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Karl's Smoked Pork Chops (Kassler)

My buddy used to take a whole rack (huge) of those chops, crisp them up on the grill for 45 minutes and server the rack/roast whole and carve it at the table.

about 4 hours ago
StriperGuy in Greater Boston Area

d-bags at alden & harlow

So blackmail is okay as long as you don't really do it...

d-bags at alden & harlow

To beat an utterly dead horse, for anyone who comments publicly (the woman who tweets appallingly in that NY Times articles, the guys who tormented Schilling's daughter, or these two dingbats threatening to Yelp Bash A&H I have NO problem with them being outed, and publicly shamed themselves. The two idiots in the Schilling case should go to jail.

Comment in a public / web forum and assume your anonymity will not be durable. Don't say anything in a public forum that you would be ashamed to have your grandmother, your boss, or your worst enemy see.

Superb Meal - 80 Thoreau Concord, MA

I did. I was double super dare ya entendering...

That said, I have been underwhelmed by Bondir Concord.

Superb Meal - 80 Thoreau Concord, MA


Karl's Smoked Pork Chops (Kassler)

Not that salty.

d-bags at alden & harlow

As was posted above:

"they ordered a drink at the bar, and as they did not have a reservation, decided to squat at a table set aside for someone who did, then refused to budge. When pleaded with to move, they invoked Yelp blackmail."

Short of calling the cops, Scelfo and Co didn't have many options. In the name of keeping peace in the resto (i.e. no cops) they killed them with kindness and got a little revenge after the fact by posting a pic of the "lovelies."

Story holds water by me just fine.

d-bags at alden & harlow

Personally I kinda like doing both.

d-bags at alden & harlow

Somehow reminds me of the Korean Airlines "Nut Rage" incident:

d-bags at alden & harlow

Even further, I'd love for the two "lovelies" to actually get identified?

Does anyone know the names of these two charmers. I think the internet should do to them what they were extorting Scelfo that they were going to do to him.

Blackmail is so unbecoming.

d-bags at alden & harlow

I'm in the "Call the cops school" hopefully outing the two trolls will warn other Boston restaurants that these two should not be served.

Superb Meal - 80 Thoreau Concord, MA

I actually LIKE the classic brown butter prep and hadn't had it in years... and the execution was flawless.

Superb Meal - 80 Thoreau Concord, MA

Had a quick dinner:

Skate in Brown Butter on a bed of coins of baby potatoes and swiss chard: Delicious, flawless execution.

House Made Tagliatelle with mushrooms and pieces of Ribeye:
Pasta was perfect, we licked the plate.

This place has my respect.

80 Thoreau

80 Thoreau Street | Concord, MA 01742 | 978-318-0008 | M-T 5:30-10:30 | W-TH 5:30-10:45 | F-S 5-11:30 | Sun Closed

Katering Show: Great New Food Show from Down Under

Love this new food show from down under...

Feb 24, 2015
StriperGuy in Food Media & News

Spicepepper Garden Acton - Real Deal Szechuan.

I WILL order double cooked bacon next time I go ;-) Thx.

Best Little Restaurant, formerly Ho Yuen Ting, in Chinatown

How did you find that? That pic has to be 15 years old...

Pimento Wood Chips?

Great tip!

Heng Lay - Lowell

They use a lot of Prahok (fermented shrimp paste) in their stuff...

Heng Lay - Lowell

I stumbled on Heng Lay on Yelp and wondered why I had never heard of it. Really sublime. I guess I gotta try the calamari.

Good luck with the free parking. With all the snow there were like 2 spots.

Seville Oranges in Boston?

Yah Russo's almost hides them cause people get mad that they bought whacky sour oranges.

Arax almost always has them this time of year as well.

Heng Lay - Lowell

Hit this place on Saturday. Awesome.

Sadout Salad with Pork Belly: interesting slightly bitter green, delicious. The green almost looked like very frail broccoli rabe but had some real bitter bite to it.

Fried Chicken Wings Perfectly Done

Beef Chowfoon (for the kids)competently done

Sweet and Sour Chicken soup: delicate, subtle, remarkable. Interesting cruchy tube shaped veggies that looked a bit like ziti pasta about 1/2 in diameter and 2" long sections. In cross section it looked like lotus root, tubes within tubes. The soup was simply amazing and unlike any sour cambodian soup I've ever had in that it was so delicate and refined.

Gosh, add this place to the list. I give it a 9.5.

Stone crabs in Boston restaurants?

Do you go Medium, Select, Large, or Jumbo? If you go Jumbo that would be quite a ($500+) splurge.

Stone crabs in Boston restaurants?

It was insane. If you consider the 150 docs there must have been $5,000+ worth of Jumbo Stone Crab claws thrown away that night. :-(

Stone crabs in Boston restaurants?

Insert largely irrelevant stone crab story here:

I was a guest at a Phillips sponsored dinner at Joe's Stone Crab House for 150 or so doctors. EVERYONE had the option of ordering a plate of JUMBO claws (@$75) or shrimp as an appetizer... A dozen jumbos, WOW.

At my table most folks ate two, maybe three of their jumbos and left the rest.

A German radiologist and I were appalled. We flexed, took a lap around the banquet table to loosen up, and then started collecting the stragglers. I think I conked out after 4 dozen (they really aren't that filling).


Spicepepper Garden Acton - Real Deal Szechuan.

Ate there again this weekend...

Farmhouse Fish - Blazingly hot with a little Szechuan peppercorn numbing. My dining companion pronounced it "Delicious."

Beef Lo Mein for the kids... I thought it was delicious.

Fermented long bean with Pork. My DCs fave, salty, tangy goodness.

Kids wanted more meat... ordered Beef with Onions. $14 for a HUGE portion of a Cantonese style dish of yummy comfort food.

BIG bowl of wonton soup was a bit on the bland side, but it is wonton soup.

Is it a destination? Almost. Good to excellent food, a nice alternative to Asia Gourmet. Great to have in the area. I would not drive out from Boston by any means, but pretty darn tasty stuff.

Blackbird Donuts?

Do you mind dropping a dozen off at my house in Concord on the way in? ;-)

Best Little Restaurant, formerly Ho Yuen Ting, in Chinatown

Best Little Resto is the same place as Ho Yuen Ting... different name, same local, same Teochew cuisine.

Blackbird Donuts?

Totally agree.

Blackbird Donuts?

Ohlin's cost a buck...

Best Little Restaurant, formerly Ho Yuen Ting, in Chinatown

As I understand it (with some googling) Teochew is an ethnic group that largely lived in Guangzhou (Canton)China prior to a diaspora and so there is quite a bit of overlap.