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The Mystic Boathouse, Mystic, CT>Has anyone eaten here?

You lost me.

Jan 10, 2011
redsox24 in Southern New England

The Mystic Boathouse, Mystic, CT>Has anyone eaten here?

Just curious if anyone has eaten here yet?

Jan 09, 2011
redsox24 in Southern New England

Wild Blueberries in Ogunquit Maine

Is it possible to buy fresh wild blueberries at this time? We are here visiting and heading home tomorrow. We stopped at a farmstand but they were selling large sized blueberries. We've asked several people and they don't seem to know the answer to this question. Thanks for any help.

Quiet Corner in CT--Pete's

Here's the menu.

Quiet Corner in CT--Pete's

Daughter just ran up there to get clam cakes and chowder for herself. She says it is set up like Pete's was before (only now the parking is better). She brought it home and I took a quick taste. The chowder was luke warm so if you get take out be ready to reheat. It also needs a good dash of salt. Otherwise good. The clam cakes were good though a bit greasy. Daughter said it was like the old Pete's. So if that was good for you, there you go. :)

visting wells me

FarFar, I agree with you 150% but my first post got deleted by the mods. I have no idea why so I thought I would keep it low key. All I said in the first post was do a board search because there's a lot about Joshua's. Oh well. It's my favorite restaurant bar none and I live in Connecticut. To the OP, definately go there if you haven't yet.

visting wells me

Try Joshua's.

Quiet Corner in CT--Pete's

Pete's Drive-In reopens today in Pomfret. We will try to get there for dinner. If anyone goes there, please post, especially if they are serving clam cakes and chowder like they used to.

Any good restaurants between Worcester and Mystic?

Casa Mariachi in Putnam is getting some good reviews. We got take out about a month ago and it was delicious.

Ogunquit dinner, The Front Porch and Where else?

We like Bintliffs for breakfast. Too bad you missed Joshua's. The freshness of their food is mouth watering. We went to 98 Provence at the beginning of August and had a very nice meal but my favorite, hands down, is Joshua's (in Wells, btw).

Ogunquit Maine question

Near the Ogunquit line in Wells, definately try Joshua's for dinner.

Looking for exciting Cranberry Sauce Recipe

The cranberry chutney recipe in Joy of Cooking is wonderful!!

Nov 24, 2007
redsox24 in Home Cooking

Le Creuset or All Clad?

I have 4 All Clad pans and never use them. However, I have 5 Le Creuset pans and all 5 are used all week.

Nov 24, 2007
redsox24 in Cookware

new Thai in Putnam CT?

Not opened yet. It's called the Thai Place and is located next to the new Price Chopper.

Dinner in Newport

Mamma Luisa's is one of our favorites. Quiet and cozy setting with really good food. I think this will be perfect for your parents.