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kabab - indian / pakistani / persian near subway

My dad is in town for his birthday - and LOVES succulent kababs... Indian / Pakistani is best - but a good persian place would also be good. I found Balkh Shish Kabab House - afgani - which could do the trick - but would LOVE something south asian.

Nov 16, 2008
amitnigam in Outer Boroughs

Valentine's Day Chocolates

I second Stube, I do not know what they will have, but they have done chocolate boxes full of truffles - and are certainly going to do valentines day appropriate truffle arrangements.


OK, have not spent any time in the neighborhood - and we are looking for a place for a casual - no reservation dinner. I read about Allen's for Burgers, Aji Sai for sushi/sashimi. Globe Bistro is too fancy for now - any other suggestions?

Dining alone Fri Night in Seattle?

Any good places downtown? Ideally excellent food - with a preference for local/in season. I am willing to walk or otherwise travel a bit if needed.

Nov 02, 2007
amitnigam in Pacific Northwest

Coffee beans - any recommendations?

Thanks Josh

Clearly I will have to try Manic. On the moka pot - I had no idea. While no real crema, it is servicable for me - and pretty to boot. I peeked at the coffeegeek site - and it looks like a place to spend a lot of time on those days when I want to avoid actually doing work.

Coffee beans - any recommendations?

Intelligencia in Toronto? Where is Manic?

I use a stovetop espresso maker - my choices for beans are 1) the espresso blend from ethical bean in Vancouver - available at Whole Foods, 2) at Balzacs, and 3) kicking horse. All seem to be about$18/pound (and not just at overpriced whole foods).

Common Grounds makes a lovely shot or latte - and they sell beans - but have not yet tried them. The lovely- ness may be in the skills of the barristas, which I sadly cannot replicate at home.

White Lily Four in TO

Thank you both. I had been there a while ago and was wondering if they had it.

White Lily Four in TO

Greetings all. I was interested in doing some good southern baking at home - and was wondering if there was a place that sold White Lily flour in the city? It is somehow different.

Banjara (Bloor near Christie)?

Two responses. First, the service is not surly - just a little confused at times. The folks there are actually incredibly nice. Second, I think it is a place for eating in, not takeout. The space definitely needs work, but the nan, bhajia and pakora are definitely much better fresh.

On Usmania, I went once. They seemed very nice... but the food was not as good as banjara's, and priced more or less the same.

restaurants with local in season produce

I actually quite liked Fressen. We (partner and I) have also liked Get Real cafe (also veg) and cool hand of the girl (the junction). We are not veg, but definitely like in season produce along with flesh at times. I saw the harvest menu from Gladstone, but had no idea as to whether the cooking was actually good. We've never actually been to Il Fornelo or Niagra Street Cafe.

Liberte Yoghurt - plus other groceries - where to get?

+ 2 vote for fiesta farms. THey have an ecclectic but good selection of lots of things - and tend to use lots of local stuff (bakeries, produce etc.)

Banjara (Bloor near Christie)?

OK - the service is not perfect - but the food is quite good. I think their lamb biryani beats anything I have had over on Gerrard St. The baingain bharta, kebab and just about all of their chicken dishes are phenomenal too. Certainly not a light meal, but they win points over most places for the quality of their ingredients and consistently good cooking.

restaurants with local in season produce

It is summer and the garden is yielding lovely tomatos, peppers and other veggies. Do you guys have suggestions on restaurants that are of consistently high quality that (in the summer at least) focus on using local, in season ingredients?