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Best Place for Special Occasion in North Shore Kauai

On Kauai, my vote would be the Princeville hotel. I don't remember what the main restaurant is called (La Cascata, maybe?) and haven't been there myself for dinner, but the hotel is beautiful and the view is incredible. Get there early enough to have drinks and watch the sun set.
I also had a very good dinner at Postcard Cafe near Hanalei, although the restaurant doesn't have as "grand" a feeling as the Princeville hotel - it's more "cozy".

Delivery Food

A friend of mine in the LA area (around Silver Lake) recently broke her leg, and won't be able to get around very easily for a while.

I wanted to send her something to help her on the road to healing, and food leapt to mind - she loves good food, but can't do much cooking or going out, at least for a few weeks.

While my first thought was ordering something from e.g. Williams-Sonoma, I thought it would be even better if I could find a delicatessen, foodie grocery store, or restaurant in the LA area that would deliver!

I'm thinking tasty, ready-made food (or mostly-ready-made), or maybe something along the cheese/pate lines. She likes most any food, as long as it's good - and delivery is the key here!

Any thoughts or favorites? Anything with an online menu would be especially helpful, but if there's some place I could call and they could fax me a menu, that would be great too!

Thank you all!

Jul 18, 2007
myrrhine47 in Los Angeles Area

Le Guignol?

... in Honolulu, on the corner of King and Victoria. Just spotted it a few days ago, and happened upon a menu today. It looks like a mainly French restaurant, maybe with just a hint of Hawaii... Now I'm curious - has anyone been? How'd you like it? Thanks!

Favorite Maui Restaurants?

A friend of mine went to Maui last October and ate at a French restaurant that she said was to die for. She swore it had some of the best foie gras she'd ever eaten - and this is a woman who grew up in San Francisco and has spent considerable time in Paris...
Only problem is, she couldn't remember the name of the restaurant.

Based on the reviews above, might she be talking about Chez Paul?
The idea of a classic French restaurant on the islands surprised me (I confess), but I am more than willing (more like chomping at the bit) to try it!

Because based on her review, whatever it is will certainly be on my "don't miss" list when I make it to Maui!

May 31, 2007
myrrhine47 in Hawaii

Chowhounds in Oahu?

Congrats on the job offer! Like yourself, I recently moved from Northern California (Bay Area) to Honolulu.
I heard all the warnings before I left about how much more expensive things are - food, gas, rent, etc - but being from the Bay Area, it was pretty much what I was used to - no big shockers there, just budget about what you do now and you should be fine. The only surprise was actually kind of random - wine here is generally more expensive than I'm used to. In the Bay Area, a glass of wine at a bar is usually a good, cheaper alternative to a cocktail. Here, generally, wine by the glass will be more expensive than cocktails... Has to do with the cost of importing wine vs hard alcohol, I'm told, and I suppose that makes sense!

My commute here is actually shorter than it was in the Bay Area, so that's a big plus for me - but that all depends on where you live.
Speaking of which - I'm casting my vote with Kaimuki. It's close to downtown, and has a plethora of good restaurants (two of which, Town and 12th Ave Grill, made me feel like I was back in SF - they're great). There's also a coffee place (called Coffee Talk) that is a fun place to get your latte, scone, and spend a couple hours on a Sunday with a book if you're not in a beach-y mood!

Assuming your job is somewhere downtown, you'd probably be better off staying (if not in the city itself) to the East of the city - that means Kaimuki, Kahala, Diamond Head, even as far as Hawaii Kai (although that would be a longer commute). Areas to the West of the city - Ewa and Pearl City for example - do offer a lot of affordable housing, and a lot of the people I work with live out that way - but that means a longer, more traffic-y commute in the morning. Also there's just not as much interesting food out there (hope I'm not offending anybody now!)...
And while some people at my job DO live as far as Kaneohe or even the North Shore and commute into Honolulu every day, I wouldn't recommend it unless you were really willing to commit to the long commute... They love it because they have big pieces of land and basically live "in the country" - unless that's what you're looking for, stay in town!

Another plus for the Kaimuki/Kahala/Diamond Head area is that you're close to the FANTASTIC Kapiolani Community College farmer's market, held every Saturday morning. I buy most of my fruits and veggies there, and always find something interesting to inspire cooking - fresh hearts of palm, for example, or fiddlehead fern - I had heard of cooking with these, but never actually seen them for sale! It's also a great place to pick up local meat and baked goods. And I challenge you to go your first time and NOT buy at least one orchid (although I can't see why you'd want to take me up on that challenge :) - they're every bit as beautiful as the ones we get in the Bay Area and a fraction of the price. Turns out they're also easy to take care of!

Oh, and I recently heard a rumor that a Whole Foods Market (!! first in the state, I think?) is going to be opening up in the Kahala Mall - so that would be another perk of being in that area!
Hope some of this helps (I know it was long!) - good luck and good eating!

May 31, 2007
myrrhine47 in Hawaii

Which snacks to beat pre-dinner munchies/diet sabotage?

I've tried the vegetable/fruit thing after work, and I'm generally a big fan. I'm always hungry when I get home, but don't have dinner until my roommate gets home from work several hours later.
Some days though I get home and need something more... comfort-food-ish. After a few days like that in a row that ended up in me eating a lot of ice cream and left over pasta, I decided enough was enough. So I made a black bean salad that ended up lasting me about a week's worth of after-work snacks (maybe a lunch too) that was perfect - protein, a little sour, a little spice... just what I wanted!
I used one can of black beans, cooked kernels from two ears of corn, a red bell pepper finely chopped, mixed with a dressing made of olive oil, juice of one lime, a finely chopped shallot, some dijon mustard, a touch of sugar, salt, pepper, and red chili flakes. Took me about 10 minutes to make one afternoon, and I was set for a week!

May 31, 2007
myrrhine47 in General Topics

Dim SUM? First time SF visitor...

I'm casting my vote with Yank Sing - it's the first place I ever had Dim Sum, and it blew me away. OK, so maybe any decent Dim Sum place might have - the whole concept was new to me! - but years later it's still my favorite.
Make sure you get the pork soup dumplings, the shrimp dumplings, and the baked sea bass with the honey-miso glaze. It's FABULOUS. I've only actually seen it on the carts once or twice (which is how I discovered it), but they're happy to make it for you on request if you ask your server. Make sure you do this early so you have room left to eat it when it arrives! Oh, also save room for the mango pudding... I'm a total sucker for it, it's great.
While it is pricey, steer clear of too many orders in the 'expensive' category and your tab should stay decent. I've never had a bad experience there in terms of cold or dry food.

June Breakfast Tour...suggestions needed.

The Blackberry Bistro in Glenview, Oakland, is one of my favorites. The food is classic breakfast/brunch fare such as omelets and French toast. Oh, and they make a great mocha using Scharffenberger chocolate... I don't think they take reservations, so the wait can be pretty long on weekends.

Macadamia Nut Pancakes

If you don't mind a short (but very pretty!) drive up past Diamond Head, the Plumeria restaurant at the Kahala Hotel has macademia nut pancakes at breakfast time. Haven't tried them myself, but everything else I've had there has been good! It's a bit of a splurge, but totally worth it - plus it's RIGHT on the beach, and a lovely place to spend a leisurely breakfast or brunch!