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ISO LCBO Holiday Issue 2011 Recipe (Bourban Balls)

Ah, I should have mentioned I live in Mississauga. All the Mississauga/ Oakville/ Burlington/ Milton locations have none. I made more phone calls this morning with no luck.

I even tried the LCBO website, but the Holiday Issue recipes are not on there- only one, for their Red Velvet Trifle.

ISO LCBO Holiday Issue 2011 Recipe (Bourban Balls)

I am exhausted trying to locate the LCBO Holiday 2011 Food & Drink magazine. I could slap myself for waiting this long to get it. I've called and visited almost 13 different LCBO locations but the magazine is long gone.

My problem is- there's a recipe in this edition for this pecan, bourban balls. If anyone has a copy of the magazine and can provide the recipe, I would be incredibly grateful. Thank you.

Whole Foods confirms plans for market location for Lansdowne Park in Ottawa

It may have been posted already but a WFM is opening behind Square One (next to the Crate and Barrel) in Mississauga later this year.

Tea at the Windsor Arms

Sometimes I find it frightful how quick people are to blame patrons as opposed to just shitty service. For $48 PP in this economic climate, it is obscene that service was so lacking.

5 Guys coming to Erin Mills Town Centre

Yesterday I was up at Brampton City Centre shopping mall (Dixie & 410) and noticed that in one of the buildings across the mall (on Peel Centre Drive) there was a sign advertising a future 5 Guys burger joint.

Free range turkey - Peel Region

Have no idea who supplies the turkeys but I'm sure they would tell you.

As for shipping...dry ice? LOL

Loblaws I hardly know you....

I didn't realize it was now seemed like it was under renovation for the longest time. Do they also offer the hot table that you would find at T&T?

Free range turkey - Peel Region

If you can make your way to Oakville, I would happily and strongly recommend Dietrich's Meats:

They sell free range turkeys for $2.89 lb. I went there for Thanksgiving, for my order, and customers who picked up their turkeys were already placing the next order for Christmas. I was also informed that many people ship these turkeys overseas because they are so delicious.

It's a fabulous place- in an unassuming strip mall, in an industrial area, but it's amazing. They bring in cakes and pastries every holiday, from Dufflet and Rocco, they have marinated meats of all kinds, and prepare various stuffings, sauces, and side dishes on site. Truly delicious stuff.

Oh, did I mention if you go around any holiday, they offer a FREE hot table for customers to sample all their goodies (including the turkey)? Plus cookies and other snacks? And sandwiches showcasing their roast beef, corned beef, etc?

1917 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4L, CA

Equivalent of Summerhill Market in Suburbs?

I moved to Mississauga last fall, and while I enjoy my new residence, there are many things I desperately miss about Toronto- a decent Vietnamese and Korean restaurant amoung them. But I digress.

I miss Summerhill Market. I adore that place- the delicious prepared foods, the catered meals (when needed for a party), and the wonderful selection of breads, fresh meats, and other gourmet items.

Is there any equivalent in Mississauga/ Oakville/ Brampton/ Burlington? Does anyone know?

Oh, I should add that Whole Foods Market just doesn't cut it for me, if anyone wants to suggest the Oakville location. I'm so over WFM.

Summerhill Market
446 Summerhill Ave, Toronto, ON M4W, CA

The "What's good in Peel" thread.. (BRAMPTON/MISSISSAUGA Only please) :^)

I moved to Mississauge a few months ago, and I've been able to try some places recommended on this board and, just on my own, driving and exploring.

I went to Peter's on Eglinton (1035 Eglinton Avenue East) for take-out. I ordered the chicken souvlaki (although on the menu it is not referred to as souvlaki but chicken en brochette), no potatoes or rice, just salad with it. I was impressed with the large portions (the salad was great, lots of feta, greens, olives, etc) but I did find that even for myself, a big eater, it was too much chicken. After a while, I think my tastebuds were just overwhelmed and I set aside half of the chicken for the following day.

The next time I would definitely try any of their smoked meats. As I waited for my order, it seemed that guest after guest ordered a smoked meat sandwich, and the meat looked absolutely delicious as I watched the server put together the sandwiches. Lean and very moist, and lots of it.

I would return to this place for sure.

I also tried Banh Mi Ba Le (1125 Dundas Street East) for a banh mi sandwich. I had such a craving last week you couldn't imagine. I purchased the standard "assorted" sandwich (with three types of pate) and the grilled pork sandwich. They were $2.00 each. The assorted banh mi was okay, but I truly enjoyed the grilled pork. It had a kick to it. The downside (and I don't know if I have a right to whine given that it was only $2.00) is that this place is very stingy with their meat and the pickled vegetables. I had to pay 0.50 extra to fill the bun so it looked like what I am used to in Toronto. In fact, the woman before me, ordering several sandwiches to go, also ordered extra toppings and she made a comment that she couldn't believe the server was actually counting how many pickled vegetables (carrots, cilantro, cucumber, daikon, etc) she was putting in the sandwiches.

So this good Italian girl went to Molinaro's Bakery (4040 Creditview Road) in search of a veal sandwich. I found decent bread and bun, a small, sad collection of deli meats (that looked old and past their due date), and anothe small, sad collection of desserts (that also looked stale). My veal sandwich was heavy on sauce, not so much on veal. It was okay. I prefer California Sandwiches (Winston Churchill and Dundas) to this. I didn't bother trying the pizza. What I saw didn't appeal to me, it was the left over remnants from the day and didn't look too appetizing.

Montfort's (60 Dundas Street East) was another so-so experience. I should have stuck to the suggestion of the chicken sandwich with pineapple (considered their speciality) that someone raved about on this board but I ordered a sample of their appetizers (tabbouleh, hummus, baba ganoush) with pita, and the fried calamari, again for take-out. The appetizers were palatable, clearly not made on site, and as I sat there, I watched as the cook pulled out a box of frozen calamari rings, and set them in the fryer. Call me naive, but I expected calamari similar to what I'd get in a Greek restaurant, not the over-done, tasteless frozen crap that I was given (that I ended up throwing out at home, not having the courage to tell the cook to cancel my order for that one).

My favourite pizza is Amadio (360 Revus Avenue). What an experience that was! I walked in to find the owner yelling at his three teenage employees, and he continued scolding them the entire time for their laziness. A little uncomfortable to say the least. But the pizza I ordered was amazing (my own creation of meats, anchovy, vegetables). I loved it. Thin crust, not greasy, lots of toppings, even better the next day. I only wish he delivers in my area.

Finally, my other favourite find is Saravana Bhavan (4559 Hurontario Street). It is a South Indian vegetarian restaurant. The first time I went, it was packed and I felt intimidated so I didn't go in. The second time, there were only a few people (in between the lunch and dinner crowd) so I could take my time and explore the menu. I was not familiar at all with the dishes, as I am used to the Indian food I would find at a typical Indian buffet. But the server was the most lovely, patient, man who came over to me and explained the various cuisines of India (who doesn't like some education with their food?) and explained the dishes on the menu. He provided me with a complimentary cococut water to try (I fell in love with it), and helped me order a sampler platter of items called the Special Meal (sweet, poori, channa masala, rice, sambar, rasam, pickle, appalam, curd, raitha, kulambu, and two vegetable curries). All for the amazing price of $9.95. Oh my god, was it ever delicious. I had take-out, and it was still amazing at home. I'm not a vegetarian, but heck this meal was filling and delicious and I can't say enough about it. I can't wait to return.

Has anyone used "Restaurants On The Go" for delivery? Your comments please.

I've ordered a few times, and delivery was an hour, or an hour, fifteen minutes. The food was lukewarm, as already mentioned, and I agree that the price is exhorbant by the time delivery and tip is added.

Recently, I used and was quite pleased. They offer specials (20% off certain restaurants to promote them, or free delivery, etc).

Moving to Downtown Mississauga- Recommendations?

Other than California Sandwiches on Winston Churchill, and Mario's Portuguese chicken on Dundas, I have no idea where to dine or do take-out/ delivery in this area.

I know there are steak houses and restaurants scattered around Square One (I'll be right across the road) but, does anyone have recommendations for independent, non- franchise restos, great Thai, Greek, Indian, Chinese? If anyone on Chowhound is familiar with Mississauga eateries I would really appreciate your feedback. I'm willing to try anything. Thank you!

ISO Wapoos Cider - Wife loves it

I love Wapoos (having first tried it at Rebel House actually). Just as a suggestion, your wife may also want to try Sir Perry's Cider (pear). It's also available at the LCBO.

ISO - Billy Bee Honey Barbecue Sauce

If you do receive a response, Spelunk, would you be kind enough to post it here? I'm very curious myself as to where to find this product. Thanks!

who's makes toronto's best veal sandwich???

Well, as an Italian...Commisso Brothers (4 Kincourt Street), California Sandwiches (3018 Winston Churchill Blvd location only), and La Rose Bakery (140 La Rose Avenue).

My criteria is a good, fresh bun, lots of sauce, good amount of meat (not chintzy), and tender veal (I hate rubbery or chewy veal, or veal with gristle, ICK).

Loblaws is acquiring T&T

If Loblaw has $225 million at its disposal, perhaps it would be better spent on renovating their (older) stores, introducing better products, and lowering the prices of the products they do carry in their own stores. Just a thought.

Oh, and why not spend the $225 million on the Supercentre that was promised in Maple Leaf Gardens?

Jul 24, 2009
czthemmnt in Food Media & News

Summerlicious 2009

My friends and I faithfully attended Winterlicious and Summerlicious because it was a great way to try new restaurants without a financial sacrifice- the menu was affordable and reasonable, so, if we didn't enjoy our meal, it wasn't a big deal.

But, with dinners priced at $45.00, plus tax and tip, and counting in the cost of drinks, it no longer makes sense to us (especially when we have to deal with crappy service). We might as well just save our pennies and eat from the regular menu.


In terms of prepared foods, would those of you who attended say that there is more of, or less than, what I would find at Summerhill Market, for example?

Right now I'm reading that it's mostly soups, stews, condiments...

I am looking for convenient take out options.

I'm actually glad someone revived this thread because I've been curious lately if steak houses will also allow take-out.

Yes, I know steak is a volatile food that doesn't taste as good outside of the restaurant, but I'm willing to give it a try if anyone has done this and can share their experience.


Monday, June 15 was actually opening day, and I did make my way there only to find it still under construction, paper in the windows, etc. I did speak with someone who said, "Thursday, we're keeping our fingers crossed!" but even she seemed sceptical.

I will be really surprised if they open today.

I am looking for convenient take out options.

I'm awful with directions so please forgive me if this is not on your route home, but I always have great luck with Summerhill Market:

446 Summerhill Avenue

If you are driving from Yorkville, get over to Mount Pleasant Road, make a right on Whitehall, and a left on Highland (which turns into Summerhill Avenue) and the market is on your left.

They have everything in terms of prepared foods to prepare a delicious meal (including sides).

Straws in the wind ? Carmen's closing for 3 months in summer

I live next door to Carmen's and I must admit, as weird as it sounds, I will miss the smell of meat on the charcoal and garlic that comes in through my windows on a regular basis. Just something about that smell that brings back great memories...

On another note, my family and I went there last fall and were really disappointed with the steak. I read all the negative reviews on this board, but thought, heck, it's next door, give it a try. Bad decision. Great service, lovely waiter, but bad decision. That's $350.00 we'll never see again, LOL.

Coleslaw in Toronto?

I prefer vinegar coleslaws as opposed to the creamy. What does it for me is Moishe's coleslaw, sold at Pusateri's (Yorkville) and Sobey's (occasionally). I get a large container from Pusateri's for usually $4-5. It's fresh and I like the crispness of the cabbage.

Has anyone tried the new Mexican resto: Cocina Lucero?

Funny- I watched that episode too last night and just asked the question in the best Mexican food thread, LOL!

Great Mexican in Toronto?

Has anyone tried Cocina Lucero (formerly Arre Burrito) at Yonge & Maitland? It's the same owner, after a Restaurant Makeover last year. When I watched the episode, I learned that the chef is the owner's mother, and her food was certainly authentic. She said she ran a restaurant in Mexico until local officials demanded 'protection money' and when she refused, they closed her down. Lynn Crawford certainly seemed impressed by her food.

When I walk by every evening after work (it's on my way home) I see one table with patrons, that's it.

What's the best "extra mile" a restaurant has done for you?

Bistro 990 made a note that it was my father's birthday, so when we finished our meal, even though we did not order dessert, the waiter delivered a plate of desserts, free of charge, with Happy Birthday written around the rim of the plate. I was very touched by that.

Another great birthday happened at Carmen's Steakhouse in October. The food was disappointing (I've eaten better steak at The Keg, what does that tell you) but the service was impeccable. I did not recall mentioning to the waiter when I made our reservation that it was my mother's birthday, but obviously I did because when dessert was brought to the table, candles were put in each dessert, and the two waiters sang Happy Birthday with our guests. The waiter was just very hospitable and wonderful.

Yesterday, a friend and I stopped for dinner at Jack Astor's at Yonge Dundas Square, to fill out stomachs quickly before returning to the mall for last minute shopping. Our waiter, Curtis, could not have been friendlier, more helpful, or charming. Just a great guy to have serve us.

Generally speaking, the food at a restaurant may not be five star or palatable to the more critical Chowhounders, but if the service is great, I keep returning because it's just so nice when wait staff make patrons feel welcome and comfortable.

Dec 24, 2008
czthemmnt in Not About Food

Craft Burger opening at Yonge & Bloor..

Colour me bitter, but I am REALLY sick and tired of losing inexpensive, good places to eat in the downtown core to make way for condo developments. Now I see that Cumberland Terrace may be the next to go by way of the dinosaur. I also love Esther's Soup Kitchen, I made my way there in the summer after reading reviews on this very board.

As for Craft, I saw the notice, too, last week on my way home from the office. It seems to get mixed reviews, but I'll try it, because as OnDaGo posted, we have limited options in the area.

URGH. More condos. They can't sell what's already out there!

Petite Thuet - New Kid on the Summerhill Block

Thank you OnDaGo for clarifying the price- I did see something in the prepared foods window that was $34, obviously I got the items confused. I didn't know about Dexter beef. That's very interesting. I may have to bite the bullet to try it now, and suck up the $26 because you've piqued my curiousity.

Petite Thuet - New Kid on the Summerhill Block

I made a visit to Petite Thuet after work yesterday and I thought it was a lovely place. The two young gentlemen working were very helpful and friendly. I purchased the sausage and sauerkraut sandwich based on the recommendation of Tatai, and it was delicious!

I also purchased a slice of this tart/cake they had right in the front- the base is a tart crust, then pears, covered in a huge layer of meringue. Oh my god, it was heaven! I wish I had asked for the name of this dessert so you wouldn't have my silly description, LOL.

I found the prices of their prepared foods were too high- I mean, a small container of beef bourguignon for $34.00?

Need Italian Resto in Mississauga for Big Event

Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I've passed them along to my sister (the ones in Mississauga). We've decided against going to a restaurant outside of Mississauga only because of the time of year, my sister said that in mid-January, if the weather is bad, she doesn't want people travelling so far from the church to the restaurant.

I appreciate all the recommendations!