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Your favorite unusual ice cream flavors in stores

Ben and Jerries has a pumpkin cheescake that I enjoy. Bj's sometimes has it in quart about doubling your pleasure!

Delorenzo's Tomato Pies, Robbinsville

We have a lax tourney this weekend in NJ and DeLorenzos is back on our list of places to eat. The pies are light and tasty, the salads and antipasto go well with the pizza, and the byob policy does save some green. Hope to also hit the Italian deli across the street.

Jun 13, 2012
imhungryletseat in New Jersey

Miloski fans in Calverton, they now have alligator meat in stock, besides who knows what else?

I'll pass on Alligator, even though it tastes like .......

My kids get upset when we drive by Miloski's after Thanksgiving and the Turkeys are gone!

Serioulsy, I love their poultry and will need to stop in once I know that Windy Acres has the asparagus in!

What does 1.75 liter bottle of Markers Mark cost in your City/State

no sales tax, but 59.99..ouch

the other store I go to in Huntington now has it on sale for 39.74

I never realized Ca prices were that good; are they as good for all 'spirits'?

Mar 28, 2012
imhungryletseat in Spirits

What does 1.75 liter bottle of Markers Mark cost in your City/State

$41.77 for the 1.75 on sale in Smithtown LI NY

Mar 26, 2012
imhungryletseat in Spirits

Pear Cider , Perry Suggestions

Have you tried Kopparberg Pear Cider? I had it at a beer festival on LI this summer and thought it was mighty tasty. They said they are expanding their distribution area so check to see if it is available in your area

Feb 07, 2012
imhungryletseat in Beer

Maple Tree BBQ in Riverhead

you think they would fix the window! it has been like that for a while now!
A couple of Sats ago, I stopped by the Long Ireland Brewery (right around the corner) to get some growlers filled and was there a little longer than I intended to be...anyway, I stop at the deli for a sandwich right at 4PM and the door was already locked but they were in there and did see me but didn't open the door. If they don't need my business, I wont give them it.
I also had a bad experience there when they gave me the previous days pastrami on a sandwich and tried to reheat it and re-consitiute it with maybe some water or something and when I got it home, it was a soggy me a favor and just say you are out of pastrami or whatever...that's what real BBQ places do!
I like their BBQ but the previous two incidents left a bad taste in my mouth. Where I used to make a trip to stop in, now I might only stop in if I am passing by it.

Looking for a good, quality beer that has low IBU (low bitterness)

How about Saranac Lager. Not as hoppy as SA or Bklyn, and you should be able to find it localy

Feb 03, 2012
imhungryletseat in Beer

Sam Adams Noble pils

Bad News that turned good

I was at the store a couple of days ago to see if the Noble Pils was out yet and where the rotating seasonal 12 packs are was an Alpine Spring first thought was the demise of the SA Noble Pils, one of my SA favorites.
I didn't buy a 12 pack of it as I would rather give it a taste test first.
After the requisite mourning period, I went to the SA website to leave a nastygram and lo and behold, I read that they are making the Noble Pils a year round beer with a release date of March! Good news for the 5 or 6 or us who like the Noble Pils!!!

Jan 31, 2012
imhungryletseat in Beer

What bourbon are you enjoying?

Picked up a bottle of Bakers for $30.99...loved it for $34.99 (what I paid for the last bottle of Bakers and love it even more for $30.99!!! Drink it with a few drops of water to release the flavors and lower the proof!!
Its in-laws know I used to love Woodford Res so they got me an engraved bottle for Christmas...I used to love Woodford but either the last 2 bottles are way different, or I lost my taste for it!! Now WR has become my Manhattan Bourbon!!

Jan 16, 2012
imhungryletseat in Spirits

Worst Beer Ever?

Good thread, but some people need to lighten up as it is subjective!! I love Sam Smiths Beers (and alot of other English beer for that matter but not OSH) , but I can't find them in drinkable condition in beer stores on LI. The only time I can drink them is when I am at a reputable beer bar in NYC
That said, here are a few of my worst beers ever!!!

meister brau, old german, piels, coors light, bud light, iron city, bud, narragansett, natty boh; all off them cheap macro american lagers loaded with adjuncts

Jan 10, 2012
imhungryletseat in Beer

? about LI wine

I have 2 bottles on Lenz Cab that I have had in my basement for about 6 years.

The are a 2003 Lenz Cab and a 2001 Lenz Olde Vines Cab.

Should I drink either/both of them now or wait? Is it too late to drink the 2003 reg Cab


Jan 01, 2012
imhungryletseat in Wine

Where to find Ben & Jerry's Schweddy Balls?

new york supermarkets are not carrying it but it was available in 7-11's

What bourbon are you drinking these days?

I agree with PaulF; this is a great thread!!!
I just finished a bottle of Basil H..the flavors were good, but it was a little too 'low octane' for my taste
Looks like I am going back to Bakers as one of my places has it for $34.44 for the 750.....although there are also sales on Bulleit, Makers Mark, and Knob Creek 1.75's I could get one of everything, but I don't think my kids would appreciate Santa bringing them Bourbon!!!!

Dec 20, 2011
imhungryletseat in Spirits

Rye/bourbon : which is best for gift?

I am up in Warwick every July for are Joyals and the RI liquor store prices?

Dec 07, 2011
imhungryletseat in Spirits

Rye/bourbon : which is best for gift?

It might be worth it to see what the NH stores carry. IIRC you can go online and see the stock and prices of each individual store.

Dec 01, 2011
imhungryletseat in Spirits

What's my next all-purpose whiskey/bourbon?

The store is the Wine Guy in Smithtown LI. They usually have great prices on whatever they get in, but once its gone, its gone. The same thing with the other liquor store I frequent; Bottles and Cases in Huntington.

Oct 31, 2011
imhungryletseat in Spirits

What's my next all-purpose whiskey/bourbon?

I got the Redemption rye last week for $20 for the .750 and have been enjoying it immensely, probably too much!!! Had it with a few drops of water, in a Manhattan and with Sprite (not my usual choice, but very tasty nontheless) and it worked well. Too bad it's almost gone, but at least I can use this thread to select my next libation!

Oct 28, 2011
imhungryletseat in Spirits

It's Pumpkin beer time! What are you favorites?

I would venture a guess that most of todays pumpkin ales are not what our founding fathers envisioned them to be, nor how they actually brewed them. Why does everything today need to be over the top...over-spiced over hopped etc... That said, I enjoy Post Road Pumpkin year in and year out...
Not to get off track and call me boring, but I can spend the rest of my life drinking 5 beers.....Pilsner Urquell, SN Pale Ale, SS Oatmeal Stout, Duvel and the rotating seasonal be it Spaten Octoberfest, SS Winter Welcome etc...I realize that is more than four beers but I was crazy trying to get it down to five beers!!!!

Sep 29, 2011
imhungryletseat in Beer

What bourbon are you drinking these days?

Been really enjoying Bakers lately, but the bottle unfortunately, is coming to an end.

Woodford used to be my favorite, but either my taste has changed, or the bottle I got last time has a different flavor profile. It's still good, but I have been using it for Manhattans and using the Bakers with a little water for sippin!

Sep 13, 2011
imhungryletseat in Spirits

Best ballparks for food

It's funny, but once you take the Sox fans and put them on the road (especially at Camden, where they have easy access to tix), they become the most ill-mannered fans this side of Philly. I'm can't imagine it's because of the copious amounts of beer they drink while visiting these other stadiums. Yet when you go to a game at Fenway, they are some of the nicest fans. FTR, I am a Met fan.
Anyway, I liked Coors Field for food, especially their pulled pork nachos and that they have a microbrewery right in the stadium. I also like the fish tacos at Anheim and in SD.

Do Different Types of Alcohol Cause you to Act Differently?

The circumstances obviously have a lot to do with how you act. During college, you drank Tequila with the guys before you went out to get FIRED UP!! But you drank wine with your gf to get mellow, happy and horny!
Beer was dual beer was used for drinking games and there was a fine line between fired up to fall down whereas better beer was used as a social lubricant

Mar 04, 2011
imhungryletseat in Spirits

Rum that you can sip??

I wanted to give high end rums (my regular choices are bourbon and tequila) a chance so I ended up I ended up buying the Vizcaya VXOP for $39 (the Zacapa 23 was $49).
After trying it two different days, both straight up and with a cube, I found this rum had an overwhelming sweetness to it and the dominant flavor I tasted was molasses? Before I go buy the Zacapa, I might try one of the lower cost rum recommendations.
As for now, does anyone have recommendations on what to mix with the Vizcaya?

Feb 07, 2011
imhungryletseat in Spirits

Costco Food Finds - 1st QTR 2011 - Old

I noticed they changed the hot dog in the food area from a Hebrew National 1/4 pound Kosher Dog (yum) to a Kirkland 1/4 pound all beef dog (yuck!!) Bring back the Hebrew National dog!

Jan 14, 2011
imhungryletseat in Chains

Sam Adams Noble pils

The 2011 Noble Pils is out!!!
Got it at Pathmark today for 13.99 a 12 pack. Had my first one today with a brisket sandwich for lunch. Kids at school, wife at work, the only one home to annoy me was the dog, and I dispatched him by giving him a treat so it was me, the sandwich, the beer, and the about good times!!
Similiar hop profile from what I remember from last year. I like that you can drink a couple of them without getting hop head!!
Will definately be in my rotation for watching the games this weekend (go J-E-T-S) along with tasty nuggets from Ithaca, Long Trail, and Ommegang!

Jan 14, 2011
imhungryletseat in Beer

What bourbon are you drinking these days?

I wish they would have the mini's on Long Island to 'try before you buy'
The only mini that I have seen bourbon wise was the Evan Williams cherry for .99 and it was too sweet. The smallest size you see of anything not mainstream is 750ml.
I was really impressed with the amount of smaller bottles of bourbons when I was in Cincinnati and went to the party source in Kentucky, but then again, it was Kentucky!!
I do like both the Elijah Craig and Bulleit.
I just got a bottle of Old Weller 107. It was a little 'high octane' but it worked well with a few drops of water. Next step is to see how it is in a Manhattan.

Jan 07, 2011
imhungryletseat in Spirits

Where to find Coke with sugar, not HFC

I picked up a case of the Mexican Coke in the Smithtown Costco on New Years Eve. $19.60 plus tax and deposit for a case of 355ML Glass Bottles.

Leo's Latticini (Mama's) and Corona Heights Pork Store

I had to take my son to Laguardia today so we dropped into Mamas for lunch. We split a special with peppers and mushrooms (is there any other way?) and a Chicken parm hero; theres something about fresh mozz on a sandwich. The sisters were as nice as ever and two of them laughed when I said 'is there any other way!' We took our sandwiches to the bakery to sit down and eat and although we were stuffed, we split a sfogliatelle and a chocolate covered cannoli!
Oh yeah, a mama's super Italian is waiting for me
Both the deli and the bakery had the newspaper article about mamas death in ready view

I like canned cranberry sauce! What holiday treates do you like that foodies would shudder at?

I also like the green bean casserole based on the fried onion recipe and fruit cake (which I soak in bourbon!!!). I usually wait for them to discount the fruitcakes to 1/2 price at Waldbaums or Pathmark; don't give me none of that fancy texas Fruitcake; Jayne Parker's is good with me!!!

What says Thanksgiving to you?

Alices Restaurant on the radio!

Nov 10, 2010
imhungryletseat in Home Cooking