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Luther Burbank A Remarkable Plant Breeder Who Affected Us All

My pleasure, I stumbled upon him as I was looking into the Santa Rosa plum that I planted in my yard last year (deee-licious). The Russet Burbank potato is the most widely planted potato in the world. Pretty amazing.

Aug 24, 2015
StriperGuy in General Topics

Luther Burbank A Remarkable Plant Breeder Who Affected Us All

Creator of the Santa Rosa plum, the Burbank potato, the Shasta Daisy, and countless other varieties that are now part of our every day lives. All through traditional plant breeding, (Non-GMO) his wikipedia page is a biography of a remarkable man who's life work effected global foodways for the better in infinite ways.

A great quote:

"I love humanity, which has been a constant delight to me during all my seventy-seven years of life; and I love flowers, trees, animals, and all the works of Nature as they pass before us in time and space. What a joy life is when you have made a close working partnership with Nature, helping her to produce for the benefit of mankind new forms, colors, and perfumes in flowers which were never known before; fruits in form, size, and flavor never before seen on this globe; and grains of enormously increased productiveness, whose fat kernels are filled with more and better nourishment, a veritable storehouse of perfect food—new food for all the world's untold millions for all time to come."

And his wikipedia entry:

Aug 24, 2015
StriperGuy in General Topics

Best Year EVAR for MA Melons and Peaches

I am slightly afraid all the recent rain just wrecked the melons. Also had a couple of peaches in the last few days that were not quite as excellent.

We need some SUN.

Best Year EVAR for MA Melons and Peaches

Whoops, I meant Santa Rosa...

Best Year EVAR for MA Melons and Peaches


It's all about the fuzzzzzzz.

Best Year EVAR for MA Melons and Peaches

That's funny, I occasionally get itchy lips/cheeks from eating peaches.

Best Year EVAR for MA Melons and Peaches

Just to continue in this theme, in my yard I have a rather unusual tree call an autumn olive:

I actually only knew the fruit were edible cause a few years back I was given some at the Government Center farmers market and only later realized I had them in my yard.

Fruity, fruit-punch tasting, sweet-sour berries that my daughter can't get enough of.

This year they are 2X the size they were last year and super sweet.

Now that I know them I see them often by the side of the road, as shrubs in peoples yards, and well everywhere.

They make great fruit leather and juice.

The photo above is by: "Elaeagnus umbellata Frucht" by VoDeTan2Dericks-Tan - Own workEigenes Werk. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons -

Godavari Vs. Ritu Ki Rasoi

That is just so, so, Googly

Aug 20, 2015
StriperGuy in Greater Boston Area

Best Year EVAR for MA Melons and Peaches

Best apricots I ever ate were in (insert Striperguy's perpetual comment here) Spain. Tiny, pale, almost white, fruit with a faint pink blush on the side that faced the sun.

Picked right off the tree. I think if you carried them in the palm of your hand to market you would have bruised them.

Nectar, absolute nectar.

Funny, suddenly I have a craving for madeleines...

Best Year EVAR for MA Melons and Peaches

Santa Barbara is a common, very tasty variety.

Best Year EVAR for MA Melons and Peaches

I actually have a Santa Barbara plum we planted in our back yard last year... stunned that we got fruit in the 2nd year... more than 20 amazingly perfect plums. All juicy and ripe.

Can't touch this cocktail

Resuscitating this ancient thread... of course in the meantime the whole cocktail thing has gotten completely out of hand, pretentious and silly.

That said, my latest creation:

One large, very juice, very ripe and sweet local white peach thrown into blender (without the pit).

2 ounces local Massachusetts micro-distillery unaged barley whiskey. (Very nice grassy, floral notes.)

3/4 cup of ice.

Blend the heck out of it.

There, you're done. New England summer in a glass.

Aug 18, 2015
StriperGuy in Spirits

Best Year EVAR for MA Melons and Peaches

From what everyone else is saying pretty much ALL local peaches and lopes are amazing due to the cooperative weather. I've been shopping at Verril and Brigham Farm.

Aug 18, 2015
StriperGuy in Greater Boston Area

Best Year EVAR for MA Melons and Peaches

Thank heaven that hail was only spotty in MA. My wife was in Waltham at the time and got pelted.

Best Year EVAR for MA Melons and Peaches

I usually won't even bother with apricots in the USA they are usually so lame. My wife bot some at Market Basket and even those were amazing.

Best Year EVAR for MA Melons and Peaches

Okay for you hounds who don't regularly hit farmers markets / farm stands, and like summer fruit GO TODAY. Over the last two weeks I have been eating MA donut peaches, white peaches, yellow peaches, and cantaloupes... today I cracked a Verril farm watermelon.

Pretty much every single piece of fruit was more reminiscent of a GA or TX grown specimen. My little kids have been eating 2-3 enormous peaches a day.

In particular MA-grown melons are often watery, and lacking in flavor. The two cantaloupes I've eaten so far were as good as melons I've eaten in Spain (my personal standard) and the watermelon I cracked for my son this morning would have felt right at home off the back of a pickup truck in Texas... it was that good.

I've lived in MA for a while now, and this is quite frankly the best year for summer fruit that I can remember... Run don't walk, we got lucky this year, just the right combination of rain (but not too much) and some decent heat, and the fruit is as chow-worthy as it gets.

P.S. the (still greenish) apples on the trees are looking pretty amazing as well, let's see what those look like in a few weeks.

Spicepepper Garden Acton - Real Deal Szechuan.

There are plenty of misses on the menu, but the good stuff is really great.

Spicepepper Garden Acton - Real Deal Szechuan.

Still haven't tried it...

Spicepepper Garden Acton - Real Deal Szechuan.

Glad you like it. Hah, I almost ordered the bacon, but it is too fatty for my SO so I would have had to eat the entire order myself good/bad???

Spicepepper Garden Acton - Real Deal Szechuan.

Just ate there again last night and had a meal that blew us away. Ordering here is VERY tricky, the Americanized stuff is terrible, and even the Szechuan stuff can be hit or miss... We had:

- Housemade dumplings in spicy oil
- Water spinach with garlic
- Noodle soup with meat and vegetable (one of their non-spicy soups)
- Slivered Beef and onions (also non spicy, we were eating with our chowpups)

Every single morsel was delicious. The dumplings a sublime expression of Suan La Chow Show.

This place is great, but order with care. ONLY order the Szechuan stuff even if it is non-spicy Szechuan stuff.

The price of scallops

Go to New Deal, Court House, or Fresh Pond Seafood.

Grits. Where can I buy them?

Awesome! Thank you.

Scratch Kitchen, Salem: Kooky Food Experience !

Didn't know you were such a Verrill farm fan. I think I have one of those black prince tomatoes in my kitchen right now. Might have to eat it for lunch.

By the way, if I go ALL the way out my back yard I can just see Verrill Farm's store way down the hill....

Lost and Faded Booze Brands of an Innocent Past... Hereford Cows Anyone?

I'll be right over in my El Camino...

Aug 10, 2015
StriperGuy in Spirits

Tony G's Barbeque, Belmont: Anyone?

Totally disagree. Belmont has enough resto business to keep any decent place alive. Gustazo did great there until they wanted bigger digs. Shangri-La has been there for 15 year or more. The big Italian place in the center does great. Sophia's Greek Grocery don't even know how long she's been there.

Very Large Pitted Olives

Sophia's in Belmont has the best pricing on BIG pitted olives.

Pittsfield - Lennox - Williamstown Recs Please

So glad you liked it. I wish it was nearer to me (Boston Area). Enjoy!

Husk cherries?

LOVE husk cherries. There is a guy at the Govt center farmers market who usually has them as does Brigham farm stand in Concord. It is still a few weeks early though, cause I asked Brigham about a week ago and she said August...

Jul 22, 2015
StriperGuy in Greater Boston Area

Godavari Vs. Ritu Ki Rasoi

Gosh, I only got Dosas and I was thrilled at their crispy quality. Best I've ever eaten.

Godavari Vs. Ritu Ki Rasoi

So I hit the Godavari lunch buffet on the late side yesterday. Granted I got there at 1:45 so some of the food had been out a while.

I really enjoyed some of the spicing which was different then I had at other Indian restaurants, the 3 different choices of Biryani was cool. I would certainly go back in a heart beat.

But for overall food flavor experience I would give the win to Ritu Ki Rasoi in a heartbeat.

The flavors are brighter, the veggies are fresher. Even in the stewy dishes where steam table time is irrelevant, I find the Ritu Ki Rasoi flavors bright, fresh, and delicate.

The Godavari lamb stew (really should be a signature dish) was well... lamb stew that did not stand out at all.

The Godavari custard fruit dessert was gloopy and tasted like it was made from Custard mix out of a big pouch.

The Moringa (drumstick vegetable) at Godavari was so undercooked and fibrous it was like eating the branches of a tree.

The breads were sad and soggy on the steam table compared with RKR which brings glorious fresh crispy dosa to the table on an ongoing basis.

I did think the Godavari Tandoori chicken was the best I've ever eaten. And one of the other chicken dishes quite delicious. The dal also was very nice and nicely spiced.

But for overall dining experience IMHO RKR is in a different superior league from Godavari. In short I didn't feel like the ambivalent service and vibe of the Godavari crew was anything close to the scrupulous focus on quality at RKR.

I wonder if my experience would differ significantly if I hit Godavari just as it opened, or even better, for dinner.