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El Tepeyac Cafe

ok...I'm in. What neighborhood is this?


Sep 12, 2006
smogqueen in Los Angeles Area

Mexican Restaurants in Echo Park/Silver Lake: why can't I find what I'm looking for? (long)

I'm with you on the Edendale Grill, I find it mediocre and over-priced. I do however find the bar very charming and they have bartenders who know how to properly make a drink.

That said, Melanie Tusquellas has done a pretty good job over the years of gauging the neighborhood's needs. The Edendale is a successful neighborhood spot, and was one of the first semi-ambitious restaurants in Silverlake. It could be a lot better, but they did a beautiful remodel and showed great respect for SL history in restoring it so lovingly. She was also one of the founding partners of Millies, which she sold to start the Edendale. I'm hoping that El Chavo can be the Mexican spot we are all hoping for - they would do great business.

Sep 05, 2006
smogqueen in Los Angeles Area

New on Hillhurst - En Sushi and Hollywood Gelato.

I've been noticing lots of people at En Sushi next to Farfalla. It looked busy last night. Can anyone report back on food quality and prices?

Also saw a sign on a storefront a little south of there for a soon-to-be-opened "Hollywood Gelato." Anyone have the scoop (har har)?

Aug 29, 2006
smogqueen in Los Angeles Area

Shishito peppers--where else to try them

Ita-Cho is very nice for dinner. They have a lot of Japanese country-style dishes - some creative sashimi and a lot of interesting vegetables. It is fun to go there and order a bunch of stuff to share. All of their fish is very fresh and well-prepared. I also very much like their marinated lotus root, spinach/gomae and baked mushrooms. They have some kind of pork belly dish that I remember as very good as well.

The service can be a little rushed and impersonal, but it is worth checking out.

Aug 25, 2006
smogqueen in Los Angeles Area

Shishito peppers--where else to try them

Ita-Cho on Beverly has my favorite version of Shishitos. They are not overly greasy, a little bit crispy and full of flavor. We always have to get an extra order.

Aug 25, 2006
smogqueen in Los Angeles Area

Your current favorite BLT?

The BLT at 410 Boyd is an extremely decadent and delicious one. Really thick & smoky bacon plus avocado and a ton of brie put it over the top. Plus - it is served with what might be LA's best shoestring fries. You can't go wrong!

Aug 19, 2006
smogqueen in Los Angeles Area

BBQ near Wilmington

Thanks! We went to Jackson's and had a good time.

BBQ near Wilmington

Hey all -

I'm here with a bunch of friends near Wilmington and would love suggestions for good/legitimate Carolina BBQ. Please advise.

Any other local favorite ideas are also very much appreciated.


Your favorite healthy dish?

I'm a big, big fan of the brown rice at Ammo with tofu. Not only is it delicious, but the meal makes you feel entirely righteous afterwards. The dish has this tangy/nutty/roasty flavor that I have unsuccessfully tried to duplicate and failed.

The description does not do it justice:

Alexander’s Favorite Brown Rice
with broccoli, asparagus, jalapenos, pico de gallo and organic chicken or organic tofu.

Ammo website:

Jul 29, 2006
smogqueen in Los Angeles Area

The Little Door...been lately?

I've been looking through old threads about The Little Door and there isn't much posted in the last year. Have any of you eaten dinner there recently? I've had drinks there a couple of times and am considering it for a romantic dinner. I know the setting is lovely, but is the food good as well? Any dishes you recommend?


Jul 28, 2006
smogqueen in Los Angeles Area

Lucky Devils, hell yes.

Thanks for the great review!

Their website does not appear to be working. Can anyone tell me more about their menu? Is it pretty much burger, beer and baked treats, or is there a broader spectrum of entrees?

I am very intrigued.

Jul 25, 2006
smogqueen in Los Angeles Area

Lucky Devils update

Could some of you Lucky Devils vets let us know what else is on the menu? Are they limited to burgers, fries, shakes, beer and cupcakes (not that there's anything wrong with that)?

Are there veg options for non-burger eaters? How many beers are available? Are they on tap or in bottles?


Jul 24, 2006
smogqueen in Los Angeles Area

Friday morning breakfast spots between Koreatown and the Hollywood Bowl

Bluemonster -

Rick's is at the corner of Fletcher and Riverside on the eastern edge of Silverlake. I have not found it to be good, but I have friends who swear by it.

Rick's Drive In & Out
2400 Fletcher Dr, Los Angeles, CA
(323) 660-5988

Jul 21, 2006
smogqueen in Los Angeles Area

Oregon Pinot Noir suggestions needed

I enthusiastically second the O'Reilly's suggestion. This is a great, fruity Pinot at a very reasonable price point (about $14).

I am very fond of most of the wines that come from the O'Reilly's/Owen Roe/Sineann group. Not only are they very well-crafted, but their bottles are beautiful.

Jul 12, 2006
smogqueen in Wine


I'm a big fan of El Cochinito and it seems completely legit. The roast chicken and pork are both lovely. They have great plaintains and beans. Please let us know if it passes you Cuba-test

Jul 05, 2006
smogqueen in Los Angeles Area


They have lovely ginger limeade at Clementine...and they happily give refills

Jun 23, 2006
smogqueen in Los Angeles Area