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Birthday cake

Looking for ideas on where to get my son's first birthday cake. One small one for him and one large and yummy one for family. What's your favorite bakery in Northern Virginia? Thanks so much!!!

CakeLove in Tysons Corner

I am not one to EVER throw away a cupcake but am sad to say that when I tried a vanilla/vanilla one I had 2 bites and the rest was in the garbage. Parts were crunchy...not sure what that would be and the icing was like sugary crisco. Sadly disappointed =(

Help: Need FUN Rehearsal Dinner in NoVa

I think Clare and Don's Beach Shack in Falls Church could be a super fun casual place. Check it out:

Georgetown Cupcake

so i'm going against the popular opinion here. i went yesterday when they had a short and tolerable wait. the customer service was great. the cupcakes were FANTASTIC! moist cake, great icing...the choc hazelnut was particularly good.

Best and Worst for DC Restaurant Week - Master LIst

colvin run is closed =(

Good Pho in D.C.?

pho 75 on rte 50 in falls church.

Bon Appetit Thanksgiving

it's too bad to hear that no one thought the FW issue sounded adventurous and good. my husband and i (in our 30s) did the indian thanksgiving meal this weekend with our friends (minus the fondue and soup) and EVERYONE loved it. maybe you're too traditional to veer away for THE thanksgiving meal, but as a pre-thanksgiving dinner party with friends, it was quite successful and tasty.

Nov 19, 2007
m25111 in Food Media & News

Kennebunkport/Portland in August

My husband and I just came back from a quick weekend in Kennebunkport. We enjoyed getting the fried clams and lobster rolls with butter from The Clam Shack--both awesome. Had we been there longer, Bandaloop was highly recommended by several of the guests at our B&B, particularly the quesadillas:

Enjoy your weekend, it was beautiful and I hope to go back for longer next time =)

Birthday Party fun with a big group-mongolian?

my suggestion doesn't meet the "mongolian" part, but as far as a fun experience with a large group of people i enjoy marrakesh in dc:

Best wine you've had under $15

great topic! i love La Crema Sonoma Coast Chardonnay, usually on sale for around $15

Jun 05, 2007
m25111 in Wine

Favorite mexican food?

thanks for the suggestions...they sound great!

Favorite mexican food?

preferably northern virginia/dc...thanks!

Coffee shops in NoVA?

that's a shame... i really like murky. tryst in dc is good:

Italian Restaurant in Washington DC

My vote is for Filomena's...good food and good location

Favorite mexican food?

Just wondering where everyone like to go for mexican food. Thanks!!

Wedding location suggestions?

Need to buy crabs

captain pells, fairfax virginia