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Brands of French Steel Pans

Can anyone tell me any other brands other than DeBuyer of French steel cookware that are available in the US? I'm aware that World Cuisine has an extensive line, but it is my understanding that while they once sold De Buyer under their label, the steel cookware they sell now is made in China, which I try to avoid.



Jun 13, 2007
Dan97526 in Cookware

Charcuterie: Grigson vs Ruhlman/Polcyn

Hi all,

What are your thoughts on the relative merits of these two books? I want to try my hand at some charcuterie, and both of these books come highly recommended.

I am interested in curing without nitrates, if that's even possible. I know Ruhlman, et al make liberal use of them. Does Grigson?

Jun 08, 2007
Dan97526 in General Topics

Anyone ordered from

I just ran across this website today and I've never heard of it before. Anyone have any experience with them, good or bad?



May 30, 2007
Dan97526 in Cookware

Omelette Pan?

I've recently started to try to make omelettes using the classic flip-&-fold technique (see Julia or St Jacques). I have only All-Clad stainless, cast iron, and a commercial non-stick pan. Obviously the non-stick was my first choice, but I'm not really a fan of it.

I do have a deBuyer black steel crepe pan that I use just for crepes. However, looking around online recently I found that deBuyer has way more in black steel than just a crepe pan. I love cooking on black steel, and at the price I wouldn't balk at having a pan I use only for omelettes.

Several questions:

Where is a good place to buy deBuyer online? Googling it yields up very few useable hits. And the beBuyer website appears to only be a front splash page.

What size of pan is suitable for 3-egg omelettes? What shape of pan; World Cuisine has what they call their "Lyon-shaped" frypan.

Is the black steel sold by World Cuisine deBuyer or some other manufacturer? I have saw on the board that the WC stuff may be made in China (which I try to avoid), while IIRC deBuyer is made in France.

Thanks, all help is appreciated.


May 27, 2007
Dan97526 in Cookware