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Emerald Island NC

I am currently in emerald, and just had a shrimpburger at big oak...and it was good and cheap...definitely get the hot sauce on it! Cash only.

Will be going to Watermark at least once...will let you know later this week (as they have strange hours...only open on Wed-Sun only for dinner?)

Also, I've hear good things about Fairway...probably worth checking out...

Solomon's Island, MD update needed

Boomerang's Ribs...not only are the pork ribs sliding off the bone, but the secret is in the thick, sweet w/ hint of sour bbq sauce ever!!! Let the ribs swim in it...and the price is right, service fast, and you always leave rib place in Maryland

May 31, 2007
musebandrules in Mid-Atlantic

Best Eats in Athens GA

Best eats in Athens GA (in no particular order):

Last Resort (pretty much anything on the menu...the daily specials usually rule...lunch is cheaper and just as good as dinner...and get a slice of cake for's awesome)

Rusan's (the menu is six million pages long in Athens, and I love it that way...that said, narrow it down to the crunchy roll, baked spicy tuna roll, shitake maki, and any other sushi you may wish...grab a tower of beer too)

five & ten (sure, why not?)

Five Star a day town or on the east side...the meat loaf rules

Kelly's Wings N Tings (Milledge, or Baxter...get a beef patty, small plate w/ chicken, spicy squash, bean/rice, cornbread, sweetest tea...all 7$)

China Wok (Best American-Chinese :) in Homewood (for locals and college will not find better general tso chicken in athens)

Grit (upon general principle...may not be everyone's thing...but caters to veg-heads...and most things are good)

May 28, 2007
musebandrules in Southeast

Mia Casa in Athens, GA

Well, Mia Madonna is ok for tapas...but honestly, if your craving something more "South American"...get tostones and a Cuban sandwhich at Cali n Tito's for lunch...get the number 1 combo...chicken or steak cuban, drink, and a side of tostones...around 7$...forget the tapas...

Emerald Isle, NC and vicinity -- good eats?

Can anyone give their opinions on:

1.What are some of the good things on the William's (in Morehead) menu?

2.How about the Watermark near Emerald Isle (the steak is apparently the bomb)?

3.Any good all you can eat crab leg buffets in the area, similar to a Jimmy's Buffet (near Duck), or Dirty Dicks? People give them guff, but if a buffet can do crabs right, and all you can eat... I am there...

I've heard good things about both above places, but what are the specialties?...i found little other info online about them...

anyways, thanks in advance

How Does a Beer Get Skunky?

man...that's bad news for yuengling drinkers (green bottles only)...but interesting...thanks for the trivia

May 28, 2007
musebandrules in Features