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Indian grocery store in Brooklyn?

My recommendation would be to travel to Edison/Iselin. It's actually not that much further than Jackson Heights (you can take the Verrazano). The grocery stores are much better (and cheaper), the restaurants are great and most importantly, parking is much easier to find (there is a municipal lot and the huge Patel Bros Cash and Carry has a lot). If you don't have a car, I would recommend Kalustyan in Manhattan over Sahadi. The 3-4 times I've been to Sahadi, they didn't have paneer or any Indian pickles. At a pinch, some of the more standard stuff is also available at Fairway (e.g. spices) for a lot more money.

187 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Jun 09, 2010 in Outer Boroughs

World Cup restaurants/bars

Black Horse Tavern on 5th and 19th has got to be one of the best places in the Park Slope Area to watch the World Cup - multiple TVs and peopel who actually watch football/soccer on a regular basis throughout the year. The food is decent (it's British pub food and not gastropub either so there's sort of a natural ceiling to quality) but the staff is friendly and they have good beers on tap (fewer English beers than you would think but still a good selection).

Jun 09, 2010 in Outer Boroughs

Autour du Monde

I went to Autour du Monde yesterday and had an absolutely fantastic meal. I have to say that this meal ranks right up there in terms of Brooklyn dining experiences that I have had. I had the $25 3 course prix fixe. My appetizer was an excellent savory corn cake with a cilantro sauce. The cake had a little bit of heat and a great crunchy exterior. The sizing was perfect (two medium sized cakes) for an appetizer. My fellow diners had the crab cakes and the goat cheese terrine, all of which were excellent as well. I then had the five spice crusted cod which was perfectly cooked with moist fish complemented by a crunchy, savory spice crust. The cod was served on a bed of broccoli rabe and string beans, all of which were also perfectly cooked. For dessert I had the savory bread pudding with craime Anglaise and Strawberry Coulis. One of my fellow diners had the duck which was very good (albeit the least impressive of the dishes) which came with an excellent side salad of tropical fruit and salad greens.

Every single dish was presented beautifully and the service was great. The restaurant also has a small but thoughtful wine list with several affordable choices.

I highly recommend this place. I envy Clinton Hill residents for having such a great restaurant in their neighborhood. I am more than willing to make the trip from Park Slope to go to dinner there and hope to do so again very soon.

The immediate locale of the restaurant is not the most picturesque and I am sure that has put some people off. We had the pleasure of speaking with the owner Olivier (you are right stjames, he is French). He is a passionate restauranteur who really wants to do things the right way. I really do hope other chowhounders try this place because it is just the sort of gem that needs our support.

Also, EricMM, you are right that Frank Coe is the chef.

Aug 12, 2009 in Outer Boroughs

Looking for za'atar spice blend in NYC

Several of the Middle Eastern places on 5th Avenue in the 70s and 80s in Bay Ridge also have Zaa'tar in large bags - the prices seem pretty good (although I'm not an expert).

Jul 23, 2009 in Outer Boroughs

Favorite Brewed Coffee in Park Slope

I like South Slope Coffee on 6th Avenue and 20th Street. They brew Intelligensia coffee. I also like Red Horse Tavern on 6th and 12th and Cafe Regular on 11th between 4th and 5th. South Slope is the best of the three for a regular cup of coffee.

Jul 20, 2009 in Outer Boroughs

Little D: in memoriam

I've been hearing rumors about the owners wanting to sell for a while. This was a high quality neighborhood place that paid attention to local, fresh ingredients and did its best to change at least part of the menu often. The brunch was my favorite in Park Slope, easily better than Applewood and Stone Park. A real pity. All the best to the owners and thanks for all of the tasty meals!

Jun 29, 2009 in Outer Boroughs

Tempo closing

I am so disappointed to hear about Tempo's closing. My wife and I always thought it was one of the best and most consistent restaurants in Park Slope. However, I have to say that, starting about a year ago, I started to worry that it would close. From my perspective, as someone who likes to eat out but is not in the restaurant business, the following always struck me as mistakes:

1) Stagnant Menu. Particularly given the recent trend towards using seasonal ingredients, restaurants that are trying to deliver a fine dining experience (as opposed to comfort food or food that is cheap and tasty but not necessarily refined, both of which are great but not what Tempo was going for) need to make some attempt to vary the menu and use seasonal ingredients, I felt that Tempo fell short in that regard.

2) Fanatical dedication to concept - I thought that the main dining room at Tempo was gracious, if a little staid but I liked it. The second dining room was always a mistake. When we were seated in there I felt like we were in a different restaurant because there would only be 2-3 tables occupied. Part of the reason they had to do this, in my opinion, is that the main dining room's layout did not allow for enough tables. However, the second dining room was not nearly as nice and really took away from the ambience.

It isn't all doom and gloom, Al di La and Blue Ribbon continue to pack them in, as do several other restaurants on 5th including Get Fresh and Beer Table (although it isn't strictly speaking a restaurant) which recently added a dinner menu. The restaurant business is a tough one and kudos to Tempo for surviving and thriving for as long as it did. I suspect that the recent downturn will bring commercial rents down and maybe we will see more restaurants like Franny's and James open along 5th Avenue. I think there is room for restaurants that have the vibes of these two restaurants in Park Slope.

Jun 19, 2009 in Outer Boroughs

Chaat bar (is there such a thing)?

The idea of a chaat bar sort of runs counter to the whole idea behind chaat culture. I believe that the Chaatwallah has as much to do with the quality of the Chaat as the ingredients (although they also play a part). I would add that the chaat places in Edison are far superior to anything I've experience in Queens or Brooklyn. I would highly recommend a trip out there (I went to Dimple express, not clear if there is a relationship with the Manhattan Dimple but it was excellent).

Mar 25, 2009 in Outer Boroughs

Baluchi's Indian Just Opened on 5th Ave. btwn 2d and 3rd

In my experience, Baluchis is extremely inconsistent and certain locations are better than others. I have had decent experiences with the 53rd st location and poor experiences with the 2nd avenue location. I look forward to trying the new Park Slope location.

Dec 01, 2008 in Outer Boroughs

Need advice on beer in Brooklyn

Alchemy also has a pretty good beer selection as does Sheep Station on 4th Avenue. If you are from out of town, the one place that you cannot afford to miss is Beer Table. Their beers are definitely pricey but their selection is terrific and even the most knowledgeable beer fans are likely to find one or two bottles that they've never tried. Also, the owners, Justin and Tricia, are extremely good people and really make you feel at home. Don't be deterred by the crowd, most folks tend to stick around for 1-2 beers and then leave.

Aug 22, 2008 in Outer Boroughs

Picnic stuff in North or Central Park Slope?

You can take the R to Union and go to Bierkraft on 5th just north of Union and pick up sandwiches there. They have a great cheese selection and bread and cure a variety of meat on site. I also second the recommendation of Russo's. Their fried artichokes are also great and they have some of the best sundried tomatoes I've ever had.

Aug 12, 2008 in Outer Boroughs


We've actually found that they are fairly straightforward to grow from seeds. In order to get them started faster, you can soften the seeds by putting them in wet paper towel for a few days.

Aug 07, 2008 in Outer Boroughs

Brooklyn Brunch Recommendations

Dressler is great. Also, I believe they take reservations.

Jul 17, 2008 in Outer Boroughs

rose water? ici? other local/seasonal brooklyn spots?

I've never been to ici but went to Rose Water this weekend and thought it was excellent. The food was extremely tasty and innovative. We were able to get a table for dinner without reservations outside. I would highly recommend it. I think it is one of my new favorites in Brooklyn along with Al di La and Tempo.

Jul 16, 2008 in Outer Boroughs

What shouldn't I miss at Bklyn Fairway?

Fairway has a much better cheese selection than people give it credit for. They have good prices on Uplands Pleasant Ridge Reserve which is a great hard cheese from Wisconsin. I also think their ricotta is very good.

I like the picadew (sp?) peppers in the olive bar as well as the hot Tunisian olive mix.

The Fairway chocolate is also a pretty good deal, especially the single source stuff.

Among the olive oils, one thing to note: the first press California olive oil is extremely strong and not the best to use in salads. It's not that it isn't good, just very strong.

I don't think the cafe is all that great and they seem to staff it with the least attentive of all of their employees who are otherwise extremely helpful.

The tortilla chips that they sell in the white bags are also great (they have a very Aztec sounding name). Very thin and light.

Finally, the Latin style rotisserie chicken is awesome. The other varieties are a little bland for my taste but the chicken is great.

I will also say that, no matter how crowded the store is, they do a great job of managing the checkout lines. I have rarely had more than one person in front of me and I have been there when it is absolutely packed.

Jul 14, 2008 in Outer Boroughs

QUARTER new bar in Brooklyn

Yes, and their prices are great given the sorts of drinks they make. I went to Clover Club recently, which had great drinks and snacks but is quite a bit more expensive than Quarter.

Jun 26, 2008 in Outer Boroughs

Thai Tony's Park Slope

We walked by Thai Tony's on 7th between 15th and 16th on Sunday and thought that it looked very authentic - the cooks all seemed to be Thai and the space was very clean with an open kitchen (it's takeout/delivery only). So we decided to order our dinner from there - it is our new delivery favorite for Thai. The food was hot and fresh and the menu has all of the classics plus some more unusual dishes.

We had a crispy duck salad that was very tasty (if a little sweet for my taste), Tofu with bamboo shoots and a chicken dish. All three were fresh and had distinct flavors. I definitely put it above both Watana and Song (at least for delivery - the food was inedible the last couple of times we ordered from Song).

If you are looking for fresh, tasty, Thai in the South Slope, I would give it a shot:

Thai Tony's
447 7th Ave, Brooklyn 11215
At 15th St
Phone: 718-788-3610

Thai Tony's
447 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Jun 23, 2008 in Outer Boroughs

Has anyone tried Ten Sushi, new to Park Slope

I went there on Saturday night and was actually pleasantly surprised with the quality of the sushi. Both the Toro and Scallion roll and the Yellowtail/Jalapeno roll we had was very good. I don't care for eel but my wife had two pieces of the eel sushi and said it was very good. I think it is quite a good place for standard fare (maybe not for more adventurous stuff). The service was also very good and the place is very cheap. There are some slightly strange dishes on the menu (chicken with mozzarella and teriyaki sauce???) but we were pretty happy. We will have to try it once or twice more before we decide whether it is our go-to standard for sushi in the South Slope.

Jun 09, 2008 in Outer Boroughs

Need Brooklyn Sunday Brunch/Lunch Recommendation!

I would highly recommend brunch at Little D on 7th between 14 and 15. They have a bunch of non-breakfast stuff. They also have pretty good bloody marys. If you are feeling adventurous, you can head down to Tacos Matamoros on 5th and 38th for some great tacos. The place is clean but the decor is not exactly hip. Rosewater is also very nice.

May 29, 2008 in Outer Boroughs

Why Al Di La and not Locanda Vini e Oili???

After the wide range of reviews of Locanda on this thread I figured that I had to check this place out for myself.

Al Di La has better food and service. Locanda has a nicer ambience and wine list but they don't overcome Al Di La superiority in the first two categories so overall, Al Di La is better.

I think the waitstaff and owner are a little too invested in being Italian and have therefore become caricatures of themselves. It's almost like they don't think we dumb Americans can see that they are truly authentic Italians unless they ham it up for us. I found it amusing but it might prevent me from going there too often.

Eating at Locanda is experiential but I can see why it turns some people off. The service is extremely slow and it's pretty clear that it's because of the front of the house and not because of the kitchen.

Now, the food. The bread you get at the table is not great. While it's true that the Tuscans make their bread without salt (very strange), Tuscan bread is far lighter than the dense slices we were presented with. They also gave us a pea spread that had no salt or lemon, making it taste like chewing on a blade of grass - nice when you are sitting out in a meadow but not when you're in a restaurant.

The mixed crostini was very nice. In particular I liked what they called "grilled zucchini heart" which I actually think is Ivy Gourd (Tindora in Hindi), a common vegetable in Indian cooking. The fresh mixed greens with fresh pecorino in olive oil was also excellent as were the shrimp with black chick peas (Kala Channa in Hindi, apparently this was use common Indian ingredients in Italian cooking night) and my wife and our friend enjoyed the sardines.

I thought the black pepper cavatelli with porcini pasta was excellent. A good balance of pepper and mushrooms. The ravioli with eggplant and ricotta was also good but I thought the pasta was a little thick (I think ravioli should be transluscent). Our friend had the pasta with meat ragu and she enjoyed it. The main dishes were also very good. I had the branzino, my wife the lamb chops and our friend had a salad. I can see why people think the portions are small. I think they ought to price the main dishes a little lower and increase the prices of the appetizers or they ought to take the Tempo approach and only offer Prix Fixe because the overall cost of the meal was not ridiculous (not cheap either) but $25 for a small piece of fish, taken on its own, is too high. I would also note that the overall salt levels were pretty low (then again, I tend to like salty food).

Overall, I think Locanda is worth a try but one has to be patient and have a sense of humor about the experience. Locanda also gets credit for changing their menu often. Is Al Di La just too lazy to add a little seasonality to their menu? That's always been one of my few complaints about the place...

May 23, 2008 in Outer Boroughs

Looking for Reviews

I wondered if anyone had been to either of the following restaurants:

Ten, the new sushi place on 15th Street and 7th Avenue in the South Slope (it's in the space that used to be Layla).

Abigail, in Prospect Heights (here's a preview:

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

May 21, 2008 in Outer Boroughs

40th Birthday Dinner in Park Slope/Prospect Heights?

I would add Tempo. We went there for my sister's birthday a while back and it was excellent. They are also good about accommodating large groups and have an excellent wine list.

I would also recommend Convivium Osteria. We went there for my wife's birthday and I thought it was excellent. We pre-ordered wine and appetizers and a cake and people ordered their own main dishes. It worked out to around $100/head which was very reasonable given how much wine we had.

I would concur with skipping Stone Park. I went there recenly and had a not-so-great experience.

May 19, 2008 in Outer Boroughs

First Visit to Stone Park — Not the Last

My wife and I went to Stone Park last night and I have to say I was a little disappointed. First of all, the service was extremely slow - our entire meal took over two hours despite the fact that we ordered very quickly and didn't have dessert (although it took over 20 minutes to get someone's attention to tell them we didn't want dessert). The waitress was very nice and professional, the issue was that she seemed to be the ONLY waitress for the entire restaurant. My wife had the arugula salad with beans and red onions (very similar, but not nearly as good as what we had at Little D a few nights ago). It was good but not great. I had the spring leek salad with truffled poached egg and mixed wild mushrooms. The egg was perfectly cooked and the mushrooms were great but the leeks were tough and stringy. They seemed very much like plain old leeks, nothing "spring" about them. Also, the salad was supposed to have parmesan but I couldn't taste any. I had the roast chicken as a main course which was very tasty, probably the best dish of the evening. My wife had the hangar steak which was incredibly salty (the sauce was almost inedible). We would've returned it except by the time we got our entrees it was so late that we just didn't have time to return the food. FYI, the tab, with three glasses of decent rose was around $110, pretty high given the experience we had. This was our third meal at Stone Park (one brunch and two dinners), they're batting .333, which is great for baseball but not so hot for a restaurant. I'm sticking with Little D.

May 16, 2008 in Outer Boroughs

Outstanding Dinner at Little D

I've always thought that Little D was a solid place for dinner. Never disappointing but never outstanding either. Well, last week my wife and I went to Little D for dinner for the first time in a while and it was truly outstanding. I had the rosemary infused vodka martini which was really excellent. We shared a starter salad with greens, pickled red onions and gigante beans with a vinaigrette. All of the ingredients were incredibly fresh and the acidity of the onions and the dressing was nicely balanced by the creaminess of the beans.

I had the fish special which was a hake with English peas, asparagus, greens and an excellent light sauce. The hake was perfectly cooked with a nice crisp top and flesh that was exactly the right consistency. My wife had the coca cola ribs which she raved about. The ribs came with a very nice hominy cake.

I was impressed by the freshness of the ingredients and the simple but expertly executed preparations. I thought it was New American food at its best. I'm definitely going back for dinner again soon especially considering that one can walk across to Beer Table either before or after dinner for an excellent beer!

May 13, 2008 in Outer Boroughs

Best Brunch in Park Slope?

I had one of the worst brunches in recent memory at Stone Park a while back and haven't been back since. My omelet was overcooked and leathery, my wife's fried oysters were soggy and oily and my sister's brunch was pretty mediocre. I've been back for dinner since and thought it was very good but the brunch left a lot to be desired. Maybe it was just a one-off experience but I just can't bring myself to go back...

May 13, 2008 in Outer Boroughs

Shea Stadium Eats

I've had the turkey sandwich and it was not oily at all. In fact, I don't recall there being any oil on it. The condiments were on the side and I thought the sandwich was quite tasty. Definitely the best food at Shea. I got my sandwich at field level on the third base line.

May 12, 2008 in Outer Boroughs

Any half-way decent Indian restaurants in Park Slope/Prospect Heights?

There are rumors on brownstoner that a Baluchis is opening on 5th between 2nd and 3rd. While Baluchis is not exactly gourmet, I have found most of the branches to be more than passable and certainly better than anything I've had from any of the Indian restaurants in Park Slope.

May 08, 2008 in Outer Boroughs

Williamsburg? (manhattan-centric food lover trying to convert self to Brooklynism)

I went to Dressler for brunch today and was very impressed. i had the citrus salad with mint simple syrup which was refreshing and delicious. We also had the blueberry muffins which were delicious. I had the grilled cheese with tomato for my main dish and it was delicious. One of my fellow diners had a duck confit and potato hash with poached eggs and another had another poached egg dish and both were very impressed with their dishes and remarked in particular about the quality of the poached eggs. They also have great beers on tap and the atmosphere is excellent. I also thought the service was very good and they take reservations for brunch.

I put it above all of the places that I've been to in Park Slope for brunch (Rosewater, Little D, Applewood, Stone Park Cafe, Miriam). I look forward to trying their dinner menu. Marlow and Son also looked interesting and I look forward to checking that out as well.

May 04, 2008 in Outer Boroughs

Barrio Park Slope

I've been only once but thought it was far superior to Marias in every way (food, service, ambience). Several points of note:

1) The guacamole was great. I thoguht it had the right amount of salt, spice and lime and the avocados were ripe without being overripe. Most importantly, it was served with fresh corn tacos.

2) The two salsas on the table were tasty and I actually thought the red salsa was quite spicy and I like a lot of spice.

3) The mole in the chicken mole dish I had was outstanding. It had the right mix of sweet, earthy and smoky with a hint of heat. I thought they could have done a better job of crisping the chicken skin but overall a very good dish. One complaint is that I thought the green rice (which I make quite a lot at home) was a bit dry but the flavors were great.

4) Although the dishes came out slowly, the service was great. My water glass was always full and several people came over to apologize about the food taking a little long to come out. This is clearly a very professionally run place.

One final point: this place has the potential to be somewhere where you feel like you have had a "night out" as opposed to "dinner out." It's nice to have a place like that in the neighborhood. I can't wait to go back.

May 02, 2008 in Outer Boroughs

Wine Bars in Prospect Heights??

Beast has several wines by the glass (you actually get more than a glass). The wines are definitely not first growth Bordeauxs or anything but they are cheap and drinkable, the vibe is good and the food is tasty.

Apr 30, 2008 in Outer Boroughs