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Beehive Cake

Beehive Pies are actually made of Brioche baked in a domed-shaped pan. They are sliced in half, width wise. Then, a luscious sweet cream filling is applied to the bottom half, the top placed atop the filling, and it all gets topped with a drizzle of sweet thin glaze, and a sprinkling of sliced almonds. I used to buy them at the Scotch Bakery in Pacific Grove. Steinbeck mentioned the Scotch Bakery in Cannery Row. There's another shop there now, but a local once told me that the new establishment will still make a Beehive Pie, upon request.

Belgian Beer Primer

Hello Helmut. I looked up your Lambic idea. Excellent suggestion! Our anniversary is coming up in a few months, when a nice Framboise or Cassis Lambic in a pint of Hoegaarden, or the like, would be just the thing. Thank you!

As to the Stella, I ended up making an apricot/almond Baked Brie last evening, and serving it with the Stella along side some apple slices and water crackers. It was pretty magical for a last minute job. My Valentine was very pleased with it.

I'm off to BevMo now to view their Lambic selection, pick up some Hoegaarden, and begin experimenting. I should be ready by early April to spring this one on my mate. Thank you for this suggestion!

Feb 15, 2009
Flamingo in Features

Belgian Beer Primer

But ... I have a question: What can I serve as after dinner nibbles with Stella Artois? In view of previous posts on Stella Artois, I am couching behind the couch as I pose this question. I've got a case of Stella and two Stella goblets standing ready for my Valentine, but I am at a loss as to whether I can serve Stella with summer sausage and cheddar or what. Can anyone help me with this? My apologies if this is the wrong venue for this question.

Feb 06, 2009
Flamingo in Features

Revol Poreclain Chicken Baker

When I purchased a Revol Poreclain Chicken Baker, ages ago, it came with neither instructions nor recipes. Has anyone ever used one before? I'm assuming that I can just roast a chicken, (hmm... how big of a chicken can I roast in it?), just as I would roast one in any other roasting pan. True?

Dec 12, 2008
Flamingo in Cookware

How/Why did you pick your screen name?

I chose my screen name because ... I love Flamingos! The lawn variety irritate the neighbors to no end. He he ... Some day, I would like to own my very own flamingo lagoon.

Dec 12, 2008
Flamingo in Site Talk

Final plea for advice in Tokyo

Okonomiyaki "edited" info. I just found the match box we took from the restaurant where we ate Okonomiyaki. The writing is all in kanji, except for their phone number which I googled ... and found their website.

Here it is:


Mar 16, 2008
Flamingo in Japan