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Coruba rum in the Boston area?

Coruba seems to have disappeared from local liquor stores.

bakery, patisserie in boston, seriously??

As was previously said: a chacune son gout.

Heck, to quote Christina Applegate from Married with Children:

"The Italian food in Italy is NOTHING like Olive Garden."

bakery, patisserie in boston, seriously??

You must have gone to the WRONG patisseries in Paris.

Seriously, were you even in Paris?

I can't get my mind around the absurdity of this statement:

"I'd still take Flour's oreos over just about any pastry I ate there."

Corn Whiskey - Who Drinks This Stuff?

Why would you use concentrated lemon juice (yuck) instead of fresh squeezed?

May 12, 2015
StriperGuy in Spirits

Dumpling Daughter Weston

SL: spicey eggplant with pork. Twice cooked beef. Tendon. Haven't had their rice cakes.

Best of Orlando - January 2013

Thank you.

Apr 23, 2015
StriperGuy in Florida

Best of Orlando - January 2013

Boston hound coming to Orlando... any updates on the interesting Ethnic side appreciated. I'm staying at the the Hilton Bonnet Creek and Padrinos was on my list.

Any Vietnamese that is really worth eating?

Apr 22, 2015
StriperGuy in Florida

Dumpling Daughter Weston

If you want Taiwanese I would also always consider Shangri-La in Belmont. I agree that for overall "order anything on the menu" Mulan or Shangri-La would beat GG. I was making specific reference to GG with regard to dumplings and cucumber salad in comparison with DD here.

I'd actually give the edge to Shangri-La in overall quality in comparison with Mulan Walthm.

Knife sharpening recs (NOT on the edge)?

Takes me about 5 minutes to sharpen ALL of my knives. Use a Japanese whet stone. Much less time than driving to the store.

Dumpling Daughter Weston

Not everything at GG is fabulous. Some definitely better than others. LOVE the spicy chicken wings or the cumin lamb. AND the dumplings are some of the best in town.

Dumpling Daughter Weston

Gosh, I've had Chinese celery pretty routinely around Boston. I'll try to remember where...

Dumpling Daughter Weston

Yah, they have my all time fav dumplings in greater Boston. Heck, I should have mentioned they also sell a HUGE back for $15 or so frozen.

Red Raven Acton - Another Disaster in the Food Desert

IMHO whoever was in the kitchen then was gone. But good luck on the repeat visit.

Red Raven Acton - Another Disaster in the Food Desert

Passable French Onion soup.

Flatbread that had three day old marinated chicken on it that had started to go off.

Fish stew that was simply pureed tomatoes out of a can tossed with some seafood. Nothing more. Some actual fish broth... nah why bother.

Kids meal that was grilled chicken (which was nice, they should have used this on the flatbread) greens straight out of a bag with a few icky ones that should have been picked out, and NOTHING else. Do they kids get some fries or another carb, nah.

When I asked for bread the stuff they brought out had been sliced probably at lunch time and was half stale, almost too tough for my little ones to get their teeth through.

Best Rice Cake Dishes?

Asian Gourmet in Concord does an excellent rice cake dish with some green veg and slivered pork toothsome and flavorful.

Dumpling Daughter Weston

If you hit it right their blindingly spicy crispy chicken wings are very good as is the dry fried spicy chicken.

The cuke dish is so good I usually (utterly lacking table manners or the ability to dine in polite company) slurp the juice off the plate or out of the takeout container when I'm done.

Dumpling Daughter Weston

I will confess that Golden Garden will be inconsistent say 1 in 3 or 1 in 4 visits. But generally over a long time my absolute favorite dumplings and the cuke salad is to die for.

Asian Gourmet in Concord is not perfect, but their version of the beef rolled up in a pancake is superb, as are several other dishes.

And sorry for my overly harsh and snarky tone above, honestly I had SO wanted this place to be killer and was SO disappointed.

Dumpling Daughter Weston

Completely forgot I also had the pork belly bao. So forgettable that we left one of the two on the table.

The bun was typical. The pork had none of the usual accoutrements: peanuts, green onion, sometimes a shred of crispy garlic or onion.

There was one scant cilantro leaf (you know, that exotic leafy thing they use on Mexican food) on each piece of overcooked under-seasoned pork belly.

Once again, lazy on the texture. The pork belly was mush.

Dumpling Daughter Weston

The beef in those pancakes should have a little toothsome chew to it. This meat was just mushy and not correct.

The cukes were over marinated and did not have the crunch they should. In this case a more appropriate word might have been squooshy. Try the version at Golden Garden on this one. One of my favorite cuke dishes anywhere.

On the noodle mushroom dish the noodles were just plain over-cooked, under-seasoned, and bland.

For properly prepared Chinese dishes in any of the thousand cuisines in China, texture is often a crucial factor (Jellyfish salad, tendon, crispy Peking duck etc.) Dumpling daughter did not get this right in any dish we ate with the exception of the dumplings.

Dumpling Daughter Weston

With great anticipation I hit this place on Tuesday night and honestly cannot understand the raves. Completely underwhelming. We ate most of the menu and not a single dish wowed any of my dining companions who eat a LOT of Chinese food:

- Beef wrapped in pancake. Flabbby too-sweet beef with a passable pancake. Numerous other version around town crush this: Mulan, Jo Jo Taipei and Asian Gourmet in Concord for starters.

- Cukes: flabby, too sweet, not very flavorful. Want mind blowing Chinese cuke prep, hit Golden Garden. My dining companion said and I quote "they need to go to Golden Garden to learn how to make this dish taste like something."

- Dumpling, 1 order fried 1 order steamed, nothing out of the ordinary. Golden Garden (more delicate and more flavorful) can teach it a lesson or three.

- Noodles with mushrooms. I was warned three times it's spicy. I said "I REALLY want it spicy, Ma La." "Ooh the Anglo guy is ordering a spicy exotic dish..." REALLY, guess we are in Weston. Flabby noodles, some pickled veg with a hint of funk and a tiny zing. Maybe the most exotic thing on the menu, but a flabby bore that was not in any universe I would call spicy.

- Beijing Sauce noodles, WAY too sweet. They used American-Style spaghetti clearly from a box. I've had better versions of this in a dozen places in Boston. This version wouldn't even be on the list.

- Spinach soup: medium-sized bowl of dark brown broth with... essentially nothing in the bowl other than a few spinach leaves. For $6 really.

- Wonton soup, the broth was clearly made from chicken and had some nice base to it, but beyond that, flavorless, boring won tons and that's it.

- String beans competently done but not notable.

For a meal that set us back ~$100 I'll quote Yogi Bera: the food was not very good... and such small portions.

Honestly with Asian Gourmet and Spicepepper Garden near by I can't imagine ever going back to this place.

Everything was edible, but not a single dish made me go "Wow I need to eat this again." I guess Weston got exactly what it deserved: bland, sanitized, semi-authentic Chinese food with all the soul and flavor sucked out of it.

The night I was there both the owner and the main chef were there, so no excuses.

If the owner wants to learn how to execute slightly updated Chinese food with some panache, she needs to check out Mei Mei, which IMHO is in a whole different, far superior league, (though with similar aspirations) than Dumpling Daughter.

One of those meals I can't ever get back (such high hopes) and re-eat somewhere else.

Apr 03, 2015
StriperGuy in Greater Boston Area

1955 crown royal

I've had a 40 odd year old bottle of Ballantine Scotch and also a 40 year old bottle of Slivovitz that my step grandfather had lying around... they were both excellent!

Mar 31, 2015
StriperGuy in Spirits

Seeking Kitchen Space for Small Scale Bakery

There was actually a small bakery for sale (formerly a tiny Greek place) on Mass. Ave in Arlington, on the same side and not too far from Blue Ribbon BBQ. I'm forgetting the name.


This guy does it beautifully and slowly as well:


That is NOT the correct technique.

It requires NO force, just a twist or two.

If you are using a lot of force, or are scared of hurting yourself, then you are already doing it incorrectly.

This is a very good, very short video.

China Fair in Porter usually has good oyster and clam knives for small money.

The Backroom (Moody's in Waltham)

I'm so relieved that the menu items will be "on point." Whew.


If you do it correctly there is NO need for gloves and absolutely no risk of injury. I've shucked 1,000+ oysters in my life and never so much as gotten a scrape.

If you fear for hurting yourself while shucking oysters then you are doing it incorrectly. Take a look at one of the thousand YouTube videos on the topic.

All you need is a couple of dish towels and a clam or oyster knife.

I can shuck 3 dozen it less than 10 minutes and I'm no pro.


It is a crime to buy them shucked. Learn to shuck them yourself. So easy and you won't regret it.

Luxardo Maraschino cherries not at all worth the price

At least as good as the Luxardo product at 1/3 the price:

Penguen Sour Cherry Jam from Turkey:

I buy it at the local Russian grocery store. An 800 gram jar is $6. It is packed with awesome cherries. Scoop cherry out with spoon. Insert in Manhattan. Viola killer easy cocktail cherry at 1/3 the usurious price they charge for the Luxardo product here.

My Italian father in law laughed when told how much the Luxardo product is here ($19.99). "Those are $3 Euro in the Supermarket." Moral: if it's "special," and "European" Americans will pay crazy money for it.

Mar 30, 2015
StriperGuy in Spirits

The Rise of Boston: America's Next Great Food Town

Learn something new every day. Though it looks like you have to go down as far as Maryland for the small ones to be legal...

The Rise of Boston: America's Next Great Food Town

DRAT! Yah and you certainly can't fit a whole wild striper on a plate, or even HOPE to eating one without the help of 10 hounds or so...