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Regional Mexican restaurants

One of the great pleasures of having Mexican food in the Chicago area is that there are MANY places dedicated to specific regions or regional dishes. To list them all here, now is more than I have the spirit for, but if you spend time in the archives, on LTHForum or with the King (, you will find many ideas.

Easy ones: Nayarit style seafood, carnitas de Michohacan (Carnitas Uruapan in Pilsen is both great and El-friendly); birria already mentioned, maybe enchiladas Potosinas, mole Teloloapan for sure.

And Maxwell St should still be OK...

Oak Park Farmer's Market 7/20/02

Thanks for bumping a long forgotten post. Boy have I learned!

Anyways, there was purple basil at the Oak Park Farmer's Market (or Green City or other markets), but it may be too late in the season.

You can surely check with Genesis Growers, Farmer Vicki, tomorrow at the Green City Market in Chicago.


Great rye bread in Chicago?

Great thread!