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9 of the Most Underrated Dishes at Japanese Restaurants

High time somebody did a spread like this. Excellent job! sigh.i wonder when we'll see that shrimp,needlefish and grunt in many sushi spots in Boston. Did i miss something or is the top photo of the spoons- without caption?

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v. sorry i missed your initial post, lbb, Those Paris Baguette cronuts come to their shop at 1pm daily, they told me, so that's how i time my visits. Apparently you can phone them to check on stock but they do not hold them for people.

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Gene's Chinese Flatbread Cafe has opened in Woburn today!

I can see the T shirts now:
"I Shredded Bread at Gene's !"

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New Strip T's Thread for 2013:Excellence and Innovation Continue

very well put.

Clio vs. L'Espalier Tasting Menus

lin, Just curious--Craigie and OYa were memorable but not enough for you to swear allegiance? I can, btw, understand the desire to try more places!

I am a vociferous anti-fan of Clio, for more reasons than I want to elucidate, put primary reasons are the non-memorable pretentious food, and the loud, white toast-boring dining room.

l'espalier receives consistent raves from Boston visitors who post here, who, iirc, mostly stress the great experience of the Chef's Table.

just want to make sure you know about Asta, which is a tasting menu already, very creative and admired by many, though a much smaller more intimate room.

"Flavored" pie crust?

almond extract. cocoa powder.
you're taking pie dough and shaping it into fortune cookies? or you are making fortune cookies(which are a batter)?

Sono Asian Cuisine, Arlington. Continues to improve

Tonight we finally got to try Sono, and My Love went completely silent for the 1/2 hour he spent going through and savoring that hamachi kama! He declared it easily the best he has ever ever had (and it was about twice as big as usual.)He also really enjoyed the sesame spinach and the Spider Maki(minus the cloying sauces.) And while he was devouring the hamachi cooked, I too was smiling in delight w/ the hamachi nigiri. Pristine, silky, all it should be. I was very impressed by the quality of both the fish and the rice at Sono, though the language barrier w/ all the staff except Manager Tom (terrific guy, and very knowledgeable)was a bit frustrating.Prices seemed very reasonable to me. It was very busy on a Thurs night 7PM so I think the word is definitely out. Attractive interior; easy street parking, v. nice selection of sakes. I hope that in the future, they may start serving Yama kake and a trad. version of Age dashi tofu (though i really enjoyed the version they did serve.) Can't wait to return!

Harvest Song Armenian Walnut Preserves?

Has anyone compared Harvest Song Walnut Preserves and Plum Preserves with other Armenian brands in the many Armenian stores in Watertown? Opinions? Seemed like they would be a good component of a cheese board.....

Gene's Chinese Flatbread Cafe has opened in Woburn today!

maybe their technique- rice size- was so they could drink more while they were doing it? great story.

Snappy Patty's West Medford: An early report

Ferrari, I have been feeling very virtuous since following your lead into the frequent lunch of Hanger steak flatbread with brie and arugula. But now you have become a dangerous individual!

All-time best dessert?


Restaurant/bar for deep conversation over dinner

In Inman Sq., East by NorthEast is tiny and very wonderful creative Asian food.Tables are close together but if you reserve, and call and ask for a window table, there will only be a 2-top next to you. It is always very quiet when we eat there. No alcohol.

Alden and Harlow, in Harv Sq., if you ask to sit in the front banquette/plant room, is quiet enough for good conversation (but the rest of the restnt is V. loud.)

EVOO, near Tech Sq., is quiet , both along the long banquette, but esp in the side room. Handsome colorful space.

New Strip T's Thread for 2013:Excellence and Innovation Continue

What a drag about no reservations. I wonder if too many people were 'abusing the priviledge' by booking and then never showing up...

A more frequent diner ("Gretchen?")will have more prescient thoughts about timing, but when we last had a weeknight dinner there (summer, likely wed. or thurs.),we went early to avoid a full house, but it was not packed/sold out like it had been before, and didn't start to fill up til 8pm or so..

I might suggest calling to talk w/ the manager around 4pm
(quieter time for them)and explain about the special bday or other occasion- and could she help you?

Gene's Chinese Flatbread Cafe has opened in Woburn today!

<The #9 lamb with hand pulled noodle is not spicy at all, but does have onions and cilantro. >

Do You Love Rich Robust Cheeses? Gorgonzola Cremificato Guffanti at WF Fresh Pond

$18, but you can also find a 'very special' blue there for $45 lb!!(It was sampled and swooned over and purchased by the French woman standing next to me.I actually declined a taste because i was afraid of getting hooked.) I guess at $45 lb., i'd rather have foie gras....

All-time best dessert?

controversial is #1; 2nd is 2nd; 3,4,5 are the three; #6 is the sixth mentioned.

All-time best dessert?

nola, which ten tables? i'd like to try that!

Quiet Cambridge/Somerville dinner with foodie parents

LBB, where did you go and how was it? were they pleased?

All-time best dessert?

clams,if you love that ice cream,you might really like the WF Almond Cream Cake- squares layered w/ whipped cream, sliced toasted almonds and soaked in amaretto,i think. I make it into a semi-tiramisu by pouring espresso over and around it to be soaked up over a day. :)

All-time best dessert?

Five mentions- one controversial(many fans, some detractors); one gone with its restaurant but v.v. popular; 3 i've not seen mentioned before on CH, and lastly, one i am trying my best to stay away from.
1) Smoked Chocolate Bread Pudding at Alden and Harlow
I was so fascinated to learn that it is made in an oven that has the ability to bake and smoke simultaneously. It is so rich that even a second scoop of ice cream doesn't enable me to finish a serving.(I've tried, 3 times!)

2) Steve Johnson's Lemon Pudding/Souffle at Rendezvous

3) Natillas de Almendres- at Pinxto Pincho in Woburn Center. Strong almond flavor (not almond extract) between a crema and a pudding, with ground almonds.

4) Banoffee pie at Island Creek Oyster Bar . A cookie crust filled with a tres leches caramel, sliced bananas, and whipped cream. Major major rich; best enjoyed in place of a meal!

5) Signature Chocolate Cake layered with Chocolate Mousse and Hazelnut Feuillete at the new Cafe Madeleine bakery on Columbus.

6) Coffee cream filled 'cronuts' at Paris Baguette in Central Sq's H Mart.

Do You Love Rich Robust Cheeses? Gorgonzola Cremificato Guffanti at WF Fresh Pond

I'm sure there are many CH fans of Edward, the affable cheese guru at WF Fresh Pond. Yesterday I asked what he was scooping with that ice cream scoop,out of a big wheel in a large dish in the glass case, and the taste I received had me swooning! I confess, I am smitten.I don't know if this cheese is seasonal or new to WF; i have not seen it there before, but I have not been there for some time.Soft, gooey(thus the ice cream scoop)blue veined yet so sweet, and salty.There is an astoundingly long CH thread about "The Best Risotto you will ever eat" that uses gorgonzola iirc, so I'm getting the picture now. What a cheese!!

wk end buffet greater lowell area

i get the feeling that vegetarian southern indian food might be a bit offputting for them. Will they eat Thai? The Thai place right across the street from City Hall is the place i would take them. Chicken wings, pad thai (pasta by any other name) are amongst the offerings, and nothing is hot spicy.Google and call for buffet hours.

Trip Report: Central Provisions disappointingly pretentious

aw darn. i will now temper my enthusiasm.
actually, m, your stomping grounds are the only place i have had what i call amazing donuts:
the (cake) donuts at Blue Benn diner in Bennington, and the cider donuts at that cider mill business in Waterbury. wowee.

Bar Harbor area restaurant news

hi there alica,
so sorry but i don't know anything more. i had heard that there was a small place in SW Harbor, that we checked out;i thought it had a woman's name but i cannot remember it. when i googled, i found this- have you been there? sounds like bkfst/lu though:
Tanya's Off the Grid:

One f my fav things in the world up there is to sit on the boathouse dock at the Claremont (they have a bar in the boathouse but it may close before the inn does.) Killer view. We also sit and rock on the back wrap-around porch. Oct. and it's a delightful ghost town. Watched deer come up and browse on the small crabapple trees edging the lawn....

I hate that Cleonice moved. I haven't been to the new place but that original interior drugstore that was their original home- shouldn't that have a preservation covenant on it? or go to a museum? what a fantastic interior....

I don't know how you travel to BH but if you drive through Camden, the little dinner spot,Francine, is a gem; and there is a really neat small Vietnamese place, Long Grain, with bright colored fabric pillows etc-(feels like a 70's coffee house) we always get lunch there and some take out for dinner at home at the end of a long drive (to boston). The chef/husband and wife and darling little girl are always there.

HELP!!! First trip to Maine Oct 12-18: Portland to Bar Harbor

mad, this is a really good thread on Maine coast seafood shacks by jim leff, who founded Chowhound.Photos etc of Red's- which i mentioned.


First Time In Burlington, VT: On a Mission For Good Craft Beer and Delicious Meals

hi there junie! I bet she'd LOVE Misery Loves Co. How thoughtful of you!

Lobster's at MB for $4.99lb...

we had 4 MB soft shells on sale last wk and they were sweet and lovely.

First Time In Burlington, VT: On a Mission For Good Craft Beer and Delicious Meals

For breakfast and brunch, Penny Cluse is our fav restnt in the world!! On our last trip up from Boston, for dinner, Misery Loves Company was just terrific, and so inventive- (also for lunch), just a 15 minute drive north.

HELP!!! First trip to Maine Oct 12-18: Portland to Bar Harbor

I hope you won't take this as anything but a suggestion from another peer traveler, but I had a very bad feeling about the owner at Pentagoet , so we stayed in Blue Hill at the Blue Hill Inn, and it was , w/o hesitation, the best B&B experience we have ever had. If you go to Trip Advisor, my detailed review is posted i believe- from 10/2011 or 2012.The owner was born to be a B&B person, loves people and is so smart in her thoughtfulness. Plus, the antique decor throughout- is so tasteful. Terrific breakfast in a lovely dining room.Excellent advice on restnts etc.

I LOVE Castine and we spent a good amount of time there (30 min. from Blue Hill) and there was excellent food at a cafe there w/ a back deck. On the Main St. that heads down the hill.

Bar Harbor- No to the Reading Room. Burning Tree would be my #1 dinner spot. Also Havana, and Cleonice in Ellsworth. We were, in spite of some good reviews, not impressed w/ the lobster etc at Thurston Lobster Pound...

There's a famous lobster roll shack in Wiscasset- Red's. Always a line. It's to the left of the bridge, but the shack to the right of the bridge (in the parking lot) is supposed to be better. You'll get lots of reviews if you use 'lobster rolls' as a Search term in the top right corner of this Northern New England page.

Coming into Wiscasset from the South- it is just a stunning New England town; beautiful houses.

On your drive up, make sure to take the short side road and drive through 'Damariscotta Business District'- nice town center; and on your way to join back up w/ Rt1 North, you will pass famous Round Top ice cream- famous for a reason!and nice for a quick break. you can sit out on the back deck and look out over some really pretty hills. They make a killer Maple Walnut, and GrapeNut.

hope you have a great trip. Coastal Maine is mostly evergreens so you won't see aLOT of foliage but it's still my fav time to go up there and we may be up there when you are! It will be chilly.

Bar Harbor area restaurant news

We were last there in 2012 i think.In addition to your spots,we also love The Burning Tree.Top notch seafood stew and many many things. Red Sky in SWHarbor was pretty good.Some people like Maiche but we haven't been. Two Cats i love the house and food is v good-bkfst/lunch.