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Lunch in Pasadena?

I think Kabuki is terrible. Around the same price range is 02 Sushi which I think is underrated. Not as good as Ichi or Kimagure but easier to get in and closer priced to what you mentioned.

I'm not a big Houston's fan, but seems like it would be great for a business lunch.

A bit down from Old Town, but Malbec is good.

Agree completely about Racion, which I think is the best restaurant in Pasadena.

Le Grande Orange Cafe is a good suggestion.

If you want to go Thai, Saladang and Saladang Song are good and elegant.


Agreed on Wurstkuche. Slightly larger than most, so keeps a nice fluffy interior. My girlfriend, who doesn't necessarily like french fries, ended up eating half of mine last time we were there. The pesto mayo is good with them.

Quality Indian Restaurant in Burbank/ Glendale/ Pasadena

I like All India Cafe in old town Pasadena. A lot of the food is north Indian, but they do have some southern dishes (e.g., Dosa). Not a huge space, so 20 might be a bit of a squeeze, but I think it's doable.

Chirachi Lunch Specials

Looks like you're farther west, but if you find yourself downtown for lunch, I think Toshi and Sushi Gen are very good and under $20.

Il Grano?

I haven't been in about a year (don't live on the westside), but I think it's great, especially if you like high end seafood. And in terms of dishes, like Providence, I think it's a mistake to go a la cart. Makes more sense to go for the tasting menu. As Novelli notes, if you go August-ish, the tomato menu is good.

Good bar/pub grilled cheese?

I'm looking for bars/pubs that offer a good grilled cheese. I don't need the fanciest ingredients, just good bread, crispy crust, cheesy. And decent beer on tap. Extra points for Northeast LA, Pasadena, downtown. Any suggestions?

Prepared masa in Pasadena, fresh

Do you mean Baja Ranch Market?

No License/BYOB in L.A. County??

Regardless of the legal status, I know of many LA restaurants without a liquor license that have been allowing it for years. In fact, encouraging it. I won't name them here in case it is illegal, but if you call ahead and ask, you can gauge how cool there are with it.

Pasadena help, please!!

I'm in Pasadena and as mentioned above, Shiro or Kimagure are your clear choices. Racion is my favorite in Pasadena, and it's Spanish rather than French, but the seafood tends toward octopus and squid (although the salt cod fritters are great), so may not be your cup of tea. One that I haven't seen listed here is Claud Beltran's The Eatery, which I think does consistently good food. But if you're already in South Pas, Shiro makes the most sense.

Good prices on fresh basil anywhere? Pasadena area.

I also buy the live basil plants at Trader Joe's (the one on Arroyo). Does well if you don't give it too much direct light. Good for having some around constantly for whenever you need it.

Dosa/South Indian - LA area

All India Cafe in Pasadena has dosa

Good pies near the 210 freeway

I'm not a pie guy, so I won't comment on the quality even though I enjoyed the one I had there, but keep in mind that the pies at I Like Pie in Claremont are single serving. Sort of like cupcakes size pies, small but deep.

Suggestions for business dinner in Pasadena or surrounding

Racion, Malbec, Green Street Tavern. Although if you're getting wine, all three could go above $50/pp.

Yellowtail Sashimi - I don't think it should be like this

Yellowtail can have very dark red spots. A lot of good sashimi is made with the skin on. But if raw fish seems weird, I would stay away.

Some news on a couple of oft-mentioned places folks seem to associate with dim sum (888 and Mission 261)

Thanks for the news. Hadn't been to Mission 261 in years, but it used to be good because it was big enough that when the other places were full, you could get in on weekend mornings and it was servicable. I appreciate the update.

Is Settebello pizza special?

As for Neapolitan pizza, I think it's the best in the LA area now, better than Ortica, but I haven't been to Pizza e Vino. As noted above, very different from Mozza.

Help - Good, Healthy Italian or American Cuisine in Pasadena Area?

2nd Gale's if you want whole wheat pasta, they'll do it. Or you could get the sauteed salmon. Good Italian in Pasadena.

Best Pasadena Lunch

Nobody said anything about Pasadena being the best at anything, the whole point of the thread was basically if you have to be in Pasadena for lunch, what are the best places for lunch in the area. What's oxymoronic about that? It's been a friendly, informative thread about lunch in Pasadena, why inject it with Pasadena hate?

That said, I'll take up your challenge. For San Sebastian style tapas: Racion. For gelato: Bulgarini. For Neapolitan pizza: Settebello. Croissants: Europane. I'd even go serious, old school, under $15 lobster rolls: Cousins. All of those are reasonable places open for lunch that in their category would have to be in the discussion for best in LA. But again, nobody is saying Pasadena is the best neighborhood for lunch in all of LA county, the question is simply where are the best lunch spots in Pasadena.

Berkeley hounds relocating to LA, where to live/shop/eat?

Man, I miss Al's Bar.

4 days in LA/Pasadena

How open to food are your kids? In Pasadena, some options you might want to check out are Malbec, Sushi Ichi, Le Grande Orange Cafe, Luggage Room Pizza, Vertical Wine Bistro. All have websites with menus so you can see if they'd work for your kids.

old school Italian -- Eagle Rock, Glendale, etc.?

Like Mr. Taster wrote, I like getting the updates on old threads. I didn't read this seven years ago, but am enjoying it today. Thanks for the updates everyone.

Spicy tuna on crispy rice? Why?

Sure, it's not a traditional thing, but I make it at home all the time. When I have left over parts from tuna, mixing it up in thicker chunks with Japanese mayo and sriracha (e.g., spicy tuna) over some crispy rice is delicious.

If you don't like it, obviously don't order it. But lots of people love it. In restaurant, I'm more of a traditionalist because I want good fish, but when dealing with ends at home, love it.


Il Grano has a good lunch special which usually has a pasta course.

Italian seafood in LA?

Il Grano has incredible seafood

Arts District recommendations?

R23 is good for sushi

Fried Ravioli, where to find?

The Draft in Studio City, a sports bar, has them.

Where in the hell does a New Yorker find some REAL ITALIAN FOOD?

What neighborhood are you in? And to be clear, you want that New Jersey/New York, red sauce and meatballs kind of Italian-American, not actual (from Italy) Italian, right? I know you're grandparents are from Sicily, but stills seems like you're looking for NY-style, red sauce Italian (as opposed to more northern Italian). If so, yes, you'd hate the swanky joints. My fave, and I'm not from Jersey, is Palermo in Los Feliz. But sounds like you're missing out on the vibe more than anything, and you're probably not going to get that here, best to get it on trips back home.

Where do LAPD officers take their lunch break?

Palermo's on Vermont

If can't get into French Laundry for 50th bday where should we eat in Los Angeles?

Still head up to SF but go to Coi. Incredible, unlike anything you'll get in LA and fun to get out of town. Then do Zuni for lunch on the way out of town. That's what I would want. Easy, romantic trip out of town, amazing restaurant experience, fun hotel with the wife, then a great lunch on the way out.

NY to LA Looking for High-End Chinese

You'll want to skip WP24. Beautiful setting, nice cocktails, but from what you've written, the food is much more Mr. Chow than what you're looking for.