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Any genuinely good Tex-Mex in DC/Arlington?

Yes, reading Joe H's posts is a real benefit of being on local food boards. A couple of recent posts:

On Red Chili Enchiladas:

On Standing up restaurants:

Christmas Day Chinese/Asian restaurants

Although there are good choices in the NoVA suburbs, here's a thread from Rockwell on holiday Chinese in the Rockville area (Rt 355 - Wisconsin Ave extended):

Ethnic Food in DC near green/yellow line??

@Steve - Do we know when in December Thip Khao will reopen? The OP didn't define their time frame.

I suggested Columbia Heights because in addition to the very new Thip Khao there's a goodly number of other places: Pete's New Haven Pizza, El Chuco, Meridian Pint, Pho Viet, and Mi Cuba Cafe that might fulfill the request.

Ethnic Food in DC near green/yellow line??

@HungryKitty1 -- is this your first Chowhound post? If so, welcome! Could you tell us your definition of a "hole in the wall" and what type of cuisine you're hunting?

I'm not aware of anything near either end of the Green Line in Maryland (Hyattsville/College Park/Greenbelt or Southern Ave/Branch Ave Metro stations), but suggest you might look near the Columbia Heights station to start.

Thip Kao in DC - Report

Some of the additional items we were served included little brandy snifters of sweet pandan tea (subtle and smokey), river weed (looked like crispy seaweed with sesame seeds) and cracklings, Tum Thai (green papaya, cherry tomatoes, lime, chilies) and a dessert of avocado sweet sticky rice.

I thought the Sakoo Yadsai (warm tapioca balls filled with peanut, radish and cilantro) were tasty and crunchy. The Sai Oua (sausage) was best savored without the accompanying chili sauce because its multi-layered flavors shine themselves. I was fortunate to get a crunchy end of the sliced sausage link.

Next time I want to sit at a better-lit table, try the Yor Khao Goong (summer roll with shrimp) and repeat the Moak Pah and Awk Lam. The window tables reached by turning right from the front door aren't well-lit, but the window seats are comfortable.

I've uploaded what started as legible B&Ws of the soft-opening menu and drinks list (pre-liquor license)

Myanmar in Falls Church or Mandalay in Silver Spring?

There is at least one more: Burma Road in Gaithersburg. It's located on Rt 355 about a mile north of Shady Grove Road which is the 2nd to last exit off the Intercounty Connector (MD Rt 200) toll road from I-95. Half the menu is Chinese, but the better half is Burmese.

There's a thread here on Chowhound:

and one on another local board:

Camden Yards?

Inside the Oriole Park there are now stands for each of two local microbreweries on-draft: Flying Dog & Heavy Seas. There's also Rick Dempsey's microbrewery inside the Park, but we've pretty much stuck with Heavy Seas.

Food-wise inside the Park there's Boog's BBQ, but nothing else I've found memorable.

Any additional suggestions?

nationals park

JJim... You haven't posted much on local eats, so here are a couple of resources:

A good, current discussion of Nationals Park eats gives Max's Kosher [falafel & shwarma] high marks although they're closed during Shabbat (at SEC 143). Also, you might like the Union Square (Shake Shack, etc.) offerings too. This season's posts here:

Metro pre-game & more chowish - There's a new Cuban place on the Green line several stops north of the park - Mi Cuba Cafe at 14th & Park Road (Columbia Heights Metro) - Very authentic. Discussion here:

Beer at Orioles Park at Camden Yards

A few games into the season, we're overcoming the disappearance of last year's go-to beer stands. We need help, please.

So far, the Heavy Seas stand near Section-360 is the most interesting. Attached photo shows the selection last Sunday. Are there any other stands with Heavy Seas in the Park?

The Flying Dog stand (lower level, between sections 23 and 29) is a good choice too.

Outdoor lunch for cherry blossoms downtown DC

What is your parents' comfort zone (e.g., price, ethnic food, crowds, etc)? Sunday lunch downtown is limited choice-wise (heavy on hotel venues). The prospect of Cherry Blossom Festival crowds and prediction of rainy weather is an added complication. Would you expand your target zone to other Trolley stops? The trolleys go up to the National Geographic [north of Dupont Circle] and there are more options there.

Mama Chuy near Howard U. - Report

Thanks for the report, Steve. I was wondering about this place after Todd Kliman's narrative yesterday:

It's always good to be aware of dining options like Mama Chuy as a possible alternative to Taqueria Distrito Federal [located about a mile and a half north on 14th Street].

Fish Noodles Found at Zheng's Family Garden

@Chandavki - is this your July 2009 post?

In the Balto-DC area we have a restaurant named Grace Garden that serves Fish Noodles described as "fresh noodles hand-made with ground fish, sauteed with Chinese sausage, mushroom, & cilantro" on their eastern/traditional menu:

The topic for this restaurant over in the Balto-DC board has > 150 entries: and includes the attached photo from one of our 'hounds. BTW, the noodles aren't overly fishy-flavored - but are very perishable.

Feb 21, 2012
Lydia R in Manhattan

Where can I buy minicupcakes for a bridal shower in Washington DC?

Have you tried Georgetown Cupcake?

From their FAQ:

""Does Georgetown Cupcake sell mini-cupcakes?

We do offer mini-cupcakes for special events! We ask that you purchase at least two dozen per flavor. The cost is $29.00 for two dozen mini cupcakes and you can choose from any of the flavors available on the day of the week you would be picking up the cupcakes.""

Georgetown Cupcake
1209 Potomac St NW, Washington, DC

Graeters at Fresh Market in Vienna!

Thank you! I was wondering about Fresh Market because they're taking over the former Whole Foods location in Rockville's Congressional Plaza.

Christmas Eve sushi (or seafood) in NoVA? DC?

In past years, Dino's in Cleveland Park has had a "Feast of the Seven Fishes" that might fit your requirements. There currently isn't anything about this year on their website [], but you could contact them directly.

Silver Spring, MD

I've been out of the SS lunch rotation lately, but thought both Roger Miller and Thai Flavor were closed.

Olazzo's back room [the front room/bar is too, too noisy] isn't a substitute for visiting Dino's in Cleveland Park or 25 other places, but is better than the mega-chain mills nearby.

On a side note, Vicino, the other time machine red sauce place across from Jackie's has a jazz performance space downstairs. Good if you need an attitude adjuster and the Fillmore is just too much:

8235 Georgia Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20910

Thanksgiving 2011 in Washington, DC or Northern Virginia (for a very traditional & simple eater)

I didn't see a price point in the original post. Michel Richard's place at the Tysons Corner Ritz Carlton has a special Thanksgiving menu. Worth a call to see if a plain filet can be ordered for the above mentioned diner [they already have a petit filet on the kids' menu]. There's the traditional turkey & sides as well as fish and veg on the menu too. [Thanksgiving menu is one of the selections on this page]

Where to find good whole bean coffee in Montgomery County, MD?

I agree with mdfoodlover about visiting the Mayorga warehouse/roaster. It's on the far side of an industrial park [think cement plants] where the road looks like it's either coming to a deadend or heading off into the woods. They'll have a limited selection of the week’s overruns at good prices, but they're only open Thursday & Friday 12pm to 5pm and Saturdays from 10am to 3pm.

Y'all are probably closer to their King Farm coffee shop. Drop by and check out some of their roasts before heading to the warehouse. or buying a big bag at Costco.

Old Bay Blackened Seasoning?

H Mart in Gaithersburg has the Blackened, Garlic/Herb and Lemon/Herb. I did a double take at the variety of products. It was located in a back endcap near the fish...

need affordable restaurants near washington nationals ballpark and downtown

About a mile from Nationals Park is an area called Barrack's Row. There are several places there including Matchbox. The Navy Yard Metro station is on the Green Line and can widen your radius and upgrade your choices. Have you read about the "Rays the Steaks" that opened in SE DC?

Please help us by giving more detail such as type of cuisine: Asian, Burgers, Pizza Southern, BBQ etc.

a good place for a first date between baltimore and dc?

If geo-neutrality really is an issue, you may try a search near BWI Airport or New Carrollton.

Cafes in Rockville/Gaithersburg?

Have you visited Mayorga Coffee in King Farm? If so, what's it like these days?

Info on Mushroom Lady at JFX Farmers Market

Ferial Welsh is the Mushroom Lady. She is also at a couple of Freshfarm's markets in the DC area. Their Dupont Market is every Sunday year-round.

Here's an article profiling her and includes a nice video clip:

The Freshfarm site includes information on where in Pennsylvania her mushrooms are grown:

The Pennsylvania farms:

Rec for Dinner for Post ANC Burial for 20+

Would your group be eligible to use the Fort Myer Officers' Club? It's located adjacent to the burial ground.

It might be worth a call to the Club's GM --

In need of Silver Spring Rec's

Quick, not comprehensive list includes:

Grocery Stores:

Whole Foods [gift basket]

Takoma Park/Silver Spring COOP [Membership or Gift Cert]

Carnivore heaven meal:
Ray’s The Classics on Colesville Road at Georgia Avenue
No website, but New Wine Director promises one in the future
[much love for it and Virginia siblings on this board]

Fave chinese take-out near Silver Spring/Chevy Chase

Thanks for the Long Distance assist John.

Yes, Oriental East is a block or two off of the intersection of Georgia & Colesville Road in Silver Spring.

The location is a bit tricky the first time because it is in the interior of a strip shopping center. The corner anchor facing the intersection of Colesville & East-West Hiway is Caribou Coffee. I ususally think of OE for dim sum [4th in my local hit parade], not carryout.

Oriental East
1312 East-West Highway
Silver Spring MD 20910
Sunday - Thursday: 11a -10p
Friday & Saturday: 11a - 11p
Dim Sum daily: 11a - 3p

Fave chinese take-out near Silver Spring/Chevy Chase

Rockbound – I apologize because it’s difficult to know whether you just want some decent “Westernized” Chinese food that’s on your flight vector or tongue-numbing, most-excellent Sichuan food that’s a ten-extra-mile detour at the end of your estimated 12+-hour journey.

If you want the later, we’ve got lot’s outside the Beltway (I-495) with Joe’s Noodle being an excellent example [].

If it’s the former:

Bethesda [exit 355 south]:

Foong Lin
7710 Norfolk Avenue
Bethesda, MD 20814
Phone: 301-656-3427
Phone: 301-656-3617
No Personal Checks
Hours of Operation:
Mon-Fri 11:00am-10:30pm
Sat 11:00am-11:00pm
Sun 11:30am-10:00pm
Best report recently:
Woodley Park North of the Zoo on Connecticut Ave:

Spices [more modern pan-Asian]
3333-A Connecticut Ave, NW,
Washington, DC 20008
Tel: (202) 686-3833
Fax:(202) 686-0149
Business Hours:
Mon – Fri Lunch 11:30 am – 3:00 pm
Mon – Fri Dinner 5:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Sat 12:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Sun 5:00 pm – 10:30 pm
Hopefully more 'hounds will chime in.

Eats across Lake Ponchartrain?

Yikes. Thanks for the reality check.
It's probably the dining companion and not the dining that glows in my memory.

Sep 08, 2009
Lydia R in New Orleans

Eats across Lake Ponchartrain?

Been quite a while, but I still have fond memories of driving the causeway to Abita Springs.

Abita Beer
Brew Pub Hours:
Tuesday - Sunday; 11am - 10pm
(closed on Mondays)

Abita Beer
Tasting Room
166 Barbee Rd.
Covington, LA

Visited NOLA 2 years ago but didn't have a car. Next time...

Sep 08, 2009
Lydia R in New Orleans


Here are a few links to get you started:

Bethesda (sunny lunch time bistro upstairs):

Bethesda (white table cloth):
Rockville (same owner - more lounge like):
Bethesda (casual, good takeaway):

Sichuan Chinese: