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Restaurant Closings in 2013

Aw man. Sad to hear about that. Do you know the name of the replacement?

Quotation marks

I'm seeing the same issue with < and > (e.g., here: ). Might want to check all your character escaping.

Apr 08, 2013
janetmweiss in Site Talk

I'm an idiot-bad judgment in the kitchen

I was making simple syrup for the first time. I had a small glass jar I was going to put it in when it was done, but I didn't know how big the jar was. I filled it with water and then emptied the water into a measuring cup. 1.25 cups. Ok! Perfect.

I put 1.25 cups of water into a pot, added the same amount of sugar and set it to you see where this is going yet?

Once the sugar has dissolved, I gleefully went to pour it into the jar, not paying too much attention to how quickly the jar was filling up because I knew I was SUPER-SMRT and had pre-measured the jar's volume.

And that is how I poured almost a cup of boiling sugar water all over the kitchen counter and floor.

Mar 04, 2013
janetmweiss in General Topics

Has Benedicts on Monkland been sold again?

I was going to say the same thing :S

Openings in 2012

Adding my voice to the chorus. I bought two cupcakes (4.75 each), one chocolate and one vanilla. My parents split the chocolate between them and I cut the vanilla in half with the intention of eating half and giving half to whichever of my parents wanted it. Two bites into my half-a-cupcake, I threw the rest of my piece out. My parents didn't finish their chocolate halves, and nobody wanted my leftover vanilla half. My cupcake was incredibly stale and the icing felt like styrofoam. I can't even remember what it tasted like because the texture was so off-putting.

When I bought the cupcakes, the woman at the counter went on and on about how the cupcakes were all organic and blah blah blah and I was actually told that the chocolate cupcake had been baked earlier that day (I'm not sure about the vanilla), but my parents said it was stale too.

Stay away.

Hi, my name is _______ and I'm addicted to ________ .(food only please!)

Hi, my name is janetmweiss and I'm addicted to bubble tea and noodles. At the moment, I'm really craving pad see ew, but any noodle dish from any culinary tradition is my weak spot (I'm all right on the bubble for now, since I just had one earlier this afternoon).

Oct 22, 2011
janetmweiss in General Topics

Food Events 2011

I remember checking out their website a few years ago and being put off by the fact that you HAD to go with an escort of the opposite sex. No singles, groups of 3 or more or same-sex pairs allowed. I don't know if it's still set up that way.

Lunch spot for dining solo & bagel spot

If by "ordinary," you mean non-Montreal-y, I want to second that. A lot of coffee shops don't serve Montreal bagels, especially if they're chains. I wouldn't want a tourist unknowingly wandering into a Tim Hortons and thinking their bagels represent the best Montreal has to offer :(

Lunch places near downtown Delta.

I've seen someone getting take-out while I was there. I don't know if their whole menu is available for take-out, but some dishes certainly are at least.

New resto bar PORTUGALIA

I order delivery from there as well, although I've never actually been in the restaurant. I like it! I was actually told that they're open later Thur.-Sat. though I don't remember how late, exactly. I got the info spontaneously over the phone and I didn't have a piece of paper handy to write down what I was being told.

Best Bubble Tea's in Montreal area?

I am a complete, complete bubble tea addict. Coincidentally, I also have the remains of a green apple bubble tea sitting at my elbow right now!

I've found a huge list of bubble tea places in Montreal here: There's nothing besides a list though, so I won't copy any of it here. Be warned though, as the page says, some of the places on the list are closed or HORRID. For instance, I've sampled bubble tea from Sumi Sushi and Rice and Noodles, looking for something close to my Cote St. Luc home and almost broken a tooth on their tapioca.

My general haunts are Magic Idea on De Maisonneuve and Cactus on Mackay because they're both relatively convenient to me as a student. Magic Idea's got a very extensive menu as well with a lot of flavours I haven't seen elsewhere such as lavender, which is a bit of an acquired--if awesome--taste (though I haven't gotten out to Thé Station in Place Vertu yet so I don`t know how their selection compares. I`ve been meaning to.


Cactus' menu is pretty extensive too and their tapioca is cooked a bit softer than everywhere else in Montreal so it makes an interesting change from time to time.

And since you asked about tapioca generosity, I was at L2 in Chinatown yesterday and I received a drink which was amazingly generous on the tapioca. I don't know if it was just a fluke or not though.

Magic Idea
1675 Boul De Maisonneuve W, Montreal, QC H3H1J6, CA

Sort order

Is there still a way to sort posts by original post date (as opposed to by the date of the latest reply)? I can't seem to figure out how.

Aug 12, 2010
janetmweiss in Site Talk

Do you like it when your server recognizes you?

I'll throw in a comment from the opposite side. I HATE when servers recognize me.

I have a tendency to go on food kicks, where I'll eat the same thing over and over again for a week or two and then go off it in favour of something else. That means I could eat the same thing at the same restaurant several times a week. When the servers recognize me, I feel like they must be wondering, "Does this girl have no life whatsoever??" It's even worse if the thing I'm eating is something unhealthy, because then I feel like they must be thinking, "With all the junk this girl eats, I wonder why doesn't she weigh 1000 lbs?"

I realize this is (for the most part) my own quirky little insanity and that most people enjoy being recognized so I certainly don't fault a server for treating me like a regular. I just really wish I could always eat in anonymity.

Jul 07, 2010
janetmweiss in Not About Food

La Khaima: Step into the Nomadic Tent

Just pointing out that Mauritania and Mauritius are two different places :)

Restaurant Openings - 2010


Randomly, are there any other Chinese bakeries in Chinatown 2? It seems like there are about 5 per square foot in the original Chinatown but none (so far, that I know of) near Concordia...

Beware of Bagels

St. Voiture? St. Car?

Dec 08, 2009
janetmweiss in Features

Shameful Bubble Tea Addiction

I'm well-aquainted with the drink menu at Tapioca Thé. But yeah, it's still a bit far for me. I was hoping that since someplace as ethnically non-diverse as the Cote St. Luc shopping center offered bubble tea, I might find something a bit closer than the Guy-Concordia area. Doesn't seem like it though :(

Best cafes to study all day at?

It may be a bit far for you, but 2 of my regular study cafes are

1) Cafe Noir at Mount Royal metro (I think they just opened a new one at Saint Denis). I'm not a coffee drinker, but my old study partner was, and a discerning one at that, for what it's worth. They have wireless internet, a salad bar, pizza by the slice and freshly-made fruit juice and they're open 24 hours a day.

2) Cafe Pi on St. Laurent, which I think has been mentioned on these boards before. It's usually filled with older men playing angry, competitive chess, which...adds character? You can find wireless internet here again. Foodwise, I've only ever had their grilled cheese though; the proximity of Santropol tends to draw me away from studying when I get hungry.

Shameful Bubble Tea Addiction

I think the title says it all: I have a shameful--yet all-consuming--bubble tea addiction. I know how bad it is for me, and how overpriced it tends to be, but still the cravings return. I tried making it at home, but it just didn't turn out very well, so now I'm stucking heading to Chinatown (1 or 2) for my fix(es).

But I live in Cote St. Luc, and sometimes that trip isn't terribly convenient. So, Chowhound: Enable me and my addiction. What is the closest *decent* bubble tea place to Cote St. Luc that you know of? I say decent because, miraculously, the tiny sushi restaurant in the Cote St. Luc shopping center recently added a few bubble tea drinks to their menu, but they are positively disgusting.

What foods have you introduced your parents to?

I've tried, but it REALLY doesn't take :( I'm a big fan of Asian food, which my mom refuses to eat and my dad will only eat grudgingly. I've tried introducing my dad to Thai...didn't work. I took him to an amazing dumpling place that's gotten rave reviews from everyone I know...he hated it. Authentic Szechuan? He'd prefer General Tao.

And yeah, my dad makes rude comments as well. He thinks it's hilarious to intentionally confuse "Thai food" and "Taiwanese food", for instance, or just generally to mispronounce things on purpose (I think his favorite is calling Indian dishes some variation on chicken tikki shicky or whatever :S). If I take him to an ethnic restaurant, he spends the entire time sharing various stereotypes about the owners/patrons.

And yeah, again, the only way my parents know how to celebrate, food-wise, is with a steak dinner. There are few things I find more boring than steak. I'd rather celebrate with a 10-20$ meal at an ethnic place, but they don't understand.

Oh well. They are good people, really. Just...not terribly adventurous.

Oct 07, 2009
janetmweiss in General Topics

Restaurant Closings - 2009

Murray's had gotten really bad over the past few years, but those two restaurants were strangely two of about half a dozen places in the city that my grandmother (who passed away in May) would eat at (in the last few months, practically the only meals she would eat at all were Murray's macaroni and cheese, Fireside chicken noodle soup, and Yangtze eggrolls). It feels weird to have both of them gone so suddenly.


Hmm. At least they taste like sugar to you. I dunno. I tried them once and all I could taste was...novocaine? The taste distinctly reminded me of the time I went to the dentist to get a tooth pulled. No idea why.

Get a load of this! Korean french-fry covered hot dog!

Moh, I still haven't been, but isn't that what Pick's (on...St. Marc, was it?) sells under the name Kogo?

Aug 30, 2009
janetmweiss in General Topics

Restaurant Closings - 2009

Does anybody know what's happening with the hot dog joint on Westminster in Montreal West? Perhaps it's not exactly gourmet cuisine, but it holds a couple of nostalgic memories for me. Apparently, its windows have been papered up. Are they renovating? Closed?

Looking for a Chocolate shop called something like Dask______s

Hmm. That place carries Godiva chocolates now. There HAS been a little stand that carries Daskalides chocolates in the tunnel between the Eaton Centre and Place Ville Marie for at least 3 or 4 years though.

Cuisine Gourmet R.I.P.?

I'm so curious about that place! It seems like utter insanity. Part of me hopes it's actually common-sense-defyingly awesome and will become a heart-warming success story retold through generations. The rest of me is scared to go into a sushi shop with practically no turnover whatsoever.

Have you eaten anything from them?

Cuisine Gourmet R.I.P.?

Since you replied directly to me: I don't know. I've never even been in the store. I was just passing by and remembered this thread :)

Cuisine Gourmet R.I.P.?

I walked past the Monkland store today and there was a sign on the door saying they'd be open again at the end of June, for what it's worth.

Delicieux Xiang?

This restaurant was reviewed quite positively in the Hour a few weeks ago ( ) but the board's silent on it. Since we seem to have quite a few spicy-Chinese-food-lovers around here, I was wondering if anyone else has been and has any opinions to add.

Kasugai gummy or other japanese candies

Uni definitely has Kasugai gummies. Not sure about the mango flavour, but I'm munching on the kiwi ones from there right now.