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How many Maude attempts?

We tried maybe 100+ times over the course of the day. Finally go through at 4:55 p.m. (this was last month). Thursday was all they had. Looking forward to it.

Wine Pairing's at Maude

We are going for the avocado menu later in the month, and are thinking of bringing our own bottle. Any suggestions for what to bring? We have a pretty broad central coast collection, and some nice burgundies.

Beef Cervelat

Does anyone know how to find (presumably online) beef cervelat. I'm thinking the German-Jewish sausage sold at Bloch & Falk in NYC until the '90s. Thoughts?

Mar 30, 2015
BabyLitigator in General Topics

Cervelat (Beef)

Anyone know where to find Beef Cervelat in LA? Thinking Bloch & Falk German-Jewish style. Thanks.

Breakfast Near LA Zoo

We are planning on going to the LA Zoo this coming weekend, and are looking for breakfast before the zoo opens. Any suggestions? Minimum of distance (so probably not Los Feliz - north of the Park) ideal. Thanks.

Left Fresh Mozzarella Out Overnight -- Okay?

Bought fresh mozzarella last night and forgot to put in the fridge -- just put it in -- should it be okay if it doesn't smell funny (still sealed). Thanks.

Jul 27, 2014
BabyLitigator in General Topics

Storing Chopped Tomatoes Overnight

So I have about two pounds of chopped fresh tomatoes from a friend with a garden -- chopped because they were getting soft and was worried they wouldn't make it until tomorrow. I am planning on making a Checca tomorrow night (just chopped).
Right now, they are room temperature in an airtight container -- any suggestion for storage for the next 24 hours? Thanks.

Jul 26, 2014
BabyLitigator in General Topics

Violet Crumble - chocolate covered honeycomb- where?

Sainsbury Market at Wilshire and Amherst

Where to have lunch with my four-month old on the Westside?

We've taken our baby (now 9 months) to Tasting Kitchen in Venice, MB Post and Strand House in MB (straight shot from MV down Culver/Vista Del Mar), Rockenwagner on Washington, Akasha (Culver City).

Cherry on Top Yogurt coming to Culver City/Mar Vista

It finally opened this weekend. Menchie's is better.

That chinese restaurant is now open in the CC mall (calling the chinese food gurus)

I'm curious why you think the food was worth half of what it costs (I've also been, and was impressed, esp. by the dan dan noodles). Rent in the space is likely insane (thus the crazy turnover of food places at the CC mall) and considering that, I suspect the food portion of the bill (as opposed the rent portion) is not significantly more than in the SGV. Nobody will ever be able to charge SGV prices if they are paying more than SGV per square foot rent; anyone hoping for that will just be disappointed.

Food for Flight from Kona Airport (KOA) Help

Flying out of KOA tomorrow afternoon, and there will be no food on the plane back to LAX. Any suggestions for food to buy for the flight? Something that will keep the few hours between purchase and consumption. Thanks.

Jan 03, 2014
BabyLitigator in Hawaii

Lameloise in Burgundy -- dress code

Thank you. Any recommendations re food?

Nov 18, 2012
BabyLitigator in France

Lameloise in Burgundy -- dress code

Headed to Lameloise in Burgundy in a few weeks for lunch -- wondering what the dress code is (need to pack). Thanks.

Nov 16, 2012
BabyLitigator in France

Beaune -- Ma Cuisine question

Quick question re: Ma Cuisine in Beaune. Do they have any fish and/or pescetarian (dairy/eggs/seafood okay) dishes. Thinking of going later this year, but wanted to make sure there would be something for everyone in the party to eat. Thanks.

Aug 16, 2012
BabyLitigator in France

Bone-In Leg of Lamb -- How Should I Cook

I have a six-and-a-half pound, bone-in leg of lamb currently sitting in yogurt marinade in my fridge, to roast tomorrow night. My question is, how to go about it -- I've seen varying advice online.

-- Low and slow (325) or high then low (450, then 325), and how does a convection oven affect the cooking time on this?
- Keep the yogurt on or clean it all the way off?

Much appreciated.

Nov 11, 2011
BabyLitigator in Home Cooking

Park Barbecue suggestions?

Headed to Park Barbecue tonight. Any suggestions for a party of two? Thinking short rib + pork belly + doggy bag.

Subbing Lobster for Crab

Kind of an odd question. Making a recipe for cold tomato soup with lump crabmeat. Oddly, I've been finding that fresh lump lobster meat is substantially cheaper than lump crab meat in my area (very odd result of the financial crisis).

Can I sub lobster for crab?

Sep 20, 2009
BabyLitigator in Home Cooking

Substitute for All Purpose Flour

Planning on making some cookies today, and discovered my flour (for the second time in six months) had flour beetles -- will be abandoning my ceramic flour holder for a better metal one.

In the meantime, I have whole wheat flour, cake flour, pastry flour, and bread flour. What's my best best for substitutions? Just making a shortbread cookie.

Jun 07, 2009
BabyLitigator in Home Cooking

ISO Chili Recipe

Got a rainy weekend, so planning on making up a mess of chili. Getting information overload on chowhound/internet, and the magazines seem only to have turkey and vegetarian recipes. Any suggestions for a particularly good one. Thinking spice and w/ beans, but not much beyond that.

Feb 07, 2009
BabyLitigator in Home Cooking

Tipping/Cash Only Question

Random Tipping etiquette question. I was at a cash-only restaurant the other day, and when the time came to pay, I had enough cash for dinner and a not quite adequate tip (less than 15% - was a few bucks more expensive than I expected). Do I leave a small tip, or pay $3 to use the ripoff ATM in the restaurant (to add maybe $5 to the tip).

Similar question re: tipping when no small bills.

Jan 30, 2009
BabyLitigator in Not About Food

Decent Chow on 10 between Blythe and Phoenix?

Driving out to Phoenix on Friday, and will likely stop for lunch sometime after passing Indio, but before hitting Phoenix. Any suggestions? Don't want to go more than a few minutes off the 10. Thanks.

Dec 31, 2008
BabyLitigator in Southwest

Decent Chow between Indio and AZ Border on the 10

Driving out to Phoenix on Friday, and will likely stop for lunch sometime after passing Indio, but before hitting Phoenix. Any suggestions? Don't want to go more than a few minutes off the 10 (also posting on SW board}.

Dec 31, 2008
BabyLitigator in California

Flageolet Bean Question

I'm making a recipe (James Peterson Pork and Bean) that calls for cannellini, great northern, tongues of fire, or navy beans. I stumbled on Flageolet beans in Whole Foods, and was wondering (1) if they were a good substitute, (2) whether they are an improvement in this type of dish over the other types of beans and (3) if there are any cooking changes. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

Dec 27, 2008
BabyLitigator in Home Cooking

Good sushi/hot dishes near financial district?

Does anyone have any suggestions for a good sushi place with a good assortment of hot dishes within a short cab hop from the financial district? Thinking along the lines of Katsuya/Matsuhisa in LA or Umami in the marina. Thanks.

Dan Dan Noodles in W. LA?

Any suggestions for where to find decent dan dan noodles west of La Cienega? Thinking maybe Hu's but open to suggestion.

Sushi Zo

been too long since I've been back to Zo, but probably my favorite sushi place in the city. big fan.

salt-packed anchovies in West L.A.

Anyone know where to find salt-packed anchovies in West L.A.? So far I've tried two whole foods, vicenti foods, and bay cities, and no luck. Whole Foods said they used to carry them. Any ideas?

Westside Rehearsal Dinner for 50-70?

We did ours at Spark Woodfire grill on Pico, seemed about that price range. Very good, but not too innovative.

Quail Springs, OK?

Heading to Quail Springs (north Oklahoma City) for a few days this weekend. Any suggestions? Thanks.