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Best Dishes in Chinatown

Bump. Anyone have fav versions in Chinatown of Smoked Duck,Stuffed Tofu, and/or Eel dishes? BTW, is Chinese eel 'always' prepared as cut-up bone-in (like their frog dishes?)I have only seen Japanese unagi/eel served as filets/off the bone;and i don't know if and how Korean eel dishes are served
Thx much.

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9 of the Most Underrated Dishes at Japanese Restaurants

maybe you've had a bad day, but no need to be nasty.

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Three Cup Soft Tofu Hot Pot with Meat or Shrimp Stuffing?

great! I'll try theirs. I know Striper has also long been a big fan of SL and he has also rec'd their Smoked Duck iirc. (My recent JoJo research found some CH neg comments about JoJo's version of the duck and 3 cup chicken.) And now i can use Clay Pot to search for the stuffed tofu dish.....THX!

about 7 hours ago
opinionatedchef in Greater Boston Area

JoJo Taipei Favorites ( not super spicy)?

I'm preparing to take another stab at Jo Jo Taipei, making sure to stay away from any devil's tongue specials this time. I actually went through all 278 yelp photos and noted the dishes that looked appealing.
Has anyone tried any of these? Maybe some of them were just 'meh', or some you particularly liked?
I copied the posters' captions. Thx so much for your help.

Ke Jia Mei Cai Kou Rou - Taiwan style Pork with Pickled Vegetables (Weekly special) - $12.99 LIKE THICK SL OF TERRINE?
A' Cai - "A" Vegetable - $8.99 GREENS
tea smoked duck -- I've been craving this lately but Mulan (our go-to for this dish) is down right now.
whole steamed fish $17.99? (3/09)COVERED W CILANTRO AND GREENS, ON PLATE

Black Pepper Beef
Fried steam buns with condensed milk
Glutinous rice sausage
Braised pork w/ steamed bun topped with peanut butter

Spicy beef noodle
Taiwanese vermicelli
Pork leg with brown sauce

String beans
three cups chicken!the best!
肉圓Taiwanese meat roll/MEATBALL ???//in glutinous rice flour dough??


Fried noodle with sachan sauce PEA GREENS? BACON? LO MEIN

Bamboo cap rice pudding SWEET? http://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/jo-jo-...
Mango Sa Sa Bin $4.99
Braised pork with pickled cabbage LOOKS RICH
Braised Pork with Steamed Bun

Sesame chickenNO looks yucky

In the meantime, i've been reading through all the JJT threads, some quite old, so they may not be making some of those dishes anymore.

Three Cup Soft Tofu Hot Pot with Meat or Shrimp Stuffing?

Does anyone happen to know if 'hot pot' and '3 cup'are not mutually inclusive? the dish i am seeking was a soft creamy tofu with a meat stuffing, presented in a clay pot. But now i'm thinking that '3 cup' may not have had anything to do with that dish we had (maybe i imagined that.)I do understand that 3 cup refers to a specific recipe.Does Hot Pot usually include a specific sauce or are there many many variations? thx much.

Three Cup Soft Tofu Hot Pot with Meat or Shrimp Stuffing?

Has anyone seen this in Boston area? We used to get it at a small (now gone)Chinese place near EMS/B.U. Very luscious. Thx much.

Chilli Garden?

opinionatedchef Sep 23, 2011 02:28 PM

barley, would you plse describe these dishes?last week, i had the tofu custard topped with braised beef special at jojo but it was way too spicy hot for me to consume. same dish you've mentioned?

Ideas for a Molecular Gastronomy Store Name {prize}

Little Boys with Chemistry Kits

or how about

Up in Smoke

Help Me Understand Espresso Brewing?

I love the flavor of coffee but I am not a sophisticated knowledgeable-about-coffee drinker. I like it over ice cream, in sweets, as an iced coffee at home, or as a triple vente latte at Starbucks. My Love is loyal to his Chemex, so when he mistakenly bought me decaff ground espresso at his artisinal coffee shop instead of decaff ground coffee, he decided to try the mistake in his Chemex. It tastes pretty awful. I tried it with milk but it did not make it palatable. Over ice cream tonight it was o.k.

You would have predicted this disaster? Why would espresso brewed in a Chemex differ from coffee brewed in a Chemex? Th you for the education.

Sibling dinner in lieu of Christmas presents

I can't help but say that I would take any excuse to celebrate with a dinner at Island Creek Oyster Bar. Such a smashing space and the service is so welcoming and professional. They think of everything and we leave with a big smile on our faces.

Maine Meat (aka MEat) in Kittery, Maine

when you go there, be sure to eat at Anju. We went for the ramen but actually enjoyed the bao and okonomoyaki best.i posted it on the No New Eng board.Lovely little jewel.

"Real" Eggnog

What a clever idea :)

Eggnog - Love It or Leave It

<sound of eyes widening and body falling to floor>
ha! just joshin'. on another CH eggnog thread, they were referencing a chef who starts his eggnog 10 months in advance.

Help Figure Out This Labelling Quandary?

This is a pretty straightforward question. After doing some CH research on Instant Ginger 'Tea'from Indonesia, I have been having it as my go-to beverage. The only problem is that it is pre-sweetened and the sugar can't be removed and I can't find Instant Unsweetened.

When I looked today to see how MUCH sugar was in it, I found some confusing data. The nutrition panel on the box says there are two ingredients:ginger and rock sugar. Each packet is 18 gms. (one serving makes 8 ounces tea)and 17 gms of carbohydrates,made up of 4 gms sugar (1 tsp.)and 70 calories. BUT all the other web-data says sugar has 100 calories for 24 gms of sugar (6 tsp.)
Is the Indonesian data just plain incorrect? or what have I misunderstood?
Thx for any help!

"Real" Eggnog

It was very interesting to read through three "Best Eggnog" taste tests yesterday (thx for the inspiration!):Serious Eats, Huffington and Esquire. IIRC they all picked Organic Valley as the Top (or near there) choice.Each test, however, did not use 100% the same base of contenders. At any rate, because 'too sweet' is a big No-No for me, i'm thinking to compare the sugar content in the Organic Valley and the Crescent Ridge, both sold at WF.

Tavern Road

Glad you've found those winners.
Maybe Tavern Road was having an off lunch today (they were sold out of 3 of the 4 things we ordered.) The best of what we had was the lamb meatball pita, which was generous, well cooked (moist)and well composed,but it was missing considerable oomph for me. I realize now that I tasted none of the purported harissa; what a shame.

The turkey kabobs were dry, in some sweetish sauce, and the Korean chicken wings were in a VERY salty/ very sweet glaze.The cole slaw bed beneath them- would have been great if it had not been drowned in the same BBQ-like sauce.

I guess we should have stayed with the sandwiches.And we'll hope to have better luck at dinner sometime.

Lamb Sandwiches

Maybe Tavern Road was having an off lunch today (they were sold out of 3 of the 4 things we ordered.) The best of what we had was the lamb meatball pita, which was generous, well cooked (moist)and well composed,but it was missing considerable oomph for me. I realize now that I tasted none of the purported harissa; what a shame.
I think that harissa or another herb/spice combination, added to the lamb, would have helped alot.

Gabila Frozen Knishes at any Area Supermarkets?

refrozen? sure.

My Other Kitchen - Pleasant St. in Belmont

yes, thx for the reminder. we got their kabob sndwiches a few times in the summer and really enjoyed them. A special treat there is that they offer you a free side, and it's often (or was for us) grilled eggplant and zucchini slices. VERY nice people.

Anniversary dinner in the Boston area

Dante is not what I would call 'great' but they certainly have a good menu and the place and view are elegant and beautiful. You are right on the Charles River, with lights in the trees, and perfect strolling (just bundle up.) Dante doesn't get much CH discussion, but there is more CH talk about the elegant Scampo, directly across the river from Dante and also Italian in focus.

Oleana is a very unique and wonderful intimate Turkish/Mediterranean place nearby that is a fav of many, incl. me. Dishes you will not find anywhere else, that you will dream about. (But it is very tight seating unless you can get a table in the rear, looking out on the lovely patio.)

Dumpling Daugher Weston

wow! ramen comes to the hinterlands! that's pretty great, ferr.
let's hope it becomes a popular spot.

Burlington: Take-out empanadas, opening date for Wegman's

hmmmm, grey, i nosed around on google after i posted,and found nothing. you must have some special talents to come up with this one! but i am already calming my fires because, IF those empanada photos are of their actual product, the pastry component looks all wrong. looks like pizza dough, not the flaky short crust i was hoping for.(There is an empanadas chain in D.C. that has tough dead dough like that.) Of course, those could just be generic shots, like all the others on the pre-site.
But then again, i don't know WHY i need another empanada other than Tango's-- which are excellent(the beef ones, that is)and a very short drive from me.I just need to order me a new supply ;-}

Burlington: Take-out empanadas, opening date for Wegman's

grey, any word on the new empanada place; have you tried them yet?thx.

Where can I buy Pheasant?

boy are you right about that. They are a climate unto themselves.
3-4 days to defrost in the frig, if you're lucky.

Octopus dishes

ll, I love that baby octopus signature dish at Ribelle (Tim opened Strip T's first dinner menu with that dish).
I perused quite a few Feast of the 7 Fishes menus last week and I saw some interesting (not your regular same old)octopus dishes on most of them. Even if you don't go for the Feast, chefs often use dishes from their dinner menu as one of the courses, so you might want to look into these menus:
il Casale,Belmont
Legal Harborside 2-3rd floor
Bistro 5
Bistro du Midi

Because octopus ('pulpo' in Spanish) is eaten alot in Portugal and Spain, you will likely find it in any restaurant of those cuisines.

Octopus dishes

We order that every time we go there, so have had it numerous times. It is VERY tender/lovely- done the iconic Spanish way- sauteed w/ garlic in olive oil (many options with the same treatment (chicken, shrimp, quail( loved that last week.) IIRC, there may be a pimenton version of the same dish.....

Mint Creme Filled Peppermint Straws CAN be Found!

As i recall, the whole experience was weird. Their website said they were out of stock. So then i found another co. (same co., operating under a diff name?)who had them, and when i ordered them, they ended up coming from that same 'sold out' co. I wondered if i was going crazy, but i didn't want to waste any more time on it, so i just ordered them, and they arrived. Hopefully they will last me a loooong time, and the web field will have changed by then.

Awesome burgers: new thread

bbz,the many beef combos i read about for burgers- usually include
a fattier cut like beef cheeks (i.e. Strip T's.)Have you tried a meat combo like that?

Feast of the Seven Fishes, updated suggestions

Is this the post you saw already? I did a long post on our excellent Coppa Feast. One of the things that I think makes Coppa so special is the friendly welcoming vibe and energy of the waitstaff.
Just to alert you, the chef for the last few yrs at Neptune- has left to open his own place. I don't know anyth about the new chef. Maybe someone else does; there are a number of CH fans of it(incl. me).


Your thread has me wondering about it too. Sounds like Legal Harborside, Marliave, and Bistro 5 might be worth checking.

Xmas Eve Venue

I have lived nearby a long time but have never heard anything about a Wakefield pizza place that would draw me, but it is a 15 minute drive from there to Winchester Center, where Stone Hearth pizza is. Their pizzas and salads and some pastas are very good. (Other than SH, we are fans of Regina's North End and Max and Leo's in Newton.)Otto Pizza has a new place in the new Lynnfield Mall on 128 but i haven't been t that location.

Just fyi,I'm guessing that Mandarin in Reading, just off 128, would serve at that time and likely have a buffet which is prob the best bet there. Very popular, lots of variety, attractive comfortable dining rooms... Food is fresh and well-replenished but it is not a place for 'authentic' seekers or szechuan/spicy food lovers.