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Husk cherries?

LOVE husk cherries. There is a guy at the Govt center farmers market who usually has them as does Brigham farm stand in Concord. It is still a few weeks early though, cause I asked Brigham about a week ago and she said August...

Jul 22, 2015
StriperGuy in Greater Boston Area

Godavari Vs. Ritu Ki Rasoi

Gosh, I only got Dosas and I was thrilled at their crispy quality. Best I've ever eaten.

Godavari Vs. Ritu Ki Rasoi

So I hit the Godavari lunch buffet on the late side yesterday. Granted I got there at 1:45 so some of the food had been out a while.

I really enjoyed some of the spicing which was different then I had at other Indian restaurants, the 3 different choices of Biryani was cool. I would certainly go back in a heart beat.

But for overall food flavor experience I would give the win to Ritu Ki Rasoi in a heartbeat.

The flavors are brighter, the veggies are fresher. Even in the stewy dishes where steam table time is irrelevant, I find the Ritu Ki Rasoi flavors bright, fresh, and delicate.

The Godavari lamb stew (really should be a signature dish) was well... lamb stew that did not stand out at all.

The Godavari custard fruit dessert was gloopy and tasted like it was made from Custard mix out of a big pouch.

The Moringa (drumstick vegetable) at Godavari was so undercooked and fibrous it was like eating the branches of a tree.

The breads were sad and soggy on the steam table compared with RKR which brings glorious fresh crispy dosa to the table on an ongoing basis.

I did think the Godavari Tandoori chicken was the best I've ever eaten. And one of the other chicken dishes quite delicious. The dal also was very nice and nicely spiced.

But for overall dining experience IMHO RKR is in a different superior league from Godavari. In short I didn't feel like the ambivalent service and vibe of the Godavari crew was anything close to the scrupulous focus on quality at RKR.

I wonder if my experience would differ significantly if I hit Godavari just as it opened, or even better, for dinner.

Really good hardwood charcoal in Lexington area?

Totally agree.

Santa Banta - New Indian Waltham - Don't Bother

Ate there this weekend.

Pani Poori were terrible. The poori clearly out of a bag and quite stale.

Alu Paratha almost unedibly greasy.

Peas and Paneer was just fine, but not at all notable.

Banghan Bartha was fine, but not noteworthy.

I'd eat at Kebab and Tandoor way before I'd hit this place again.

The only real plus was the full liquor license.

Another generic Indian joint going through the motions with the same tired dishes.

Heck hit Ritu Ki Rasoi for some mind blowing food:

Really good hardwood charcoal in Lexington area?

Holey cow what is so bad about large chunks? Just give them a whack.

I'd rather large chunks that burnt up building supplies and saw dust.

Ritu Ki Rasoi in Burlington

Just had lunch at Ritu Ki Rasoi for the first time. Superb food. Possibly the best food I've ever had at an Indian Restaurant. Just plain delicious.

The hot Dosa they brought around to the tables were the best I've ever eaten period.

Shucked Island Creek Oysters at Wegmans Burlington MA.

Even the pros often get a little shell in there... just give it a flick. This guy uses the exact technique that I prefer. Quick, easy, no risk of self-stabbing:

Shucked Island Creek Oysters at Wegmans Burlington MA.

With my driving the oyster would be dehydrated.

Shucked Island Creek Oysters at Wegmans Burlington MA.

I don't even use a glove, just a dish towel. If you are using so much force that you are scared... then you are using too much force.

Shucked Island Creek Oysters at Wegmans Burlington MA.

I'll chime in on this topic for the 1000th time as well.

I can't imagine buying shucked oysters and losing half the juice on the way home.

Shucking oysters is NOT AT ALL dangerous and if you do it correctly. If you are afraid of stabbing yourself, then you are doing it incorrectly.

I've posted videos, links to oyster knives. It's not tricky.

You can shuck 3 dozen oysters in 5 minutes with no risk of injury.

Insert oyster knife into pointy part of oyster. Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, twist, pop... there you just shucked an oyster WITHOUT any risk of a trip to the ER.

best bagel in boston?

You mean the massive, sprawling, sanitized shopping mall that Manhattan is turning into... I'm just glad that I can buy all the Disney products and American Girl dolls in Times Square that my heart desires... ;-)

best bagel in boston?

Having settled down in the boring burbs with two little chow pups, I'm not quite the hound I once was ;-), that said, Bagel Plus in Acton is as good as any bagel I've had in greater Boston...

Bagels Plus
93 Great Rd, Acton, MA 01720
Phone:(978) 263-7070

I have been itching to try Brooklyn Water Bagel in Framingham.

Closer to town Rosenfeld's in Newton, Iggy's (it's not really a bagel) bagel, and Brueggers in a pinch...

Katz in Chelsea is always a fave.

In Chow We Trust...

Earnest Farms Bolton New Meat CSA Seeking Boston Distribution Site

Stumbled on this farm yesterday. Beautiful stuff. I bought a hunk of their leg of lamb. They do pork, beef, goat, lamb, chicken, duck, and turkey. They raise it all themselves.

They are looking to find someone in the Boston area to host a freezer and pickup site. For anyone who is interested those were some of the most beautiful (happy=tasty) looking animals I've ever seen.

The sheep chicken, and ducks (all I saw) were so vibrant and healthy.

Pittsfield - Lennox - Williamstown Recs Please

La Fogata Colombian restaurant in Pittsfied. The Best South American Food I have ever eaten. Empanadas of the gods, Mondongo (tripe soup) for the somewhat adventurous was also the best I've ever had. Wish I wasn't so far away, I'd eat the whole menu.

Native Strawberries....anyone seen 'em?

I just bought two boxes of insanely delicious strawberries from Verrill farm.


Coruba rum in the Boston area?

Coruba seems to have disappeared from local liquor stores.

bakery, patisserie in boston, seriously??

As was previously said: a chacune son gout.

Heck, to quote Christina Applegate from Married with Children:

"The Italian food in Italy is NOTHING like Olive Garden."

bakery, patisserie in boston, seriously??

You must have gone to the WRONG patisseries in Paris.

Seriously, were you even in Paris?

I can't get my mind around the absurdity of this statement:

"I'd still take Flour's oreos over just about any pastry I ate there."

Corn Whiskey - Who Drinks This Stuff?

Why would you use concentrated lemon juice (yuck) instead of fresh squeezed?

May 12, 2015
StriperGuy in Spirits

Dumpling Daughter Weston

SL: spicey eggplant with pork. Twice cooked beef. Tendon. Haven't had their rice cakes.

Best of Orlando - January 2013

Thank you.

Apr 23, 2015
StriperGuy in Florida

Best of Orlando - January 2013

Boston hound coming to Orlando... any updates on the interesting Ethnic side appreciated. I'm staying at the the Hilton Bonnet Creek and Padrinos was on my list.

Any Vietnamese that is really worth eating?

Apr 22, 2015
StriperGuy in Florida

Dumpling Daughter Weston

If you want Taiwanese I would also always consider Shangri-La in Belmont. I agree that for overall "order anything on the menu" Mulan or Shangri-La would beat GG. I was making specific reference to GG with regard to dumplings and cucumber salad in comparison with DD here.

I'd actually give the edge to Shangri-La in overall quality in comparison with Mulan Walthm.

Knife sharpening recs (NOT on the edge)?

Takes me about 5 minutes to sharpen ALL of my knives. Use a Japanese whet stone. Much less time than driving to the store.

Dumpling Daughter Weston

Not everything at GG is fabulous. Some definitely better than others. LOVE the spicy chicken wings or the cumin lamb. AND the dumplings are some of the best in town.

Dumpling Daughter Weston

Gosh, I've had Chinese celery pretty routinely around Boston. I'll try to remember where...

Dumpling Daughter Weston

Yah, they have my all time fav dumplings in greater Boston. Heck, I should have mentioned they also sell a HUGE back for $15 or so frozen.

Red Raven Acton - Another Disaster in the Food Desert

IMHO whoever was in the kitchen then was gone. But good luck on the repeat visit.

Red Raven Acton - Another Disaster in the Food Desert

Passable French Onion soup.

Flatbread that had three day old marinated chicken on it that had started to go off.

Fish stew that was simply pureed tomatoes out of a can tossed with some seafood. Nothing more. Some actual fish broth... nah why bother.

Kids meal that was grilled chicken (which was nice, they should have used this on the flatbread) greens straight out of a bag with a few icky ones that should have been picked out, and NOTHING else. Do they kids get some fries or another carb, nah.

When I asked for bread the stuff they brought out had been sliced probably at lunch time and was half stale, almost too tough for my little ones to get their teeth through.