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Business Dinner for ~35 people near Queen/Bay?

i love turf lounge. but thats me. however there is a new restaurant that just opened that looks really nice on bay .... where the bluestone used to be i think it's the gabardine i pass it everyday haven't been but there's also mercatto but thats like a watered down terroni.

The Citizen - Great Winterlicious Experience

I haven't been in a while...prefer the rosebud. a lot closer to home.
Went there for summerliscious and had an awesome meal.
We went to the Rosebud and had a romantic Liscious night on Sunday
Great table and even better service.
Awesome short ribs and best brulee i've ever had. We're booked in again this week.
Although i should hit the east side.....those ribs haunt me.
We also had a great experience at Chez Victor on Mercer great service as well.
mushroom terrine was good need a little umph but good, and the trout dish they had was very tasty.

le castor a disastor

Don't get me wrong....i love hot chicks. Let's just say the beaver has plenty of beaver.
a friend and I walked in off the street after a couple of pints across the road. We were going to go to Lakes for a bite but opted for the castor last second, as the room seemed cozy.
It wasn't crazy busy but we were greeted at the door and got sat towards the back, right away. I swear i smelled paint i love that new car smell. the waitress was a stunner and a another women who acted as the manager looked after us .they were pleasant and friendly enough, a little on the unprofessional side, as from some previous posts i gather that they haven't done a whole lot of upscale serving......ahhhhhhhhhh i miss the Matador. had a couple of cocktails which were tasty and then made a huge mistake, we ordered food, and ruined a perfect evening,
I should have had alarm bells ringing in my ear when i saw heirloom tomatoes on the menu
with pesto....I mean i love the thought of summer in the winter but not when it comes to food.
i was also perplexed by the Spanish or south American influence in some of the menu at a French restaurant my friend a former waiter...mumbled something about fusion cooking and turned to gawk at the waitress. Ay Carumba el diastor at the castor. i love brussel spouts, except when i ate them here. i love devils on horseback except when i had them here....and well.
I wish i had the nerve to actually chat up the waitress let alone tell her how horrible the food was.
Poutine was o.k the meat on it was dry and there wasn't enough gravy or cheese for that matter. Come on people it's our national dish.
All in alli wish i could say i'd return, but not on a date as i'd get distracted, and for sure not for the food.I haven't been out for months beside some pho or sushi. P.s i've been to John lee's new place and it's good, not as good as the first but good.

Rowe Farms opening in Leslieville!

Welcome Leslieville's first big box....Rowe farms.
terrible service.
little selection.
everything pre-packaged.
not organic.
Corporately owned.
We had such a lovely corner happening....cheese shop, brick street, cajun corner, coffee.....ahhh well ..........the dollar rules I heard from the bread store there were 100's of people trying to get the space.....I guess the Rowe farms corporation had the most of it......Walmarts next folks

citizen- not impressed at all.

Cluck Grunt and Low Review

good ribs
good brisket
highly unorganized
good chicken
hour and 45 wait
they comped us a lot which means i will return
if only they could get it together

Best pizza in Toronto?

terroni hands down nobody does it better

Restaurant Makeover

We saw the citizen on restaurant episode ever. I mean the all seem a little contrived and over dramatic but this was no a typical episode...the chef ,rod ,also of the amazing Rosebud, one of my favorite restos, spends all his wedding money on the new resto....drama....he's running out and voila instant show. Lynn crawford, my favourite makeover personality adored rod and for good reason all the food looked amazing. Hence the reason for our visit. The room looked fantastic, a little different from what we saw on the show obvious changes were made....but still a similar vibe. The place was packed , we hoped it wasn't because of the show. The food was amazing...everything we had was over the top, wine was good and cheap , service was warm ad friendly...the room was a little hot for my date but that could have been the wine...and the music well they need a better sound system, it sounded tinny and the end our bill was just under a$100 with two full bellies and feeling happy happy. My most positive makeover experience to date. scratch that . my most positive restaurant experience in a while

perigee, george, canoe, susur...etc?

Auberge is a fantastic restaurant....two visits over three years and aces alll around

I hate myself for going to Harbour Sixty

just my two cents i had a fantastic steak at jacob and co super expensive but delish
sides were hit and miss ....service was decent.
harbour is way too expensive for what you get...never again

Amuse Bouche - OK food but REALLY LOUSY Service!

Same...same same. I'm a new hounder but i must agree with you here. Toronto life's star system is way out of whack. my service was indeed better then what you described but not by much....i found it to be very uppity and a little uncomfortable. apps and mains...very mediocre desserts were excellent however.....i think someone at toronto life has a huge crush on this restaurant. it must help to be known, too bad for us peons .