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Great corn near Monticello/White Lake area

Not sure if in season yet, but there used to be a great native corn man with a stand along 17B. We haven't seen him in years. Any reccs for where to buy great sweet corn?

Can't miss eats of all kinds within 100 miles of the Chapel Hill/Durham area

We will have 3-4 days based in Chapel Hill and have already researched the bbq options. As we're traveling around various areas within 100 miles, if there are any can't miss places like for pies, etc, we want to know. Doesn't have to be limited to dessert, or a meal, but foods of any kind that are authentic to area or done especially well at some place there that deserves a stop. Thanks.

May 11, 2012
ScottK in Southeast

Anyone been to Queens Comfort in Astoria yet?

I just read a great food blog review of this place and wanted to see if anyone had been there?

Queens Comfort (40-09 30th Ave., Astoria)

Queens Comfort
40-09 30th Ave, Queens, NY 11103

Feb 23, 2011
ScottK in Outer Boroughs

quality of costco meats and seafood

In Queens, I love to buy my meats at D'Alessandro Food Market
4607 Hollis Court Blvd
Flushing, NY 11358
(718) 353-9277

D'Alessandro's Fine Foods
46-07 Hollis Court Blvd, Queens, NY 11358

Nov 22, 2010
ScottK in Outer Boroughs

Good Pupusas and Tamales in . . .Whitestone. I can't believe it.

I didn't catch the name or location of the Flushing place but I'll find out the next time I'm there.

Oct 09, 2010
ScottK in Outer Boroughs

Good Pupusas and Tamales in . . .Whitestone. I can't believe it.

I've been driving by El Ranchito de Daisy in Whitestone for the last few months and finally stopped in. It's on Clintonville Street, near the corner of 10th ave. I didn't know what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised. It's open every day except Sunday, and I think the owner said they close around 3 pm. I thank the employees of a large local company for likely supplying almost of the customers for such an authentic place in what is otherwise an area that would not support it. The owner is a sweetheart and she was quite happy to tell me all about her products. They have a steam table with several types of meat dishes that they put on plates with rice and beans. They make breakfast sandwiches too. I was there on a saturday at about 2, and she told me that lunchtime is really busy. She also said they have a location in Flushing. On my first visit I tried two pupusas, one cheese and one mixed meat. I also had a chicken tamale, a glass of horchata, and took home a piece of her freshly made bread pudding. The pupusas came with similar tasting slaw that they give you at Red Hook, but it was regular cabbage and not red cabbage. They made the pupusas fresh for me, and while the cheese was good, I thought the mixed meat was much better. The chicken tamale was my favorite. I love horchata, and this appeared to have been made fresh and was quite good. We heated up the bread pudding later and it was good too. I'm not around the area during the week much for lunch, but next time I am that seems like it would be the optimal time to try to steamtable dishes. She has a freezer where they sell frozen tamales from El Salvador, commercial ices, but also fruit ices that they make.

El Ranchito de Daisy
10-08 Clintonville St, Queens, NY 11357

Oct 02, 2010
ScottK in Outer Boroughs

Need local recc's for downtown Denver

I'm coming in from NYC and staying at the Grand Hyatt. We have the high end business dinners planned, but I want to make sure I don't miss any local "must Haves" that make this city special. Whether it's breakfast, lunch, a snack, dessert, or a take out tamale, I would love to know. I don't mind taking a cab. Thanks.

Aug 30, 2010
ScottK in Mountain States

Need lunch and dinner recc's not far from Westin in Philly

I'm staying at the Westin on 17th for business. My business meetings are all on that blcok as well. First, I need a few great lunch recc's in walking distance. I don't need fancy places, but am looking for more of a great philly eating experience. For dinner, we don't need to stay close and will gladly travel. Again, the places don't have to be high end, it's more about something great and unique to Philly. Thanks.

May 04, 2010
ScottK in Philadelphia

Need great lunch place near 19th and K

Taking clients for lunch and want a great place in walking distance from their office on 19th and K. Thanks so much.

Need Cambridge MD recc for Crab

I'm heading there this weekend and will only have one meal free, lunch on saturday. I would love great seafood, especially a great maryland crab experience. Can you reccomend a great place in Cambridge or not too far away. Thanks.

Aug 06, 2009
ScottK in Mid-Atlantic

Kosher in detroit?

What's the best kosher restaurant in the area, and are there any kosher places in downtown without having to go to the suburbs? if not, what's the best place in the burbs?

Apr 03, 2009
ScottK in Kosher

What's the best kosher restaurant in the detroit area?

Going to be in town for the ncaa games. are there any good kosher restaurants in the city or are they all in the suburbs?

Phenominal sandwich in Garden City

I work in Garden City and was alerted by a colleague to the Newsday piece yesterday about great sandwiches on LI. We saw they mentioned La Bottega, 147 Nassau Blvd in Garden City South, and its Pascoli sandwich, which is slowly roasted suckling pig with fresh mozzarella, broccoli rabe and spicy red peppers on round rustic bread. Well, we went for lunch today and picked it up. Simply put, phenomenal. I have been to many spots around the city and country, and tried many great sandwiches, but this one definitely goes down as one of the best. Great bread that perfectly soaks up the juices from the meat, perfect balance of heat, meat was incredible big chunks and some great fat. I can't say enough about it. The menu is great just to read. A hard core authentic Italian place with about 60 sandwiches, including 5 different suckling pig ones. This place is special. It was jamming when we were there at lunchtime for take out. Only took 10 minutes. A lot of people were calling in and picking up. Go to this place now! So worth traveling to! They have tables in the back to sit down and eat.

Best steak in Buckhead?

New York Prime, Bones or Chops? Coming in for a business conference and want to have dinner with collegues at one of them. Thanks.

Sep 08, 2008
ScottK in General South Archive

Tamarind tonight. What's good?

I had a venison entree the last time I was there that was great.

Sep 02, 2008
ScottK in Manhattan

Hill Country a Hit

The regular Beef Ribs are very tasty but don't have a lot of meat on them. The best rib is when it has the Beef Short Ribs as a special. A few weeks back they also had boar ribs as a special and they were quite good. I think its moist brisket is the best everyday item.

Jul 29, 2008
ScottK in Manhattan

Oriental Garden

Never been to Chatham Square. The seafood is great at Oriental Garden, but I like the meat dishes as well. I don't think they have spare ribs, but they do very good versions of cantonese meat dishes like peking pork chop, and if you ask for one of the managers, he will tell you about some of the seasonal off the menu specialities they have that night. I remember in the winter having a really amazing lamb stew type dish they told me about.

Jul 22, 2008
ScottK in Manhattan

Oriental Garden

Oriental Garden is my favorite cantonese place in Chinatown. All the food is always very fresh and delicious. I disagree with the post below about the service. Maybe because at this point I've been there so much, but I've never had bad service and find the waiters and managers very nice to deal with.

Jul 22, 2008
ScottK in Manhattan

Review of new Korean bbq buffet in Flushing


Jul 01, 2008
ScottK in Outer Boroughs

Review of new Korean bbq buffet in Flushing

A korean friend of mine told me about a new Korean buffet on Northern that was good quality. So, last night we tracked it down and had a very good experience. It's called Sik Gaek Buffet and it opened on June 5. It's located at 157-26 Northern Blvd. Each table has the typical bbq units to cook the food. It's a nice place inside and everything is set up well. The cost for dinner is $39, a lot less for children and seniors. They have a huge selection of both marinated and non marinated meats to take to your table and bbq. There is also shellfish, a ton of cold salads and other cooked dishes, a lot of cooked hot food, and a section where they have sashimi and sushi. It was packed at 8 and they were constantly refilling the items. I agree that the quality of the meats was very good and fresh. Since Korean is usually, in my opinion, one of the more expensive of the asian meals to eat out, for the meat and fish you can eat here, we all agreed that the price was well worth it. At lunch I think it's around $25, but I have no idea if the selection is any different.

Jun 27, 2008
ScottK in Outer Boroughs

Is there any place I can get fish and shrimp tacos like those in Playa Del Carmen?

I was on vacation in Playa Del Carmen a few months ago and loved its famous fish and shrimp tacos. They are very lightly battered, great seasoning, served on fresh corn tortillas, with amazing sauces of tamarind or habenero on the side. Does any place in the outer-boroughs serve these same type of tacos? Thanks.

Jun 24, 2008
ScottK in Outer Boroughs

Need info on new Korean buffet in Flushing

A korean friend told me about a newer Korean Buffet on Northern Blvd that he says has very good bbq and seafood, but is pricey, around $40 a person. He couldn't give me the name but said it was in the 150's. Anyone know about this place and been there?

Jun 18, 2008
ScottK in Outer Boroughs

Big Apple BBQ (Barbecue Block Party) 2008

With the fast pass, can only one person use it? are they checking an id with it?

May 28, 2008
ScottK in Manhattan

Need Playa Del Carmen help

Going with friends in a few weeks and have read most of the older posts. We're a great eating group, and really want to hit all the can't miss experiences in the 7 days we're there. We'll be staying at the Playa Maya. Any help is much appreciated.

Mar 22, 2008
ScottK in Mexico

hill country

As someone whose had a lot of Texas bbq, I couldn't disagree with your posts more. First I thought maybe you're not a fan of texas bbq, but from your post above, apparently you are. I have been to both Sonny Bryan's and Kreuz and Kreuz is far superior. In fact, I had been to Kreuz about a week before Hill Country opened, and upon visiting Hill Country I was suprised how good it was right out of the gate. The brisket is the best in the city and quite good by Kreuz standards. Not as good as Kreuz, but close enough to make us lucky to have it here in NYC. The moist brisket is fattier than at Kreuz, but easy to rip away the fat line and enjoy the great flavor. The sides aren't incredible, but that doesn't bother me because the meat is so good. Either way, the one thing you can't say about Hill Country is that the meat is tasteless or needs more smoke flavor. Maybe you're just a fan of other wood flavors and the oak doesn't do it for you. This is real cue and it's done quite well.

Aug 27, 2007
ScottK in Manhattan

Bethel, NY?

Thanks for the post. I forwarded it to my parents who then told me that they had recently been back and said it was much improved. Even the french fries were back to the way they were on there first visit, which they really liked.

Need recc for big group for Scottsdale dinner

In September, about 60 people, we need a very good place for dinner that can accomodate a group this size. Everyone is staying at the Westin Kierland Resort. Thanks.

Aug 03, 2007
ScottK in Phoenix

New item at Hill Country Amazing

Went last night with friends and instead of the beef ribs, the board said ask about the special. The special was beef short ribs, and while the normal beef ribs had little meat on them, the short ribs were monsters. Not only was the bone huge, but as would be expected when you buy these from the bucther, there is a huge hunk of meat on them. It was nice to see. It was smoked perfectly and tasted incredible. I told one of the managers that these should replace the usual beef ribs, and it seemed a lot of people were telling him how great they were. I don't know if it was just a nightly special, but I hope not. For those who want to get variety, definetely don't order more than one. The amount of meat on one could fill you up without even getting to the other meats and sides.

Jul 29, 2007
ScottK in Manhattan

Chocolate Mousse/ Pecan Pie at Peter Luger's??

yeah, it's a good sized piece.

Jul 23, 2007
ScottK in Outer Boroughs

Chocolate Mousse/ Pecan Pie at Peter Luger's??

I never had the Pecan Pie, but the chocolate Mousse is my favorite dessert there. I would say it's a pie. Unexpectedly light and not overly sweet, it goes so well with the schlag.

Jul 23, 2007
ScottK in Outer Boroughs