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Where to buy duck confit

With wicked crispy skin and fall off the bone meat. Anyone know a good place to pick some up?

2010 closings

Buddha Dog on Roncy - sign up saying they're closing June 30th to refocus on their other location.

Buddha Dog
163 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto, ON M6R2L3, CA

Saturday Brunch in Brampton or Mississauga

Hi there,
We're looking for a nice place to take our mom for mothers day on Saturday - not the usual Sunday. It has to be in the Brampton/Mississauga area so it's convenient for the whole family. I'm looking for higher end, not a greasy spoon, kind of like the Old Mill. Any help would be appreciated!

Old Mill
21 Old Mill Road, Toronto, ON M8X 1G5, CA

2010 closings

Freshwood on Roncesvalles.

2009 closings

Boho on Roncesvalles.

JKWB -- for sale

A different take on the press conference that spawned this thread at Gremolata:
I don't recall seeing the info about his lunch series in the Globe. Bad news is more interesting?

Pizza Libretto - family friendly?

It totally is. I've been with my two several times and been treated wonderfully.

New poutine spot - Poutini

I'm going to go just because of the name.

milk in glass bottles

Try ebay if you're just looking for the bottle - they have lots of old ones listed on there.

Winterlicious - Majority terrible, why people still bother going?!!

""I would say over 90% of postings commented on how lousy and terrible the food or service was"

Is that not Chowhound all over these days? (joke... well, sort-of)"

My thoughts exactly.

Rumour Re: Winterlicious

The restaurants that ragged25 listed above are not part of winterlicious. It is, as Corey Mintz wrote about in the Star, a fundraiser of sorts for the Stop Community Food Centre. More info at

What's your most disappointing dining experience?

My partner and I went to Live last year and weren't charged for our bottle of wine. We pointed it out to our server, who fixed the bill and brought it back. Later we realized the first charge was put through too so we had been billed twice for dinner on our Visa. We called and were told we had to come down to the restaurant to get a refund, which was out of our way. When my partner got there they didn't apologize or offer anything for our troubles - not even a cookie. I thought that was poor service considering we were the ones who pointed out the wine wasn't on the bill in the first place. Not impressed.

Best brunch in Roncesvalles/Ossington/High Park area?

B is no longer there - it has been replaced by some other breakfast place. I'm not sure of the name or quality though.

New Butcher on Roncey?

I've been in a few times now. It's Rowe Farms ( in Karl's old spot. They have lots o meat. Sausages, meatballs, chicken, lamb, beef, hams (peameal included), as well as deli meats (turkey, roast beef, ham) and hot dogs (chicken or beef). At the counter they have marinated stuff - sorry to be vague but I didn't really check that out - I did notice a roast that was stuffed with something though. In the freezer section they have large boxes of sausages, chicken wings, meatballs. All these are their products but they also have things like empanadas, spices, tortillas, salsa, yogurt, milk and eggs from other supplies that are all organic. We bought a chicken last week that was marinated and it was great, then the other day I bought some ground beef and sausages, both wonderful. The deli meats are good too. I heard someone who works there talking about getting in fish too. There is definitely room for them to grow - they did a total guy job on the place and it seems so much bigger. Nice staff too. Happy to have them in the neighbourhood.

Pazzo in Stratford

Chef school dinners are great if you can get a seat - they book up fast though! Also they only run Mon-Thurs nights.

Bacchus Roti closed?

Yup, saw Igor sitting outside yesterday. Eeeek.

Looking for FUN places to eat.. :)

I thought the same thing! You have to order by the bottle and bring your own opener ;)

Looking for FUN places to eat.. :)

Sultan's Tent? Front & Church -
Oh my God that German place is hilarious - It's like a high end vending machine!

Proud Torontoians! Where to bring serious foodies from NYC?

and you get a paper hat!

Ladies and Gentlemen.....The new Champ Pizzeria Libretto

I think 'wildly inconsistent' is a bit of a stretch since the majority of posters here are enjoying themselves a lot. I agree with pinstripe - they're new and superbly busy and no matter how much you plan for success like that the reality must be very different. We went a few weeks ago and absolutely loved it. I'll definitely go back.

Lunch in Stratford

No music? Go to York Street Kitchen, grab some sammies and hit a park.

Where do I take a girl...

Does she have a sense of humour? How about Midieval Times? You get funny hats and can call your waitress wench? It's not foodie paradise but it sure is different!

"The Kitchen" on Queen - Die Yuppie Scum

There is only one actual review of this restaurant on this thread - everyone else just doesn't like the look of it from the outside. I'd say that's not really 'against the grain' when there is one negative and one positive review here.

Buy organic chicken straight from the farm on the west end?

Buy organic chicken straight from the farm on the west end?

The Webers, Mennonite farmers from Paisley, sell at the Withrow Park Farmers Market. They pasture raise their chickens and I can honeslty say I have never tasted a better chicken. Their white meat looks like dark and those suckers are BIG! I know it's not west end but if you want to introduce your veggie husband to chicken this would be the one to do it with!

Abstract Tree in Roncesvalles?

Nor Tree like

Farmers' Market in Roncey?

I heard something about a farmers market in Sorauren Park on Mondays. Anyone know anything about this?

Amuse-Cusine in Beach

Harrisons are Dingo Farms

Anyone know where I can find some candied pecans?

Queen of Tarts on Roncesvalles

Healthy Butcher- New Location- EGLINTON W!

I've heard mid-February.