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Luu's Baguette

Thanks so much for writing about this place! I meant to do it when I ate there during the winter, and kept forgetting.

Gets a big Baruch College crowd, but it was quiet at 3 p.m. on a weekday when I went there in the winter.

The Banh Mi are really terrific, too.

Sep 17, 2014
Elisa515 in Manhattan

AJs fish and chips, ossining

I'm going as soon as I can! I'm not sure whether I went to Lonny's before or after it was sold; think it was about a year ago, but maybe more. Food was great, but if I'm in that area I'd rather stop at Elita's.

Will report back.

AJs fish and chips, ossining

As someone who is frequently "in the area and it's lunch time," I'm wondering how the place compares to Lonny's.

Right off the bat I see they've got real seating for eating in, which is a plus.

Places with great service (anywhere in NY State not NYC)

Oh man...can't you just start a thread about bad service instead?

Vegetarian / vegan recs? (downtown)

Or as a friend of my son said, "they taste too much like flesh."

Sep 11, 2014
Elisa515 in Manhattan

Does anyone know where you can buy fresh, wide rice noodles (kway teow) in Westchester county?

Have you tried H-Mart?

Vegetarian / vegan recs? (downtown)

Highly recommend:

Caravan of Dreams on E. 6th: http://www.caravanofdreams.net/

Tiengarden Vegan Kitchen on Allen Street:

Sep 10, 2014
Elisa515 in Manhattan

Casual restaurant to cater husband's 40th birthday party? (Westchester/Tarrytown area)

Coles Market in Montrose will do a great casual BBQ in your backyard. I've been to parties small (20-ish people) to large (over 100) and all have had really good food with little fuss.

Places with great service (anywhere in NY State not NYC)

Smorgas Chef at the Scandinavia Center (58 Park)

While walking down Park Avenue from GCT yesterday, I peeked into this place.

Has anyone eaten there? I liked the look of the menu--both selections and prices--and it looks like a nice option for near GCT, moderate price, and pleasant surroundings.

Sep 06, 2014
Elisa515 in Manhattan

Places with great service (anywhere in NY State not NYC)

Lots of people complaining about substandard service at a variety of restaurants in current threads.

So, I'd like to start a thread where we talk about great service. I hope we can manage to keep it that way--that is, throw in our own positive service experiences.

(and feel free to start a competing bad service thread, because that's a different topic).

I'll start:

We always have great service at Zeph's in Peekskill.

Another place with consistently attentive but not overbearing service is Tagine in Croton-on-Hudson.

In Saratoga Springs, Maestro is terrific for service.

elita's deli, ossining

I had hominy later yesterday, with cerviche at Acuaria in Portchester (really should start a new thread on that). Those look like giant corn kernals. The thing I had at Elita's was different.

If I hadn't been such a glutton in scarfing it down, I might have been smarter and taken a photo for all of you to see. :)

Thanks again for giving us all the shove we needed to check this place out.

The Marshal - Is This The City's Best Bread and Butter?

Where is this place?

Sep 03, 2014
Elisa515 in Manhattan

Looking for New Years Eve dinner and stay over in the Hudson Valley

Wow...how weird! Just happened recently from what I'm reading?

And now I realize I passed by the place a month or so ago. Didn't recognize in the daylight that Manitou School used to be Plumbush.

Looking for New Years Eve dinner and stay over in the Hudson Valley

Has anyone been to Plumbush in Cold Spring recently? We used to love going there for Thanksgiving, and I know they have a small inn, too.

elita's deli, ossining

The beans and rice mixture was new for me, and I had eggs and a stew the woman described as "like potatoes, but not potatoes." Small pieces, and I think big white beans. Skipped the pigeon peas because my son won't eat peas.

Next time, I'll get chicken. Or maybe tripe. Whatever is in a sauce.

Total comfort food!

TGI Fridays opening in White Plains ?

White Plains "attracts" much more diverse restaurants, but the landlords won't rent to them. I know of several established but independent restaurants in other parts of Westchester that had plans to open in White Plains, but were told by the landlords that they're choosing to go with chains. I guess the landlords see chains as less risky a financial choice. Their buildings, their choices.

You want something different? I guess you have to buy a building. And take the risk. That's a figurative "you."

elita's deli, ossining

Did you go today? I did, too, around 11:45 a.m. (on way home from a meeting at the Arcadian--how could I resist?)! Skipped the pigeon peas because I was going to share with my son, but then I ended up getting two full containers of food since, well, I was sharing with my son.

Need to find their homemade hot sauce.

I do wonder where the woman who speaks English well was when you went. She was there for me.

Cheap Lobster

Soft shells have less meat for physical space the lobster takes up, but more meat per pound of whole lobster.

Aug 31, 2014
Elisa515 in Manhattan

Cheap Lobster

You may not realize you've had a soft shell lobster. Basically, if you've ever eaten a lobster where you didn't have to use a heavy-duty cracker to break the shell, you've had one.

They're not like soft-shell crabs, which essentially don't have a shell.

For instance, Stew Leonard's (in Yonkers and various CT locations) has had soft-shell lobsters for it's "Hoe Down" outdoor grill space for at least a couple months. And, if you're interested in taking a drive, there's a special right now on these lobsters, fresh, for $4.99 a lb.

Aug 29, 2014
Elisa515 in Manhattan

elita's deli, ossining

I have no idea how the rice or beans are cooked, but I doubt there is pork in the rice (the beans are separate). There is a bit of egg in the rice.

There are chicken dishes, too. And plantains. I think there might have been a beef dish, too. Also a chicken soup that looked promising for cooler weather.

There are sandwiches and also breakfast specials on the board.

No labeling on what's in the steam table, but it's also not help yourself. The people who work there speak English and will, I'm sure, be glad to discuss your concerns. I asked what the different dishes were, which is how I made my choices.

Nice Vegetarian or Kosher Restaurant Mid Town

If the place isn't vegetarian and isn't kosher, the vegetarian dishes won't be kosher.

Has to be an actual vegetarian restaurant if not kosher, if I read the OP correctly.

Signed, sister of someone who takes his dietary laws seriously

Aug 28, 2014
Elisa515 in Manhattan

elita's deli, ossining

Stopped by Elita's on my way home from an appointment in Ossining today. Got rice and beans, a dish described as "skinny pork" (yeah, right--but a yummy stew with potatoes), and roasted pork. This will easily be two meals for me. $6.

Need to remember to go here more often.

Cioppino [Westchester]

I love Trader Joe's, but the cioppino is bad.

Lunch in lower east side this Friday

Yes it's the same menu at lunch. There will be specials on the board that probably aren't on the website--they seem to maintain the website sporadically.

Get lots of the small plates and share a sandwich or two.

Aug 26, 2014
Elisa515 in Manhattan

Lunch in lower east side this Friday

Black Tree is where I'd head, too.

Black Tree is next to the new Russ and Daughter's restaurant. I haven't been there yet, but it sounds promising from what others have written.

Aug 26, 2014
Elisa515 in Manhattan

10 day trip to NYC, input requested!

You'll want to ask on the Outer Boroughs board for Flushing recommendations.

Aug 25, 2014
Elisa515 in Manhattan

Cioppino [Westchester]

Yes, the chef at Ralph's was the chef at The Tavern. And Dave (Tuttle) made the pies there.

Tagine in Croton has a terrific seafood stew.

Ralph and Dave's in Verplank

Nancy, thanks for the review! We were supposed to go there last week and our intended companions had to reschedule.

Best BBQ in NYC

Did I make a comment on how they prepare their food? I think your comment belongs on the thread about Georgia BBQ. Also, they make plenty of other food.

I find their food delightful--but as I wrote in my message, I wouldn't go out of my geographical way to eat there. But I've been known to bring multiple containers of their cheese grits into music venues that allow people to bring food. :)

Aug 20, 2014
Elisa515 in Manhattan