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Boiled Peanuts with Star Anise


I'm a fan of the boiled peanuts from Lee Bros:
We featured them in our Southern Thanksgiving story a few years back:

Oct 02, 2008
micheleanne in Features

Buddha Bowl

Thanks for all the input, as it's great to hear your feedback. Though I admit it is a bit pricier than a bowl you might find at Walmart, you get what you pay for. I try and save my extra pennies for handmade goods that use environmentally safe materials.

Sep 19, 2008
micheleanne in Features

Summer 2008 Gift Guide

From Steve Hengsperger, the inventor of the Lotus Sanitizing System:

First and foremost, I wouldn't drink water and bleach, but I would safely drink charged lotus water.

danieljdwyer is correct in saying that we are creating ozone in our system but when ozone is put in water, it doesn't have to be at very high concentrations to be effective. Ozone in water is far more effective, and perfectly safe, when compared to ozone in air. Our system is EPA registered, which means we do kill 99.9%, or more, of bacteria and viruses on household surfaces, as well as on produce. (Bleach and water only removes 60%
of germs on an apple.)

This technology is used in hot tubs and swimming pools worldwide, and even Walt Disney World, Sea World and countless other water parks use this technology to eliminate chlorine from their pools. If Olympic athletes can swim in ozonated water (and if our kids can bath in it) for hours, you can only imagine how safe it is.

Also, you are incorrect on the solubility of ozone in water vs. oxygen. Your aerator on your tap pretty much puts as much oxygen as possible into the water whereas (in commercial systems) we can put up to 10ppm of ozone into the water. This amount is very rarely required and hence why the lotus infuses about 2 to 3ppm of ozone into the water, safely and effectively, without any residual leaking out to the environment, as testing to UL standards.

Jun 11, 2008
micheleanne in Features

What the Pros Use


You're absolutely right - Jacques P├ępin does juice lemons with his hands, as confirmed by the folks at KQED. Thanks for pointing that out to us. The story has been updated.

Mar 07, 2008
micheleanne in Features

Trivets That Stand the Heat


The beads are tightly wound together so they don't move, providing a stable surface for pots to rest on. This also ensures that the trivet doesn't roll about when placed onto a table. The red leather strap help keep the trivet stationary too. When the straps are twisted together they add a good amount of resistance prohibiting it from moving. I tested it out myself with a variety of cookware and am happy to report that there was no spillage!

Feb 15, 2008
micheleanne in Features

Does Raw Cookie Dough Rise in Your Stomach?

The dough reaction rate provided by Paula Figoni is an average based on the various baking powders used in cooking.

sbp, you are right to think that a double-acting baking powder will release less carbon dioxide when mixed, compared to how much is released when exposed to heat. Regardless of the type, all baking powders do release some carbon dioxide upon mixing.

Dec 10, 2007
micheleanne in Features

Upgrade Your Rags

Hi, gypsy. You can buy the towels straight from the CHOW site. If you click on the name of the tea towel you're interested in, you'll be redirected to an online store. Sorry for any confusion, and start shopping!

Dec 04, 2007
micheleanne in Features

Furniture for the Food


I certainly understand your point. When I entertain, I want to maximize my use of space as well.

Although the Shaker table might look like there isn't room for knees when the leaves are down, there is in fact enough height to allow for comfortable dining.

As for the Scrapile table, I agree that the bench design may be an impractical choice for some. For those folks, Scrapile has other tables that do accommodate diners at the ends. Check those out at:

Finding the right dining table is a tricky and time-consuming process of trying to match up the best table for your space and needs. I'm going through this ordeal right now, and I can honestly say that I never thought I would be spending so many months trying to find the "perfect" table.

Sep 30, 2007
micheleanne in Features

DIY Kitchen Fixes


We got all of the linens for the story from Anthropologie.

Jul 13, 2007
micheleanne in Features

Brunch for 20 in SF?

Here's a recent thread about Sunday brunch in San Francisco that might help you out:

As mentioned in that thread, The Last Supper Club in the Mission has three tables that seat up to 10 people (they are right next to one another) and they also have a private dining area downstairs. The dinner menu is alright but I think the brunch menu is great and worth checking out.

2223 Market St. should also be able to accomodate your party size as well.

Sunday Brunch in SF?

A few more brunch spots that I have been to (and enjoyed) that accomodate large parties:

The Last Supper Club (3 tables that can fit up to 10 people)
Luna Park

The Big Cheese

You're right about dates, Caulfieldkid. The story should have read "the King James version of the Bible," which it now reflects. This version of the Bible was published in 1611.

Jun 26, 2007
micheleanne in Features

Can anyone recommend a good soy sauce?

I have to agree and say Aloha Shoyu is the best. It is a bit sweeter than most soy sauces I have tried but I appreciate that it doesn't taste overly salty.

Jun 25, 2007
micheleanne in General Topics

Bloom Tote Bag

Covert Ops, we put it on the site as an environmentally sound way to carry your groceries (and any other food related items).

Jun 06, 2007
micheleanne in Features

Sippin' Yak

We love those glasses too, ttriche (so much so they'll be in an upcoming gift guide!). If you gotta have them now, the MoMA's online store is where you'll want to look.

May 29, 2007
micheleanne in Features