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birthday cake in westchester

+1 for Homestyle. Most of their business is to restaurants and hotels/corporate dining rooms, but they also have a retail business.

about 6 hours ago
Elisa515 in New York State (exc. NYC)

steakhouse corkage venting

There is wine, let alone $25/bottle wine, at Duane Reade in Manhattan?

NYC first visit (kind of) - where to eat to feel like you're in NY!

There are good places to eat on Staten Island, too, walking distance from the ferry. Check the Outer Boroughs board for those.

Mar 23, 2015
Elisa515 in Manhattan

Sichuan at Imperial Wok in N White Plains: thumbs up

Looking forward to your report.

Sichuan at Imperial Wok in N White Plains: thumbs up

Oh man...I love that wontons dish. When we ate with the group of 10, we ordered three servings of those.

Peekskill Ramen - Ramenesque

Here's more on H-mart food court:


Asian (Chinese and/or Thai) in or near New Rochelle

So it's a neighborhood, not an actual named place (like, say, with a post office or a government)?

Sichuan at Imperial Wok in N White Plains: thumbs up

We've been several times within the last couple months--including one visit with a group of 10 who were startled by how much they enjoyed the food.

Remember to order from the Taiwanese menu in addition to the Szechuan one. Plus "regular" dishes are quite good, too.

The Taiwanese eggplant with basil is a dish we manage to order every time. It holds up well for take-out, too.

Also, notably, the hot and sour soup is particularly good here.

Asian (Chinese and/or Thai) in or near New Rochelle

FWIW, I've lived in (and worked all over) Westchester for over 30 years, and I've never heard of "Chester Heights". Maybe it's a neighborhood, not something on a map?

Saratoga Springs; Off-Season Visit; 4.2015 Need Recommendations

Have you searched the board (first) for Saratoga recommendations? Saratoga is "in season" most of the time now, with most places open year 'round.

Personally, my favorite place for dinner is Maestro's. Food, service and ambiance always great, prix fixe is a great deal. Also a big fan of Max London.

The Turkish place, Istanblue, is also terrific. It's in a strip shopping mall, so it's easy to miss.

If you like Asian food, Sushi Thai Garden and Phila Fusion (next to each other, same owners, on Phila Street) are always a good choice.

Anyway, a search will be helpful to you--lots of posts on Saratoga.

Peekskill Ramen - Ramenesque

While I know the ambiance (and location, for those of us in north-western Westchester) isn't comparable...

...have you had any of the ramen soups at H-Mart? They are mostly about $9-$10, and come with a small California roll and some edamame. So far I haven't had one I didn't like, although I'm still most partial to the one that's called something like "spicy special."

Help! Input wanted!

Were those budgets per person or for the two of you?

Mar 20, 2015
Elisa515 in Manhattan

Ecuadorian at El Conquistador, Peekskill

He totally loved it--and said it was quite filling.

Thanks for the reminder--it's definitely time to go back.

Where to get large McCormick containers

I could be wrong, of course, but I'm guessing the reason someone in Israel wants McCormick specifically is that their spices are kosher.

Mar 18, 2015
Elisa515 in Manhattan

Best fine dining: Westchester restaurant recommendation?

Ownership has changed since then.

Best fine dining: Westchester restaurant recommendation?

Then that was an awfully quick renovation! Went by about three weeks ago and it clearly in the midst of lots of work being done.

Update: Yep, definitely open now. Checked the website.

Best fine dining: Westchester restaurant recommendation?

Iron Horse in Pleasantville is in the process of being renovated. Not sure when it's due to reopen.

Affordable and tasty restaurant by Lincoln center for a family?

Check out Cafe Luxembourg, a reasonable walk from Lincoln Center.

Mar 13, 2015
Elisa515 in Manhattan

Recommend me a great restaurant for dinner tonight near the Rivertowns in Westchester

Where did you go? And what did you think of it?

best special occassion restaurant for this Friday

Since no one in the thread mentioned it, I suggest you post on the Outer Boroughs board if you'd like recommendations in Brooklyn.

Mar 08, 2015
Elisa515 in Manhattan

Premium prices at Ben's Deli in Scarsdale

Gotta love it (including the "retro" email address).

westchester bagels is their a good one out there?

Oh boy. I bought my first album (Rolling Stones "Paint it Black"--I was still in elementary school) at E.J.Korvettes on Olden Ave. in Trenton.

My dad used to like buying big bags of mis-cut soap at that store.

Premium prices at Ben's Deli in Scarsdale

Those free soda refills are smart for any business. Produce cost for fountain beverages is less than 2 cents (yes, 2 cents!) a glass.

What is your family's go to affordable restaurant in Westchester area?

We love going to Port Chester for delicious and affordable meals--and most places are family friendly. Our favorites are Inca and Gaucho, Acuaria, Los Gemollos, and Aqui Es Santa Fe. I know there are a lot of other great places in PC, too.

The Food Court inside H-Mart (Central Avenue, Hartsdale) is also really fun for any size group. Plenty of other families there, too.

For suggestions in the Bronx, you should post on the Outer Boroughs board.

Ecuadorian at El Conquistador, Peekskill

Thanks so much for this recommendation!

My family had dinner at El Conquistador on Friday night. Based on your recommendation, I had the 1/4 chicken dinner. The soup was wonderful, full of chicken giblets along with the egg, hardboiled egg and french fries. The waitress warned me about the soup, to make sure I knew what was in it. The salad that came with the chicken reminded me of Danish salad: cold cooked carrot chunks, peas, and potatoes in a bit of a mayonnaise dressing, along with chopped vinegary tomatoes. Also a big serving of rice with red or maybe pinto beans. Came with a breast/wing quarter chicken. I took most of the chicken, rice, beans, and some of the salad home. This is the bargain meal on the menu, all for $8.

My son had one of the many mixed grill combinations. His came with a thinly sliced pork chop, thin (but good sized) steak, a whole chorizo, and what was described as a green plantain. I'd never seen one cooked like this, a whole plantain grilled. He shared a chunk with me and it was quite delicious. Also came with rice and beans and a salad like mine with the addition of a large piece of avocado. He ate every bit.

Husband had the fish soup/stew, which was served with corn nuts and plantain chips.

We also had two of the fruit drinks, basically smoothies. There's a nice selection, although they didn't have everything in stock that's on the menu. Still, plenty of deliciousness to choose among.

We can't wait to go back--so many things on the menu we'd like to try! The place was about two-thirds full, even on that cold night. I think this would also be a great place to do a lot of sharing.

Entire meal (for three) was $44 before tip.

Tagine (Croton-on-Hudson): no corkage fee 2/28

Title says it all. Bring a treasured bottle (or even not so treasured, I guess) to dinner tonight at Tagine, and they'll serve it without charging a corkage fee.

Walk-ins during restaurant week?

I didn't get the impression the OP necessarily wants the Restaurant Week menu, just wants to get into a restaurant during restaurant week. Budget the OP listed is higher than RW (unless it's supposed to include a lot of extras and/or drinks).

Feb 28, 2015
Elisa515 in Manhattan

Columbia Student with foodie aspirations

Just to add about Bistro Ten 18, they've added bar specials on different weeknights. Worth checking out the website to see.

Personally, I'd be happy to just live on the pasta ragu. :)

Feb 23, 2015
Elisa515 in Manhattan

Annoyed about $6 bottled tap water charge at CraftBar

Great link, thanks! Extra stunning to have the quote from Tom C. I do understand his position, which I think is fairly summarized as saying "why would a restauranteur voluntarily give up something profitable that customers want?".

Feb 21, 2015
Elisa515 in Manhattan

Columbia Student with foodie aspirations

Up by Columbia is Bistro Ten 18. With some sharing and/or paying attention to daily specials, you can hit well below your price point.

Feb 21, 2015
Elisa515 in Manhattan