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extra soaking a pre-brined turkey?

thanks grey!
would your compound butter suggestion under the skin, in addition to a maple syrup butter basting over the skin, be too much? i am wondering if the sugar content will make the maple butter "burn" and blacken the skin before the turkey is cooked through...

Nov 21, 2010
mease in Home Cooking

extra soaking a pre-brined turkey?

thanks mattstolz! but wouldn't adding more salt to the spice water make the turkey taste extra extra salty? i have never tasted brined turkey before, but i heard it will taste saltier than an unbrined kinda worried abt the sodium levels for the high blood pressure eaters who will be at the meal.

Nov 18, 2010
mease in Home Cooking

extra soaking a pre-brined turkey?

am planning on getting a pre-brined 12 lb turkey at trader joe's. for more flavor, can i give it another soak in a bucket with cinnamon, orange peel, etc (without the salt)? or will soaking it in spiced water dissolve the salt that is already in there?
also, will adding water to the bottom of the roasting pan while it is cooking make any difference to its moistness/flavor?
any thoughts/tips would be gratefully appreciated, as this is my first time cooking a turkey :)

Nov 18, 2010
mease in Home Cooking

best italian rainbow cookies?

can anyone recommend a few bakeries where they are made on the premises?
(ideally: moist, heavy on the marzipan flavor, generous slices, and absolutely no sprinkles on it)

May 22, 2009
mease in Manhattan

heinz curry mango sauce?

has anyone seen this delicious bottle of heinz curry mango sauce?

i brought some back from germany, but ran out, due to pouring it over everything. sadly, none of the german stores in town seem to carry it...


May 13, 2009
mease in Manhattan

chickpea condiment at the food cart?

i tried a new gyro cart today (by 6th/ w. 4th) and was surprised when they offered to add a condiment to my usual gyro rice platter.
does anyone know what this is called?
it was a sort of thick gravy made of buttery soft chickpeas that melt in your mouth. the gravy was yellowish brown and contained a few cumin seeds.
i know there are variations on this, esp of the indian variety, but was wondering if this was a specific middle eastern dish?
am dying to recreate this at home, but am coming up short due to lack of a name and only a vague clue as to its ingredients....

May 12, 2009
mease in Manhattan

bistro used in amex commercial?

out of curiosity, does anyone know the name of the french restaurant used in the american express commercial featuring m. night shyamalan?

here is the clip:

May 28, 2007
mease in Manhattan