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Dried Persimmons and other such recipes

What a great idea! Would you know anything about making Persimmon Vinegar?

Soybean Paste recipe

Hey, everyone

I'm a person who's interested in making some Korean food and I'd love to be able to make my own soybean paste and gochujang (Korean chili paste). Would anyone know how? I see a lot of Korean recipes call for either one or both and I don't want to be stuck without it if I need it. I know it's a process of fermentation but that's it. I would really appreciate any tips and methods you might know.


korean recipes

I'm not Korean but I do like to try Korean food. One thing I'd like to be able to make is my own soybean paste (Korean-doenjang/Japanese-Miso)
gochujang (Korean chili paste). I've searched the net but I can't find it. Would any of you know?

Peking Duck Recipe [Moved from Pacific Northwest board]

Does anyone here know a good Peking Duck recipe that they're willing to share with me? I would like to make it at home but finding a good recipe is difficult.


Persimmon Vinegar [moved from General Chowhounding Topics]

I remember some time ago, asking if anyone knew where to find a recipe for persimmon vinegar since I could not find it in my local asian market. Well, I have found that recipe.

Here's the site.

Since it takes some time of scrolling down the page to find it, I'm going to include it here:

Persimmon vinegar
Ingredient : Well ripened persimmon or damaged persimmon, sugar, water and glass bowl
How to Cook :
1. Squash the well ripened persimmon or damaged persimmon and add sugar to it to establish its sugar content at 24%. Put that mixture into the jar, raising the sugar content up to 70% and ferment it for up to 10 days.
2. When fermentation is finished, remove the remnants and dilute it with water so that the alcohol concentration becomes 4 to 6%. It then goes under acetic acid fermentation at a temperature of 25 through 30℃.
3. After acetic acid fermentation is finished, store it at a temperature of 5 through 10℃ for 2 or 3 months and sieve it to get the vinegar. Put the sieved vinegar into a glass pot and sterilize it at a temperature of 80℃ before storing it for future consumption.

Persimmon vinegar is very good for you. So give it a try. I know I will! If you do try it, please let me know how it went. I know I will.

Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream [moved from General Chowhounding Topics]

Every 4th of July, I make this wonderfull Cherry ice cream and I'd like to share the recipe with all of you. I hope you like it.

Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream:

1 ½ cups Bing cherries, chopped and pitted.

1 pint Half and Half

1-pint cream

1-teaspoon vanilla extract

1-cup sugar

1 tablespoon peach, apricot or strawberry marmalade or jam

½ teaspoon salt

Directions: Chop cherries into smaller pieces and place it in a bowl. Add the sugar to the cherries and let rest for 1 hour to overnight in the refrigerator. This brings the juice out. The cherries should look syrup like. When the cherries are ready, place in a saucepan. Add all other ingredients. Warm to a simmer until ingredients are dissolved. Place in the refrigerator and chill overnight. When the ingredients have chilled, place in ice cream maker and proceed according to manufacturer’s direction. The mixer will be creamy but soft. Place in freezer for several hours or until frozen.

This is a wonderfull treat and its worth every effort it takes to insure it's sweet and creamy homemade taste. Bon Appetit.

What am I not getting about CHOCOLATE?

P.S. another good idea is to sample differant kinds of chocolate and chocolate combinations so you can find the right type to kick off your chocoholism. Next time you see a box of assorted chocolates, buy it and try it. It has all sorts of chocolate combos. I hope these tips help. Chocolate is a wonderfull thing. One thing to remember that dark chocolate has anti-oxidants in it. European producessed chocolate has more of that than American processed does.

What am I not getting about CHOCOLATE?

So you wanna be a chocolaholic! Ghirardelli chocolate might help. You also have your hershey's candy and your reeses peanut better filled chcocolate. The thing is to go at it by baby steps. I have been a chocoholic my whole life but if you're just starting out, don't sweat it. If you prefere to understand chocolate's origins and such could help explain some background. As far as consumption goes, just eat it. Don't eat too much but as far as building your taste, take it into small stages. That's what I'm doing to try to get my spice tolerance up. I'm guessing it could work for aspiring chocoholics like yourself. Best of luck to you.

pear chips [Moved from Home Cooking]

If you know how to dry out fruit, you could probably slice some pears and make the chips yourself.

Lobster Rolls-Worth it?

Lobsters are as expensive to buy as they are to order at your local Red Lobster restaurant. Lobsters on a Hoagie? I'm not sure if it's worth using such expensive ingredients on. I'm not sure how much it's be to buy it but I know it'd be a lot to make it due to the high price of Lobster, I hope this helps.

persimmon recipes please

As I recall, has some good ideas for persimmons. I'm getting a persimmon tree soon so I am also seeking things to use my persimmons for. Good luck.

Dried Persimmons and other such recipes


I'm going to get a Persimmon tree soon and even though it'll take a couple years to actually get some persimmons, I'm looking on the web for things I can make with persimmons stuff like Persimmon Vinegar, Persimmon Punch, I'm thinking of maybe drying some. I hear dried persimmons are really good. Would anyone know what resource might have the recipe for that. Does anyone have any ideas of what I could do with my persimmons?

Can't wait to hear your answers.


Take-Along Appetizer for "Pot Luck" Dinner

I'd probably make a dimsum and bring that.

The Next Food Network Star

You know, I've seen the show a couple times and I think its fixed cuz no matter who competes a guy always ends up winning. It's boring enyway. I totally agree with your opinion. The last thing we need is one more show where chefs face off. If I want cooking competition, I'll watch Iron Chef.

How to add a new topic

Dear Sir or Madame,

I'm new to Chowhound and I was looking through the posts but I couldn't see where I could add a new topic. Could anyone please help me?

Thank You

Jun 19, 2007
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persimmon recipes [moved from General Chowhounding Topics]


I too am looking for some Persimmon recipes. There's a Persimmon Sorbet recipe on You wouldn't know where I can find recipes for making persimmon vinegar and dried vinegar, would you?

Authentic Japanese Recipes [Moved from Japan Board]


I'm new to Chowhound, just so you know but anyway, I'm looking for some Japanese recipes online that are the kind pf stuff they eat in Japan. Does anyone know where I can find any?