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Angel's Share

It's not the bourbon lost during distillation, but during storage in charred white-oak barrels; they allow a very small amount of loss to the atmosphere, and absorption by the wood. That's the Angels' Share.

Jul 17, 2008
hereward in Recipes

Beyond the Porterhouse

I have to agree with chcikenbone; a number of the cuts listed are tough and not very versatile; however, when a cutting-edge (pun intended) recipe is developed for a previously-scorned part like flank or brisket, the price seems to escalate, whether sales do or not. Apparently, all that's required is for Bon Appetit or Food and Wine to offer an article regarding a novel preparation. Both cuts go begging at our Kroger, and often appear in the green-meat bin. On the other hand, pork shoulder is an excellent, versatile cut, and the price remains reasonable. Perhaps it's off the radar screen of the publications mentioned above...

May 01, 2008
hereward in Features

One dinner in Kansas City?

I have to say that I didn't find Arthur Bryant's that great. I think Quick's 7th St. BBQ (Cheyenne Avenue, KC, KS) is much better. If you had more time, you should try Jalisco in the Argentine for real Mexican.

Downtown Cinci-near Westin Hotel

While I wouldn't recommend walking there (neighborhood gets kinda bad as you go north), Scotti's Italian Restaurant on Vine, near Court, maybe a half-mile from where you'll be, is an excellent bet - very authentic, lot of atmosphere, great service, exceptional food.

Mexican Food In KC

Jalisco, in the Argentine - S 26th Street, Kansas City, KS. Place is great - not haut cuisine, but great - don't miss the buffet (lunch or dinner) -

Mexican Food In KC

No offense, but Ponak's is about the worst Mexican food I've ever had. A step down from Taco Hell.

Kansas City

Too late to help them this trip, but the Steamboat Arabia presentation is great -

Kansas City

Probably 'way too late, but I always visit Quick's 7th Street BBQ in Armourdale when I'm in Kansas City. I seem to remember that they offer turkey, though I can't get past the pork myself -

Worcestershire's Worldwide Reach

Wurs-ter-sher is close.

May 30, 2007
hereward in Features