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Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo Coming to Torrance Mitsuwa

I checked out the event yesterday, they had a whole tuna on ice, it was beautiful! I just got back from Japan last week, and we got to visit the real Tsukiji market. I posted pictures of our food and experience on my blog. Feel free to check it out:

Apr 20, 2008
cincomomo in Los Angeles Area

Where to buy Saffron?

trader joes! you get get them in thread form there.

Jun 13, 2007
cincomomo in Manhattan

Sula Chenin Blanc- where to buy?

Does anyone know where I can buy this wine, preferably in the Southern California (Metro LA) area? Or what is a reputable online retailer that doesn't charge an arm and a leg on shipping? Thanks!

Jun 12, 2007
cincomomo in Wine

Pinkberry taste homemade or grocery bought?

Does anyone know of a brand of frozen yogurt that you can purchase at the grocery that has a similar tang to the taste of Pinkberry fo-yo? I'm thinking somewhere like Whole Foods might stock something like this?

Or does anyone know how I can replicate this Pinkberry taste at home? I have greek style yogurt, could that be a good base?

I love Pinkberry but I can't stand the lines and I am really craving some on a daily basis. Please help a 9 month pregnant lady with cravings out!! =) thanks.

Jun 11, 2007
cincomomo in General Topics

Heading to Westwood! Any recommendations??

i think westwood is the haven for cheap eats! not sure if this is what you are looking for but I recommend...

the burrito shop next to BJ's on broxton called Jose Bernsteins. If you want to try something wierd and new (but good!), try the spicy korean bbq burrito. it has sweet marinated meat and spicy kimchi wrapped in a tortilla.

also sak's teryaki on glendon. they make really great spicy chicken, it's like karage style and it comes with some really great seasoned fried rice. i think that's the best thing there, dont bother with the beef teriyaki. also their miso dressing on the salad is yummy!

or you could hit up Palomino's on lindbrook/glendon. they have the best happy hour ever. i believe it's from 5-7 then 10-12? i like their beef lettuce wraps, pizzas, and chicken wings. everything is around 5 bucks during this time.

damian and pythias on broxton also has the best steak sandwiches. it is a must try if you have never been. i like their take on a cheesesteak (with bleu cheese). and the curly garlic fries are their specialty!
have fun!

Jun 11, 2007
cincomomo in Los Angeles Area

Pan-Roasted Halibut with Caper Vinaigrette

this was great! used herbs de provence since that's what we had on hand and it turned out fantastic!

Jun 11, 2007
cincomomo in Recipes

Inconsistency in Bossa Nova pizza crust?

I recently tried the newish westside Bossa Nova location on Pico. I had their pizza, but it didn't quite taste as I remembered the crust at their Sunset location. This location had a very fluffy yeasty dough, sort of like California Pizza Kitchen. As I remember the pizza from their sunset rest, It was more crunchy, thin and "wood fired" tasting. However it has been quite some time since I have eaten at orig location so I could be wrong.

Does anyone else notice a difference in their pizzas (or any other food) from location to location? I am wondering if this just happened to be an off-day for the cooks since this is a new branch.

BTW their bev hills location does not carry the ribeye steak, last time I checked!

Jun 11, 2007
cincomomo in Los Angeles Area

Ordering PB&J at restaurants ...

this also brings up the question... does anyone actually buy the ready made PPJ sandwiches they sell at the grocery store? i think they are in the freezer aisle? and what do you guys think of them? i just don't get it!

Jun 10, 2007
cincomomo in General Topics

Is a rice cooker worth it?

no but i will when i bake another one again. should be soon as summer is approaching!!

Jun 10, 2007
cincomomo in Cookware

Is a rice cooker worth it?

i agree with everyone else's support of a rice cooker purchase, and there are also many other things you can do with a rice cooker... it might seem wierd but you can make some really great cakes, breads and other baked goods! i have made banana bread, brownies, chocolate cake, etc.

my mother in law taught me this and she says it is common in japan where space is limited and not everyone has an oven. this technique is also great during the hot summer months when you don't want to fire up the oven. simply pour your batter of whatever it is you want to bake and the cooker will figure out when it is done (there is a sensor inside that measures how much water has evaporated or soemthing, I'm not sure how but it works everytime!). no brainer, and the texture comes out nice and fluffy due to the steam effect produced.

unfortunately, this technique does not seem to work with my zoujiroushi brand cooker (perhaps due to fuzzy logic? does anyone know why this might be?). but it does work excellent in my panasonic brand cooker. ihope some of you will give this a try and let me know how it goes!

Jun 10, 2007
cincomomo in Cookware

Kitchenaid vs Cuisinart food processor?

omg immersion blender = best thing ever!!

in addition to the blender attachment, i have one with that also has a whisk and food processor attachment. it is very easy to use and clean, and takes the hassle of out hand-whisking meringues and the like.

but as for your food processor needs, the ones i have seen come with quite smallish processor attachments so it might not work for your needs. but it is perfect for small batches of things when you don't want to bust out a big appliance.

Jun 09, 2007
cincomomo in Cookware

Bristol Farm Bakery Treats?

their cupcakes are beautiful! so, i was tempted to try the chocolate cupcake at bristol farms in redondo beach. i was disappointed, they were very dense an pretty dry and the chocolate flavor was not as strong as i usually like.

May 29, 2007
cincomomo in Los Angeles Area