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Gaslight560 - anyone been here? Review/comments?

That's fair. If you're just getting a basic cocktail they are fine for that in my experience. I've even found the food passable if you stick with the basics.

Gaslight560 - anyone been here? Review/comments?

Of course you can park there, walk in the parking door, then head out the otherway for some bettter chow and enjoy the free parking. ;-)

Mandarin limes

You can buy decent guanabana juice in cans at some latin markets. I haven't looked for it in a long time, but it's pretty common.

Carpano Classico Vermouth and Buying Booze in Europe

I don't object to any of the other vermouths that are available in the US and Canada, even Martini, Stock, Dolin, Noilly Prat, etc. All make a perfectly fine Manhattan, etc.

Jan 26, 2015
StriperGuy in Spirits

Best sources for variety of chili peppers?

I agree that with the chiles in latino groceries (usually a brand in little red and yellow decorated plastic pouches) it pays to give them a look over for freshness. Mayfair in Allston occasionally has some poblanos loose in a basket that are beautiful.

Bar Lola Disappointment

There were some great places in that space a LONG time ago.

Paris Bakery Hmart Central Raspberry Almond Croissant - WOW!

And there I was wondering how the pastries in Central Square were so much better than Burlington... Different Bakery altogether... duh. Thx.

That said, at Burlington I do like some of the more Asian items: sweet potato filled buns, red bean filled items, etc. But in all fairness, that Rasp/Almond croissant was in a whole different league.

Asados Dona Flor Lowell

Tamales are steamed... must've been a pupusa.

Best sources for variety of chili peppers?

Russo's for Fresh, and any of the small latino places on Moody in Waltham, Or the Waltham India Supermarket on Moody, or Mayfair in Allston for dried. Penzey's has very fresh stuff on the dried and I like their chiles pequines, but the prices are about 10X what you'd pay in a latino or Indian grocery store.

Paris Bakery Hmart Central Raspberry Almond Croissant - WOW!

Their almond raspberry croissant was simply amazing. Crunchy, almondy, just the right amount of raspberry. 10+. Wow!

Bao Nation

Ate at Bao Nation for lunch... It was okay, Bao Nation it's not.

Any of the chinatown places or Taiwanese dim sum meals (Shangri-La) blow the doors of this place. I wouldn't eat there again. Also $7 for two smallish buns is no bargain.

Gordon's Waltham Ain't The Wine Shop It Used To Be

I'm shocked.

Literally can not imagine we are talking about the same human being...

David didn't care a whit about wine provenance. In his importing business he focuses on small, unfashionable farmer/grower wines from not so disireable regions. His Chateau Memoires Cadillac (Sauternes-like) is a perfect example. 1/4 the price of a classic Sauternes but as good or better than many $80+ bottles. Sourced directly from the grower. Noone's ever heard of it or "Cadillac" wines as a class.

Just tasty wine, at a great price, from a style and region noone's ever heard of.

That someone who has a focus on such NON-provenance wines, I'd be stunned to hear of him upselling or focusing on provenance.

To each his own.

Gordon's Waltham Ain't The Wine Shop It Used To Be

As I read Geoffpm's post over I am fairly convinced he is talking about the CURRENT wine director who is NOT David Raines.

Gordon's Waltham Ain't The Wine Shop It Used To Be

Quite honestly, your bashing of David Raines comes across as describing a different human being.

I bought wine from him several times a month for 15 or so years. The man doesn't have a mean upselling bone in his body. Are you sure you know who David is?

Mild mannered, low key, no interest in pushing the fancy stuff unless you guide him in that direction. Seriously I believe you are describing someone else.

I even mentioned to one of the cashiers there at my last visit. One of the guys who does the heavy lifting around the store "I miss David Raines." His reply "You and me both, and just about all the customers."

If ever there is a wine guy who's a good egg it is David. Seriously I can't imagine the interaction you describe above.

Gordon's Waltham Ain't The Wine Shop It Used To Be

"I was flat out amazed to be treated the way I was that time," I am so sure that's our man. Just ridiculously bad behavior.

Funny thing is he essentially got canned everywhere else he worked because of his lousy attitude, it just makes me sad that the nicest wine guy in Boston, David Raines, who now runs his own importing business, got replaced by the snottiest.

David is the polar opposite. You'd be perusing some $30 bottle that you'd read a review of, he'd say "yeah lotta buzz since the review... however, this $16 bottle is twice the wine at just about half the price." Literally would downsell if there was a wine he was excited about. I don't think I ever got a bad bottle from him.

Gordon's Waltham Ain't The Wine Shop It Used To Be

I get all my Italian wine from my father in law in Italy ;-).

Gordon's Waltham Ain't The Wine Shop It Used To Be

2.5 years ago at Martignetti's is just about right when Mr. Snob was there. I am refraining from mentioning his name here. His behavior really goes beyond snobbishness. He's the kid of guy if you WERE buying the $300 Bordeaux he'd poo poo you for not buying a case. If you bought a case he'd poo poo you for not trying a case of the 2012 AND a case of the MUCH better (read more expensive) 2006. Etc. etc etc.

Really just NEVER has anything nice to say other than to crap all over whatever YOU happen to want or be interested in.

Just FYI, if she is still there, Martignetti's has a wonderful young woman wine person these days... no attitude at all, very knowledgeable, and will recommend a great wine at any price point that you specify... can't remember her name.

Gordon's Waltham Ain't The Wine Shop It Used To Be

For many years, under the original wine director, David Raines, Gordon's in Waltham was my absolute fave. When he left I kept biting my lip and pretending that the shine had not gone off the apple.

A couple of weeks ago I had the umpteenth icky experience there and have finally given up. The issues:

- The New Director is just an unpleasant miserable snob. If you buy a $20 bottle you're a pauper. If you buy a $40 bottle, that $60 bottle is so much more noteworthy. The new guy has drifted around Boston for years, Martignetti's etc etc never finding a home. I imagine cause he is such an unpleasant snot/snob. "Spanish wines... oh they are all hot jam pies!!!" with utter disdain.

- If you are not buying a $300 Bordeaux or Burgundy then you are just a poor slob.

- Even the junior folks have taken on his miserable attitude. I recently tried to get a mixed case of under $20 bottles and made VERY clear that was my limit. Spent 5 minutes with one of the junior wine folks... Imagine my surprise when my mixed case rang up, and two bottles were $38. And many of the remainder were $23-28ish.

When I asked him about it he looked horribly mock surprised, per Mr. Evil in Austin Powers... gosh you caught me... tee hee.

I'd much rather go to Martinetti's on Soldier's Field Rd, or even Cambridge Wine and Spirits at Fresh Pond.

Unless you really like nasty behavior and condescension, skip Gordon's. So sad.

Luke's Lobster

Just to chime in, I actually far prefer a bit of celery and a bit of onion. I find a straight lobster/mayo roll to one dimensional.

Dumpling Daugher Weston

Wow, interesting food in Weston... did hell just freeze over? Is it the end of days?

Paul Bakery Natick


Paul Bakery Natick

$37 worth of pastries, now that is chow dedication. Did you eat them all at once ;-)

Jo Jo Taipei kills Mary Chung!!

WISH he was at Asia Gourmet. Asia Gourmet is pretty good, but NOT original Jo Jo good...

Best southern-fried chicken in the Greater Boston area?

Gosh it's been there every time I go. Heck, just ask the guys behind the counter when they have it. Also the chicken dishes and the veg in the hot table are superb and some of them really bring the heat.

Best southern-fried chicken in the Greater Boston area?

Sounds crazy, but the fried chicken they do in the food court at Waltham India is fabulous. Just had some on Saturday with my kids.

You want to arrive spot on at noon when it is hot out of the frier. Or maybe you could ask them to fry some fresh.

Really superb fried chicken.

Best meat charcuterie buys in New England?

From a farm ;-).

They don't do anything fancy in terms of sourcing. I believe all of the meat is commodity stuff. But knowing them, within their realm, I am SURE the are careful what they buy.

Spicepepper Garden Acton - Real Deal Szechuan.

I've had so far:

Very good hot and sour soup

Pickled long bean with pork. Nice and homey

Braised spicey chicken with TONS of dried chilis and fresh poblano

Beef Lo Mein: decent if slighly unusual rendition.

Spicy Tendon. Not the usual version, in fact not straight tendon. Sorf of a meaty tendony cut. Still rather nicely done.

Last time I was there I saw someone order a very nicely prepared fried whole fish.

I also want to try the "Fish in Wheat sauce" which looked unusual.

Not Top Szechuan in Boston, but across the board decent homey Szechuan fair. A nice change of pace from Asian Gourmet.

Spicepepper Garden Acton - Real Deal Szechuan.

I agree not quite a destination, but for Concord / Acton / Maynard as good as anything else.

Spicepepper Garden Acton - Real Deal Szechuan.

Don't know why this place doesn't get much chowlove. Excellent stuff, broad menu. And they bring the heat.

I had: Top Hot and sour, and REALLY hot stir fried chicken with poblano AND dried chillis. Wonderful springroll.

Neighbors were raving about some Tendon.

Best meat charcuterie buys in New England?

"I imported my husband from Italy..."


I imported my wife from Italy. They just don't make spouses here the way they do in the old country ... ;-)