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Petit Crenn opens Aug 11

It's worse than not showing up -- you're charged the full $72 pp for cancellations less than 48 hours in advance (same policy as Atelier Crenn).

NEW: Alta CA- Daniel Patterson's new restaurant in Mid-Market, SF - any reports?

Wow - no! The whites were white, the deviled yolks yellow. With crispy chicken skin on top, which I think I see in your photo as well.

AG Ferrari files for Chapter 11

Hoodline reports the Castro location is closing tomorrow, 8/1.

NEW: Alta CA- Daniel Patterson's new restaurant in Mid-Market, SF - any reports?

Had a really nice dinner here last night. Deviled eggs and beef tendon puffs (think chicharrones) to start. Very good, particularly the puffs. Cracked wheat porridge and beef stroganoff mains were also very good, if a bit similar in flavors. My only complaint was the portions on the "mains" were quite small, though these 4 dishes were enough for 2 of us since we weren't terribly hungry. Finished with sticky toffee sundae (delicious), which arrived in a brown paper cup (very odd). With a bottle of sparkling water and one housemade ginger beer, total was $89 before t/t.

Great service start to finish. Place was filled with Twitterites & Dolbyites (I'm guessing here) at 7:30, pretty empty by 9 pm.

Sun. Lunch for 12 Mission St. Yerba Buena area.

Zero Zero is a couple blocks away.

Potrero Hill area? [San Francisco]

Burning Man actually doesn't start til 8/30 this year, I assume due to late Labor Day.

SF: Rec for early dinner near Transbay Terminal (Howard/Main area)?

I'd add Salt House, on Mission near First, too although I haven't been there recently.

Sponge Candy

That may also explain why some sea foam pieces I've had are very airy, and some are more dense. I always tossed the too-dense ones, they didn't have that melt-in-the-mouth texture that's so unique to this candy.

Jun 10, 2015
Frosty Melon in General Topics

more than burgers at KronnerBurger [Oakland]

I can't tell - are the panzanella/sweetbreads/steak frites entree-sized, or more tapas-sized? Did all this serve one or two people?

Here's what we liked in Florence, please help us for Rome!

Also loved my lunch at Da Enzo. Would not go back to Rome without eating there again.

Jun 03, 2015
Frosty Melon in Italy

Tacorgasmico [SF]

Thanks for reporting -- I have friends who are raving about this place, but I keep forgetting it's open. I'll try to make a better effort.

Girls lunch pre-Union Square shopping [San Francisco]

Take a look at The Cavalier. I've only been for dinner, and I'm not a girl, but it might fit the bill.

Tuna Heart Source

Boccalone sells (or last year they did) the cured tuna heart Incanto used in their pasta dish. I think it was $10 for a small container of it.

Safe SF bar crawl for newly-minted 21-yr-old?


Waitress at Elmwood Cafe Berkeley makes racist assumption

Having a bag or keeping the receipt is just good common sense and it applies to non-minorities as well. Although I don't agree at all about the iPad/laptop carrying case.

Would you buy your neighbors' home cooked food

Only if I lived in East Hampton, and the neighbor was Ina Garten.

NEW: The Market at the Twitter Building, SF

I'm curious but mostly to know how it differs from Whole Foods, which is closer for me (and I'm assuming prices are comparable). Hope to get in for a look this week.

Forbidding photographs is absurd given the location and primary customer base (even just from a promotional standpoint). What was the reason given, if any?

A sit-down-and-order "cheap eats" that takes rezzies in the Mission or Soma, wine and beer?

Lolo is a great idea. Mau might also work. Limon Rotisserie.

Suppenkuche only takes reservations for 6+.

Query - Quick SF visit for the end of January, 2015

Exactly my thoughts.

Sports bar in the Castro? [San Francisco]

Hi Tops on Market between Noe and Sanchez is your best bet, and the food is better than average (I like the soft pretzel and fried chicken sandwich). It's likely to be pretty crowded.

I wonder if Harvey's at 18th & Castro might show sports on their TVs on Sundays -- probably worth asking since it's much closer to the theater. I haven't eaten there in years, following too many mediocre meals.

Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams truck in the Bay through Sunday

I've seen Jeni's pints at the Church & Market Safeway too.

Anchor Oyster Bar question... [San Francisco]

Ah, that's A.G. Ferrari. Down a bit closer to 18th.

Any new places in the Castro district? [San Francisco]

I don't think Aatxe is open yet. It'll be in the Swedish American Music Hall at Market & Sanchez.

Abbot's Cellar closing [San Francisco]

In other Valencia news, Grub, located in the same block (maybe next door?) is also closed. All papered over. Yelp says nothing but Google Maps says "permanently closed".

Anchor Oyster Bar question... [San Francisco]

No tables at Rossi's, in fact no place to sit/stand and eat at all there. It's purely take-out.

Cozy & quiet near(ish) 7th and Brannan SF [San Francisco]

+1 for CB -- but it's Folsom, not Harrison.

Crab season is upon us

Sadly no. When I tried Thursday night the place was packed (Market St location) and I couldn't wait.

Crab season is upon us

That's disappointing. Last year the price was $16, and came with garlic bread, but I remember the same thing re: the carapace. Still I hope to give it a shot tonight or tomorrow.

Pennsylvania Dutch Egg Nog

That's where I saw it at the Church/Market Safeway the other day.

Rome: Need Sunday night, solo, jet-lagged dinner near Jewish Ghetto

That looks perfect -- and just a 4 minute walk from the apartment I'm renting. Grazie!

Nov 17, 2014
Frosty Melon in Italy