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Never buy salsa from the grocery store again...

Tasting the Hot and the Mild - I don't think there's much difference in taste or heat. I was surprised. I've mixed the two together in a little bowl to taste ... OK. They're both in the fridge - when I want some I find that I am reaching for the Hot. Now, I can't remember the taste of the Medium - maybe much like these.
I have two little cans (supposed to use glass containers for tomato) of La Costena Homestyle Mexican Salsa. Have yet to open one and taste it. Ingredients are only: tomato, jalapeno pepper, onion, coriander, salt, vinegar. Might be good.
I'm going to Toronto tomorrow and will check out Chinatown and Kensington ... but don't think I want to be carrying jars!

Never buy salsa from the grocery store again...

I will let you know. I'm going to be busy for a couple of days so there won't be any magic mixing for a while. I'm thinking it will not taste like the Medium ... but am hoping it's decent.

Never buy salsa from the grocery store again...

I found Herdez today at Food Basics. As someone else said, they had Mild and Hot which I bought. Medium is the tasty one. I will mix some hot with mild and see how it tastes. :)

Never buy salsa from the grocery store again...

I just called United Market (Asian) as someone recommended. This is in London. She said they always had it but they don't now, and don't expect to have it. I think she said they have some other Herdez products.

Never buy salsa from the grocery store again...

At first I thought you were talking about Toronto.
Tomorrow, I will call United Supermarket and ask.
I will also call the Latino Market.
I'm not sure the El Salvadorean market is in operation. Their site has no address.

Never buy salsa from the grocery store again...

I just called United Supermarket in London. She asked that I call back tomorrow. Maybe .... :)

Never buy salsa from the grocery store again...

I was in Burlington yesterday and went to Fortino's. Same story as in London. They always carried Herdez products but there were none in the store.
It seems the 'big guys' shouldered them out.
Thanks for you email.

Never buy salsa from the grocery store again...

Thank you. It sounds good.
I went to Burlington today - to Ikea and Fortino's. No Herdez at Fortino's although they said they used to carry it. I'll, gently, keep looking. Next time I'm in Toronto I'll check out Kensington, etc.
Thanks for your note!

Never buy salsa from the grocery store again...

I love Herdez. I, mainly, used their Mexican Salsa. I live in London, ON and, now, cannot find it here. Yesterday, an employee at Loblaws said that it's a matter of (the cost of) "real estate". Their shelves were packed with Loblaws brand but no Herdez. Today, I went to a smaller grocery store - not there. I looked for a small Spanish grocery store, in a house, I used to go to. The store seems to be no more.
I go to Toronto - downtown area. I could buy a couple each time I'm there - heavy to carry with other things, walking all day.
Do you know of anyone west of Toronto who can find Herdez products?
Thank you. :)

Repairing a chip in stovetop enamel

I have two chips in the porcelain on the top of my stove. The first one I learned to live with. Now, it's time to fix them. I live in Canada and looked on the 'net for a product. I've located Porc-a-Fix Porcelain Touch Up Paint. It's from $15.10 del'd to $4.97. Then, I called a hardware store in my area ... they have it for $5.99. Feel badly about the chips; hope this product does a good job.

Jun 21, 2011
CanadianRose in Cookware

Light & Crispy Paris-Style Baguettes in Toronto?

Recently, in Toronto, I enjoyed something very close to a good French baguette. Had to fight, with the teeth, to take bites of the centre. Crust was the crust. The centre spoke of France. I was at a luncheon so don't know where it was sourced, but I might just ask. One never forgets the taste or the texture.

Coffee + Salt

I remember my mother putting a little pinch of salt in with the coffee grounds. Recently, I've been adding a bit of salt to the grounds. After reading some of the posts, I will add a little salt to the brewed coffee in the cup.
I think it's a good idea ... in the grounds, or finished brew.
Ditto, Starbucks, in not buying their coffee. When I've been out walking, and needed a boost,, and saw only a Starbucks I've ordered a green tea in their large cup. Always works.

Jan 22, 2010
CanadianRose in General Topics

Light & Crispy Paris-Style Baguettes in Toronto?

The only 'real' baguette I've had in Canada was found in the Distillery area.
The small shop is called A Taste of Quebec. It's across from a bakery. The focus in the shop is cheese ...lovely cheese. I saw a small basket of baguettes on the counter where you pay. I don't trust baguettes - knowing that their texture and taste will disappoint. I won't eat them.
This one was real. I bought a bit of cheese, sat outside to eat it, and truly enjoyed. Bliss.
I will go back.

Le Papillon is moving

I ate at La Papillon one time. I was surprised by how awful it was. The food was not tasty (at all). There was nothing 'alive' about the place - environment, wait staff, food. I didn't finish my meal.
I think, while paying, I menitoned that I was disappointed with the food but the person at the cash gave no response.
The restaurant was advertised, by a peoples' choice poll, to be the best French restaurant in Toronto. I'm not from Toronto but I felt a sense of embarrassment that visitors to the city would be met with such food.

Ugh! Can't get a good pizza in London, Ont

I agree with you about the restaurants in London. However, London folks can get a little testy about our evaluation.
I think it's about the opportunity to taste really good food which sets an expectation. I go to Toronto as often as I can manage, partly for the food.
Hang fast. Don't lose your taste buds.

What foods, available in the U.S. and not in Toronto, do you covet? [moved from Ontario board]

Oh, how I crave food from New Mexico. It's not Mexcian, and not Tex-Mex. I have found nothing that tastes like it in these parts. Yes, I have been to Burrito Boys for their bean and cheese burritos. Last weekend I was in Toronto and enjoyed the halibut burrito as recommended through this forum. They have a nice product -- it doesn't taste like NM.

Oct 06, 2007
CanadianRose in General Topics

Best Eats in Pike Place Market (SEA)??

My favourite place, and living in London, Ontario I think of it often, is a Mexican restaurant at the back of Pike's Place market (the water side), part-way down the stairs. You can get to the back by walking past the fish stand (where they throw the fish). My recommendation is Carnita - pulled pork. Also get a basket of corn chips and their salsa. Yum. You'll know why I day dream about this place. It is a hole in the wall ... but, good.

Red Ancho Chili Powder

I live in London, ON and would like to know where I can buy red ancho chili pepper. I have purchased it in Santa Fe and in Vancouver but am looking for a local (ON) supplier. I use it in place of black pepper so am looking to buy more than a little packet. If you know where I can buy green chili, that would be wonderful, also.
Thanks so much.