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Between Toronto and St. Catharines?

Hey, there are tons of Celiac-friendly places in St Catharines.

My Silver Lining -
1065 Hwy. 8
Winona, On
L8E 5H8 (Just minutes from the QEW, between Fruitland and Fifty Rd.
)*Totally gluten free restaurant/cafe.

Antipastos di Roma
•87 Hannover Drive (St Catharines) (905) 641-5211
*Offers gluten-free options.

Cafe Amore
•211 Martindale Road (St Catharines) (905) 988-6404
•183 Lake Street (St Catharines) (905) 988-1794
*Gluten-free pasta available.

La Scala Ristorante
•26 Church Street (St Catharines) (905) 684-5448
*Gluten-free pasta available.

Roberto's Pizza
•109 Martindale Road (St Catharines) (905) 684-3333
*Offers gluten-free pizza crust.

Spice of Life
•12 Lock Street (St Catharines) (905) 937-9027
*Offers gluten-free pizza and soup.

The Valley Restaurant
•93 Arthur Street (St Catharines) (905) 646-4000
*Gluten-free pasta available.

Also, check out for tons more places in Toronto and other cities.

good thai in Leslieville/Riverside area?

Lemongrass (Thai/Vietnamese) has a section of their menu that is "gluten-free". Four locations to choose from.

Looking for vegan gluten-free bread

O'Dough's contains soy.

Looking for vegan gluten-free bread

Hey, check out Ener-G breads... some are yeast-free in addition to GF and vegan.

Little Stream GF bread is good :)

Gluten free restaurant options

Thanks for letting me know! It has been removed from the site.

Gluten free restaurant options

I just wanted to bring back this topic so I could mention that Pizza Pizza has introduced a gluten-free crust for those of us with Celiac Disease.

Currently, it is only available at come locations in Toronto but I hope they expand its availability as it is very good!!

Caution - the pepperoni contains wheat!! Please check ingredients before purchasing:

Magic Oven relocating?

I think possibly another reason they survived is because they actually cater to people with dietary restrictions - like they have vegan and gluten-free options for pizzas, pastas and cakes.

As a person with Celiac Disease, I personally have never tried their regular wheat crust or pasta so I can't really comment on those. I don't like their gluten-free rice flour crust (it tastes weird) but I can understand other Celiacs being excited by the fact that they can order safe foods from a menu like that... those people probably haven't discovered Il Fornello's gluten-free pizza :P

Gluten Free Dining

I came across this website, which lists all of the restaurants in NYC that offer gluten-free meals or bakery items -

Some have already been mentioned here by other users. Maps and links to each place are available on the site as well.

Baby Cakes
Sugar Free, Wheat Free, Gluten Free, Vegan

Bistango Restaurant
Charming Italian Restaurant located at 415 3rd Avenue (At 29th St & 3rd Ave) New York, New York 10016

Bloom's Delicatessen Cafe
Dinner style menu with large portions

Mexican fare made from fresh ingredients and, like the rest of the food, the guacamole (Gluten Free) is not from a mix so its pretty easy to find something safe to eat. The waitstaff knows the ingredients is helpful with related questions.

Candle 79
Vegetarian dining at two Manhattan locations

Carrabba's Italian Grill
This Italian restaurant is located throughout the United States and offers a gluten free menu along with their standard offerings in a casual, warm, festive atmosphere.

Gluten Free Restaurants NYC Map
This Map will let you quickly make a choice of a gluten free restaurant based on location. See all gluten free restaurants in Manhattan in one place. Did I miss one? Let me know!

Gobo Restaurant
Daily dining, deliver and take-out: healthy vegetarian dining for everyone.

Gus' Place
Mediterranean Lunch and Dinner in Grenwich Village with outdoor and indoor dining.

Jamba Juice
Delicious and healthy fresh fruit smoothies made to order, gluten free menu items clearly listed

Outback Steakhouse
An Australian steakhouse concept open for dinner only. Although beef and steak items make up a good portion of the menu, the concept offers a variety of chicken, ribs, seafood, and pasta dishes.

Pete's Diner
American diner or pub fare & cocktail bar

Risotteria Italian Restaurant and Bakery
Casual West Village, specialty Italian restaurant and gluten free bakery with table-service, take-out and delivery. A selection of gluten-free beer

Family Style Italian Dining, Manhattan

Tini Ristorante Italiano
Italian Dinner menu with full bar and raw bar. Takeout, delivery and catering too!

Tropica Bar & Seafood House
Latin Asian Power Lunch

Whole Foods
a supermarket for all your specialty needs. They provide a shopping list of gluten-free items and typically carry products that clearly label ingredients of concern. Stores include a sit-down restaurant with fresh fruit smoothie bar.

Yazoo City
"down-home" American style cuisine on Long Island

Aug 09, 2007
celiacjax in Manhattan

Gluten free restaurant options

Yep, I know - thanks :) I still have a few more that I will be adding to the site shortly (I just need to call and double check a few of them before adding - some places don't have websites showing their menu)

Relish Bar and Grill – 2152 Danforth Avenue
*Gluten-free menu available.

Naturally Yours Gourmet
* 1 First Canadian Place
* 919 Kingston Road
*Gluten-free pizza available.

Thirty Five Elm Restaurants – 35 Elm Street
*Gluten-free options available for pizzas and most pastas.

Live Organic Food Bar – 264 Dupont Street
*Raw/macrobiotic cuisine. Most menu items (if not all) are gluten-free (I will call and update the site). They also make GF cakes starting from $30.

Hibiscus – 238 Augusta Street
*Vegetarian cuisine with many (possibly all) foods gluten-free (I will call and update the site).

Fresh by Juice for Life
* 326 Bloor Street West
* 894 Queen Street West
* 147 Spadina Avenue
* Vegetarian cuisine. GF salads are available. Wheat-free (WF) items are identified.
(I am hesitant about adding this one... I went there once and they told me the fries are cooked in the same fryer as everything else gluteny, even though they list them as wheat-free. I was unsure if the other "wheat-free" menu items were indeed wheat-free or gluten-free - like the corn bread and dosas. Maybe I'm just paranoid :p)

Gluten free restaurant options

These restaurants are all in Toronto.

Big Mamma's Boy - 554 Parliament Street
*All menu items are (or can be modified to be) gluten-free (except spring rolls). Pasta, pizza, pancakes, toast, burgers, chicken, ribs, desserts and more.

Cafe Next Door - 790 Broadview Avenue
*Offers gluten-free grilled cheese, bagels, sandwiches, salads, rice bowls and desserts.

Fressen Restaurant - 478 Queen Street W.
*Vegan cuisine. Menu indicates gluten-free options. Also willing to work around other food sensitivities.

Il Fornello
* 1560 Yonge Street
* 2901 Bayview Avenue
* 207 Queen's Quay W.
* 214 King Street W.
* 576 Danforth Avenue
* 2022 Queen Street E.
* 8851 Yonge Street (Richmond Hill)
* 491 Church Street
*Offers gluten-free pasta and pizza.

Le Cafe Vert - 946 Queen Street E.
*Gluten-free options specified on menu.

Lemongrass - 3300 Bloor Street W.
*Gluten-free section is not displayed online but they do have a few gluten-free options specified on their take-home menu.

Magic Oven
* 788 Broadview Avenue
* 127 Jefferson Avenue
* 270 Dupont Street
*Offers gluten-free pasta, pizza, salad and dessert.

Outback Steakhouse
* 801 Dixon Road
* 30 High Tech Road (Richmond Hill)
*Ask for gluten-free menu.

Pulp Kitchen - 898 Queen Street E.
*Vegetarian cuisine. Juicebar and healthy eatery. Offers gluten-free bread as substitute for toast and sandwiches.

Vegetarian Haven - 17 Baldwin Street
*Vegan cuisine. Menu indicates wheat-free (wf) options.

Villa - 2277 Bloor Street W.
*Offers gluten-free pasta, pizza and almond dessert.

I pasted this from my website:

My favourite places are Il Fornello and Cafe Next Door.

wheat free or gluten free veggie burger in TORONTO

I know I'm a little late... but Big Mamma's Boy on Parliament serves a portabello mushroom burger and you can ask for a GF bun :) They also have awesome pizza... and the Sunday brunch menu is great.