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Late night eats near the Airport

We're looking for a good place to have a few beers, get some good food and, if we must, notice some females, around the airport this Friday night at about 11:00 PM. So the late night grill/dining is a must. Any ideas are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Best fish & chips in an English pub downtown?

Many thanks for your descriptive responses, all. I will let you know. Can't wait to get back to TO. Cheers!

Best fish & chips in an English pub downtown?

We are hockey players from St. Louis in town for a tournament and will be very hungry after our games. I'd like your recommedation please for a great pub downtown (preferably in the club district) that server a variety of draft beer and has great fish and chips. The F&C places I have read about on this site sound fantastic, but most don't seem to server beer. Bonus points for hockey memorabilia. Anyway, we want to kick back and have a good meal. Thanks, and Go Leafs!