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"Non-GMO" Labeled Items in Your Store Yet?

They are resistant to disease because the chemical Roundup has been genetically engineered INTO the Soy seed. Check out the video I suggested be watched. All the facts are in there.

"Non-GMO" Labeled Items in Your Store Yet?

Good news….no doubt with that percentage it will no doubt pass. I am from the U.K. originally - now living in California….even the irradiated vegetables etc, are labelled…wonder what the situation is here re same. It is no wonder children are growing up with numerous illnesses and - of course - obesity thanks for chemicals, colouring and flavouring and the all time killer corn syrup. Thank goodness I lived in an era when fruit and vegetables spoiled if you did not use them plus all my meals were prepared from fresh ingredients.

"Non-GMO" Labeled Items in Your Store Yet?

'The World According to Monsanto' - French Documentary
Watch this regarding GMO's. Monsanto owns most of the soy farms here and around the world. Their soy beans have been genetically modified with ROUNDUP….check it out in the above video, researched and made by a woman in France. Frankly, it is horrifying.

Fresh Herring

Had three trays of New Herring delivered overnight from Russ & Daughters, received them this morning, first tray is looking very empty……cost-to the moon…..satisfaction - to Mars…..

Fraîche New Look in Culver City

Went to Fraiche Tues. May 29th. Food extremely good, however, service was extremely slow. We were offered a small pasta plate whilst waiting for our entree. As I was hungry - because of the wait - I ate it. Unfortunately, this spoiled my appetite for the entre - a very good piece of pork. My husbands chicken was excellent. Hope they get their act together. One point against....the price of wine by the glass, served in a carafe (unnecessary) only 3 and one half ounces. My merlot was $11. I had another - because of the wait - now up to $22 for wine alone, would have a third - however hated adding $33 to the bill for wine. We should at least have been given another glass free - or one taken off the bill. Apart from that the food is excellent, along with the presentation.

May 30, 2007
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