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Mile End finds - 2008

I'm quite a fan of a leek pastry they have at Aux deux vélos. It's not like quite like the boureks, but it's quite close. They're generally cut into squares and are flakier and slightly more like a Greek filo pastry. I don't know what they're called, but they're quite satisfying when taken home and paired with a hearty soup. It's not really summer food, but I made a point of going in every so often during the winter to obtain either the leek pastry or the spinach and cheese bourek, which is also quite tasty.

Cocoa Locale cakes?

I totally agree. I would eat her icing out of a large mixing bowl with a spoon very happily. And then I would probably die of an icing overdose, but hey, it's a good way to go.

Late night eats

Petit Conti (of Le Continental fame) is open until 1am, I believe. It definitely fits the bill, although, I'm a Lemeac lover, so I'd go with Lemeac or L'Express above all.

Indian and Mediterranean Restaurants

I'm not sure about the seafood, but I do know that awesome Indian food is all up in Parc Ex along Jean Talon between Parc and Acadie. My favourite is Maison Indian Curry, but there are also a lot of people who like Bombay Mahal, Halal 786 (Pakistani food), Pushap (Vegetarian Food) and Punjab Palace. It's all really reasonably priced, some of them are BYOB and it's largely a lot better than what you can find downtown. eats and cheese

I would agree with what the others have said about all the other points, but here are some more cheap eats ideas:

-There's amazing Guyanese food at Jardin du Cari on St. Viateur near St. Laurent. Potato balls, peanut punch, amazing filled roti and patties... My mouth is watering just thinking about it.
-Natas (Portuguese egg custard tartes) from Bela Vista on Pins
-Bagels from St. Viateur bagels at Parc and St. Viateur
-Shish Taouk/Shawarma/Falafel from Boustan on Crescent
-Amazingly cheap Indian food at Maison Indian Curry on Jean Talon near Acadie
-Really tasty Thai food at Bangkok in the Faubourg food court at Ste. Catherine and Guy
-Not super cheap, but the cupcakes at Cocoa Locale (Parc and Villeneuve) are worth every penny because they're insanely delicious!

Best Potato Chips

I love Miss Vickie's, too. My favourite is definitely the Sweet Chili and Sour Cream. There's something amazingly complex about the way those flavours are paired. A nice couple of handfuls of those chips next to a sharp cheddar sandwich with some salted heirloom tomatoes and a little bit of mayo is a thing of beauty.

Have you ever lost a taste for something?

I don't know what happened, but the thought of the tofu banh-mi that I would once actively seek out and inhale whenever needing something on the go now makes me nauseous simply by typing it out. Nothing changed, nothing was amiss, there are no illnesses for me to associate with it... Something about the texture and flavour profile just went from delicious to disgusting.

restaurant for a day time bachelorette party?

Hey Monica!

Would you be able to narrow the search a bit? What size is the party? What kinds of tastes are represented? Are there any cuisines to be stricken off the list? Are there any restaurants that you've been to that you don't see as appropriate? What time of year is it? How expensive is "nothing too expensive" in terms of $/per person before tax and tip.

Being more specific will definitely get more people in here to answer you.

Maison Cakao brownies and brownie roundup

The Cocoa Locale brownies are delicious. So spicy and perfect. I find that the way they're cut into slices seems to make them seem larger and more satisfactory than the usual square format. Make sure that you have some milk on hand, though. It's pretty much impossible to talk after without something to wash it down. They're that chocolatey.

Visiting from NYC

I'd totally echo what has been said here. Bagels, poutine, smoked meat and upscale Quebecois at Au Pied de Cochon is pretty much a summary of the best and brightest in Montreal-specific food. I'd also like to throw in a few things.

For higher class French fare (not particularly Quebecois, mind you), places like L'express and Lemeac are amazing. Great wine lists (especially at the latter) and really delicious classic food. They're both in great areas to explore, too.

For some great on the go food, Montreal has a great selection of shish taouk/shawarma. The more or less undisputed favourite is Boustan on Crescent. Also, while you're picking up some poutine, you should definitely pick up some steamé hot dogs. They're definitely a thing around here, and very different from the hot dogs you get at carts in NYC.

I'd also suggest checking out the Jean Talon market. It's a great slice of Montreal life, you can pick up some tasty maple products, sample some decent frites at the new Frites Alors kiosk, get some awesome cheese and just go around snacking until you're full.

inexpensive places not to miss

I agree with your assessment of Frite Alors. Their fries have been steadily slumping downhill. They're not really soft, they're not really crispy, they're not really thin, they're not really thick... They're just kind of right in the middle, but not in a good way. They main draw is the fact that a small fries with a sauce is cheap as hell and great when you're making something at home and you want a nice side dish without any trouble or if you're out and you want a snack with a decent beer.

Clever cupcakes?

I personally love Clever Cupcakes. They are very different than the offerings at Cocoa Locale. They're each yummy in their own way. Clever cupcakes are more light and fluffy and the icing more smooth and almost whipped, in a really good way. I would say that both Clever Cupcakes and Cocoa Locale are miles better than Itsi-Bitsi or Cho'cola or any of the other "cupcakes" peddled in Montreal. It's a personal choice between the dense and ganache-y quality of Cocoa Locale and the more light and cakey quality of Clever Cupcakes.

The main awesome thing about Clever Cupcakes it the fact that they come out to $2 each, they get delivered for free, you get to pick the combo of icing/cake/filling and they have a healthy option.

I ordered a bunch for an event and I was really pleased. My favourites are her red velvet with cream cheese, chocolate chilli, chocolate ginger, lemon coconut and one that she made around Valentine's day with chocolate cake and a cinnamon heart icing. Frankly, I would step over my own mother to get one of these right now.

Carlos and Pepes

I don't know what you mean by good or how long ago you went to Carlos and Pepe's. It still has cheap beer, but it's average greasy tex mex. If you make a list of places you've visited, we can definitely let you know if they're still around or worth visiting. If not, there's a wealth of information on this board that you can find just by searching "best (insert food style here!)"

Need Montreal tips for breakfast, lunch and dinner

So, there are a lot of general posts like this on the board, which is why there aren't tons of people jumping to answer you. Rather than rely on the opinions of whomever decides to favour you with a response, I'd definitely suggest looking up "best (insert food here)" on the Quebec board. You're apt to find a variety of quality results. That said, here's some general Montreal Chowhound info to get you started:

-Schwartz's is generally considered the be all and end all of Montreal smoked meat.
-People love places like Lemeac and L'express for quality French dining.
-Au Pied du Cochon is a fancy Quebecois gastronomic experience not to be missed.
-A lot of people are saying great things about the French fare at Au Cinquieme Peche.
-Poutine at either Maam Bolduc or La Banquise is strongly advised.
-There are great burgers at La Parysee.
-There's a great $20 lunch special at a high end Greek place called Milos. They're known for their great seafood.
-The best Indian food is in the strip of Jean Talon near Acadie metro, with a toss up between Bombay Mahal and Maison Indian Curry.
-It's a toss up, but St. Viateur or Fairmount bagels are essential for every Montreal trip.
-A lot of people swear by cheap and delicious thai food at a place called Bangkok in a food court called Le Faubourg.
-Places like Globe, Buona Notte, Med and Cavalli are expensive and not worth it.
-It's generally debatable whether there's quality Japanese or Mexican food in the city.

Another new cupcake shop to open up

I would definitely agree with Maisonbistro and Moosemeat. I was totally not a fan of Cho'cola or where ever they put the superfluous apostrophe. I tried a couple (a chai one, an outrageously plain vanilla-y one and one that I can't even remember) and everything was gritty and boring. Overly sugary in some cases, completely devoid of flavour in others. I honestly contemplated wiping my tongue off with a napkin because of the gross film I was left with. They were definitely inferior to my last minute Betty Crocker cupcakes with my ultra-quick almond buttercream, and I hardly consider that baking.

Yeah... Stick to the yumminess of Cocoa Locale, since I can't imagine a better cupcake anywhere. They are heaven in little paper cups. Especially the vanilla ones. They taste like a little girl's dreams of a fantasy wedding. Sounds crazy, but it's totally true.

Terraces; the good, the bad, the food, the drinks...

I definitely second Rumi. That is such a gorgeous corner. A nice crisp early summer evening there with a nice dessert would be pretty much perfect, and it could be followed with a walk along Fairmount and up Outremont to that cute little park with the pond. That's definitely a great date idea right there.

Montreal trip report

I'm so jealous of people who come to visit Montreal, because it's an awesome excuse to save up some money and a few days of concentrated deliciousness. While I definitely have some delicious meals here, I would love to have breakfast, lunch and dinner at the cream of the crop for a few days. It sounds like you had an amazing time. A lot of those choices are absolutely spot on for the best Montreal has to offer!

Dinner bets around Le National/ The Village

I can't say I'm surprised. It was pretty empty most of the time, but they made a pretty tasty veggie burrito and the margaritas were deliciously cheap.

Dinner bets around Le National/ The Village

I would probably stick with Au Petit Extra.

There is some semi-decent stuff like:

-Tabla: Indian place on Ste. Catherine near rue de la Visitation... Obviously doesn't hold a candle to the selection and price of places on Jean Talon.
-Bato Thai: Thai place that is alright, but you'd be better off getting something at Bangkok for sure
-Cafe Mi Burrito: This is more like guilty pleasure food for me, since you probably know the state of Mexican food in Montreal

But yeah, even though it's predictable French stuff, Au Petit Extra is pretty good and is ultimately a safer bet.

favorite desserts

My boyfriend got the pain perdu last time we were at Lemeac and it was incredible. Sizeable portion, big scoop of vanilla (or possibly maple) ice cream drizzled with mapley goodness. I couldn't stop eating it, much to his chagrin.

I also love going to get cupcakes at Cocoa Locale like nobody's business.

Taking 2 teenagers to visit McGill -- suggestions for eats

There's a lot of great cheap food in Montreal. This is not all near Chinatown, but Montreal isn't huge and it's fairly accessible with public transportation or by walking.

-Soupesoup on Duluth a few blocks east of St. Laurent or on St. Viateur a few blocks east of Parc for simple soups and sandwiches
-Santropol on St. Urbain at Duluth for huge, earthy sandwiches and great smoothies
-Patisserie Harmonie on Gauchetiere in Chinatown for really tasty chinese buns and pastries
-Maison Indian Curry on Jean Talon just east of Acadie for really cheap thalis (combo platters) and awesome chana samosas
-Jardin du Cari on St. Viateur near St. Laurent for delicious Guyanese rotis
-La Banquise on Rachel near Parc LaFontaine for world class poutine
-Patati Patata at St. Laurent and Rachel for awesome little burgers and fries
-Bilboquet on Bernard near Outremont for really yummy gelato and ice cream
-Cocoa Locale on Parc and Villeneuve for delicious cupcakes and other little treats
-Bangkok in the Faubourg on Ste. Catherine near Guy for awesome thai food
-St. Viateur Bagels at Parc and St. Viateur for delicious fresh Montreal bagels

I'd definitely suggest any/all of these places for cheap tasty food AND nice neighbourhoods to walk around in.

Vegetarian sugar shack ... an oxymoron? [Moved from Quebec board]

I know I'm late to the party, but I just wanted to echo what im_nomad said. There really are a hell of a lot of easy going vegetarians and vegans. We're not all awful meat haters. I have gone to many meat-specific places over the year and eaten the vegetarian options. We may not be completely stuffed with a variety of veggie goodness, but it doesn't always matter and it doesn't diminish the experience.

Whether I'm going for particular veg friendly food items or going with my meat loving boyfriend, I'm not going to make a scene. I'll have a few pickles and some black cherry pop at Schwartz's, a cheese sandwich at Wilensky's and there's still time for tasty syrupy goodness at a cabane a sucre.

Any veg or non-veg person can be a demanding, pushy jerk, but there's no need to make grand statements. Why can't we enjoy either a modified version of the classic or just enjoy the veg parts? As long as we're enjoying ourselves and not berating you, what's the problem?

Whether it's poutine with vegetarian gravy, some info on non-meat snacks at APdC (which, by the way, I have vowed to go to with my boyfriend in the not too distant future) or anything else, it doesn't diminish the meat version by getting to enjoy it as a vegetarian.

I don't eat meat, but I'm definitely a chowhound. I love good food and I want to experience a variety of gastronomic delights, including ones with meaty components. In a thread that clearly shows that there are veg options, why jump on people and judge their potential snacks as invalid because they don't stack up to the original versions in your opinion. The only reason to do that is a love of pointless bickering.

Or maybe a vegetarian took your lollipop as a child.


I love Soupesoup, too. I went to the St. Viateur one a while back with my boyfriend and we enjoyed everything thoroughly. It was a midweek afternoon and it was really chilly, so soup was in order. He had an aged cheddar grilled cheese with a really sharp purple coleslaw in it and I had a mango, basil and goat cheese sandwich. We shared a nice big bowl of carrot ginger soup and we could not have been more deliciously content. Or, so we thought. They had a pouding chomeur for dessert and we just couldn't resist. It was insanely delicious. It was just one of those lovely meals that left you the right amount of full, wasn't exceedingly expensive and really hit the spot.

Vegetarian-Friendly Weekend for a Student Couple on a Budget

Thanks for all of the feedback, everyone! It sounds like we definitely have some areas to check out and some quality recommendations. We know we're not going to trip over fabulous restaurants non-stop, but we wanted to be really prepared for what to avoid and what to actively seek out. You've all helped very nicely!

Vegetarian-Friendly Weekend for a Student Couple on a Budget

Hi there everyone. My long term boyfriend and I are coming to the Boston area for a wedding in June. I've been doing a little searching (both on and off Chowhound) and I haven't found a lot that fits our constraints. We'll be spending time in Boston and Cambridge.

We live in Montreal, so we have a lot of amazing things right at our fingertips. We'd love to find a great neighbourhood or two in either city to explore and eat in that would be outside of anything touristy or overpriced. I don't like to use words like "hip", but I think that's kind of what we're after. For anyone who is familiar with Montreal, we live in Mile End and we'd be looking for a similar kind of place.

We would consider ourselves foodies, but we're definitely not above great street eats or quality pub fare. I'm a vegetarian (no fish, but I do eat dairy) and he's a big meat fan, although he's quite open to eating at one or two vegetarian/vegan restaurants if it's not just a plate of lettuce. We're also very open to other cultures and would love to try some veggie friendly dim sum, which seems to be impossible to find in Montreal.

The main constraint is that our budget is quite low. We're students (well, he's graduating, but now comes the debt!) and we're looking for lunches in the 5-12 dollar range and dinners in the 10-25 dollar range, including tax. We love things like late night table d'hôtes, hole in the wall restos and any little gem that tastes great and doesn't break the bank.

My boyfriend definitely wants to go to a great place with lobster rolls/clam chowder (okay, maybe a little touristy) and we will definitely want to go to at least one iconic pub (not Cheers) for a few beers, pub grub and relishing the delightful accents... Sorry! I love a Boston accent like none other.

I know this is super long, but any ideas would be very much appreciated!

The Best Spanikopita in Montreal?

I'm so glad you asked this. I was craving spanikopita like no other yesterday. I've passed by Afroditi countless times, but now I'll know I have to stop in.

I was wondering, are there any greek restaurants that have decent spanikopita? My boyfriend and I want to try some a good place where I can get some good veggie options outside rice/potatoes/salad.

Montreal - 4 star vegetarian? vegetarian poutine?

In terms of veggie friendly places, I've had great experiences at both Lemeac and Le Continental. While Le Continental burned down, Le Petit Conti opened up not far down the street and I'm assuming that they have something similar available.

Havre aux Glaces: the thread

My boyfriend and I went there while on a trip to Jean Talon market the other day. He got a cup with the odd combination of clementine and maple caramel brule and I got blood orange and coconut. We both pretty much agreed that the clementine was the best of the bunch. It was very fresh and somehow familiar while not being an exact replica of the fruit.

My second pick would probably have to be the coconut. Although there wasn't a lot to it, it was sweet and creamy with some almost husky texture to it in parts which was not unwelcome given the authenticity it served up. That said, as a Mile End type with easy access to Bilboquet, I don't think I would choose the Havre aux glaces version given the option of the more flavourful, if visually and texturally antiseptic variety available at Bilboquet.

The blood orange was very tasty, but it wasn't much compared to the blood oranges I've been enjoying in the comfort of my own home recently. It was sweet and quite delicious, but it didn't live up to the hype, sadly. It certainly was a pretty shade of pink, though.

Lastly, there was the maple caramel brule. It seemed like it was unable to decided whether it was maple or caramel, making it a nebulous caramel-ish mapley flavour that didn't do much for me. On top of that, the brule flavour was overwhelming and the "chunks" kind of grossed me out, sadly. We finished it eventually, but after the initial few spoonfuls, we started to eat around it.

While I definitely wouldn't write Havre aux glaces off, I think the flavours we picked failed because either they didn't live up to the hype or they were held up to countless other gelato counterparts that we were more well-versed in. I'm very excited to try the strawberry/cheese option as well as the sour cherry/chocolate combination. Don't get me wrong. Everything was still very good, it just didn't knock our socks off like we expected it would.


Resto du Village poutine is actually the best ever. It's got a much richer brown sauce and the fries are a lot chunkier than the average. Although la Banquaise and Ma'am Bolduc are fine and dandy, the weird 24/hr greasy spoon on Wolfe has my vote for #1 poutine!

Favourites in Little India (a.k.a southern parc-ex)

Yet another vote for Maison Indian Curry. The food is astonishingly good and plentiful and reasonably priced.