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Help plan my Baltimore afternoon on Saturday

My wife and I are headed to Baltimore this Saturday.

First, we're taking in the Clipper City Brewery Tour from 12:30-2pm. After which, I need suggestions for getting some down and dirty good food in Baltimore. I'm considering Faidley's in Lexington Market but I understand they're hit or miss these days.

Please point me in the right direction for cheap, Baltimore specific food. The type of place I want to brag about when I get back to DC. I'd like to get a Baltimore classic, crab cakes preferably. $12/plate or less is even better.


Lexington Market
400 W Lexington St, Baltimore, MD 21201

Where can I find Rose water?

I've read several articles in the past month extolling the culinary virtues of rose water. Does anyone know where I can pick some up? Preferably off of a Metro stop in DC.


Sports bar for NFL football in DC area?

Cleveland Park Bar and Grill in Cleveland Park is always a winner. Right next to the Cleveland Park Metro stop, no less. Plenty of tvs, well-above average food (for a sports bar), and reasonable prices.

Need Recs for crab cakes/crab shacks along Route 5 in Maryland (Eastern Shore)

My wife and I are headed down to the Leonardtown/St. Mary’s City area this evening and would like to feast on the best crab cake possible. If possible, we’d like to dine at a quaint gem that locals would also recommend.

After we get out of the DC area, we’re taking Route 5 all the way down, passing through towns like Waldorf and Leonardtown. Any can’t miss spots? Thanks!

May 21, 2010
GarlicandGinger in Mid-Atlantic

Need recommendations for best crab cake/crab shack on the way out to St. Mary’s (Eastern Shore)

My wife and I are headed down to the Leonardtown/St. Mary’s City area this evening and would like to feast on the best crab cake possible. If possible, we’d like to dine at a quaint gem that locals would also recommend.

After we get out of the DC area, we’re taking Route 5 all the way down, passing through towns like Waldorf and Leonardtown. Any can’t miss spots? Thanks!

Recs needed for mother-in-law dinner tonight (upscale American or Italian)

My mother in law is in town for the weekend and wants to take us to dinner tonight somewhere in DC (the city, not surrounding areas). Although she said she'd take us anywhere, it needs to satisfy her tastes first and foremost.

So base your recommendations on the following:

Dinner somewhere in DC ($$-$$$)
-American or Italian
-safe, slightly upscale to upscale

Think of Buck's Fishing and Camping as a starting point.


Where in the DC area to buy an authentic wok?

One of my New Year's resolutions was to complete my array of cookware. I got a cast iron skillet for Christmas, but I need to get a WOK. I've heard that in almost every instance, the cheaper the better and likely more authentic. Where do you suggest that I got a real authentic wok?

Also, while we're at it, is there a kitchen supply store in the area?

Happy New Year!!

Sports bar near Friendship Heights for BCS Championship game?

I second Clyde's. You may also try Chadwick's.

Need Recs: Election Watching

My wife and I are looking for a good place to watch the election results tomorrow night. I'd prefer a place not populated by a horde of early 20 something intern types (you know what I mean).

I'd like to watch the results at a place like Martin's Tavern. I've also thought about Bullfeathers or Capitol City Brewing. Anyone have a great place that is "authentic" DC to watch the returns?

Thanks much!


Saturday Farmer's Market Recs. Eastern Shore pref

Greetings, denizens of CH!
This Saturday I'd like to take my wife over to the Eastern Shore for her birthday. We live in DC. My thought is to get up early and drive over the Bridge, catch a farmer's market, and pick up fresh food for a nice afternoon picnic on the Bay. If you could help me with the following:
a.) Cheap, tasty breakfast spot (think diner) on the way out to the Bridge. Coffee shop recs are also appreciated.
b.) Good local farmer's market on the Eastern Shore (could be on the West or East side of the Bay)
c.) Nice spot to catch a picnic (I've heard St. Michael's and Easton)
d.) Local Eastern Shore foods that are a must get at the market (sweet corn, crab cakes, etc.)

Any and all help is appreciated. I want this to be a great birthday for my wife!

Non-chain Burrito's?

Al Carbon up in Rockville isn't bad either. Give it a whirl.

Kosher for Passover Wine in DC?

You might also try Whole Foods...
I don't buy kosher wines, but they have a wide selection of specialized wines.

indoor herb garden, anyone?

I grow herbs on my roof deck (no window space and not a lot of light in my apt.) and I always try to keep the following on hand: Rosemary, sage, thyme, tarragon, chives, basil, oregano, mint.

That right there should account for about 80-90% of your herb needs. I usually just buy parsely at the store. Rosemary is super low-maintenance and keeps in almost all types of weather. thyme, tarragon, oregano are a little bit more maintenance and I don't recommend keeping the thyme next to other herbs as it'll overtake them in no time. Mint is another "weedlike" herb that can get out of control, so keep that in its own pot too. Basil grows best in a lot of light and a lot of heat. It really starts going around June-July-August.

Have fun!

Apr 02, 2008
GarlicandGinger in Cookware

S.O.S. I'm on a collision course with McCormick and Schmicks!

enginerd, that's a perfectly diplomatic response. It almost sounds like you pulled it from an etiquette book or something.

And to the poster above, we live about a five minute walk from Chef Geoff's (it's on New Mexico, not Nebraska BTW)

S.O.S. I'm on a collision course with McCormick and Schmicks!

It doesn't have to be "steakhouse", but safer fair might be the better bet. If we go out to an off-the-wall place everyone might get a little freaked out.
If it were up to me, I'd take everyone to Heritage India, but alas...

S.O.S. I'm on a collision course with McCormick and Schmicks!

We're planning a Monday night dinner for a group of 8.

Bar rush shouldn't be that big of a problem, and neither will dinner crowds. We can work around both.

S.O.S. I'm on a collision course with McCormick and Schmicks!

Chowhounders, come to my rescue!

The setup:
In two weeks time my extended family will be getting together for a dinner up in Bethesda. My father and his wife are visiting from Faribault, MN. My aunt and uncle are visiting from Fairhope, AL. Their respective vacations here in DC will overlap for a couple days and everyone thought it would be great to get together for a nice dinner. I have lived in DC for almost two years with my wife and feel pretty wired in to the dining scene here...thanks to plenty of good recommendations from you all.

The problem:
I spoke with my great uncle (a long-time DC resident) and he said that he's going to "book reservations" at McCormick and Schmick's up in Bethesda. He's been all over the world and has eaten fantastic food that most people can only dream of, so I was dumbfounded. My thoughts when he uttered the suggestion were: "Of all the places in Bethesda, why M&S?! Especially to out-of-town family who wouldn't mind a nice get together in the nation's capital..."

Where I need help:
How to politely suggest to my uncle a change of restaurants? What restaurants do you all recommend?
1.) It must be relatively affordable (forget Citronelle and its ilk); like $20-25/person with a drink or two
2.) Centrally located, either DC or Bethesda
3.) A non-chain restaurant that they can't find in Minnesota or Alabama
4.) Good atmosphere

Thoughts I have so far: Old Ebbitt's, Martin's Tavern, Buck's Fishing and Camping

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!!

Instant Hot Water Dispenser Worth It?

I don't have one installed, but I think they're definitely worth it. Imagine having near boiling pasta water instantly! That right there saves you gas/electricity to heat the pot + the time it takes to bring the water to boiling.

Mar 14, 2008
GarlicandGinger in Cookware

German Restaurant w/ great spaetzle

Old Europe in DC. Right on Wisconsin Ave., above Georgetown. An institution in these parts, it's been around forever. Classy, great German food.

A surfeit of jalapenos. What to do!?

Hello, folks.

My summer garden is cranking out jalapenos like they're going out of style, and I want to make sure that I use them up instead of watching them slowly rot on my kitchen counter. So, if you could help me sort out the following that would be much appreciated:

1.) How best to store hot peppers? (I've heard the freezer, but any other suggestions?)
2.) Basic recipes where they'll add a nice zingy flavor (I'm thinking pastas, ethnic cuisines, etc.)
3.) Recipes where jalapenos can really shine, such as salsas
4.) Unusual ways to use jalapenos, such as jellies, etc.

If you have any suggestions for the above I would be grateful. I love these damn things and want to make sure I get maximal use out of them.

Aug 08, 2007
GarlicandGinger in Home Cooking

Glover Park: Restaurant hot spot?

Right on, with Max's ice cream. Another award winner that I forgot to mention. But Curry Club, although I'd like to include that in the list, falls outside the autonomous boundaries of Glover Parkistan. We claim nothing south of Whitehaven.

Glover Park: Restaurant hot spot?

My bad...totally spaced on Margaritas. However, I must say that I've had their over priced burritos and could get something almost as good at Chipotle for three bucks less.

Glover Park: Restaurant hot spot?

I live in Glover Park, a neighborhood that doesn't usually fall into the first tier of neighborhoods one usually associates with DC (Georgetown, Dupont Circle, U Street, etc.) but I'm continuously surprised at the quality and breadth of good restaurants we have in the area. I'll tally them up:

-Heritage India (!)
-Old Europe (!)
-Chef Geoff's (!)
-Sushi Ko (!)
-Town Hall

And, just yesterday, Ceviche (from rain maker Mauricio Fraga-Rosenfeld) just opened up. It's gettin' good in the neighborhood.

Wine tasting trip

Check out Breaux vineyards on the way to Harper's Ferry. Fantastic scenery and nestled right in the shadow of the Blue Ridge

Jamaican Food Places??

I second the recommendation for Penn Street Tavern (nee Ras Doobie's) in Baltimore. A group of four of us went there for the first time two weeks ago assuming it to be Doobie's until I saw on Chowhound several days later that Ras was no longer there. Fantastic stewed brown chicken, and marvelous oxtail. It's the real deal.

Ceviche (Glover Park)

I'm a Glover Park resident and have fair to good reviews about the original in Silver Spring. Fraga-Rosenfeld appears to be a rainmaker in the restaurant scene so I hope he can add to the already impressive culinary cachet we have in our little corner of DC. At first I heard it was supposed to open in mid-June, but they've obviously slipped that deadline. I'm hoping for the beginning of August!

Best sushi in D.C.?

Sushi Ko in Glover Park. The original!

BDay dinner--need some good authentic ethnic recs

My wife and I are going out to celebrate my birthday next Tuesday evening and she wants me to pick the restaurant. We live in DC.

I enjoy eating in restaurants where the dining room is filled with patrons as authentic as the food. Can you guys give me some help? It can be food from any continent except Antarctica...I just want the real deal and a special birthday dinner. Many thanks in advance!

Need your opinion on my homemade recipe

Here's what I'd like to try tonight. If you sat down at my table and I served you the following meal would you eat it? (assuming it's prepared well):

Mix cooked orzo, sauteed rainbow chard, feta cheese, lemon zest, and fried sage and place in a casserole pan; Top with pieces of seasoned rotisserie chicken; add additional feta cheese on top and bake in the oven until the cheese is bubbly.

Does that sound appetizing? Do you think the fried sage is necessary? What else would you add or take away from the dish to make it better? Thanks for your help and I want to incorporate your opinions in tonight's meal. I'll report back tomorrow!


Jun 12, 2007
GarlicandGinger in Home Cooking

Short-hand measurements

Like a satisfied cook I rarely measure my ingredients. So for example, a tablespoon of olive oil is one revolution in the pan, or a tablespoon of garlic is like one large clove or two medium sized cloves. A cup of finely chopped onion is about 1/2 of a regular sized white or yellow onion and two cups is a whole onion.

What are your basic shorthand measurements?

Am I correct to think that a cup of chopped onion is only a 1/2? Or am I way off? Someone out there in chowland give me some help. Grazie mille!

May 30, 2007
GarlicandGinger in Home Cooking