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What's the most overpriced menu item you've seen?

Went to Jose' Andres restaurant, "Oyamel" in NW Washington, D.C. $14 for the guacamole. REEEEEEEDICULOUS!!! OK...they make it for you tableside....who cares?

Aug 12, 2011
marcbjohnson in Not About Food

Authentic Chinese Food in Brooklyn?

Can anybody provide me the names of Authentic Chinese Food restaurants in Brooklyn? Not Chinese American, but authentic regional Chinese cuisine? Thanks alot.

May 04, 2010
marcbjohnson in Outer Boroughs

Man Vs. Food

It's cliche'...but when you come to DC, you have to eat @ Ben's. But what a great "cliche'", right? I love a great half-smoke with everything on it. The fish sandwich @ Horace and Dickeys is a well-known DC favorite, although I have never been there (Just have heard about it through friends). My favorite fish sandwich is Eastern Market, even though I miss when they were kind of "down and dirty" with the plain white bread.

I don't understand the whole going to Annapolis thing. I mean, I do, but I think it is funny to me. This is "Man v. Food-Washington, DC", not "Man v. Food-Annapolis". Annapolis, even though it is close to DC, it is still a good ways, and I am sure it has it's own food culture. It's like having "Man v. Food-NYC", but doing the challenge in Newark, New Jersey. New Yorkers would revolt. The problem is, DC has restaurants more tailored to upper-middle and upper class...too many "celebrity chef" diners, no regular NY pizza joints, or good pubs (Mind you...within the DC border...not the DC Met Area). That's my 2 cents.

Your 10 favorite DC Metro restaurants

(1) 2 Amy's (NW DC)
(2) Mark's Duck House (Falls Church, VA)
(3) Present (Falls Church, VA)
(4) Magnolia at the Mill (Purcellville, VA)
(5) Fireworks Pizza (Leesburg, VA)
(6) Four Sisters (Merrifield, VA)
(7) Pho 75 (Herndon, Virginia)
(8) Hooked On Seafood (Sterling, Virginia)
(9) Urban BBQ (Rockville, Maryland)
(10) Any of the Great American Restaurants (Sweetwater Tavern, Arties, Coastal Flats, etc.-Several Northern Virginia Locations)

Too many honorable mentions or other restaurants that could also be on this list.

Brunch...Kennedy Center?

I am looking to find a place, near the Kennedy Center, where I can find a nice, reasonbly priced brunch on Sunday. I appreciate the assistance.

Thai Boat Noodle Soup...In The DC Met (Preferably NOVA)

I love Pho. However, I have recently (Within the last two months) have heard about "Thai Boat Noodle" soup. Is there any restaurant in the DC Met Area, preferably Northern Virginia, which serves this stuff? Thanks!!!

Pho in NoVA

Like the majority of the people on here, I think Pho75 is the best. I literally just walked in the house from eating at Pho75 in Herndon (I have a cold, and I believe Pho is the cure all of all cure alls). It is really, really, really good.

Authentic Italian in Athens, Georgia

Sup Fellow Chowhounders...I was wondering if anybody can turn me on to any Authentic Italian restaurants in Athens, Georgia. If not Italian...any decent, reputable restaurants in Athens (NO CHAINS). Thanks.

Bluz Brothers BBQ - Ashburn Va

I have been to Bluz Brothers BBQ...I was one of their first few customers when it opened up. I think their BBQ is very good. Could it be better...YES, it could. But, they are just starting out, and for what it is worth, the food is mighty tasty. I love their house-made potato chips...very tasty. One of my favorite dishes is their Bluz Brothers Burger...a perfect cooked burger, with fried onions, cheddar cheese, and pulled pork (And bbq sauce). It's damn good. For those who live in the area, check 'em out. The service is good, the food is consistent, and the price is reasonable.

Foster's Grille?

What do you all in here think about Foster's Grille? I love their on. I like them better than Five Guys, Fuddruckers, and some other places that alot people mention in the press. I think they are really good. What do you all think?

Oct 24, 2008
marcbjohnson in Chains

The Next Comfort Food Trend?

Right now...Hamburger joints are the new comfort trends among chefs. Everybody from Michel Richard, Alain Ducasse, and Thomas Keller are opening up burger joints. So what comfort food or junk food do you think will be "next food"...the thing that top chefs will gravitate to? Hot Dogs? Philly Cheesesteaks? Soups? Gourmet Fried Chicken? Gyros? Tacos? Meatloaf? What will be the next/new comfort food trend that everybody will start gravitating towards? Thanks.

Oct 22, 2008
marcbjohnson in General Topics

New BBQ Restaurant in Ashburn...Really Good

Just wanted to let you all know Chow Fans, who are in Northern VA, specifically Western Fairfax and Eastern Loudoun...there is a new restaurant that just opened up in Ashburn/Broadlands, Virginia called "Bluz Brothers BBQ and Grill". I checked it out on a whim last night, and let me tell you all...IT'S DAMN GOOD!!! It's not the kind of good that Urban BBQ may be, but Bluz Brothers do some damn good stuff.

Instead of complimentary peanuts like you would get at some restaurants, they serve you HOMEADE potato chips, with an excellent dipping sauce. They have a simple, yet tasty menu of items. BBQ Salmon, Shrimp, Ribs, Brisket, Sausage, and burgers, which is what I had. They had a burger on the menu that I couldn't believe. The "BLUZ ULTIMATE ALL IN BURGER" eight ounce burger, with onion straws, cheddar cheese, and get this...pulled pork. YES...all on the burger, with bbq sauce. It was really, really, really good.

Check this place out!!!! Since they have no website, here is the address if anybody wants to roll over there (I don't work for the restaurant...just a very happy customer). Ten minutes from Dulles Airport.

Bluz Brothers BBQ and Grill
43150 Broadlands Center Plaza, Suite 194
Broadlands, Virginia
(703) 858-9499

What is your favorite DC foodie restaurant?

I think the first thing we would really need to know in answering this question is what do you mean by a "foodie restaurant". The replies I have seen, gives me the indication that we are talking about more upscale "foodie" restaurants. But...for me, most of the foodie restaurants are not upscale. My favorites for DC..."If I only have 3 days in DC...where should I eat"....(1) Ben's Chili Bowl, (2) Florida Avenue Grill, and (3) 2 Amy's. Outside of DC, in Northern VA or Suburban MD....there are a lot more. My favorites are: (1) Mark's Duck House in Falls Church, (2) Four Sisters in Falls Church/Fairfax, (3) Urban BBQ in Rockville, Maryland, and (4) Bombay Bistro in Fairfax, Virginia. I hope that helps.

Ray's Hell Burger

Sup Family. I went to Ray's Hell Burger on Friday, after work, after hearing all of the hype (Also being a fan of Ray's The Steaks...a place so difficult to get into, I haven't been in four years, but I digress).

I usually have my own scale to rate's not scientific. 1 to 10..."1" being complete and utter crap and "10" the food is so good I want to cuss (Laughing). I gave it a "6.5". Now...I am sure there are quite of few people who will get upset with me, so let me explain myself. The burger in and of itself was fantastic. You can tell it is a steak burger, which I think all burgers should be. The range of cheeses and toppings are wonderful and fresh (I had mine with gruyere cheese and apple-smoked bacon). The mac-n-cheese as a side...I would actually go back just to order the mac-n-cheese. Fantastic!!! Not greasy/oily, and very flavorful.

My problem, more like a question is this: (1) Are RHB using aged beef for their burgers? And (2) I saw the cooks grilling the burgers, but I couldn't tell if they grilling it over coals/wood? Although I liked the "steakiness" and fat content of the burger, I found that the burger had a "bitter" taste to it. I didn't really taste the "meat" that you want to taste when you have a burger. It was a bit "smoky". Aged beef is already strong. You grill it over goals, it is going to develop even a much stronger flavor (And not in a good way). The aged/smoked flavor is a bit overwhelming.

It is a great sandwich is, and I do want to go again. Maybe it's me...I wanted to get comments from others.

Church Kitchens in DC, VA, and MD

Thank You 4x4. I may visit the church to see how they are doing things. I really appreciate the tip.

Church Kitchens in DC, VA, and MD

Sup Chowhounders....I wanted to know from you all if you all know of any churches who are serving up food either in a restaurant capacity or a charitable "soup kitchen"-like capacity. I know Tom Sietsema of the Washington Post reviewed a church in Washington, D.C. that serves up really good food. But I also wanted to know if any other churches in Northern Virginia, Southern Maryland, and DC, who are also serving food as well. Thanks.

Best Authentic Mexican Cuisine Recipe Site

Can anybody let me know what recipe website for Mexican Cuisine is the best...or what you all think the best is? And not Tex-Mex, or Ameri-Mex...but Authentic Mexican Cuisine. Thanks.

Moving to Herndon're in for a treat. Herndon is home to a lot of great ethnic restaurants. Vietnamese, Mexican, many El-Salvadorian restaurants, Ethiopian, name it they have it. On the more upscale end, you have Russian House, and one of my personal favorite restaurants, Zefferelli's. Great Italian Food. Herndon has alot of good places...just travel on Elden Street, especially near the shopping center where K-Mart is located in the actual town of Herndon, and you will see all of these restaurants. I hope this helps.

Looking for anniversary caliber place around Loudoun County

On one of the food websites I am a member of, I saw this very nice restaurant in Purceville, that may be of interest to you. It's called "Magnolia At The Mill" ( ). Click on this link to see a video clip of behind the scenes at this place: . You could also try the Red Fox Inn in Middleburg. I'm one of the last of the true native "Loudouners", so I will always support my county.

Place To Get Pho In DC

West Indian Archie? I love it...someone who read the Autobiography of Malcolm X (Or at least saw the movie)...LOL!!! Thank you for the suggestions. It's good to have options. That day I actually went to Pho 75 in Arlington anyways, but I may try the place off of Penn Avenue in SE next time. Thanks alot again for your suggestions.

Place To Get Pho In DC

I ended up going to Pho 75 anyways....LOL!!! I live near the Pho 75 in Herndon, so I know how good they are. Didn't take me that long at all. The only problem was that it is located right next to Ray's Hell Burger, so I almost cancelled my order of pho...LOL!!!

Place To Get Pho In DC

Sup Chowhound Family...I really need your help. I work on Capitol Hill, and unfortunately I am not feeling too well (I have a cold). I need Pho...Pho is so good, and it will cure my cold (((Laughing))). I know you can get some great Pho in Falls Church and in Arlington, but really...I want to save as much of my gas as possible. Where in DC, preferably close to Capitol Hill, can I get some quality Pho? Thanks alot.

What is the WORST meal experience you've had in DC?

Not to sound nit-picky, but I think it would be better to define what is a "meal experience". Some talk about food, some talk about service...I just think it would be better, just so everybody is on the same proverbial "page". But for me, my choices would be: (1) Sala Thai (I went to the Ashburn branch), (2) Bebo Trattoria (That damn Ceasar Salad...what the hell?), and (3) Sichuan Village (Why the Washingtonian Magazine constantly puts this in their Top Cheap Eats issue, is beyond me). That's purely on food.

Jamaican beef patties around DC area?

My fiance' is of Jamaican-descent (Ironically she grew up in Jamaica, Queens...go figure), so being from Jamaica and NYC, she is very picky about her beef patties. We went to Jamaica Jamaica in Herndon...ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. In my opinion, I believe they are pre-made and frozen. She did approve of Tropicana in DC though...good beef patties, soft-warm cocoa bread, and a cold Pineapple D&G soda. The best.

Dinner near Nissan Pavillion

Hmmm...when you say casual, I wonder how casual. But are my suggestions: (1) Panino in Manassas, (2) Tony's Pizza...also in Manassas (Actually two or three doors down from Panino), or (3) Thai Basil which is in Chantilly. I hope it helps.

where to find San Marzano

If you have a Harris Teeter in that area, you can surely get them from there. San Marzanos are starting to be a lot more commonplace at everyday grocery stores.

best soft drink ever

For me...Coke, Izze, Citra, Ting, and the original Slice soda...when it really did have fruit juice in it. Also...Wegmans Supermarket has an Italian soda called "Frizzante" which is fantastic.

Jun 03, 2008
marcbjohnson in General Topics


Hey Fam...I have a co-worker who lives in Alexandria, right near 395. I wanted to find out from you all, what is the best Indian restaurant in Alexandria? Thanks!!!

The Very Best Brunch (not buffet) in D.C./NOVA/MD

Lansdowne Resort, near Leesburg, VA, is one of the best of the best brunch buffets in the DC Met Area. Aside from the variety and quality of the food, you also get a terrific view of the golf course, mountains and woods that surround the resort. And NO...I don't work for the resort...LOL!!!

Has Four Sisters Moved Yet?

Hey...just wanted to know has Four Sisters moved to Merrifield yet?