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Great restaurants in Springfield area

Reviving this thread as I'll be going through Springfield in 2 weeks and am looking for a few breakfast/lunch/dinner recommendations. I marked down Red Rose Pizza, but other places I've seen mentioned (Student Prince, Carpaccio's) have closed recently it looks like. Will be staying near the Basketball Hall of Fame and will have a car, but would like to stay within a 15-20 minute driving radius if possible.

Extra points if there's any place with sidewalk/outside seating, I will be bringing my dog, though not mandatory.

Aug 24, 2015
fishermb in Southern New England

Up-to-date Barcelona advice please (little sister's honeymoon!)

We are visiting from NYC and had tapas at Bar Canete 2 night ago and thought it was excellent. Lively atmosphere, delicious dishes, and a pretty good mix of locals despite being close off Las Ramblas.

Aug 10, 2015
fishermb in Spain/Portugal

New Yorkers Returning to Barcelona 7 Years Later...Looking for Some Recommendations

I should've mentioned the dates, I'll be there full days Saturday August 8-Tuesday the 11th, leaving early the following morning for Madrid. I checked the Tickets site and it looks like they'll be closed.

Jul 14, 2015
fishermb in Spain/Portugal

New Yorkers Returning to Barcelona 7 Years Later...Looking for Some Recommendations

I will be in Barcelona mid-August for a 4-day visit, followed by 3 days in Madrid.

I last visited Barcelona in 2008 and the meals I enjoyed the most were at Mam i Teca, Tapas 24 and Kiosko Universal. Looking to try some new places on this trip, with a heavy emphasis on seafood as Mrs does not eat meat.

A few places I've made notes of in research are Quimet & Quimet, Bar Canete, and Tickets.

We prefer to stay away from anything too formal and we are not big drinkers, otherwise any type of atmosphere for lunch/dinner is most welcome. Staying off La Rambla, but we're fine with a long walk or hopping on the subway.

Jul 12, 2015
fishermb in Spain/Portugal

7 Layer Cake

It's been a good 4+ years, anything change in the world of 7 Layer Cake?

Jul 05, 2015
fishermb in Outer Boroughs

Warwick/Providence RI vicinity: Looking for dog-friendly options with great seafood

Matunick no longer allows dogs they told us only service dogs can come

Jun 19, 2015
fishermb in Southern New England

Warwick/Providence RI vicinity: Looking for dog-friendly options with great seafood

Coming in with my wife to Rhode Island in roughly a month, we will be there for 72 hours and bringing our dog.

We are staying in Warwick and will have a car, happy to drive ~30 minutes in any direction.

We both mostly eat seafood (very little meat, no beef) and preference goes to any spots on the water. Italian and Mexican are our other favorite cuisines.

If there's any other local specialties we should look out for other than seafood, or any interesting food trucks, etc. we are open for ideas.

Looking mostly for casual, but would like one nicer rec for Friday or Saturday night. We went to Newport 5 years ago, so if there's anything new there worth checking out, we had a great time there.

We also plan to take our dog one afternoon to Compass Rose Beach which we read is dog friendly, so could also use a rec for some place to get sandwiches, etc. for a picnic.


May 25, 2015
fishermb in Southern New England

Middle Eastern on Atlantic Avenue?

I am a fan of Fatoosh, but they have a relatively small menu compared to Waterfalls or Yemen Cafe, so you may want to check them all out on menupages in advance. You can have a very good meal at any of the 3

May 02, 2015
fishermb in Outer Boroughs

Where can I get an onion board?

So I made my way to Kossar's yesterday after work and picked one up. It was definitely "good" and much better than Moishe's, but that being said, it just wasn't onion-y enough for me.

It'll work, and it was a good excuse to pick up some bialys, but I may need to check out some of the other suggestions too.

Jan 17, 2015
fishermb in Manhattan

Where can I get an onion board?

Thanks City Kid, I'll just have to find time this to get over there then.

I went to Moishe's earlier today and was very disappointed with theirs, it was dry and not onion-y enough. My wife was equally disappointed with her apricot hamantaschen.

Jan 11, 2015
fishermb in Manhattan

Where can I get an onion board?

Thanks Ttrockwood, I'll see if I can get over there on Sunday, I haven't had one in years but something hit me this afternoon and I've got to have one!

Jan 09, 2015
fishermb in Manhattan

Where can I get an onion board?

Subject says it all, though below 42nd street would be preferable.

Jan 09, 2015
fishermb in Manhattan

Where can I buy live cockles near Park Slope?

Union Market on Court Street usually has them, so perhaps one of the Park Slope locations has them as well

Dec 23, 2014
fishermb in Outer Boroughs

Best Sushi for $100pp?

So at the end of the day I wound up making the reservation for 15 East. My original plan was Dojo but it turns out they are going to be closed that day, so I figured I'll splurge a bit more this time around. I would like to get to Dojo at some point, and Kanoyama sounds great too. Thank you all again for the advice

Oct 21, 2014
fishermb in Manhattan

Best Sushi for $100pp?

Thank you all for the advice and recommendations, I'm torn between 15 East and Sushi Dojo, both sound like excellent choices and have read tons of positive feedback on both. I've got a month until the birthday, so will figure this out in the next few days to make sure I get the reservation I want. I'll be sure to report back afterwards, thank you all again.

Oct 14, 2014
fishermb in Manhattan

Best Sushi for $100pp?

Looking to spend $100 per person on an upcoming birthday. I haven't been to any of the top tier sushi restaurants, can I have an enjoyable experience at places like 15 East, Azabu or Gari for 1 drink, 1 starter and a sushi main course (without tax/tip)? Mostly just looking for something interesting and delicious, not in need of an 8 course menu or anything of the sort. Thoughts?

Oct 11, 2014
fishermb in Manhattan

Thai in Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill

I think Ghang (the one on Court, not the one on Smith that turned into HopHap 2 years ago) is reliably OK. I too have tried every place that will deliver and there's just nothing that's great unfortunately, I also agree that Em has gone downhill since they changed to VIP@ Thai (who decided on that name?).

As for sushi, Hibino doesn't deliver but they do take-out. I've either had dinner in their restaurant or takeout 2-3 times a month since they opened and have never had anything less than consistently fresh and delicious fish. I've tried every place that has sushi in the neighborhood and I won't even bother eating anywhere else anymore. I know Hibino is more known for their cooked dishes and daily obanzai but I personally think in our neighborhood, their sushi is 2nd to none.

Chinese, don't even bother...

Sep 29, 2014
fishermb in Outer Boroughs

near Brooklyn bridge park, photoville

Hibino is family friendly but around 8pm you're likely to have a 45 minutes wait on a Saturday night.

I'm a fan of Chez Moi's food but it's fairly dark and IMO gets noisy there at night.

There's also Table 87 & Luzzo's for pizza, and either Bareburger or 282 for burgers.

Sep 20, 2014
fishermb in Outer Boroughs

Bologna: Need help picking 1 lunch/dinner

I will be in Bologna for 24 hours before heading back home to NYC. I've checked the boards, other sites and a few recommendations from a friend who was there a few months ago. For 1 lunch and 1 dinner, ideally outside seating, casual atmosphere, what would your top recommendation be from the following. I should mention that my wife doesn't eat meat, so seafood/vegetarian options are important, and I'd like the meals to not both be so similar traditional styles:

Ristorante Teresina
Ristorante Ciacco
Trattorias Del Rosso
Giampi e Ciccio
Drogherria della Rosa
Ristorante Il Saraceno
All'Osteria Bottega

Thank you!

Sep 11, 2014
fishermb in Italy

Lunch in Pontedera?

I'll be in Pontedera in early September on a Thursday, looking for lunch recommendations.

Jul 12, 2014
fishermb in Italy

Hibino review

I'm sorry to hear you didn't love everything you had, for the 7 years that we have been in the neighborhood, we eat there or take out almost every week.

The Obanzai daily special appetizers are a fantastic deal and gives you the chance to try new dishes without a big commitment.

If you go again I would recommend one of the tofu appetizers as they make their own, the Agedashi is our favorite. And while we have always found the sushi fresh and high quality, the teriyaki chicken, a dish that's usually just average everywhere, is truly fantastic at Hibino.

Apr 22, 2014
fishermb in Outer Boroughs

Great pancakes in Brooklyn

Second Cafe Luluc, my absolute favorite pancake in NYC

Apr 11, 2014
fishermb in Outer Boroughs


Went last night and was not completely satisfied for the price. Started with the polenta chips w/baccala, while the chips were interesting the baccala had no real flavor, could have been anything. We next had the Hamachi which was delicious but at $17 would maybe expect a little more than 4 quarter-sized bites.

For mains I had the bucatini w/sea urchi which was absolutely fantastic, one of the most interesting, tasty pasta dishes I've had anywhere in the city. That said, the portion is TINY. My wife had the sea bass which was cooked perfectly but didn't have much flavor. We also had a side of potatoes which we both quite liked,

We each had a $10 drink, and with tip it came out to $140 and we both left hungry. The noise level didn't bother us and the service was fine, but for that much money, and considering it is by no means a fine dining restaurant with the atmosphere they've created, the price did not match the meal for us.

Apr 06, 2014
fishermb in Manhattan

Nice restaurant near Jay Street/Brooklyn station for Sunday afternnon

Does it matter what direction you go in? In Brooklyn Heights there's the relatively new place Sociale which has been receiving favorable remarks. Mainstays Queen and Noodle Pudding won't be open at that time. For what I think is fantastic pizza (smaller personal Neopolitan pies) there's Sottocasa on Atlantic. A few extra minutes down Smith Street is Savoia. Those will be your best bets for Italian within a 10 minute walk.

Jan 26, 2014
fishermb in Outer Boroughs

Best Lunch Options in DUMBO/Brooklyn Heights?

I've been to Chez Moi a dozen or so times since they opened and never had anything other than a "very good" meal. Nothing has ever blown us away, but we think it's quite good and the best bistro food in the neighborhood.

That said, as Bkeats recommended, Hibino is our favorite place in the neighborhood and go there once a week. Excellent quality everything.

Jan 24, 2014
fishermb in Outer Boroughs

Punta Cana recommendations?

The most recent thread for recommendations was 2 years ago, so starting up a new one in hopes of some recent additions. I'll be staying in Punta Cana for 5 nights at the new Westin.

I've heard taxis get quite expensive with them ripping off tourists, and renting a car seems out of the question given reports of how dangerous it is to drive. So is there anywhere really worth venturing out to, either specific restaurants at other hotels, or any non-resort hotels?

Whole Foods opening in Brooklyn

Union Market is a local store with only 4 locations. There's 100 independent markets within a 15 minute walk of the LES, have you ever been to Chinatown?

I'm all for small independent businesses and do the majority of my grocery shopping at them, but clearly there is a market for a big box store like Whole Foods if they keep expanding.

The Brooklyn WF location is in the middle of nowhere, it is not displacing a bunch of small stores. Gowanus is not a heavily populated neighborhood, meaning the majority of the people who go there need to travel by car or public transportation, and still need their small stores to get items throughout the week. I can't see myself going to WF every week, but once a month to stock up on items is a nice option to have. Not everyone wants to spend $5 on a roll of paper towels from the bodega around the corner. If that's how you want to support local businesses, then go for it, but move on.

Dec 24, 2013
fishermb in Outer Boroughs

First Date - Cobble Hill, Fort Greene, Boerum Hill

Bocca Lupo is a solid suggestion, nice atmosphere if you go a bit later (lots of strollers early in the evening). They also recently added a few nightly special dishes, though I have yet to try them out

Oct 03, 2013
fishermb in Outer Boroughs

First Date - Cobble Hill, Fort Greene, Boerum Hill

I would not recommend Apartment 138, and Sample has a very limited menu, not really for dinner.

Colonie on Atlantic suits all of your needs, though it gets busy and can be a bit loud.

Ganso is fantastic, relatively new ramen joint on Livingston and Bond, which is right about halfway between Cobble Hill & Ft. Greene.

Mile End and Rucola are also in between, though closer to Cobble Hill; Mile End is very small, deli'ish type food in a small, hip setting. Rucola is Italian, a bit darker and nicer d├ęcor.

Lastly, even though it's on Smith, Hunter's hits all of your points as well. Very seasonal/local food, have had a couple of delicious meals there.

Never been to Bijan's, so no thoughts on that for you.

Regarding Motosport's suggestions, Prime Meats and Frankies 457 (I assume that's what he meant by "Freddie's") are both great, but they're at the way bottom of Carroll Gardens and not very convenient for someone coming from Fort Greene. I'd also add that Prime Meats is a bit pricey.

Good luck-

Oct 02, 2013
fishermb in Outer Boroughs

Driving from NYC to Mansfield, need lunch halfway off I80

I am driving tomorrow from NYC to Mansfield, which looks to be about a 4 hour or so drive on I80. I'm leaving 10AM so it looks like around 12PM-1PM I should be somewhere in the vicinity of Stroudsburg. Does anyone have a recommendation for something close to the highway, casual quick lunch?

Aug 22, 2013
fishermb in Pennsylvania