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What cookware item did you *mistakenly* part w/ in your divorce?


May 01, 2012
lessleyellen in Cookware

What cookware item did you *mistakenly* part w/ in your divorce?

I scored a couple pieces of Le Creuset, too. A cool vegetable braiser that's orange.

May 01, 2012
lessleyellen in Cookware

What cookware item did you *mistakenly* part w/ in your divorce?

I still kick myself that I left the vintage ice crusher, and a million other things. The giant Boos cutting board, for instance. You?

May 01, 2012
lessleyellen in Cookware

The Taste of Hemp Hearts

Hi AverageJo, rondaspeight, and GirlyQ, thanks for commenting. Supertaster is now a video column, unfortunately, for those who prefer the written word. We don't have the resources at this time to provide a transcript of each daily video. I hope that in the future we can add this feature! Thanks for asking.

Apr 19, 2012
lessleyellen in Features

The Mystery of the Spiral-Sliced Ham

Hey JB BANNISTER, you could just post a link to your youtube video if it's on there. I want to see your giant blow torch ham experiment! - CHOW Editor, Lessley Anderson

Apr 06, 2012
lessleyellen in Features

Food Words We Love to Hate!

OMG I can't believe "crack" wasn't on our list. That's a gimme!

Mar 20, 2012
lessleyellen in Features

SF Beer Week - Which Events to Hit?

Ok - here's my report from the Opening Celebration last night. I hope I get something out of these scrawled, drunken notes. All of the below are just my opinions.

* Best Newcomer - Dying Vines out of Hayward. Really nice people. They brew at the Linden St. facility in Oakland and distribute to some local restaurants. They make low ABV session beers inspired by the Brits. I had a great IPA- Hop Candi I think it was called. ***They are pouring at that Soul Dinner on Monday night at Bar Tartine. For the love of God somebody go to this dinner and report back. It sounds amazing. I can't make it. (See Escargot3's post.)

* Big Surprise - Thirsty Bear. Typically think of these guys as "after work convention beers." They were one of the only breweries pouring sours. And they were good!

* Favorite other beers -

Boun Oud Bruin from Anderson Vly: A blend of 5 beers matured in a number of different casks. Sour. Drinkable.

Longbreak Bitter from Magnolia: fantastic beer I hadn't tried to before. Very sedate hop action with an interesting finish that tasted like corn tortillas. I know that sounds REALLY gross, trust me, it was good.

New "Zymaster Series" Lager from Anchor: They've got some kind of new program going there. I'm not down with the name, which sounds too much like thighmaster. you can read about it here:
But anyway, this beer was nice and flavorful and somewhat bracing and tasty and fresh.

Another major highlight for me was the band, Tiny Television, which played 2nd at the celebration. They had an amazing Strat and pedal steel player, and apparently are opening for Robert Earl Keen at Slim's next Friday. I will be checking these guys out at my earliest convenience.

1 last note: Major bathroom shortage at the event. Sort of a bummer.

SF Beer Week - Which Events to Hit?

Great list! If only my liver were stronger. I will be at SF Beer Week Opening Celebration. If you see me, say hi. I'll be the one with the beer in my hand.

SF Beer Week - Which Events to Hit?

I've always wanted to go to the Barleywine fest, but I've been very intimidated by the crowds. Check out this event too, sounds kinda fun, but WAY TOO EXPENSIVE imho. ($120.) Although it did get my curious about the Elks Lodge, which apparently is open to the public on a daily basis for lunch and dinner. I love me a good Elks Lodge.

Wednesday, February 15th
"The Three Ring Circus: A Brewers Dinner & Sideshow"
-Presented by Sean Z. Paxton, featuring Speakeasy, Ninkasi, and Shmaltz
Elks Lodge No. 3, 450 Post St. #3, San Francisco

SF Beer Week - Which Events to Hit?

Just wondering what events Chowhounds are excited about for SF Beer Week, which kicks off this Fri.

I'm thinking: Gypsy brewers event at Alembic next Wednesday.
Firkin Fest at Magnolia right afterwards.

also: The Dark Horse Cajun dinner looks cool for Sunday
the Soul Food and beer dinner at Bar Tartine also intrigues...


Great First Visit to the new Southern Pacific Brewing in the Mission [San Francisco]

This is a new brewpub that makes great beer and serves a full lunch and dinner in a modern indoor beer garden environment. It's located in the Mission not too far from Flour + Water, right behind Homestead bar on a weird part of Treat Street that dead ends into the PG&E yard.

My Excitement Level has been very high about this place, because 1. I love beer, and 2. This is my old neighborhood, and 3. I felt SF was in sore need of another big beer garden environment, particularly one that's indoors. I went last night, the fourth day it's been opened, and was way more impressed than I thought I'd be considering how new they are.

Housed in a beautiful vintage warehouse with giant windows, it's got a kind of industrial feel. There are two grown trees planted on the inside (nice touch!), high cafe tables that can seat multiple parties, and bits of corrugated tin roof over the bar area and over the ceiling. It's got two levels, too. I think they could use a few more bathroom stalls, once they really get rolling, but points for the fact they have that cool co-ed vintage sink thing going on that Magnolia has.

OK most importantly, the food and the beer. The menu features pizzas and burgers for dinner, along with some salads, calamari, etc. Pretty tame, which is imho the way to go with pub food. I had a blue cheese burger, it came with fries (THANK GOD - what's with burgers not coming with fries anymore? So many places are doing that now.) You could have the fries with sage if you wanted. The burger and fries came quickly, despite the fact that the place was crowded (I was there at 8:15pm on a Tues), and although said food was on the lukewarm side, I forgive them for this kink. Just means the kitchen is kickin' it out fast!

The burger was great, and so were the fries. Burger came w/ nice pickled red onion for crunch and sweetness. The beers I tried: a Pale Ale, an IPA, and a Belgian style Wit, were all great. Nice balanced spice on the wit, the IPA was floral without being overwhelmingly syrupy, and the Pale Ale was satisfying with a nice malt finish.

There was one weird thing: we ordered the pickles as an app, which the menu said were going to be assorted and housemade. We were both expecting something rad like at Bar Tartine. But they just gave us a little glass tumbler with a bunch of the same pickles that were on our burger! They were good, but it was a little bit of a let down.

Mainly the takeaway though, is that this is the awesome indoor beer garden, with solid food (takes credit cards!) that I've been waiting for. And it's enough off the beaten path to hopefully keep masses of people away. It's a cold and somewhat lonely walk at night.

Hours: Sunday-Wednesday 11am-Midnight
Thursday, Friday, Saturday 11am-2am

Credit Cards: yes

3 Reasons Not to Start a Food Biz

@DebTabor - what's a "sipping vinegar"? Sounds intriguing!

Jan 25, 2012
lessleyellen in Features

When You Have a Kid, You Eat Crow

But I'm not vegan! Where do you get that I'm vegan?! For lunch I ate a pastrami pie!

Jan 25, 2012
lessleyellen in Features

The Ultimate Eggnog Punch

I suggested this recipe get added to CHOW's dbase. It's been my go-to for YEARS. People specially request this drink from me every year. The bourbon in it is the best. It rocks. Make it now.

Dec 14, 2011
lessleyellen in Recipes

5 "Meals" Even Cheaper Than the Toast Sandwich

left over pizza crusts - with butter!

Nov 22, 2011
lessleyellen in Features

Do Kitchen Gadget Lending Libraries Discourage Cooking?

When I was traveling in Germany, there's an area called the Oberpfalz in Northern Bavaria, that's been sharing a communal brewhouse for making beer since the Middle Ages. It's a pretty cool thing, and actually encourages the community to make more beer and have a tradition around it where groups of families take turns converting their houses into beer halls. Similarly, there is a growing movement here in the U.S. to build and share bread ovens in community gardens. I think sharing is only good, because it leads to people meeting people who are into what you're into.

Nov 12, 2011
lessleyellen in Features

Urban Chicken Consultant and 6 More Food Jobs of the Future

Perhaps the Aging Hut could be a subsidiary of Sunglass Hut.

Sep 30, 2011
lessleyellen in Features

As seen on late-night TV --- Robo stir

Gotta chime in about roux: You don't actually need to stir it forever. Just crank up the heat REALLY HIGH and stir the crap out of it for only a few minutes! So much easier!

The 78 Most Annoying Words to Read in a Restaurant Review

Whoah, foodiebuddha, that rocked so hard.

Jul 20, 2011
lessleyellen in Features

The 78 Most Annoying Words to Read in a Restaurant Review

I don't have the link at hand, but I remember the Sam Sifton review of Takashi being pretty cringy. I think he compared the grilled offal to an electric storm in the desert. Not a word, true, but a questionable motif.

Jul 19, 2011
lessleyellen in Features

Feeling "out of place" at a restaurant

My husband and I walked into Zuni Cafe last year, completely bedraggled by the rain. We must have looked like homeless people. Only the difference was, we were very prepared, and in fact quite pumped up, to drop a bunch of money on a nice bottle of wine and dinner. They proceeded to ignore us at the hostess desk, and then begrudgingly sat us at a table in the bar, where people ignored us so long that we finally just got up and left, and went to Suppenkuche, where we were treated like family. Nice family.

Jul 03, 2011
lessleyellen in Not About Food

Is Coconut Water Bad for You?

Hi readers, it's Lessley, the writer. The two studies the source was referencing were here:
and here:

She was discussing natural sugars, not added refined sugars, which yes, have a lower glycemic index/ potentially harmful effect on the body than refined sugars.

Jun 17, 2011
lessleyellen in Features

best pancakes

Agree that Chloe's has great pancakes. Just ate them this morning in fact.

Another very, very, very hole-in-the-wall option, if you are a pancake whore like me, is Sunrise Cafe on 24th Street. They do a flatter Swedish-style pancake that's really great.

Chloe's is more the traditional fluffy kind.

Bugaloos on Valencia is decent - they have a blueberry ricotta pancake that's good. But their syrup sucks.

Food Truck Frenzy Leaves Loncheras in the Dust

Really interesting quote: "Arellano thinks ...the wider diss of the nation's original taqueros, the way early white fans of Elvis's version of 'Hound Dog' were expressing a de facto diss of Big Mama Thornton's Delta blues original." It's been said Elvis sanitized black music for a white audience. Now the French toast truck sanitizes "roach coaches" for the Saveur set.

Jun 16, 2011
lessleyellen in Features

Pudding People Rejoice: New Kozy Shack Flavor!

K-Shack lovers unite!

Mar 17, 2011
lessleyellen in Features

'Tis the Season! -- What's the WORST "perfect gift for a food-lover" you've ever received?

FYI, this thread was memorialized in a CHOW post yesterday.

-Lessley Anderson
Senior Editor

Dec 14, 2010
lessleyellen in Not About Food

Trader Joe's Ghastly Chocolate Eggnog

That brownie recipe with bananas in it from the Moosewood Cookbook is pretty good...

Dec 13, 2010
lessleyellen in Features

Chinese Takeout Artist

Thanks tatamagouche!

Dec 03, 2010
lessleyellen in Features

Whole Foods Makes Us Lazy Cooks

I am sure I will feel differently about this when I have a screaming baby on my hands, but I have always felt that these pre-cut vegetables and fruit, as well as the prewashed lettuces and chard, were SO INANE!!! 1. less fresh 2. more chance of contamination cuz more hands touched it. 3. not hard to wash and cut stuff. Reminds me of this friend of mine who used disposable utensils because washing dishes supposedly "hurt his hands."

Dec 03, 2010
lessleyellen in Features

Don't Get Duped on Heritage Turkey

Hi folks,
"Genetically engineered" is often used as a more general expression than "Genetically modified", and the former can refer to cross breeding as well as gene splicing. However, I agree it was unclear, so I clarified the story a bit and just updated it (to specify cross breeding.)

Nov 22, 2010
lessleyellen in Features