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Odd/Exotic/off-beat around Milford Ct

I'd like to get some recomendations of odd/exotic/off-beat places with good food within 20 miles or so of Milford Connecticut.

Japanese Steak House in/near Bridgeport Ct.

Can anyone recomend a nice Japanese Steak House in or near Bridgeport Connecticut for a first date?

Black Rock - Bridgeport, CT

They opened a satalite of Pepe's in Black Rock. Lots of people seem to like their pizza.

Danbury CT and Brewster NY

Are there any recomendations for good, inexpensive lunch and dinner places between Brewster NY and Danbury Connecticut?

Black Rock - Bridgeport, CT

Taco Loco is a cute little Mexican restaurant in Black Rock. They've won a bunch of local food awards over the years. It's simple, Mexican and inexpensive.

ANY good Chinese in CT?

I got takeout from Hong Kong Cafe in Stratford - everything was very good. A place that has a killer atmosphere and decent food is:
187 Cherry St, Milford, CT
(203) 874-1199

Really Cheap places NE Baltimore and County

Hello FoiGras. I'll make the best of the situation - I think things will eventually pick back up for me. Things could be a lot worse. One place that I forgot to mention that is good for a lunch buffet or for dinner is Kitchen of India on Joppa Road in Parkville near Towson. I use to go there all the time under the previous ownership and the last time we had dinner there (2-3 weeks ago?) under the newer owner it was stellar. The two dishes that we had and loved were Chicken Tika Masala and Vegetable Korma. Both of us agreed that it was the best Indian meal we have had in the Baltimore area and we have had a lot! I think I remember the check being around $29.

I have not been to Venetian Palace but I seem to remember hearing about it. I've been to the bar at Red Brick Station and was more impressed with the beers and bar atmosphere then the kitchen. I've had the Vegi burger and enchiladas (?) and neither was memorable.

Really Cheap places NE Baltimore and County

I haven't been posting here in a long time - I've been on a very strict budget because my job is very much effected by the economy. Basically I'm trying not to spend much at restaurants. Here is a short list that I recently posted on The Baltimore Sun Restaurants Board of places that were really good and inexpensive.

Fiesta Mexicana in Rosedale Rt 7. (Mom and Pop all the way!)
Georgio's on Belair Rd in Perry Hall for delivery/takeout.
Double T on Pulaski Hwy in White Marsh - very consistant.
5 Guys Burgers in White Marsh near Best Buy - hot dogs are great too.
China Garden (think that's the name on Belair on Right as you head north before Kingsville)
Clementine (Harford Rd. - lunch cheap/dinner much more).

The Orient Restaurant on Belair Rd in Perry Hall

I have been meaning to post something about the Orient Restaurant in Perry Hall for some time but I've been away and out of town and haven't gotten around to it. I tried them a couple of months back and had the most wonderful vegetable and chicken dish - I can't think of the name of the dish now but it was absolutely delicious and my dining partner enjoyed every thing very much too. We both had dinners, appetizers, drinks and coffee after and the bill was very reasonable - around $30. The service was especially polite and thoughtful. I would highly recomend them.

I just remembered - the sign on the Orient Restaurant in Perry Hall says Chinese, Japanese and Sushi Restaurant.

Other places that I've eaten at in the past few months that are still good are Mezze, El Pattio in Jessup, Samos, Attman's Deli and Fiesta Mexicana - all were really good.

Mylos in Greektown

Greektown really does have good restaurants. Samos, Ikaros,Zorbas and Acropolis. They are all pretty reasonably priced too.

Mylos in Greektown

I just called Mylos and the woman on the phone told me that it is just a bar and not a restaurant. Either things have changed, or the woman who answered misunderstood my question (she had a very thick Greek accent). I would guess that she understood the question - it was loud in the background like a bar.

Good mexican and persian restaurants in Baltimore County

House of Kabob on Harford Road in Parkville (some days they have buffets) or you can order off the menu.

Fiesta Mexicana on Rt 7 in Roseville (it's totally Mom and Pop

The good and the bad of Double T

I go to the Double T Diner on Pulaski Highway quite often. The food is consistent and they treat you like a valued guest.

I went to the Double T on Bel Air Road in Perry Hall with my neighbor a week or two ago and the food was pretty bad. I thought I remembered their food not being as good as the Double T on Pulaski and this visit confirmed it. I had a chicken soup that had a small chicken leg bone with, literally, no meat on it and a big lump of fat. The soup experience gave me nightmares. The food was so so and my neighbor agreed that the Double T on Pulaski Hwy has better food.

I guess I know where to go now and where to avoid.

El Patio -- Jessup

I would also like to mention that the people in the store as well as the little restaurant next door could not have been nicer.

The food is good and a very good value. I have had lunch here a couple of times and it's a steal.

Antrim 1844 in Taneytown

I had dinner there this past fall and found the appetizers and food to be outstanding. The atmosphere was great, but we found the service to be their shortcomming. I'll probably go back again this summer (they took care of us after we complained) and will certainly raise cain if it's not excellent - for that kind of money (call me funny for believing $200+ to be a lot of money) and their positive reviews expectaions should be high.

Special Occasion Restaurant Baltimore

Charleston is expensive - it's suppose to be the best restaurant in Baltimore. Petit Louise is a pretty good place - owned by the same people. Petit Louise is kind of noisy - food and atmosphere are ok - it's a French Bistro.

I really loved Tersiguel's the time I went. My Fiance has been there a couple of times and we agree that it's a very nice place - food is really great, service is very professional and it's a comfortable atmosphere (it's an old home that was once the residence of Elicott City's first Mayor). Tersiguel's is in the historical section of Ellicott City and their food is considered to be country French. They have a farm and grow many seasonal items.

best place for casual sushi in Baltimore

Edo Sushi has a few locations and I believe one of them is in the Inner Harbor. I've eaten at the ones in the suburbs a couple of times and my Fiance has been there more then that and really likes them.

I have also heard great things about Matsuri but have not been there yet. Where on earth do you park to eat at Matsuri?

Jack's Bistro

I ate here once with my Fiance about a year ago. The interior is very cute and our Waitress was outstanding. The food was very good. I don't remember it being cheap - I think the tab was around $70-80? I would go back again.

Good Mole?

You might try Fiesta Mexicana at 8304 Philadelphia Road in Rosedale. 410 686-0134. They are a hole in the wall and they are one of my favorite restaurants. Their tortas are to die for.

Grace Garden - Chinese in Odenton

I really liked the curry beef stew Hong Kong Style. I wonder if I called in advance if the Chef could make me a large quantity (enough for 6-8 people) using a high - end (more expensive without as much fat and tendons) cut of beef and adjust the price? I was thinking it would be nice take with me when I head to New England to visit friends next month.

Baltimore/DC must have

I don't know if you have lots of Jewish Deli's in Western Canada - they certainly have lots of them in NYC, but one place that is an experience is Attman's Deli. Attman's has been around and run by the same family since 1915. You stand in line for your food and then take it into the other room to sit down and eat. They have great corned beef, jewish rye bread pastrami and other deli items. It's certainly not fancy, but it is kind of a Baltmore institution. I've been there a few times for lunch and they are open Sundays - I mention Sundays because around here many restaurants are either closed or have limited hours on Sundays.

Other suggestions would be places with crab cakes and steamed crabs (others can probably fill you in better then I can) and some of the Baltimore restaurants with lots of character or really good food such as Zodiac, Rocket to Venus, The Helmond, The Chameleon Cafe, Pazo or Peter's Inn.

There's also a Greektown with lots of good, basic Greek food. We like Samos and Acropolis and I know others on the board also like Ikaros and Zorbas. I've been to all the Greek restaurants in Greektown except Mylos.

I'm not really sure if I would recomend Italian food in Baltimore since you'll be in NYC and they are suppose to have the best Italian, but Little Italy has over a dozen restaurants. I tend to like the really basic "red sauce" restaurants like Amiccis (you should always have a reservation) or Chipparelli's. Aldo's is suppose to be the best upscale Italian, although I haven't tried them personally.

Probably the best Expensive restaurants in Downtown Baltimore are Charleston and the Prime Rib. I've never been to Charleston, but I've been to the Prime Rib a few times many years ago and they are suppose to still be excellent.

Baltimore/DC must have

The best/most enjoyable meal I have had in the Baltimore area was the tasting menu at Tersiguel's. I don't claim to have eaten at all the good restaurants in the Baltimore area, but I certainly have eaten in most of them. Tersiguel's has character, class, wonderful food that is often locally grown and you can dress up or walk in casually dressed and they will make you feel "at home". Tersiguels is also open 7 days a week and I believe that they are open for lunch and dinner.

Clementine - Hamilton

I had lunch with my neighbor here today. It was very very good. Prices were very reasonable for lunch and we both totally enjoyed our sandwiches - we both had the porkloin sandwich. I really look forward to going back again.

It's amazing - Harford Road is turning into a foodie destination (I'm so happy since it's not a long drive from me).

You have Giovanna's at 7401 Harford Road for quick and inexpensive food.

There's Clementine at at 5402 Harford Road.

And the Chameleon Cafe is at 4341 Harford Road for fine dining.

With gas prices what they are I'm very happy to see some good places to dine on Harford Road.

Where do you go for a great salad?

We had some nice salads (and meals) at Rocket to Venus. I had a great beet salid with tangerines in it (there were a few different types and they all looked good). I'm not sure if you're willing to drive that far (they're located in Hampden) but their food is good and the prices are reasonable. It has kind of a trendy/artsy vibe.

Baltimore- wireless and good food?

Is Clementine too far? I know they have wifi but I didn't actually try it myself, but I had lunch there today and the food was very very good!

Blue Moon Cafe

Been here once. It was a cool place. The kind of place that you have to go to at least once to judge for your self. I liked the atmosphere. The food was alright - not as good a Miss Shirley's though.

Need a celebration location for Thurs - Baltimore

They are located inside the beltway in Lauraville. There is a supermarket alongside The Chameleon Cafe where you can park (I think it's a Superfresh or a Safeway) or you can park on the street. I've been there a handful of times over the past couple of years. The Chef is a graduate of The Baltimore Culinary Institute and is still involved with the school helping to train future Chefs. We have always had good experiences there.

Most Authentic Greek Restaurant

My Fiance and I like Samos in Greektown. It's reasonably priced and they're always reviewed well by the Sun, Baltimore Magazine and Zagat.

We ate at Acropolis once and thought it was very good.

Need a celebration location for Thurs - Baltimore

Lots of good places mentioned so far but I don't believe that The Chameleon Cafe has been mentioned yet - it's one of my favorites.

Rocket to Venus in Hampden

We had dinner at Rocket to Venus for the first time the other night and really enjoyed it. I had a beet salad that was very good and an angus burger which was huge and came with a side of potato salad. The Better Half had brussel sprouts as an appetizer then had tenderloin and vegetables on a skewer with a rice ball as a side. For dessert we had blueberry pie topped with whipped cream. Everything was quite good. The atmosphere of Rocket to Venus is casual and sort of hip.