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High end Sushi

Word. Asanebo.

11941 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604

Apr 14, 2011
dwg in Los Angeles Area

Best Tea in Los Angeles

Best place to buy tea in Los Angeles: Wing Hop Fung, on Broadway in Chinatown. Tea section is upstairs, and is 100% as good as Palais du The or Tea Garden, and around 1/4 the price. Just as an example, the cheapest tea at the Tea Garden is like, what, $12 an oz? At WHF, the top-shelf stuff is $200...a pound. Which works out to about $12 an ounce. And no, it's not because the worst tea at the Tea Garden is as good as the best at WHF--it's because the Tea Garden robs its customers blind. Same with Palais (and bear in mind that I'm friendly with the management at both places, so I would never say this without good reason). And, at WHF, you can sample any of their teas for free. That's right: you sit on a low stool, one of the women working scoops out a cup's-worth of any tea you ask, and brews you a one-cup pot on the spot. For free. So this is how you learn about tea at WHF--not by being overwhelmed by "Dr. Tea"'s zealotry, not by being cowed by the surroundings at Palais into spending $100 an ounce on something you know nothing try for yourself, and then you buy. My favorite oolong--Supreme Wu Yi "Big Red Robe" (misspelled at WHF to read "Rope" but there's a discussion I would just rather not try to navigate) goes for around $70 a pound, so 2 ounces, a serious tea-drinking week's supply, is about $10. Best pu-erh I've ever had? $80 a pound. By far the best dragonwell? Same.

If you're looking for rarefied atmosphere and native English-speakers, look elsewhere. If you want the biggest and best selection of teas in Los Angeles for the absolute best price, Wing Hop Fung, my friends. Just try not to swarm it when I'm there, please--it's the least you can do, in exchange for this tip.

Feb 15, 2008
dwg in Los Angeles Area

Why Tama sushi, not Ike, not Urasawa, not Matsuhisa, is best

tama roXors. i was there last night, and it's my hands-down l.a. favorite. you can niggle all you want about this fish or that point, but it's my overall favorite. there's no arguing about that, just like there's no arguing someone else off of nozawa if it's his or her favorite. favorite is just an ineffable thing. and for my eff, it's tama uber alles. w00t.

Nov 02, 2007
dwg in Los Angeles Area

Best Burger in LA

Hinano. Fantastic burgers and Guinness. I mean, come ON.

Sep 25, 2007
dwg in Los Angeles Area

Midnight around LAX/Westside?

Jonny's Pastrami on Sepulveda. Open till 3 a.m., I think. French dip pastrami and Coors Light. Mmmmmm.

May 26, 2007
dwg in Los Angeles Area

Narita Restaurant on Olympic?

I keep passing this place on my way to O Dae San, Sa Rit Gol and the other usual suspects. Anyone been there and want to share their thoughts?

May 26, 2007
dwg in Los Angeles Area