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Spicepepper Garden Acton - Real Deal Szechuan.

I agree not quite a destination, but for Concord / Acton / Maynard as good as anything else.

Spicepepper Garden Acton - Real Deal Szechuan.

Don't know why this place doesn't get much chowlove. Excellent stuff, broad menu. And they bring the heat.

I had: Top Hot and sour, and REALLY hot stir fried chicken with poblano AND dried chillis. Wonderful springroll.

Neighbors were raving about some Tendon.

Best meat charcuterie buys in New England?

"I imported my husband from Italy..."


I imported my wife from Italy. They just don't make spouses here the way they do in the old country ... ;-)

Alden & Harlow

With two little ones I don't get out as much as I used to... but I will chime in and say the meal I had with my wife last night was superb.

Spanish Mackeral and Cleriac
Charred Broccoli and Squash Hummus
8 oz sirloin

Everything was simply superb. Scelfo wasn't even in the house, but his signature was over everything. Just love his food.

Best meat charcuterie buys in New England?

I think Danielle's products are superb, reasonably priced, and relatively local. They are located in Rhode Island.

Their slightly higher end Vlado's reserve prosciutto is as good as anything in Europe.

Market Basket, Russo's, Restaurant Depot, and heck even some Star and Stop and Shop carry them.

Moody's has very good to Superb stuff at a MUCH higher price point as does Formaggio but with less emphasis on local.

It's That Time of Year - Make Your Own Cointreau / Triple Sec / Orange Bitters

Do note that I have learned that this stuff sometimes doesn't keep so well. Others in this thread have suggested adding some citric acid as a preservative... gotta try that some time.

Dec 15, 2014
StriperGuy in Spirits

Buying lobster at the dock

Sorry, just saw your post:

There is in fact a Rocky Neck Ave that leads out to Rocky Neck.

Or you can just google this address:

Rocky Neck Art Colony
6 Wonson Street
Gloucester, MA 01930

Golden Bull Chinatown... overlooked gem

Stuck at McCormick... none of you Chicago hounds have posted about this place in years.

I was considering Lao Sze Chuan or the food court, but managed to peek in the window of this place and the tables full convinced me.

Golden Bull Restaurant
242 W Cermak Rd, Chicago, IL 60616

Classic Cantonese, really nicely executed. Small plate options on almost everything which is great for a solo diner.

I had the beef with sour veg and the chinese spinach, but there were a dozen other things that went buy that looked beautiful.

Frog with chive, whole crispy squab, whole fish...

Really superb, nice homey old school Cantonese fair. Would be on the permanent Chinatown rotation if I lived here...

Dec 02, 2014
StriperGuy in Chicago Area

Black Radishes - in the Greater Boston (T commutable) area?

As a sinus sufferer tell me more... what do you do, stuff em up one's nose?

Looking for sorghum (syrup)

This is like the 6th post mentioning the Bob's products... that is sorghum the grain... NOT sorghum syrup which is made from the plant.

Just in general, sorghum syrup in the final analysis is not that distinctive. Not wildly different from say a slightly dark corn syrup or Agave product. For folks from down south I am sure that it brings back fond nostalgic feelings and may even scratch some chow itch. But in my book it's just well... sweet syrup.

If I were going to go out of my way for a southern sweet I'd track down tupelo honey, or even better, sourwood honey, or my personal favorite Galberry. Now that stuff is amazing, but can probably only be had over teh internets.

Rye bread?

I think Iggy's rye with seeds (I think they call it dark rye) is an excellent rendition.

Nov 17, 2014
StriperGuy in Greater Boston Area

Stainless steel fry pan - how to fry eggs without them sticking!!

I just love cast iron. I use it for anything except sauces and really acidic things. And I think you can do a delicately fried egg in one without browning the white with ease.

A chacun son gout.

Stainless steel fry pan - how to fry eggs without them sticking!!

Totally disagree. When you want a quick reduction in heat... wait for it...

Take it out of the pan ;-)

Nov 14, 2014
StriperGuy in Home Cooking

Best of Babka?

Can anyone comment on the Green's products being parve? In my book any sweet baked goods that are parve, i.e. no dairy are non-starters… Thanks.

Zaika Indian Bistro Woburn

I've never had Maoist chicken wings. Are they from Maoist chickens? Or are they just distributed to each person according to their need?

Bay scallops

The monger next to Formaggio is always 40-80% more expensive than anyone else.

Where to buy bulk chocolate?

You can read the web site all you want, or take the word of a hound that has actual experience getting a Resto Depot card... All they require is a tax ID.

Where to buy bulk chocolate?


You can get a tax ID number years before your biz is operational... And if it never quite gets off the ground...

Where to buy bulk chocolate?

Anybody can get a tax ID number here in two minutes:

Take that to the Resto depot web site and presto!

Where to buy bulk chocolate?

"Can I get a Depot account if my business is unrelated to food?"

Yes, wonderwoman below is incorrect.

If they ask, which they don't, just say it is for the company Cafeteria...?

T.W. Food: An Expensive Adventure Pays Off

I LUV the stuff, and first had a really good aged riesling at a 6 course (I think, help me hounds who were there)2 wines for each course, chow outing at Troquet with one of the most esteemed former Boston hounds Limster presiding (he now resides in London.)

He was a hardcore Troquet groupie if only for the insanely good wines.

T.W. Food: An Expensive Adventure Pays Off

Gosh, LOVE an aged riesling... did it have that "petrol" nose to it?

The new Rosebud, Davis Square

B-Side use to be a bit that way. Folks on top of you as you were eating on a busy night... Flash ads Swamp my browser and CPU

Hah, I have ad blocker loaded in Firefox... I just disabled it about a month ago... Guess I'll turn it back on ;-)

Dumb idiots.

Oct 29, 2014
StriperGuy in Site Talk Flash ads Swamp my browser and CPU

Every time I log on to chowhound these days my laptop is swamped by Flash garbage.

Video ads that start automatically.

Total junk. Makes me want to stop using the site.

Oct 29, 2014
StriperGuy in Site Talk

Hot Eastern in Chinatown

Okay a chowhound first. Just looking a the pic of that bowl of spicy stuff I literally salivated... On my list.

A Tale of Two Donut Shops (long)

"Well, I guess I'm sort of curious as to where they'd find donuts that pleased them if Ohlin's and Linda's didn't,"

Srsly, Ohlin's makes the best glazed and the best buttercrunch I've ever eaten. Not whole wheat, and every old school donut shop I've ever heard of uses white sugar so it appears the quest was a tad Quixotic from the outset.

Fugakyu Sudbury Appalling

Thanks for the armchair quarterbacking ;-)

I've eaten at various Fugakyus in the distant past and been happy.

Never mind yelp reports Oishi two is pretty spotty as well. 3.5 stars.

Fugakyu Sudbury Appalling

Would've done Oishi but was trying to keep a reasonable budget... Next time.

Fugakyu Sudbury Appalling

Ohitashi - flavorless, inedible.

Nigiri assortment dinner tired fish nearly inedible.

Soba meat bowl - flavorless.

Ramen veggie bowl - limp and tired.

Gyosa passable.

Honestly a wreck of a meal.