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early sunday morning in central London

yes I meant the NY Yankees' Billy Martin. maybe being a Kolossi Grill waiter is his new incarnation.

Jan 09, 2009
Jamie D in U.K./Ireland

early sunday morning in central London

thanks again all. my wife and I took zuriga1's advice and headed for Patisserie Valerie on Marylebone High St. biggest side order of bacon I've ever been served. with the fried eggs and granary bread I was a happy boy.
the chow highlight of the week was stumbling upon the tiny Kolossi Grill on Rosebery near Farringdon, after finding out Moro (our target) was closed. what a great place. lamb soulva, greek salad, excellent fresh food, free mini-tumblers of Metaxa at the end, served by happy, competent, visibly drunk waiters (the 2nd-in-command, fittingly, is a dead ringer for Billy Martin), it was a party. is this how Bourdain feels all the time?
other meals included, in order of preference: curry at Cafe Zed, Brick Lane, middle eastern at Tas (the one at Waterloo/Southwark) and italian at Ask in Paddington, in order of preference. all 3 i would rate as very good if not strip-naked-to-roll-around-in-the-sauce good. good flavors at Cafe Zed, can you go wrong on Brick Lane or is it all chowish? I wanted to try some bites at some of the more casual places on that strip, but could not.....
we also found a good greasy new years morning hangover breakfast at Lite Bite on London St, Paddington.

the pubs were just as important, fell in love, faves in order were Blue Posts on Berwick St in Soho, the Archers at the south end of Brick Lane, and the White Hart at Liverpool St and Bishopsgate, which was open New Years Day and steered us to Brick Lane. can you tell we like dives?

London wins over two more Yanks. thanks again

Jan 07, 2009
Jamie D in U.K./Ireland

early sunday morning in central London

many many thanks all, getting hungry, airport taxi's on its way, wish us luck and happy new year of chow!

Dec 27, 2008
Jamie D in U.K./Ireland

early sunday morning in central London

my wife and I arrive from the US this sunday a.m., first-timers to London, dropping bags off at hotel at Lancaster Gate, then what, at 8:30 - 9? coffee, tea, scones, a place to get acclimated, either in that area or a short walk or tube ride? thanks all

Dec 26, 2008
Jamie D in U.K./Ireland

Best bar for wine flights?

not sure. that sounds early. best to call em and make sure.

Best bar for wine flights?

there is a new place to go for good wine flights in NoVa/Del Ray - Cheesetique moved a few doors down its block and expanded from cheese shop to cheese shop and wine bar. don't know how it compares to similar venues but everything we had was tasty, from the wine to the cheese board to the in-house-made blue cheese salad dressing to the hamncheese panino with pears. and the place is fun - one flight was called "Que Syrah, Syrah". Mrs D and I will be back

Hofbrau Style in Mid-Atlantic?

Just had the pleasure of eating and drinking at Tommy's Joynt in SF, a "Hofbrau" style bar with a deli separate from the bar in terms of service and payment (food is served cafeteria style, you wait in line and pay cash only, waiters have nothing to do with that part of the place). The lamb shank and the pastrami were both top-notch.
Is there a place like this in DC-Balto? I can't think of one, though I don't have a real handle on Balto

pix of Tommy's

Pete's Apizza: New Haven Pizza in Columbia Heights

2amy's is close, but NH style is oilier, grittier (corn starch on the bottom) not as cheesy, better sauce, and as stated above, more charred/well-done. a big difference is the temp of the respective ovens -those on Wooster St approach 700-800 degrees IIRC, I BELIEVE no DC oven comes close; let us know if I'm wrong!

Hong Kong Palace Menu -- Pick Your Faves.....

this menu IS the authentic menu, but for some reason it has a different look from the one in the 3-ring binder at the restaurant
The Golden Corn w/Egg is a good dish to take a break from the heat but it's a big portion, more suitable for a bigger group.

Hong Kong Palace Menu -- Pick Your Faves.....

ok, I'll start. Twice Cooked Pork w/Garlic Leaves (C7) and Ma Po Tofu (C2) are #1 and #2 on my list

ANYTHING to eat in Springfield/South Alexandria?

not Mex the same shopping center as El Grande is El Rancho, solid Peruvian chicken with excellent fried yucca. you know how most of these chicken places serve some yucca pieces that are too big and those pieces end up being under-cooked? El Rancho gets it right, all pieces are the right size and well fried.

Magic Hat No. 9

you should plan a visit to the MH brewery in S Burlington, and a meal at Bove's. I'm jealous.

Apr 29, 2008
Jamie D in Beer

Springfield - Ba Le Update?

Finally I was in Ba Le's neighborhood today, only to find it closed, dark, no signs, no indication of moving, re-opening etc - anyone know the story?
BTW the yuca at El Rancho in the same shopping center was some of the best I've ever had - the chicken was very good but the yuca was so well cooked I ate it all, usually there are a few pieces that aren't cooked thru enough, but not there. thanks all

3 cheers for beer (iyho)

Granville Moore's for the best re-creation of a Belgian pub. No TVs, great Belgian beer selection, solid mussels and frites, atmosphere somewhere between Fells Point and Brussels. 1238 H St. NE / 202-399-2546

If Alexandria works into the plan, e.g. if he's flying in and outta National, Rustico has a big great beer menu. It's a new place, the atmosphere is nothing special, may feel somewhat like an Uno's to your buddy, but the beer is there

I love Thai Square and Bangkok 54...

I can speak for Manee and Rincome - I've found no reason to return to either with TS and 54 on the same strip. I haven't been to Duangrat's since its heyday and haven't seen any recent raves for it. Its neighbor Rabieng gets better marks, especially their weekend brunch, if that is still the case....

I may be in the minority, but...

I love the double-sided garlic bread and house salad dressing at Sabatino's in Balto's Little Italy. Will endure a mediocre entree to get at those 2 items

Nostalgia ain't what it used to be [Moved from Not About Food board]

I direct this request to the Chowhound organizers - can you please create a "Nostalgia" board so that reminiscers can have a place of their own? I'm tired of seeing such chat on my regional board; I understand the sentiment, but IMO the regional boards should be fora ONLY for discussing chow that still exists. thanks

Feb 26, 2008
Jamie D in Site Talk

Magic Hat No. 9

Speaking for Deadheads (since I am one) we, like any other sub-demographic, drink all kinds of beers. Maybe because both the Dead and Anchor call SF home there's a special affinity, but I've never sensed that personally. As I stated above, I like #9 when eating spicy food because of its fruity, slightly sweet finish, and I love its hippie home of Burlington, but it's never my regular brew; that would be Heineken or a quality IPA like Dogfish Head 60-Minute.

Feb 11, 2008
Jamie D in Beer

Arlington update - Bob & Edith's "2" now closed

I called the original B&E's (still open) and a worker said the diner by Four Mile Run has been sold, he didn't know to whom. we'll see what we get next.

Vegetarian Experiment For a Month

the trick is to find the Thai place that properly cooks the tofu, too many places let the tofu soak up the sauce and it becomes a plateful of full wet mini-sponges. Bangkok 54 is an example of a place that does it right; its neighbor across Columbia Pike, Thai Rincome, serves up the sponges.

Vegetarian Experiment For a Month

- the felafel and baba ganoush (among other mezze) at Lebanese Butcher, Falls Church
- great cheap fried tofu at Thanh Son Tofu, Eden Center, Falls Church. plain, onion, and lemongrass-pepper. they also have fake meat.
- if you're going this deep into vegetarianism, DC-area Trader Joe's and Cheesetique in Del Ray provide lists of their cheeses that are made with non-animal-derived rennet. All cheeses made by Horizon and Amy's are purely vegetarian in this way, as is the cheese on the pizza at Cafe Pizzaiolo in Crystal City. if in doubt, if the ingredients lists simply says "enzymes" it's almost always animal-derived.
- in DC-area supermarkets, check out frozen products made by Morningstar Farms, Boca, and Quorn. MF makes good fake breakfast meats IMO. Quorn products are uniquely made with mycoprotein, providing a more fibrous texture than other fake meats.
- if you're on the run, there's always the Burger King veggie burger
- finally, if you like the chick peas at Kabob Palace, you'll LOVE them at Ravi Kabob on Glebe Rd at Pershing in North Arlington. either side of the street.
good luck

Philadelphia Tomatoe Pie

on the venerable Wooster St strip in New Haven CT, a "tomato pie" is the term for the basic pizza, without mozzarella, is this what it means in Philly as well?

Shepherdstown WV restaurants

forgot about the Blue Moon, I'll second the rec. a good value for the money, very casual, a great beer selection, and live music too

Jan 31, 2008
Jamie D in General South Archive

Shepherdstown WV restaurants

Stone Soup Bistro is on the fancy side but it's a great place
recent thread at

and make sure you have a drink in the basement "brickskellar" at the Bavarian Inn, good n kitschy
good luck

Jan 31, 2008
Jamie D in General South Archive

huge-portion challenge places in our area?

seeing the recent Diner Drive in and Dive thread made me think, are there places in DC-Balto that serve the gigantic portion that you get for free if you finish it in one sitting, maybe even get your name on a plaque on their wall, or something like that?

Bebo (past few months)

mapquest says it's about 4/10 of a mile, or approx. 700 yards. on a cold day like today that's not a short walk

Serenity in Vienna--does anyone read Chinese?

I stopped by Serenity last night to investigate, not to eat; there is still no English version of the Chinese menu, but the woman I spoke to said she'd be happy to translate. I thought her English was pretty good, but now I'm confused, I pointed to the Chinese menu and asked her "is this Sichuan"? (forgetting the details of this thread) and she said yes. maybe she didn't really understand me? is it Taiwanese or Sichuan?

Listrani's pizza in Arlington - any good?

it's been a long time but I remember liking Listrani's white pizza, at the original MacArthur Blvd NW location only. made with fontina cheese, nice n oily and garlicky

IMO the best NY-style pizza in NoVa is Cafe Pizzaiolo in the heart of Crystal City
and they deliver but I'm not sure what their geographic boundaries are. good luck

Looking for Good Chicken Wings in Northern VA

I have not been but there is a place in the heart of Ballston called Buffalo D's Wings N Things, on the east end of the strip of stores on Fairfax Dr that faces the Metro entrance. It's connected to The Food Factory in the back. good luck wing fans

all you can drink mimosa/bloody mary brunches?

I'll second Creme's brunch, for a few reasons: it's not a buffet, the bottomless bloody/mimosa can start while you wait for your table, and the food is indeed very good. nice garlicky shrimp n grits, it had us scurrying to order more bread to sop up the juice. great fried chicken, with waffles or not. service was competent and cheerful if a bit slow at times.