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One night for off strip Asian food - Raku vs Chada vs LoS

Thank you for these stellar suggestions! I found myself at Chada last night - enjoyed an AJ Adam Riesling with the century egg and basil, the crab curry with noodles (excellent suggestion, @LVI) and the papaya salad, super spicy. They took fantastic care of me and I was really impressed with all of it. Tonight - I'm forgoing work obligatory dinner on the strip at somewhere forgettable to try and snag a seat at Raku. I can't help but think it will be something special as well. Thanks again for all the input - LoS will have to wait til next time.

Mar 23, 2015
nycreba in Las Vegas

One night for off strip Asian food - Raku vs Chada vs LoS

Oh god. I need more time in Vegas to eat dinner off the main drag! I have one (possibly 2, but likely 1) night to have dinner by myself at one of the above restaurants. The only question remaining: which one?

-its just me, and I eat everything, so I prefer a bar over a table any day
-i'm super flexible on timing so a reservation shouldn't be a problem
-i'm after excellent wine pairing and obviously, Chada and LofS might excel in this respect alone

I welcome your suggestions and then - to up the ante even more - which dishes must I absolutely not miss?

Your responses are, as always, greatly appreciated.

Mar 22, 2015
nycreba in Las Vegas

Help with a 4 night dining itinerary in DC

Don't miss Blue Duck. For lunch or for breakfast, their food - and service - is exemplary. Please make room for a meal there on your itinerary.

I've just come across your thread and must echo the praise for Serow. The queue forms around 430 (sometimes a bit earlier) even on the weekdays but the restaurant is my most favorite in DC and possibly, some days, in the country.

Central for lunch, if given a choice between that and Proof, in my book. Its busy...and definitely has a DC "hum" at prime meal time, but the acoustics aren't deafening and you can definitely ask for a table toward the back, away from the more central (pun really not intended) hubbub. Proof may be on the quieter side when comparing the two but I really enjoy the food at Central. Don't miss the tuna burger or gougeres.

Returning to Vegas for first time in years - what have I missed?

@uhockey - thank you for those suggestions. Agreed that Rose.Rabbit.Lie looks intriguing for a bachelorette party and for the cocktails if nothing else.

I booked us a reservation for dinner there and envision us just losing the night there afterwards.

Investigating Carnevino for Sunday night dinner as well. I very much appreciate the suggestions.

When its just the two of us Tuesday night, I'll try to get us a res at Twist. Is there bar seating as well?

Thanks again.

Feb 16, 2014
nycreba in Las Vegas

Returning to Vegas for first time in years - what have I missed?

Its been quite some time since I've delved into Vegas restaurants on the strip. I'll be back at end of March / early April for a combined belated bachelorette party meets work trip. (don't ask. it might not be pretty.) We're staying at the Bellagio but I don't recall there being exceptionally memorable food right there.

I recall having a lovely dinner at Sage. Once upon a time Fiamma was quite good. Liked - didn't love - Joel Robuchon. And as I'm coming from DC, I'm well acquainted with Jose Andres concepts as well. I don't know, though, that they've stood the test of time.

We're doing a brunch at Bouchon (how can we not??) and on the one night I'll be there a deux with just one of my girlfriends, I'm going to try to snag seats at e.

I've read through many threads and can't seem to get a handle on what's worth it these days (good food by any standards, suitable for groups of 5, something new & noteworthy, etc...) and what's not.

Does anyone have suggestions for a few dinners? I welcome your thoughts - feeling very out of the loop.

Feb 13, 2014
nycreba in Las Vegas

One week in Tuscany - dining in Florence, Chianti, Lucca, San Gimignano, Siena, Pienza, Montalcino, Montepulciano...suggestions?

Hi - see my post here: for Lucca, Florence, and Siena recs. We LOVED where we ate & stayed...

and I KNOW its cliche but you really do need to have the chicken in brown butter sauce @ sostanza in florence...its transcendent. good luck! :)

May 22, 2012
nycreba in Italy

New Years Eve in Barcelona - dining suggestions?

Oh my goodness - I appreciate all your attention and recommendations. As the OP, I feel horrible that I haven't checked back in...our travel plans changed abruptly and we never made it to Spain for the holiday. But I appreciate all your input and contributions, and, it appears, so do many others. Thanks so much!

Jan 01, 2012
nycreba in Spain/Portugal

woefully i have but 36 hours in philly - WHERE for my only dinner??

Thanks for all the stellar recommendations...good times in Philly.
Husband couldn't be deterred from cheesesteaks so we had our mandatory sammy at lunch - good, but ultimately forgettable.
Wandered out for drinks @ Tinto while waiting for a table at Village Whiskey...was fine...better for wine & tapas than for cocktails but a nice bar. Wandered back to VW before our table was ready in time to see 2 seats surrendered at the bar - perfect! Gave up the table to while the night away there, sampling bourbons and gorging ourselves on the pickled appetizers (um...tomatoes and ricotta? there is nothing better. nothing...) and cheese puffs. I had the burger (pretty great - not the best ever, but worthy of accolades, definitely) and he had the mac & cheese which was marvelous.
Its kind of exactly what we were looking for - wish there was something akin in DC. Marvin is all I can think of but its not the same thing at all, really.
Thanks for all the recs - tried our hand at Roast Pork @ Reading Terminal, btw, but it was the morning of NYE and was chaos. Also wandered by Di Brunos and dropped mad $$$ on some amazing charcuterie....yum.

Jan 01, 2012
nycreba in Philadelphia

woefully i have but 36 hours in philly - WHERE for my only dinner??

Ha! Maybe so, re: cheesesteak. But isn't it breaking some sort of rule/religion/pact to come to Philly and NOT ingest a little wiz? No?

Just read the menu @ Village Whiskey and have drooled all over myself - can't really imagine going anywhere else at this point. They seem to be the same group/people as Tino?

We're coming in tomorrow night (friday) to any cuisine...hubby is allergic to nuts but otherwise we're without restrictions...may take a chance with Vill Whiskey...I mean...burger and pickle bar...where can I go wrong?

Dec 29, 2011
nycreba in Philadelphia

woefully i have but 36 hours in philly - WHERE for my only dinner??

hi all...

last time i was in philly for a weekend, i had requisite cheese steak en route to mouth when i was seized with some strange chest thing (seriously) and spent the rest of the day in bed wondering what was happening to me. dinner plans were cancelled and we haven't been back since.

now that i'm local for one dinner and one lunch (and obviously the lunch is to finally ingest that requisite cheese steak...) i'm looking for recommendations for something low key but spectacular for dinner. something unique to philly, in/around the rittenhouse area, that won't break the bank.

considering alma de cuba...tinto...pumpkin...thoughts?

thanks in advance, as always.

Dec 29, 2011
nycreba in Philadelphia

New Years Eve in Barcelona - dining suggestions?

Thanks...that's very helpful. I saw the black out dates on Tickets but was also able to make a reservation at sauc during that in between week, so it seems some are opened, others not. I'll check out your link...many thanks.

Oct 02, 2011
nycreba in Spain/Portugal

Barcelona - 41 Degrees and Tickets in the same evening?

Agree...I'll be on there, 6 PM, fingers poised and hovering to secure something after they reopen from a shuttered Xmas week...
Strong work on the reservations...hoping to pull off a similar coup,,,

Sep 28, 2011
nycreba in Spain/Portugal

Barcelona - 41 Degrees and Tickets in the same evening?

Thanks, and thanks looks like tickets is closed the week after Xmas (at least according to their hours of operation tab...) but hopefully I'll be able to snag something, at exactly midnight Barcelona time, for the first week in January.
If not, drinks at 41 degrees shall suffice but yes - I'd like the "whole" experience...for obvious reasons. Will keep checking in...thanks for the response.

Sep 27, 2011
nycreba in Spain/Portugal

New Years Eve in Barcelona - dining suggestions?

Thanks for the response @PBSF - I've read your comments on many other posts/threads and find your opinions and suggestions very helpful!

I thought Comerc24 looked like fun...we're not in Barcelona FOR new years, per just worked with my husband's and my work schedules to get away that week.

Local tapas sounds perfect...we were just apprehensive about actually getting to EAT somewhere without making a reservation. But maybe we'll just play it by ear & hit the streets.
We're also not huge on partying, but its a lively time in most cities (Barcelona being no exception!) and more fun to eat/celebrate somewhere more energetic and festive...

Sep 27, 2011
nycreba in Spain/Portugal

Barcelona - 41 Degrees and Tickets in the same evening?

I'm curious how/where you managed to figure out what time new reservations become available...I spent some time on the tickets/41 degrees site (and googling it, she sheepishly admits) but couldn't find a time frame. Was it absurdly obvious and I missed it...?

Sep 27, 2011
nycreba in Spain/Portugal

New Years Eve in Barcelona - dining suggestions?

There are some wonderful "eating in Barcelona" threads throughout this board and I've got quite the list going (in my head anyway - will have to translate it to paper!) for my trip there this December.
I'll be there with my husband for 6 nights surrounding NYE (12/28-1/4) which, in my food obsessed brain, translates to 6 dinners/meals/eating experiences, above and beyond the snacks and tapas crawls & etc.

However: I'm having trouble finding a place that fits the bill for NYE: takes reservations, isn't uber expensive (we're not having that kind of trip this go around, although if I can land a Tickets reservation+/- Cinq Sentits, I'm all over them both!!), is lively and - of course - has swoon-worthy food.

I'm considering hisop, although my understanding is that it may be more refined/understated than what we're thinking about for NYE itself. And since Cinq Sentits only accepts res 2 weeks in advance, I'm loathe to wait that long to line something up.

I welcome any & all suggestions - we're staying on Las Ramblas but are happy to travel within the city confines...I'm not sure yet if we'll have a car. Many thanks in advance...we're really looking forward to this trip!

Sep 27, 2011
nycreba in Spain/Portugal

Trip report from PDX: much eating & drinking was had by all (long-ish)

I only wish we'd had more time to explore more restaurants - the city is full of fabulous eating opportunities. We did check out both bars: Departure, their roof top cabana bar, was fine...very scene-y and the bartenders didn't know how to/weren't able to make a mojito but they WERE able to make quite lovely vodka & lemonades and it was a great place to enjoy the breeze and check out the nearly 360 views of the surrounding city.
We didn't officially enjoy a drink at Urban Farmer on their lobby level but we DID take advantage of their happy hour special in the lobby: from 3-6 each day, they have appetizer specials and drink specials (probably also at the actual bar - we opted for a comfy couch/banquette!) and we scored some rosemary and lemon olives and a glass of nice white wine for just a few $$. The bar looked really nice - again...not enough time!

Urban Farmer
525 SW Morrison St., Portland, OR 97204

Sep 04, 2011
nycreba in Metro Portland

Trip report from PDX: much eating & drinking was had by all (long-ish)

My hubby & I were out in Portland with friends for 5 days this past week (and were quite proud of ourselves for making it out before Irene had her way with the East Coast!) - we did some marvelous exploring thanks to many 'hound recommendations.

We stayed in downtown SW at the Nines hotel - fabulous location and hotel...highly recommend. Had brunch/lunch on arrival at the Veritable Quandary - wonderful neighborhood-y restaurant right around the corner. The burger was extraordinary - couldn't get over it. Companions had the croque, the pulled pork, and an ahi tuna eggs benedict creation that were all top notch. The coffee was very good too - we had debated returning later in the trip for another meal but opted for something different. Great start.

Dinner was at Naomi Pomeroy's Beast in NE...I know people have mixed feelings but we did the wine flight/pairings with our dinner and had a wonderful experience. Service was gracious, the pace was right, and the steady stream of food not overwhelming. There were some highlights, sure, but no misses. As the menu changes often, perhaps even daily, I doubt you'll have what we did but it was lovely start to finish.

The next day we snacked our way through the Hawthorne Blvd Festival on the east side - one standout was the fresh mexican at por qui no on Hawthorne. Ironically, the NY Times had released their "36 hours in Portland" recs that same weekend and had singled out the other location of the same restaurant (usually leading to chaos) but the wait was manageable and the food really, really good. Amazing spicy salsas & accompaniments.

Cocktails @ Clyde Common before dinner - bartender was great and made some seriously well concocted drinks for us. The menu looked lovely and the food leaving the kitchen made us sit up and check it out...would readily return to try a meal there.

Dinner was at the Little Bird Bistro and was the highlight of the whole trip. The restaurant is a don't miss if you have one single meal/dinner/experience in PDX. Its a charming little bistro, very small, with impeccable (but not formal) service and a small but well derived menu. We chatted with our waiter about his recommendations and he had great suggestions. We shared a few bottles of wine, began with the charcuterie plate (must start here) and some salads, and between the four of us had the roasted short rib, the chicken, the pork shoulder, and the duck confit. All were beautifully plated and just amazing from start to finish. The chicken of all things, which outside of Jonathan Waxman's masterpiece @ barbuto in NYC doesn't usually win accolades, was outstanding. I can't say enough good things but it was a spectacular dining experience. And, all things considered, not unreasonably priced.

Days were spent in wine country and evenings at some of the food carts for subsequent meals...we had an enjoyable lunch in Hood River at the Full Sail Brewery: another memorable burger with some great beers, and our final dinner in Portland proper was at Pok Pok. Was REALLY excited to try the wings, have some mind altering-ly hot food & etc...and we had a "nice" experience, but I wasn't, sadly, blown away. The wings are worth having...we ordered them spicy & actually had them while waiting for a table across the way at Whiskey Soda Lounge (same people, same wings). I liked them...I didn't LOVE them. Same with dinner - tried a bunch of dishes including the skirt steak salad and the boar collar, the papaya salad and the curry...many were flavorful but none were talk about later amazing. I might go back...but I'd be more apt to grab the wings again with a lovely tamarind whisky sour and call it a day.

All in all, consistently memorable and enjoyable eating experiences throughout PDX. Looking forward to some more exploration in the future.

Clyde Common
1014 SW Stark St, Portland, OR 97205

Pok Pok
3226 SE Division St, Portland, OR

Veritable Quandary
1220 SW 1st Ave, Portland, OR 97204

Whiskey Soda Lounge
3131 SE Division St, Portland, OR 97202

Sep 04, 2011
nycreba in Metro Portland

L'atelier, Fiamma, Bouchon - good mix? Rethink? Pls weigh in...

thanks for the responses.

ended up at l'atelier last night and had a WONDERFUL meal...i agree that its uber expensive considering the actual amount of food, perhaps, that you're eating, but the presentation and flavor profiles as well as the very thoughtful and attentive service made for a wonderful dining experience. we had a really enjoyable dinner.
i opted out of fiamma - had a decent meal there 4 years ago but it seems to have taken a turn. we're headed to sage @ aria this evening...excited to check that out.
and then tomorrow night is bouchon - can't speak for comma ca, but i'm a huge bouchon fan and am eagerly anticipating dinner there as well...

will let you know how sage & bouchon pan out.

Jun 22, 2011
nycreba in Las Vegas

L'atelier, Fiamma, Bouchon - good mix? Rethink? Pls weigh in...

I'm off to Vegas for a few days mid week at the end of the month. I've been before, a year or two ago, and enjoyed stellar dinners at L'atelier de Joel Robuchon, Fiamma, and Bouchon. Also enjoyed brunch and breakfast and anything else I could get in my mouth at variable times of day at Bouchon...I heart Thomas Keller.

Anyway - I'm with different travelling companions this time and am wondering if things have changed re: my restaurant picks. Are they still top notch?

I haven't seen Fiamma popping up in many discussions here, although it seems that l'atelier and Bouchon are still consistently fabulous. Good plan on my end? Should I reconsider? Please weigh in & thanks as always.

3355 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Jun 04, 2011
nycreba in Las Vegas

Headed to NOLA tomorrow - quick critique of Thursday dinner plans, pls...

NOLA recap:

Thanks, all, for the great suggestions.

As I wrote above, Herbsaint was a miss, but Cochon Butcher and Cochon were really wonderful for lunch and dinner, respectively. We enjoyed sampling small plates at both meals and contemplated going back yet again for our third day out & about.

Saturday grazing: started at Johnny's in the FQ for a shrimp po'boy which was...well, pretty good but I'm not sure it was the BEST THING I EVER HAD. But it was an authentic NOLA po'boy and so I suppose that counts for something.

Walked about for a bit and then headed to the bar at Mr B's for a ginger beer and the BBQ shrimp which were outstanding. That was a fantastic recommendation. No room for bread pudding, sadly.

More coffee at Cafe du Monde in the later afternoon (but no room for beignets after the shrimps...) and then had a later dinner/snack at Napolean House where we split a 1/2 muffaletta (omigod - SO good!), had the requisite Pimms, and tried the red beans & rice and jambalaya. Red beans were pretty good - jambalaya passable. But the sandwich was pretty incredible.

Didn't make it to Galatoires or the Monteleone but did hit up Sazarac @ the Roosevelt Hotel for, well, sazaracs and also the Polo Lounge for drinks as well - both well made cocktails.

Again, appreciate the wonderful recommendations and will look forward to other NOLA eating in the future!!

May 29, 2011
nycreba in New Orleans

Headed to NOLA tomorrow - quick critique of Thursday dinner plans, pls...

Thanks, all for the suggestions. We ended up at Herbsaint on Thursday night, and it would have been a pretty great meal save for two pret-ty significant details. One was the timing (sub par) of the meal and the other was the fact that although we informed our server(s) of my husband's nut allergy, they still made an appearance on his plate and thus an unfortunate end to our evening was had.

Sat promptly for our reservation, greeted warmly and cordially. Service was lovely - attentive but not overbearing. We made my hubby's allergy known, talked about specials, ordered our meal.

We started with the gumbo which was a touch watery but flavorful. Followed with the shrimp & grits (with tasso and okra) which was a highlight - enough so that I was willing to overlook the (slightly) overcooked shrimp. Next was spaghetti with guanciale and a fried poached egg...this was beautifully prepared. Followed this with a soft shell crab special that was a standout - perfectly cooked. This was our favorite.

Up until this point, we're loving the vibe of the restaurant and the taste of the food but the pacing of the courses was off. We would wait 15, 20, 30 minutes for our next plate to arrive...enough time that we would discuss the lag, look around, notice that other people's meals were arriving.

The tables around us received an amuse bouche that wasn't offered to us. The table next to us heard about a pork chop special that wasn't read to us...the extensive length between courses gave us time to notice these details, look at each other, and shrug.

What killed us was dessert. Ordered the chocolate pudding pie and asked that the cashew ice cream be left off the plate: nut allergy. Cashew ice cream was removed, caramel corn with nuts remained. Hubby spent the rest of our time at the restaurant in the bathroom before I put him in a cab and got him home.

Miserable end to a mostly lovely meal.

Otherwise, enjoying our eating very much! Yesterday was lunch at Cochon Butcher (omigod - the duck sliders? pancetta mac & cheese? pork belly sandwich? whole lotta YUM!) and was marvelous.

Went to Emeril's today for lunch, sat at the bar at the pass through and enjoyed some very good food, and are returning to Cochon proper tonight for dinner.

@edible complex - thanks so much for the great suggestions for tomorrow! I think we'll browse & graze & snack our way through the FQ for po boys, fried oysters & etc. Looking forward to it!!

May 27, 2011
nycreba in New Orleans

Headed to NOLA tomorrow - quick critique of Thursday dinner plans, pls...

Very good suggestions, all of them. Brigsten's seemed to be a little removed from the CBD and so on - is it somewhere to just walk into without a reservation on a Saturday evening?
Appreciate the input - will let you know what we work out!

May 25, 2011
nycreba in New Orleans

Headed to NOLA tomorrow - quick critique of Thursday dinner plans, pls...

My husband & I are headed to NOLA for the first time (for both of us - very excited!) tomorrow and will be there for 4 days/3 nights.

We're hoping to "plan" some meals and stumble into the rest of them. I've gleaned suggestions from this board and from friends who live in & around the area but I'm finding a great deal of inconsistency re: some restaurants. Since we're down south, we're hoping to experience proper creole cuisine at some point, thus we've strayed from Stella!, Coquette, and MiLA (more fine dining, less regional) and Dominica (menu reads like Cinghiale in Baltimore, MD, or many places in NYC) but I'm second guessing myself on our current reservations.

Right now: we're reserved at Herbsaint for dinner tomorrow, Emerils for Friday lunch and Cochon for Friday dinner. Saturday is entirely open. There is definitely a po boy lunch in our future (perhaps Ignatius?) and beignets (a trip to Cafe du Monde, no doubt!) but is there anywhere else we definitely want to hit for some real New Orleans cooking?

Please advise - I'm sure wherever we end up will be fabulous but I always appreciate CH input!

930 Tchoupitoulas St., New Orleans, LA 70130

Emeril's Restaurant
800 Tchoupitoulas, New Orleans, LA 70130

701 Saint Charles Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70130

May 25, 2011
nycreba in New Orleans

El Centro DF

Ended up at El Centro this past week and am simply cutting & pasting my girlfriend's review from yelp, here, as it is identical to what I may have written about the same experience...she beat me to the post. I wouldn't hurry back - better tacos/mexican at Pica Taco right around the corner on Florida and 15th.

El Centro review, compliments of my friend M:

Service - meh
Food - not too bad
Roof deck - hey, it's a roof deck... in DC

I went with a couple of girlfriends last night. First, we headed up to the roofdeck, which I thought was nice, and def bigger than I expected. Could not get the attention of the female bartender, but the male one got to us eventually. The drinks were strong if you're into that. They had an impressive selection of tequila, but they did not have the one that my friend wanted. The bartender knew his stuff, though, and offered her something comparable.

We had dinner reservations at 8, and the hostess seemed very confused when we got downstairs. Apparently, Open Table was down or something, but we got seated in the downstairs dungeon (I mean lounge) fairly quickly.

Our waiter was sweet but clueless. He managed to come in and ask questions at the most inopportune moments possible. Friend crying = "hey, how are you liking the guac?" Other friend pouring her heart out = "just wanted to check if you needed anything." A more experienced waiter would have read the energy of the table and backed off.

The guacamole was good - comparable to Oyamel or Cafe Atlantico. It was prepared tableside and their chips were good (house made). I had the fish tacos, which I thought were good but not amazing. They didn't fry the fish (good), but the fish was a little dry (but not ridiculously so). The pork belly tacos were also pretty good, but the pork belly was overcooked.

One of the managers came up to us and asked us our opinion of the restaurant after we finished eating. We told him honestly what we thought about everything, and he said he appreciated our feedback and acknowledged that they had a rocky start. He took our check and brought it back with 50% off. I can give an extra star for that, so it's really a 3 stars experience that went to 4. Because you can, in fact, buy my affection.

Cafe Atlantico
405 8th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20004

4838 Bethesda Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814

El Centro DF

Going tonight for the first time so will see how they're doing 5 days out but the reviews on yelp (if those can be trusted) are meager at best...and my first impression just stopping in today to change the number of people in our reservation wasn't heartwarming.

Two dozen people standing around doing nothing much, just as many wandering about looking like they SHOULD be doing something, clueless hostess and a computer system that was down "but should be up in, like, um, I don't know when." Hostess didn't have a pen to write down our change and had to hunt down a server who had to ask ANOTHER server for a pen.
So...we'll see. Seem to still be challenged...

Where am I going to dinner on Tuesday? Help me decide, please!

So last night we ended up at MK restaurant. Nsxtasy - you made Sable sound absolutely unmissable and for sure it will be tops on the list for a repeat visit to Chi, but MK was...unbelievable.

Seamless service - exec chef Erick Williams came out of the kitchen for a visit and our server, Sergio, had been with the restaurant since inception - the likes of which I'm used to in far more stuffy and formal environments. Gracious without hovering, efficient and smooth. We marveled repeatedly at the competence and flow of the entire staff that night.

The food: superb. Shared the arugula salad and a crab special to start. The salad was perfection. I never say that about a salad - but it was a hang from the rooftops kind of salad, the kind I envision people might beat their chests over in a different time. The crab...succulent and dressed beautifully with microgreens. My dining companion had a food allergy and the kitchen recrafted a dish specifically for her, taking her needs into consideration. This after careful deliberation in the kitchen, per Erick and Sergio, and an equally careful explanation tableside. We very much appreciated the thoughtfulness put into the preparation of our meal.

Followed our starters with the whitefish/lobster combo and the off menu filet...both in ample portions (neither of us could finish) and bursting with flavor. Really amazing presentations on the plate and delivery, both. We lingered over our dinner and then ordered the cake & shake for dessert. Best pint sized - or otherwise - vanilla milkshake I've ever had coupled with a decadent multi layered/flavored cake. Finished off our meal with a glass of moscato, savoring our dining experience.

Best dinner I've had in a long time: service unparalleled, presentation remarkable. And for all of the above - really not unreasonably priced. Thrilled we found it - thanks for all the recs in this thread. More restaurants to enjoy on return trips!!

May 04, 2011
nycreba in Chicago Area

Where am I going to dinner on Tuesday? Help me decide, please!

Ok! Ended up making a reservation at MK for tonight - totally not the original plan but have been wooed by the menu on their website and by generally positive reviews here.

Is it: as formal as Tru (i.e. men are required to wear sport coats) or a touch more casual? Will it break my bank entirely, or can two of us scoot out of there departing with less than $200?

And finally: if I was to offer Sable as the lone fallback, which would YOU opt for, for an early dinner this evening??



May 03, 2011
nycreba in Chicago Area

Franklins vs Saltlick: can only do one...can't choose on my own

Ok! So the update: we ended up at the Salt Lick out in Driftwood. I know, I know...its not of the same caliber as Franklins...but we wanted the "experience." That is to say, we wanted to get in the car and "leave town" for our BBQ. :)

Drove out - tour buses and loads of people everywhere. Were seated right away on the outside patio and based on the words of wisdom from rudeboy, ordered strategically. Or, well, tried.

Apparently baby back ribs are only served on Sundays, and we were there on a Friday. Able to overcome this tragedy, we bravely forged ahead and ordered smoked turkey, spare ribs, and the brisket burnt ends. Got the cole slaw on the side, pickles, and jalapenos. Brought out own cold beer and they obligingly gave us a pail with ice to keep it cold.

The burnt ends were delightful - even better with the housemade BBQ sauce on the table. The smoked turkey was divine - perfectly cooked, incredibly flavorful. My hubby, who is not - per se - a raging fan of smoked turkey, was blown away. The ribs were fine - we enjoyed them, I probably won't remember them. They didn't have the scalloped potatoes either, but the cole slaw was light without the mayo, and pleasantly topped with sesame seeds. Unexpected, but it worked.

Somehow we found/made room for peach cobbler which was outstanding. We took half a tin home for dinner with family that night. Perfect served with their vanilla ice cream.

On the way to dinner, we drove by Franklins...we'll save it for next time. Appreciate all the recommendations - Salt Lick was definitely a fun, somewhat touristy experience as was mentioned time & time again, but delivered solid BBQ too.

May 02, 2011
nycreba in Austin

Where am I going to dinner on Tuesday? Help me decide, please!

Ahhh...avec will not make the cut then, sadly.
Is now a battle of the "S"s...Sprout, Cafe Spaiggia or Sable...

And I'm having a seriously tough time with this one. All different, all uniquely appealing for different reasons...hmmm...

Apr 20, 2011
nycreba in Chicago Area