Mintyfresh!

Sugar Cane / Mexican Coke: where to buy?

Hey Chow-ers! Hoping you could help me locate somewhere in montreal where I can find Mexican Coke, aka the version of Coca Cola they sell in Mexico that is made with REAL sugar cane sugar. It's for a christmas present...

Montrea Locals - What do you consider the best small hole in the wall resto?

I must say, I've tried this place and was underwhelmed.

The fired cabbage and the soup that came first were sheer pleasure, and the portion for the low, low price is MORE than a good deal!

But the main course - choose your own culinary adventure of pairing a meat of choice with a sauce of choice - was a bit bewildering, and seems contrary to what a chef's role is - making these pairing choices for you according to their knowledge of food. Plus it didn't seem very 'authentic' to me. Maybe I missed some options on the menu...

It's worth a trip for sure, and it certainly a unique restaurant experience! The chef is great, and I think i'll even try it again, but perhaps this time I'll try the civet de quail, as recommended by fedelst1 !

Sunday Lunch Suggestions - something NEW?

sorry, i guess I was also looking at general good-restaurant posts.

anyways, still any suggestions for sunday lunch are really super duper appreciated! :D

Sunday Lunch Suggestions - something NEW?

Hi! I'm looking for somewhere to eat this sunday, to celebrate my birthday with family. We all have quite discriminating palettes, so I'm looking for somewhere good - preferably french-based or contemporary cuisine.

I did a search, and almost every post related to this topic suggests the same restaurants over and over, so I'm asking for responses OTHER than the following;

- l'express
- brunoise
- au pied du cochon
- chasse et peche
- toque
- olive and gourmando
- lemeac

Also, somewhere less expensive please? I'm not asking for Shwartz's prices, here. Just something reasonable.