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Is there any Authentic Mexican Restaurant in Toronto area??

Thank you all for responding to my request. I guess I will kee going south....looking forward to travel somewhere close to Phoenix this year....any suggestions for good MX restaurant?? Thanks again.


Best CHOWDER in Nova Scotia and PEI?

You are right ,...I came back from baddeck couple of weeks ago.....excellent can try different laces for sea food chawder....In Sydney as well....surprisingly ....there are nice restaurants in Cape Breton Island.....

May 24, 2007
dahodking in Atlantic Canada

Is there any Authentic Mexican Restaurant in Toronto area??

Hello folks,

I have tried many different Mexican places in Toronto jelopino, hernado's hide away....and other small places.....I haven't found anything which is authentic and feel like going again to that place....I end up traveling to US....

suggestions are most welcome with address, intersection and special comments about the food you like....




Samosa are common snack in South Asia, in countries such as Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. It is believed that it originated in Central Asia prior to the 10th century and not in Africa. Lot of Indians are in Africa for more than 200 years now....but they may have changed the style of samosa and making different kinds of Samosa....

if you like Vegi Samosa then try Embassy Sweets in Toronto, will fall in love with samosa again.....hope you kee tryin different samosa and enjoy....