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Chicken Ballotine Questions

"Then I'll grab a pencil and correct my Larousse Gastronomique! '-)"

No need, the entry for "ballottine" reads "A hot or cold dish based on meat, poultry, game birds, or fish in aspic. The flesh is boned, stuffed, rolled, and tied up with string, usually wrapped in muslin---sometimes the skin---then braised or poached". There follow recipes for ballotines of chicken, chicken again, duck, guinea fowl, lamb, pork, veal, chicken again, lamb, eel, eel, eel, and chicken.

The entry for "galantine" suggests that it's the shape, not the meat, that determines the name: "Galantines are sometimes cooked wrapped in a cloth, which gives them a cylindrical shape; they should then, strictly speaking, be called ballottines." This makes sense, given that a "ballot" is a bundle or little ball.

This is the 1984 edition.

Jul 05, 2015
btr in Home Cooking

kvass in berkeley/oakland?

I just moved away from the bounties of the outer richmond ... any recommendations for russian/eastern-european delis or restaurants where I can get some kvass?

Jul 18, 2014
btr in San Francisco Bay Area

Raley's $2 organic chicken, 10 cent organic fennel at Giovanni's & other finds

I got a halibut head at the Whole Foods in Palo Alto once. It wasn't set out for sale, I just asked the guy at the fish counter if they had any heads.

Jul 13, 2007
btr in San Francisco Bay Area

groceries and cheap (meaning *cheap*) eats in hayes valley/lower haight?

So where is the good pizza around here? (I like Patxi's but I think they stop selling slices fairly early?)

I got a roast beef sandwich at Love 'n Haight and it would probably be better if they *didn't* carry meat; it was awful.

Jul 12, 2007
btr in San Francisco Bay Area

groceries and cheap (meaning *cheap*) eats in hayes valley/lower haight?

I'm moving up to SF from palo alto, which means saying goodbye to the Milk Pail and Dittmers. Sad! So I'm looking for recommendations for decent produce, meat, etc in hayes valley or the lower haight, and inexpensive restaurants. And I do mean inexpensive; I've seen this topic: but the person suggesting Suppenkuche as inexpensive because you can get a meal for under $25 probably isn't a graduate student---surely there are places with mission taqueria-like prices, but I don't know where they are.

Mostly though I'm interested in the groceries/butcher angle! I've been to Faletti's/Delessio's and while I'm sure they're great, $12.50/lb for a flank steak boggles my mind, so I assume/hope there are more reasonable options not too far down the quality ladder. Or anything interesting in that vein you think someone moving to the area should know about...


May 26, 2007
btr in San Francisco Bay Area