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St. Louis to Portland, OR

I am moving from St. Louis to Portland, OR. My wife and I are shipping everything, and taking a leisurely car trip to our new city. Our first leg is on 70 to Kansas city, picking up 29 through Iowa, then 80 from Nebraska through southern Wyoming and Salt Lake, with the last leg 84 through Idaho and Oregon. Anyone can do this in 2 and a half days, but we want to extend it to a 4 day trip. Any recommendations on where to stop for great food along the way? My wife and I are food and beverage industry....including everything from working in 5 diamond restaurants to dive bars (we are not food snobs). We are looking for really cool places to grab a bite during our journey.... I already know that Bryants in KC is a must...been there before....

bbq or soul food in Portland

I am moving from Ga to Portland this summer...any good BBQ or soul food places around or am I going to be at a loss?

Mar 09, 2008
athos2346 in Pacific Northwest

getting married in Savannah Ga

any recommendations on wedding Catering and / or wedding cake bakers in Savannah Ga?

Restaurants on a road trip from St. Louis to Omaha

I will be traveling by car from St. Louis to Omaha next week. On the way, I will be passing through, or near by; Columbia MO, Liberty MO, Leavenworth MO, St. Joseph MO, Falls City MO, Nebraska City, Bellevue, and of course Kansas City on routes 70 and 29. Can anyone recommend some really neat hole-in-the-wall or great family owned restaurants or smoke houses for a well deserved driving detour. I have plenty of time to waste on my drive back...