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Hunam Restaurant (Levittown, Long Island) Lives Again?

Hope they are not brining the depressing dark dank atmosphere and surly waitpersons they had when they were across the street. As I recall, having been there many times, the ONLY reason to go there was the food which in its waning days was really hit and miss.

Anthony's Pizza in Carle Place Long Island

Anyone know anything about this pizza place about to open up on Monday in Carle Place. Hawking coal oven pizza makes me think Totonnos in Brooklyn or at least Salvatores in Port Washington or Grimaldis in Garden City.

125 Tuckahoe Rd, Yonkers, NY 10710

980 Franklin Ave, Garden City, NY 11530

Anthony's Pizza
218 Gramatan Ave, Mount Vernon, NY 10550

Dennys on Long Island

Looks like Denny's is opening a store on Long Island in Suffolk County, Centerreach I think. Anyone ever eat there or have an opinion they'd like to share.

Jan 24, 2010
chumly in Chains

Pepe's Pizza Yonkers Location

Okay so I finally made it to what I was hoping for was a lunch to remember. What a disapointment. I ordered a medium pie with mozz cheese. Maybe it was a mistake to order anything but the "clam" pie and maybe my expectations were too high as I thoroughly enjoy Totonnos style pizza (original location). The crust despite not having the usual charring of a good coal fired pizza was nicely done but was bland and tastless along with the "cheese" and tomato "sauce". I wish I had a picture of the overabundance of rubbery cheese acting as a liner for the oil slick on top. There was enough oil floating on top of my pizza for Al Gore to recycle. Had to use napkins and copious amounts of table cheese and salt to get it to the palatable stage. An hour later and all I could still taste was the oil. Can't believe people wait in line for what - at best - is medicocre "brooklyn style" pizza. I even asked the waitress if this was the norm. She agreed and added that the oil protected the pizza from burning in the oven. Chalk it up to another rendition of the "emperors new clothes" syndrome so common today with the foodie crowd.

Sweet Tango Appleson LI?

Anyone know where to buy Sweet Tango apples on LI? Supposed to be new variety just out this fall. Anyone try one?

Dinner Recommendation (Hofstra or back towards the Belt Prkway)

If you are looking for very good Italian food that Italians like try Don Peppes in Queens. Family style well-regarded Italian food. Only problem is that it is cash only. It is located right off the Belt Pakway at Lefferts Boulevard (vicinity of JKF airport) Take Lefferts Blvd north for two bocks, restaurant will be on your left. Although LI has many good to great restaurants, there are NO memorable restaurants in the immediate Hofstrra vicinity.

German in NJ or NY

Try ZumStammtisch in Glendale Queens. I also like German food like mom used to make (born in Austria) and have tried many but this is the one I always use for comparison. Food and service are superior. Plenty of good German beer on tap. Bar is lively and friendly. Only problem is the wait which could be very long especially on weekends. Btw speaking German is always a plus here.

Burger wars heat up on Long Island New York - Fosters Grill opens

Smithtown Long Island now has another burger barn - Foster's Grill. Smithtown already has Bobby Flays burgers, American Grill and Five Guys, in addition to the usual fast food palaces and artisanal restaurants. Left Fosters with a burger, griled chicken sandwich, fries and two sodas and was twenty dollars lighter. Fries good (cut with skin on), chicken ok, but burger was overdone and not very memorable. As I've certainly had better at many of the numerous diners throughout the area for less money, I would not single out this place for value. Service was unusual in that after first penciling your order on a preprinted order pad and presenting it to the cashier with payment, you then seated yourself and waited for a server to announce your name while they are walking throughout the place (with your order). If this place ever gets crowded this should provide an amusing and interesting diversion while you are waiting to recieve your order. Hopefully only one Sue or Mike comes in at the same time. I'll forgo the overhyped McFlay burger and overpriced Fosters for Five Guys which in my opinion has the best mix of taste and value for mid range burgers. Comments?

What was Newsday thinking (LI restaurants)?

Agreed. Nothing like change for the sake of change. Also have the previous reviews all been edited down?

Aug 07, 2009
chumly in Food Media & News

Krispy Kreme back on LI

The donut/coffee wars on Long Island seems to have just heated up again. Just visited a brand new Krispy Kreme store in a strip mall in Farmingdale on Hempstead Turnpike. Different format - No viewing of the making of donuts as they are not made there, they are shipped in. Was told they are trucked from MIlford Connecticut twice a day but wil soon be coming from another facility which will have "the window" in Baldwin. And no "hot" sign. Donuts seemed abit less sweet and somewhat smaller than I remember, but still good for a sugar fix.

Clean Takeout Chinese on LI?

Unfortunately most of the take out places seem to be run by families that produce mediocre food at best with tasteless and greasy food the norm. In Nassau we go to the Orient and Fortune Wheel for takeout where the quality and taste of the food is consistent and even on a rare bad day still above average. And you don't have to put up with the crowds clamoring to be seated. If there's a rule it's that there is no substitute for a "real" restaurant and that being of a particular nationality does not guarantee or automaticaly endow one with an abiity to cook. Yes I know that there are exceptions and they are just that - exceptions meaning not the norm. And yes I have tried many Chinese takeout restaurants throughout Nassau County and have yet to find one that I would recommend other than these two. And I guess it's no accident that these happen to also be the best Chinese restaurants outside of Chinatown. If you have to ask who's cooking your meal its not a place that I would frequent or recommend.

Restaurant Recommendation in Williamsburg

Always has a good meal at Trellis Restaurant. Very good, sometimes great food and excellent service always made for a relaxed time there. If you like chocolate don't miss the restaurants signature desert, the nine layer chocolate cake. It is memorable. For something different the restaurants inside the park offer a unique dining experience. Menus are limited but usually are good but unfortunately not great.

Jul 15, 2009
chumly in General South Archive

Southern Fried Chicken on Long Island

Now that Cooke's Inn in Huntington has closed, does anyone know of a place on Long Island to satisfy the craving or does one have to venture back into Manhattan?

Ramen on LI?

Anyone know any places to go on Long Island beyond Queens for acceptable Ramen?

Village Lanterne - Lindenhurst NY

Good German food in LI? Comments?

Egg Cream on Long Island

Why not make one for her yourself. Milk, Seltzer, Chocolate syrup and a stir. Best syrup is from a company called Gills (Eddies of canal street supplier for the old timers)in Brooklyn, Second best is Foxes Ubet available. Btw 1/4 milk, fill with seltzer, add chocolate and stir. For the really deprived add a pretzel on the side for nirvana.

The Pie in Port Jefferson

Agree that pie is very good. Soda I can do without. You can also go to Salvatores The Pie in Bayshore which shares owners and menus with Salvatores of Port Washington.

Bobby's Burger Palace (Flay's new chain) opens

Tried it - wil return to Five Guys Hamburgers in Levitown and wait for outlet in Smithtown. Burgers were on small side, well done, and overly salted. No choice on preparation of burger. Fries good for frozen crinkle cuts. Crunchburger was a cheeseburger with potato chips embedded in the cheese. Anyone other than Flay wouldn't last the year. Hype will drive them in but nothing there to keep them. Just what LI needed - the McFlay burger. This could be his first humbling experience.

Fatburger open in Massapequa Park

Tried it. Hoping for In n Out burger experience her in NY but was very dissapointed. Burger was compacted, overdone (read this as blackened) and dry (read this as no moisture) and appeared to have been blanched to speed serve time. No in n Out for sure. Better off going to Cheeburger Cheeburger or to any decent diner for the price charged.