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Great bakery in Westchester? Birthday cake!

Cornerstone bakery in rye has incredible vanilla cakes. Not sure it's vanilla bean, but its darn good. Not cheap, but worth it.

mamaroneck ny restaurant

anyone know what is going into the old Tollgate space on post road? seems like they have been working on it for months.

Harbor steak and seafood in mamaroneck

Well, after my original post back in April, I finally went tonight.
Wow, I thought Applebee's was bad. This place is awful. I can kind of sum it up when my 14 year old waitress asked me how I wanted my ribs cooked!

Wife's chicken was cardboard and they burnt my son's quesadilla. I truly don't know how a restaurant like this can open up in 2012.

Salad bar was decent. Maybe the food and service will get better, I just don't see how. At least it's relatively cheap.

marc forgione - outsanding food and vibe

was there last night. first time. totally impressed by the food and also the vibe. dark, intimate and cool.

and the food is tremendous. pretty much every bite was spot on.

their chicken under a brick for 2 was easily a top 5 chicken dish for me.

wife had the halibut, which was perfect.

fun drinks too

Aug 03, 2012
mark r in Manhattan

what's coming in limoncello/tollgate space in mamaroneck?

heard a rumor that it could be a second cookery from irvington?

please god...

Outdoor Grill Restaurants in Westchester

powell's in harrison. very good local spot with surprisingly good seafood, burgers and dogs.
owner is very friendly and cares about his customers.

not fancy, but good

Grace's Table--White Plains

we went last week. 3 couples. no complaints on the food. all were decent to good. no standouts. service was attentive and the owner came over a few times to check in on us.

the issue for me was the lack of any kind of vibe. it was too bright, no music and i think all of their funiture was bought at a home goods.

someone at my table said it best - "i kinda feel like i'm at a restaurant attached to a Hilton hotel outside of Cincinnati". nothing special.

Harbor steak and seafood in mamaroneck

You're right - "rye is not bad"....

I just want better than not bad for my town.

Harbor steak and seafood in mamaroneck

i hear you, but the lack of farm to the table or any kind of local restaurants that seem to be in the river towns is somewhat surprising and disappointing,

i would kill for a restaurant like the cookery of irvington here in mamaroneck, larchmont and rye.

true turkish meze is decent, i guess i'm looking for better than decent.

Harbor steak and seafood in mamaroneck

Just saw the sign go up at the old Applebee's, for a new restaurant.

Anyone got any info?

Praying it's decent. We need something decent around here.

anything good near tarrytown music hall for a group?

looking for good vibe and food for a concert a bunch of us are seeing in december.

doesnt have to be right in town, but something close enough.


La Panetiere - Rye - very impressed!

Ate at La Panetiere last night. i had never been and was intrigued by it. We heard negative things about this place but was completely surprised by the level of sophistication of the food.

i had the escargot and they were excellent. wife had the crab salad and it too was delicious.

main course i had the veal cheeks and she had the papardelle with short rib and hen of the woods. both were outstanding. cooked perfectly

i was very impressed. good solid service. some complimentary petit fours for dessert and we walked away very happy. definitely the best meal i have had in Rye (which i know isnt saying much)

recommend it for sure...

La Panetiere
530 Milton Rd., Rye, NY 10580

Food trucks?

There's a terrific food truck in island harbor park in mamaroneck on the weekends

Johnsons - louisiana style food.

I had a really tasty jambalaya and my wife had a very good chile and my son enjoyed his hot dog which was split and had a buttered toasted bun.

Nice guy too.

ACL Weekend - help appreciated

nyc hound coming in for weekend.

staying at intercontinental downtown
i'm looking for:
1) late night eats - will be at fest till 10p - where do i eat after?
2) festival favorites? any standouts other than salt lick?
3) breakfast spots - nothing fancy, just something good near my hotel

any other suggestions like food trucks not to be missed or good bars with great food is appreciated!

looking forward to a great (and hot) weekend in austin!

Sep 13, 2011
mark r in Austin

Looking for quality cocktails and great local food

Started my night at bradstreet and actually ended my night there as well. Great cocktails for sure. Went to 112 eatery and had a terrific meal.

Those guys know why they are doing and food and service was excellent.

Minneapolis sure did deliver. Thanks for the help!

Apr 21, 2011
mark r in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Looking for quality cocktails and great local food

Thanks for the reccs. Is la belle vie fancy?

Looking for cool vibe too if possible. Not white table cloth

Apr 20, 2011
mark r in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Looking for quality cocktails and great local food

NYC hound in town tonight and looking for someplace great.
Price isn't an issue.

Any help is much appreciated.

Apr 20, 2011
mark r in Minneapolis-St. Paul

La Maree, Mamaroneck

i think it depends on who you get at fairway. couple guys there are pros, others dont know what they are doing...

still the best in westchester and happy they are here

anyone been to bond st lately?

friend suggested it. wants a "cool" vibe and sushi downtown.

is it decent?


Dec 27, 2010
mark r in Manhattan

Breakfast for Dinner: Rye, Mamaroneck, Harrison

mamaroneck diner on boston post road is very good.

help me decide - Veritas, toqueville or Print in the Ink Hotel tonight?

so we went to Print - wife wanted the rooftop cocktails before...

i have to say, i was very impressed with the food. everyone was pleased with every dish. the salads were very fresh, the fish was perfectly cooked and seasoned and my chicken was moist and delicious .

the ricotta creme brulee was out of this world too.

only complaint was the wine list and the decor. wine list was very small and they didnt have the first 2 selections we chose.

the decor wasnt very special and the room was half filled at 8pm.

very talented chef, no doubt.

Jun 24, 2010
mark r in Manhattan

help me decide - Veritas, toqueville or Print in the Ink Hotel tonight?

have a choice of the 3. looking for a terrific meal...good service and not too stuffy.

dont know much about print - anyone been?


43 East 20th St., New York, NY 10003

Jun 23, 2010
mark r in Manhattan

Round table for group of 8 for dinner?

Perry st has a nice round table but might be a bit out of your price range.
centro vinoteca as well.

Jun 23, 2010
mark r in Manhattan

So sick of overpriced Westchester!

can i add one other thought - why are there no "farm to table" restaurants in either larchmont, mamaroneck, Rye, Harrison or even portchester other than tarry lodge.

i mean we live so close to the hudson valley and it seems like no restaurant tries to get fresh local ingredients.

any good places near united palace theatre on 175th and bway?

looking for a good burger and beer type place or good pub near the theatre. going with some guys to allmans this week.

also open to any place up there that is outstanding (i will take decent as well).


Mar 09, 2010
mark r in Manhattan

indianapolis - near lucas oil field

going to game this sunday - looking for a place for lunch with good food

casual, burgers etc - just a place that does it right


Jan 22, 2010
mark r in Great Lakes

Frank's Steaks in Rye Ridge - any news of a replacement?

i truly love the one in jericho, but found this place to be nowhere as good. and no one was ever in there.

lets hope something good comes in!

Urgent!! cute and CHEAP birthday dinner for 12!

paladar sounds like a place for you

Nov 23, 2009
mark r in Manhattan

driving from vegas to LA - where to stop for a delicious meal?

looking for shacks, out of the way places, or anything that is just plain good.

any help would be greatly appreciated

Nov 03, 2009
mark r in Southwest

pasadena - tonight, need help - one night in town.

gonna be staying at the langham and looking for really good food in pasadena. nothing too fancy, just quality and nice vibe.

any help is appreciated

Sep 14, 2009
mark r in Los Angeles Area