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Hominy recipes?

Thanks to Sal Vanilla, Breezychow, & luckyfatima for the ideas. Starting with the simplest, I will give them a try. And if anyone out there remembers cafeteria hominy in Arkansas please tell me what you think might have been in it.
I love the ChowHound community!

Mar 30, 2011
caperbaker in Home Cooking

Hominy recipes?

I lived in Mexico as young child and pozole was one of my favourite meals. Later (1950s) I lived in Arkansas and in our school cafeteria we were often served hominy as a side dish. It tasted very much like the pozole but without the liquid. Just looked like a pile of corn but was SO tasty. I used to trade everything else on my plate for as much hominy as I could get. I live in Canada now, finally found some canned hominy and want to reproduce that simple Arkansas hominy (easier than the pozole I think). Does anyone have any idea what the flavouring or recipe might have been? Thanks!

Mar 29, 2011
caperbaker in Home Cooking

Pierogies in Nova Scotia

Thanks everyone! I came back to this post just in case there were any more replies and surprise, surprise!!! We're heading to Halifax tomorrow so we'll check those locations out.
Again thanks and Merry Christmas!!

Dec 16, 2010
caperbaker in Atlantic Canada


This is a bit late but might help anyone else looking for a Danish Dough Whisk.
I have bought several from
The large is $7.59, the small is $6.99. It says there that shipping in the US is about $2. I had three sent here to Nova Scotia and it was $4 shipping, no duty.
They answer emails immediately and their service is fantastic,
They also have a lot of other handy baking (and pizza making) tools.
I highly recommend them.

Dec 09, 2010
caperbaker in Cookware

Pierogies in Nova Scotia

I usually make my own pierogies for Christmas but just won't have time this year. Does anyone know where I could buy homemade pierogies in Nova Scotia? Halifax or Sydney preferably. I've yet to find a decent store bought pierogi so it's either homemade that someone else made this Christmas, or no pierogies at all. :o(

Dec 14, 2009
caperbaker in Atlantic Canada

Old model Cuisinart food processor vs new???

I am going to buy a new food processor and after much research I've got it down to a Cuisinart 7 cup.
Either the new Prep7 model or the Classic 7cup.
(I actually wanted to buy a KitchenAid 7 cup but was very disappointed to find that they don't sell special discs for the 7 cup - only for the larger sizes)

I can get very good prices on either one (paying more for the newer model but not a lot) so the price difference isn't an issue.

All the attachments appear to fit both models so that's not an issue either.

My problem is that I'm confused from all I've read as to whether or not the newer models are poorer quality than the older ones.

Can anyone shed some light on this for me?

Thank you!

Feb 04, 2008
caperbaker in Cookware

good cake w/ delivery in College/Ossington area?

I'm in Nova Scotia - my daughter is in Toronto. Her birthday is Sat June 2. I'm trying to find a bakery in the College/Ossington area that makes a great birthday cake (and I don't mean typical birthday cake with sickly sweet icing that comes in scary, unreal colours. I mean a great cake or torte (chocolate mousse would be nice but not necessary) and perhaps the possibility of delivery. It would also have to be a bakery that would take a phone order from way out here and accept payment over the phone.
I know I'm probably asking too much but if anyone has any ideas I would really appreciate it!