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Morano Gelato Chestnut Hill, the realness

Thanks for the heads up on this place! I'm not normally a big gelato fan, but Morano has won me over. Tried the dark chocolate and hazelnut last night, was really impressed with the super smooth, creamy texture and the flavors

Anyone tried the Sugarbells at Wilson Farms? Or other outstanding sweet citrus elsewhere?

Yes, would love to hear if anyone spies some TX Ruby Reds around town. I got a bag last year from Costco, I believe, which were addictive.

It's Strawberry Season Again! Anyone seen the local ones yet?

I also was at Verrill the other day (Sunday) and concur that the pickings were stellar!

Salem Lunch

If you're in the mood for clams, I recommend Dube's.

Housemade Celery Soda at Strip T's

Zaftigs has a few different Dr. Brown flavors, including Cel-Ray.

Boston's weirdest desserts?

I just had A&H's over the weekend, I agree with MC Slim JB re: too smoky. Also, not enough sweet! It was like eating smoky, soft bread, with ice cream that was also not sweet.

West Roxbury

I second Banh Mi Ngon. I also really like the fish tacos at Los Amigos.

Good lobster?

If you're staying in Cambridge, this will probably be too long a haul, but I've really enjoyed the boiled lobster at the Continental in Saugus the last couple times I've been there. They only seem to offer large (2+ lb) ones.

Best of Babka?

FINALLY tried Rosenfeld's chocolate babka today. I don't have many other examples to compare it to, but in typical Rosenfeld's fashion, it was excellent. Bread part has a challah-like consistency (i.e. sufficiently moist, sweet but not too sweet). Also not overly sweet chocolate is folded in. The whole thing is topped with some kind of fine crumble, then drizzled with chocolate and icing. A real treat.

In search of coconut custard pie...

Second the Agawam.

Strip T's

Went to Strip-T's once for lunch and once for dinner in the past month. The lunch was excellent, tried the terrific cauliflower sandwich and the fried fish sandwich. Fish was tasty and well-prepared but not quite as adventurous. Dinner a few weeks ago was somewhat of a letdown, though. One DC ordered a pork dish which came out nearly cold. Sent it back, it returned barely warmer. Tried a taste of another DC’s tuna special. Fish was fresh, but nearly flavorless, as was the side (wheatberries, I think). My dish was pretty good, Tautog with a since smoky sauce. Oh, of course the brioche donut was superb.

The ‘Perfect’ Fish Taco and Where I’ve Found It

I'm a fan of both fried as well as grilled fish tacos. If you're willing to try the latter, I really like them as Los Amigos in West Roxbury. Two for $7, super fresh, great balance or flavors and textures, nice kick, larger than Dorado's (about the size of El Pelon's). Pretty much takeout only, just a little counter with four seats.

DC Hound Visiting: Need Recommendations

I suggest you try at least one what I believe are two of the best ice cream places on the planet (!), both in Cambridge: Christina's and Toscanini's.

Babka Bread in Somerville/Cambridge/Arlington area

I know it's not in one of the towns the OP requested, but has anyone tried the babka at Rosenfeld's? I'm a big fan of their bagels and challah.

Compare Clams at Clam Box w/ Farnham's & w/ Essex Seafood?(Plse Don't Shoot)

Clam Box makes the best fried clams I've ever tried: super fresh big bellies, perfect fry job, great batter. I only tried Farnham's once some years ago, and that one time was enough to convince me it's not worth chancing the drive up from Brookline: long wait in spite of what seemed like a modest line, clams not very sweet nor tasty. I enjoy ES a lot, and think it does a fine job with their clams, I just wish you could request big bellies there. I agree with phatchris, Dube's is great, at least the equal of ES. I once took a father and son who are exceptionally picky about their clams, and we all thought the clams were excellent. Be forewarned that it's definitely a different scene/vibe than the clam shacks.

Best of Babka?

I haven't tried it (can anyone who has comment?) but I believe Rosenfeld's in Newton Center has babka, and I love their bagels and challah.

Dinner delivery to Denver hotel


My wife and MIL will be staying at the Marriott Cherry Creek in Denver (150 Clayton Lane). I'd love to have dinner delivered to them one evening, something tasty (naturally) and easily consumed in the hotel room. I know this is broad, but they'd need to be able to deliver, and not too spicy.

Thanks, Kip

Flavored syrups -- where to buy?

I don't know that they carry anything besides fruit syrups, but I like the ones from Bazaar. I have raspberry and black currant right now. They're real fruit, and very reasonable, 5-6 bux a bottle.


Yet another Sodastream fan here. I get my carbonators at Sur La Table in the Chestnut Hill Mall. Just made a tasty raspberry lime rickey today, using syrup from Bazaar.

poppy seed hamentashen?

Poppy is my favorite type of hamentashen. The ones at Kupel will do in a pinch, but my recollection is the pastry part is too hard and dry. I really love the ones at Moishe's in the East Village, which have a super buttery, crumbly but moist enough pastry. Anyone familiar with those and know of something comparable around here?

French onion soup in Harvard Square?

I haven't been in years, but Sandrine's was great.

Half-sour pickles

I agree - the pickles at Russo's are terrific, and I also choose the greenest ones (ie new pickles). I have found that the POEs don't taste so great as they get more sour, so I eat them quickly; maybe it's just a personal preference for news.

Apple Picking Near Boston NOT Like Disney?

Last year, a few of us picked at Dowse in Sherborn. I believe that they have both a farmstand and a PYO orchard some distance away. The orchard was absolutely no-frills, with just one guy under a tent at the top of a hill overseeing the place. The day we went, it was very quiet.

Belkin was pretty disgusting the last time I went, with an astronomical "entrance fee" (this was BEFORE paying for the apples!), trapeze lessons, etc. I've got to admit that they had some nice picking, though.

Lunch in Westwood

I'll be working for the next few months in Westwood, around where the Providence Hwy meets 128. Any recs for lunch? All I see are chains. I like everything, but especially would love to find places that might have some spicy chow.

Softserve ice cream closer than Dairy Joy?

I second Kell's Kreme, although it's been a few years. I also recall enjoying a huge cone at a place on rte 16 in Everett, forget the name.

Strawberry Cider

Anyone spy any fresh strawberry cider in their visits to PYO/farmstands? I had a cup of it last year at Russell, was wondering if anyone else presses it?

"Roadhouse Craft Beer and BBQ "

Not that offsite/onsite would change the fact that I think their bbq is lousy, but I think the smoking is done onsite. I've walked by there during the day and smelled bbq smoke (wondering whether the neighbors care for this pungent addition to the area).

Apple cider donuts

Yup, those Russell cider doughnuts are hard to beat. I was there a couple times last year when they were serving them fresh and they were stellar. I'm not sure their apple selection is the best, but their cider is also nice.

"Roadhouse Craft Beer and BBQ "

Went to Roadhouse for the first time last night, and probably won't be back soon, despite the fact that it's close to my home. Got the pulled pork plate. The pork itself was fine, but completely swimming in an unremarkable sauce. I always prefer that bbq places err on the side of too little sauce and then provide extra for those who want it (like Blue Ribbon). Sweet potato salad was nearly flavorless, the jalapeno cornbread was a bit sweet with not enough jalapeno. Tried a DC's mac and cheese which was fine, but could have used some sharper cheese. Another DC reported the pulled chicken as being "dry" although it was also swimming in what I assume was the same sauce. I did have a delicious beer, though!

Need recs for LA Convention Center area

Okay, had to follow up on my post. I tried both Fernando's and El Parian while I was near the convention center this past week. Had the breakfast burrito at Fernando's which was fine - a quick and easy breakfast (they open at 8), a nice sized tortilla filled with egg, sausage, and I think cheese, about 4 bucks with a coffee.

El Parian was incredible. Went there for lunch one day and ordered the carne asada (plate, not tacos). A big slab of perfectly cooked and seasoned meat, thin, juicy, super flavorful. I sliced it up and loaded it into their fresh tortillas with tomato, lettuce, onion, and their tasty salsas. I can only dream of having a place like El Parian in the Boston area. Next time I'm back in LA I'll have to try their birria.